wooooooooo! garlic in the ground, yo.

I did it. And it may not seem like that big of a deal to those who don’t pay attention to my boring, constant and unsuccessful attempt at the seemingly simple task of planting a cute clove in a tiny trench.

But, as a Gardener, I have not felt up to the title. Until last weekend when I dug that tiny trench for those cute cloves. aha.

Garlic. The fundamental beginning of a soup. The essential addition to the saute. The perfect cold remedy. Garlic. If we have another kid, perhaps her name will be Garlic. What could be a better inspiration for a name than a plant that wards off vampires, cures a variety of diseases and tastes so dang good one is willing to sacrifice offensive odor output for hours? Right.

So I have talked frequently at my inability to do this thing I have wanted to do. It was even a resolution this year (and about that list, the only thing I didn’t do was run that marathon and I really wish I had been up to that but, hell…And number eight is a work in progress. Like for the next several decades).

The fall is always just *poof* and then the soil resembles the ice chunk on my windshield. Like, it doesn’t yield to a shovel. And the lovely and alluring thing about garlic is that it must be planted in the fall. It needs those freezing months nestled with the frozen worms beneath two inches of goat poop and soil snug under two inches of straw to emerge in the spring with daffodils.

I planted Chesnok Red from Hood River Garlic, a hardneck variety originating from Shvelisi, Republic of Georgia. The description included this sentence that stroked my Aquarian heart: It has an ideal bulb form and a smooth white skin with stripes of purple amethyst.

On that garlic-planting day, Sam also ventured outside for the first time in a while due to a tiny scratch that led to a giant hole that led to an even more giant vet bill. We have had him for seven years and his nickname is gold nugget due to his vet needs. My multi-thousand dollar bubba.

9 Responses to wooooooooo! garlic in the ground, yo.

  1. Kelle says:

    YAY, garlic! Speaking of, I sauteed the most lovely mix of fingerling potatoes, fresh parsley, garlic and onions the other night and was so excited to serve it…only to realize after one horrendous crunchy bite that I forgot to wash the potatoes…and they were full of SAND AND DIRT!!! It was like eating a sandbox. We had to throw them out!

  2. Susy says:

    I love garlic. I planted 4 different kinds this year I can’t wait!

    Poor poor kitty. We know what that’s all about here at Chiot’s Run with 3 pets.

  3. joan says:

    Our garlic is in the ground here in RL also. Sam – well my gold nugget, Myles, set me back 250.00 about 2 weeks ago. Now Wylie has a huge deal going on on his tummy. I am watching it like a hawk. Gotta love our sweet felines. XOXO J

  4. Heather says:

    Yeah, girl!!! So satisfying to tuck those little buggers in.

    (Side note: although it does not usually enter my blog writing, I am a huge ‘yo’ user and I feel inordinate fondness for other users of this so perfect word.)

  5. TRB Holt says:


    Reading this reminds of a New Year’s Eve back in the 1960’s.
    I was home alone, probably about 13 years old, watching a show where Julia Child and David Frost, (two fabulous people…I am showing my age), were cooking a holiday dinner. They were drinking wine and both got ripped! I laughed myself to death…I remember one scene where Julia went on about the wonder of garlic & how it went with everything, she had a bunch of it chopped and proceeds to rub it on her face and on David’s, under her arms, (over her dress) & tossed some over her shoulder. Maybe you had to be there but I always think of that show when I use garlic. She was right it does go with everythig!

    Yours in garlic, Mom

  6. jen says:

    oh, that makes me want to run home and cook something with it …
    but i can’t seem to pull it through the screen.
    poor kitty! those animals (and children!) will do that to you!
    be prepared.
    we just recently had a $400 bug bite at our house. darn dog.
    and the cats are pretty good at keeping up too.

  7. FinnyKnits says:

    I think the presence of Sam means that your garlic is going to be mountainous in its production.


  8. nefaeria says:

    Congrats on getting it done!! 😀

    It seems that many others this year just did not get around to it, and most of us in the North, it is probably too late.



  9. Oh, no wonder I love reading your blog… you’re a fellow Aquarian! (Okay, and you’re smart and funny, too.)

    I planted ‘Chesnok Red’ before and loved it… and this year I’ve planted it again. Along with ‘Ontario Purple Trillium’ (named because it’s the earliest) which I couldn’t resist since I miss the trilliums in the woods behind my parents’ house.