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false spring but I’ll take it anyway

I am so so tired today. A nutty week of work has come and gone and won’t be around again until next February. Whew. I am ssssllllloooooooow and so wish I had the sleep-in gene because the two martinis I devoured post-auction last night would have enjoyed a bit more rest this morning. But I woke early to a beautiful springy day. And while I know it will snow and freeze and gray-up for many more weeks, I got that … Continue reading false spring but I’ll take it anyway →
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dig this: open for business

Ta da! Shucks, thanks for your inquiries about my postcards, aprons and other creative makings. And, now, I am here to tell you my etsy shop is officially hyperlinkable and open. I recently decided to cut my work hours a teeny bit to hang with my girl. Monday is our day and, while she naps and often while she’s underfoot, I am making stuff to supplement lost income, so, feel free to spend recklessly. Right now, ready to be mailed … Continue reading dig this: open for business →
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I turned 31 yesterday and my celebration began the night before when I wore an apron made of condoms in a sexual health fashion show with bug. And in a fit of we-love-our-town-and-each-other-and-who-cares-if-we’ll-all-be-up-with-kids-in-a-few-short-hours-woo! some girlfriends and I decided to take our pro-choice booties out on the town. We toasted the end of my 30th year at the stroke of midnight. And then yesterday started with a lazy, thick coffee morning that led into a lazy, thick breakfast. My little family … Continue reading 31 →
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blame it on the rain

Ah, Milli Vanilli. How I adored them and was broken-hearted to find out they were total frauds. Anywho, I have rain barrels! Thanks to dig this chick’s new sponsor, Clean Air Gardening. I have been in the January Missoula funk because I am wholly exhausted with the inversion. Every winter our sweet valley creates the perfect weather system to yield a perfect inversion. This means Missoula is brown and foggy for many weeks, sometimes months. Weather forecasters from all over … Continue reading blame it on the rain →
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