nah nah nah nah

nah nah nah nah
hey hey hey
bye bye Bush.

hello Obama.
my dreamboat.

I was considering writing about how my my man, kid and cat took turns vomiting all day yesterday and that I was personally puked on three times, but today trumps everything.

Oh this man. Oh his vision. Oh my hope. For my generation and my bug’s. Even rhea and puke can’t keep me from that ninth cloud.

We watched the whole thing at the museum this morning over a mimosa potluck. And then we watched Obama’s speech again on youtube. At first, while watching the millions on the Mall, I was thinking why the hell am I not there? but then, I just plain loved where I was. With my incredible co-workers in our contemporary art museum in a cold, smallish western Montana city. And, well, I pretty much swelled and welled the the entire morning.

Tonight, our non-puking family unit went to a party at a friend’s house. And, Andy and I wore our wedding attire. LOVE my man in his suit. Some might say we were overdressed (in Missoula it isn’t uncommon for folks to wear jeans to a formal attire affair). But, it just somehow seemed appropriate for a variety of reasons. To tell ya honest (that is what Andy says) I wanted to wear my dress and I politely asked Andy to not make me go to a party without a date in a suit and he lovingly obliged. My dress hasn’t come off of that hangar in nearly four years and still has mud on the hem and is a *scosh* pitted out. I loved my wedding and I love my dress.

First, I was psyched it fit. Second, I didn’t care that all of the crowd was not in wedding gowns. Third, I had a giant zit exposed by my strapless number and whatev. There really is a whole new security that comes with 30ness and I am almost 31 so I am like way more mature than 30. I nearly dropped my man and kid at home post-party to join some ladies downtown, but, a few hours sipping champagne and gallivanting about on icy streets in my wedding dress was all I needed tonight. Yes, 30 is different in other ways too…Although I did hang with my lady friends and sing karaoke until 1:30am on Saturday night at the VFW.

Also during my night as a Patsy Cline and Madonna super star, I received a sweet handbag gift from my dear friend. The clutch is beautiful and went magically with my gown.

CHEERS to a new life for us all (although, Mr. Obama, I understand it will take time and while the entire universe is hoping you can fix all the ickiness that festered and rooted over the last decade, I know you are human, although at times I wonder. But still, I heard your message today: It is my responsibility too. It is our collective effort that will sucker punch those roots as if they were leafy spurge on Mount Sentinel).

15 Responses to nah nah nah nah

  1. Heidi says:

    obama…he is dreamy i tell ya!
    feeling the hope today, bc of him!

    LOVED your wedding dress kiss with bug looking up at the two of you…beautiful shot. so glad you wore that dress again.

    i just found my dress in the corner of my room in a box labled…
    Wedding Dress and other Crap.

    yes. that is what the box says. how did i write that? LOVE that dress. i’m taking it out this week, gonna dust it off and take a twirl!!!!

  2. Katie says:

    Isn’t it a beautiful day? I am happy too. We awake to a different world tomorrow…

    And speaking of inspirational, look who can fit in her wedding dress post-bug! I am in awe of everything you do. And that clutch is clutch. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  3. Kelle says:

    aw. love that you wore your dress but love that andy gave in and wore a suit. he’s a good man. yes, it was a beautiful day…and i knew you would be celebrating somewhere. smiles.

  4. I was celebrating yesterday along with you guys (from here in Canada)!

    I watched the ’8 years in 8 minutes’ video a few nights ago —simply unbelievable, isn’t it?

  5. TRB Holt says:

    Nici,…YES we did!
    I LOVED yesterday, just me, Grizzie, Annie & Barackore, (more than once I wished you and I were together). I tuned in at 7:00am and told the Obamas good night around 10:00pm. I was misty eyed off & on all day, remembering when I actually held both of his hands in Missoula, and I held my breath, while yelling at the TV, “get back in the car!” when he stepped out on Pennsylvania Avenue. Please don’t let anything happen to him and his sweet family.

    I am so happy you celebrated in your wedding dress, with Bug in tow! AND the clutch is beautiful.

    I clicked on ‘8 years in 8 minutes’ and could not bring myself to watch it right now…I don’t want to spoil the glow.

    xoxo, Mom

    PS…I also said to the TV, as Bush climbed in the helicopter, “goodbye cowboy”.

  6. jen says:

    aw. bug looking up at you two.
    precious picture.

    and the hope feels really good in my heart. i’m really glad i don’t have the weight that he is holding on his shoulders. it’s gotta feel kinda heavy. but super glad that he asked for OUR help too.

    it’s going to be so good.

  7. Patia says:

    Yes, a great day.

    How fun to wear your wedding gown out on the town!

  8. joan says:

    Ya yesterday was a day of huge smiles. I am so happy you got gussied up. Red Lodge had a great party. Tons of really super dressed up people. Tuxes and ball gowns. We spent 2 days decorating and happy to be using red, white and blue for the first time in a long time. Tons of flags, lights, balloons……Terri even sent me a red white and blue corsage to wear with my gown. Love you all, Joan

  9. FinnyKnits says:

    I actually saw people smiling in traffic on Monday morning.

    If that isn’t a sign of change in the world, I don’t know what is.

    Happy belated inauguration day.

    Oh, and you just wear that wedding dress as much as you can – fun!

  10. sarah says:

    yay!! such a great day. i stayed out until after midnight (on a school night!) in my finest red dress, white shoes, and blue tights. and ya, that clutch is AWESOME!

  11. Jean says:

    Oh, love and hope, isn’t a beautiful feeling?

    I am never saying the B-word again in my life or even typing it. He’s gone. What a trashy mess he left behind, but he could not kill our hope and dreams for the future. Obama is the man for the times.

    Great post, Nici.

    I do love that clutch. :)

  12. cjs says:

    why am I so not surprised you wore your wedding dress.

    so cool.

    always love your realness. your rawness.

    and thanks for loving my sister as you do.