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Oh this beast turned out so simply and complicatedly adorable. I love it. Yes, it has some funk and whoopsees! But, for the most part, it is just grand. And warm. And I feel like the build up to this project completion and post should satisfy my blog quota for at least three months. We have been sleeping with it even though it wasn’t done for a few weeks. The binding sewing was eye-bleedingly tedious but, I have to admit, … Continue reading *quilt* →
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nah nah nah nah

nah nah nah nahhey hey heybye bye Bush. hello dreamboat. I was considering writing about how my my man, kid and cat took turns vomiting all day yesterday and that I was personally puked on three times, but today trumps everything. Oh this man. Oh his vision. Oh my hope. For my generation and my bug’s. Even rhea and puke can’t keep me from that ninth cloud. We watched the whole thing at the museum this morning over a … Continue reading nah nah nah nah →
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blog love

One pretty incredible thing I hadn’t counted on with this whole blog business is the relationships I have because of it. I just plain adore my blog pals. And their crafty, hilarious, kindred, rich, fabulous, inspiring -ness. People I didn’t know before March of 2007 and people, who, really, I still don’t know, as in I haven’t heard their actual voice, but do know in this raw and lovely way. (And, for the record, blog pals, all of those words … Continue reading blog love →
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and my man paints

Andy is this incredible artist. And oh so modest. And that means his wife with the blog and boasting-about-her-man inclinations can brag. He has explored all manner of media and come to the sweet conclusion that he prefers oil paint, masonite, paintbrushes with a tiny few hairs and deep concentration on asphalt, clouds and chrome. He paints the I-90 corridor and some meandering highways just off the path we so frequently travel. Having grown up in the scenic and tourism-centric … Continue reading and my man paints →
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happy new year y’all

On this first day of 2009, I am full of hope. A new president, a new one-year-old, new baseboard, new appreciation for all the small stuff that makes up my life. Including this here blog. I usually write under the assumption that nobody is reading and I rarely speak to readers when I blog because what if there aren’t any I am am just all throwing all these questions and thoughts out there and nobody responds? Then I’d feel super … Continue reading happy new year y’all →
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