blog love

One pretty incredible thing I hadn’t counted on with this whole blog business is the relationships I have because of it. I just plain adore my blog pals. And their crafty, hilarious, kindred, rich, fabulous, inspiring -ness. People I didn’t know before March of 2007 and people, who, really, I still don’t know, as in I haven’t heard their actual voice, but do know in this raw and lovely way. (And, for the record, blog pals, all of those words that link to those women could have been interchanged. You are all crafty, hilarious, kindred, rich, fabulous and inspiring to me. Thanks.)

So, a little shout out to a few textile objects that are now in Missoula, Montana instead of other warmer states because of the Incredible Blog Pals.

This little hat for my little chicken on her first birthday from Kelle and Kelly, my sisters on the Atlantic.

And, this sweet creation to warm the cockles of my heart and cold Montana neck from Finny, my sister on the Pacific.

Funny thing is two of these women have something in common that I am only realizing as I type: they are the only two people to whom I have secretly given peach butter (cause my man objects to sharing the deliciousness). Finny won it and Kelle turned thirty. But Pacific received a bag of orange goo with a lame apology note from usps. Atlantic got it in tact. Fin, owe you one.

Anyway, as I sit in my orange cushy office chair on a Friday night with my girl’s cozy noggin and my cozy neck, my cell phone forgotten at work and martini within reach at my computer, well, shucks, I feel lotsa love and admiration for all of you out there. Cheers to a three-day weekend and a brand spankin‘ new president on Tuesday.

13 Responses to blog love

  1. Kelle says:

    oh, this was needed. three beers didn’t do it. a naked baby lovin’ me in her towel fresh from the tub almost had me….but this? this did it. thank you. xoxo i love your bug. and the happiness your blog has brought me. xoxo

  2. Kelly says:

    Life is good and even better with you and Bug in it!!

  3. TRB Holt says:

    What a great praise about your Blog Buddies. I feel honored to read about them!

    xoxo, Mom

  4. Heidi says:

    was at kelle’s house when she read a beautiful email from you last night…
    tears baby! tears! tears flowed from kelle’s eyes from the words you wrote to her!

    love you for making my friend cry…in a good way!

    love this blog too! so organic, so dig this chick!!!!

  5. Patia says:

    Oh, wow, you think I’m fabulous?

    I’m deeply, deeply honored.

    And that little hat is ADORable.

  6. lera says:

    Ahhhh. YOU got Finny’s fabulous neck warmer. Lucky you. Keep warm out there, friend.

  7. Katie says:

    If I was handy with thread, perhaps Bug would have something from me!

    Thanks for the link, I feel much the same way about you and many of the other fantastic people I have met online. Hugs!

  8. Heather says:

    Oh what a lovely warm fuzzy feeling on this here oh-god-let-the-cold-snap-give Monday morning. I have been so enjoyed peeking in on your life and the things you make, from the Bug to the edibles to the craft action, and honored that you peek in on mine. Someday we will drink a bottle of wine together and say ‘yo’ as much as we please and it will be grand, I just know it.



  9. FinnyKnits says:

    And don’t you and your bug look all gorgeous in your handmades!

    Here’s to you, doll, and a whole new world on Tuesday. CAN. NOT. WAIT.


  10. jen says:

    love that hat! and the neck warmer … you are two lucky girls!

    in other luckiness? you are so right – a 4 (in my case) day long weekend AND a new president … it kinda feels like a weight is being lifted. now i must sleep.