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wee chicks! (and a giveaway!)

Wow so this whole urban chicken thing is supa popular in Missoula. I wanted to add two more hens to our flock and couldn’t because the chicks would chirp right on out the door of Quality Supply every Thursday morning before you could say cluck. So, I got in touch with Kathy in Stevensville who is quite passionate about her chicks and thought that just maybe she might have a few extras and she just might hold them for me. … Continue reading wee chicks! (and a giveaway!) →
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rain barrels, yo

We received our rain barrels months ago and I have been anxious to get those puppies installed. The big ole once-pepper barrels had already been retro-fitted by Clean Air Gardening and as this chick’s sponsor, they sent them to me in trade for my product review. Thankfully, it won’t be awkward because the system gets two green thumbs up. Why collect rain water? It is free, better for plants and the environment. Cities treat water using minerals and chemicals to … Continue reading rain barrels, yo →
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here and there

79 degrees this afternoon as I huffed home from work on my bike with trailer carrying toddler behind. It’s here! The weather that keeps me outside and away from other obligations and needs like laundry, errand running and writing. We had a busy weekend full of seeds and rain barrels, friends and shared food on patios. I am quite behind with seed planting but, eh. It’ll produce. My seeds arrived from High Mowing while I was away so the little … Continue reading here and there →
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well hi there

I think that is my longest blogging siesta ever. And, boy is it hard to get back on that horse with hundreds of epic photos and even more stories. So, I’ll just start and stumble around between my garden, Portland and Point Reyes. So, I managed to toss my arugula and lettuce seeds in a bed before leaving on our adventures. I had to do it on the sly, while Andy was in the basement or shower, because if he … Continue reading well hi there →
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