hello spokane.

I went the Western Montana Fundraiser’s Association lunch yesterday and the subject of the economic climate and its impact on non-profit organizations was addressed by nearly every speaker. The key note said something like so you don’t get your Starbucks and you don’t buy that blouse but you still give to organizations that affect positive change because that really matters. And then one award recipient said nah uh, sister. You always buy your coffee and you buy two blouses and give one to a friend. And then you give a gift to that organization. We are going to get out of this mess and it will all be okay so now isn’t the time to cut back and stifle the economy even more. I think somewhere in the middle is appropriate. I mean who wears blouses?

After the impossibly heartening election of Barack Obama a few Tuesdays ago, some girlfriends and I decided to make a trip to the big city of Spokane to stimulate the economy by visiting some American Landmarks like the Nordstrom Rack and Banana Republic. We didn’t shop locally but we dined and rested locally.

We also handed out $15 to a nice person in the name of Obama and told him to pass the gesture on. Our little version of pay-it-forward over the purchase of high heels.

I am thoughtful about how the wall street main street talk affects my family over here on tenth street. My man is an electrician and he relies on people taking out loans and doing remodels and new construction. He is also an artist who relies on people to make that could-be-argued-as-unnecessary purchase. I am the development director for a non-profit museum and I rely on people who are moved by the amazing work we do and ultimately write a check to ensure its vibrance and service.

So, it affects all of us. But I have always believed in the whole woo woo you make your own realityness that Andy refutes while balancing our checkbook.

We all pick how we spend our time and money. And I think right now people are realizing that walking an extra block to support a local coffee shop that supports the local art museum is really really important. So if this fanny freddy fugly crisis is forcing people to walk instead of drive, grow their own food, turn off the lights when not in use, wear their socks a little bit longer, be more strategic about charitable giving and carpool to Spokane to stay in a hotel and eat dinner while cultivating friendship over candlelit cocktails, then hooray. It is about time. Those are good priorities. We do make our own reality and whatever struggle blows my way will eventually blow away and I’ll learn from it.

And, check out my new shoes.

12 Responses to hello spokane.

  1. Kelle says:

    I heart those shoes. And bitchin’ tights too. You rock.

  2. Patia says:

    Girlfriend, you have got your priorities straight!

  3. Katie says:

    Nice economic hype..and LOVE the shoes :)

  4. Barbara S says:

    Well said Nici, and cute shoes too… and I am so glad your dad is okay!

  5. TRB Holt says:

    Great assessment of it all Burb…..you always make me reflect.

    AND those shoes are too cute!

    (11 days and counting :0})

    xoxo, Mom

  6. Heidi says:

    DITTO on kelle’s comment…amen sister on both counts!!!

    i visit here and i love your blog and i LOVED this post. LOL on who wears blouses? i think wearing blouses is like wearing pumps. isn’t it?

    girlfriend bonding times in the city, nordstroms, bananna rep, paying it forward, coctails, and your new YUMMY shoes…OH THOSE SHOES-loving those shoes!

    so much happiness and hope can be found in a sluggish economy. i am a better planner, oraginzer, do-er, saver, creator,…focusing on the stuff that matters. this post rocks!

  7. jen says:

    i just made 2 skirts for my stella (and blogged about one…)
    i’m thinking if i save money on their end…i can support the economy with my desired purchases. right?
    ’cause you reminded me…i really need, no desire… some new shoes.

  8. FinnyKnits says:

    Hi, Fun Shoes! Love.

    I heard something on NPR the other day about how the nation is responding to the economic crisis by holding back on spending, and the speaker was trying to flush out why behavior that is normal and wise during tough times is being seen as a patriotic offense.

    I mean, shouldn’t we be saving? It makes more sense than buying a bunch of stuff in the name of buying a bunch more stuff, right?

  9. Oh so glad you all like my shoes. They are comfortable too. yes.

    Finny, I agree with that. Always, actually. I am a huge fan of not consuming, buying, using random shit.

    But I also think people in our country tend to freak out when things get bad instead of exercising some preventative action before it reaches crisis. Like, I am not going to carpool until gas is pushing $5/gallon. What is that?

    I guess it is all about balance. And I am just saying keep on keepin’ on because I think the economy is actually affecting people positively, in a way. It makes us think about what really matters, what we really need. About not just buying a rabbit wine opener because it is cool because the regular ole wine opener works just swell.

    My girlfriends and I were actually saving up to go abroad. Instead we got Spokompton. But we had as much fun as we would have in Paris. Well, almost. We had everything we needed.

  10. TRB Holt says:


    About those shoes….I am sure this would never happen to you.
    I LOL with tears!!!

    Cut & paste below:

  11. Jake says:

    you are really good at this photoing business!

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