wee chicks! (and a giveaway!)

Wow so this whole urban chicken thing is supa popular in Missoula. I wanted to add two more hens to our flock and couldn’t because the chicks would chirp right on out the door of Quality Supply every Thursday morning before you could say cluck.

So, I got in touch with Kathy in Stevensville who is quite passionate about her chicks and thought that just maybe she might have a few extras and she just might hold them for me. I lept out of bed (well, more like roared and rolled–this second pregnancy is waaaay more tiring than the first) Saturday morning, grabbed coffee and my bug and hoped in the auto on a chick mission.

We scored two adorable, puffy cheepers: one golden sex link, like Clementine, and one buff orpington. Even though my husband holds his breath and says really? when I talk about again converting our guest bathroom into the brooder, I did it. The space is the perfect little pullet playpen.

And, oh, Margot just swooned over the itty girls. I think I’ll name one Wow because that is what she says when she sees them. That and quack quack quack quack.

So, my perfect playpen nearly killed the chicks on day one. I happened to be downstairs on Saturday night and heard extraordinary cheep cheep cheeping. I peaked in and the shower stall was full of water and the tiny girls were wet, shivering and awkwardly perched on the tiny rim of their food dish. Something is fuhcockta with our pipes and the water came up from the drain. All the chicken books say chicks can drown in like 1/2 inch of water and here were my survivors in a lake. My hens have some mean instincts.

So, after a not-fun clean up, they are in a recycling bin. It’ll work for a few weeks until they are too big and then I need to figure something else out.

I am taking name ideas. The lighter one is the buff and the oranger one is the golden. Pretty please don’t suggest buffy and goldie. Perhaps strong names of survival and badassness both because they made it through a flood and they’ll need some ego (or, eggo! ha!) when they are introduced to the already-existing flock as the minority duo. And one might be Wow. If I pick a name you suggest, you win a set of dig postcards! Hope you aren’t tired of that as a giveaway. I think you’ll like them. (And, the sale is still on too.) I am into giveaways as I just won my first ever! So, get creative and leave a comment.

In other hennery chat, the girls are loving this spring weather. And they are so friendly. And as much as they love to strut around our backyard and dig and scratch and peck and cluck and get their butts scratched, I fully realize the torture caged, de-beaked hens endure. It is so worth the extra $1 or two to purchase eggs from a reputable farmer. Do it.

47 Responses to wee chicks! (and a giveaway!)

  1. Kelle says:

    Just name one Killer. And get him a black studded collar. Please. And take him with you when you run to scare off potential muggers. Love the pic of Margot checkin’ out the chicks with that golden incubation light giving her that chicklike glow. How fun must having chicks be…i love your farmy/gardeny/homegrown life. xoxo hmmm…now i’ll be thinking of bad-ass chick names all day.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love your blog! I like Peep, Henny Penny, or Nadine.

  3. Malissa says:

    My daughter and I just had a long discussion on chicken names…here is what we came up with: Olive, Ruby, Hazel, and Pip. Glad the little ladies survived the flood. Was chatting with my boy last night and I dropped the “chicken in the yard” bomb. He didn’t say no!!!!

  4. jen says:

    ideas for names …
    Tethys:aquatic sea goddess http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tethys_(mythology)
    Nabia: goddess of rivers and lakes

    or …
    wow and ran (much more simple-er to say!)
    (a norse sea goddess) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%A1n

  5. How about Demeter (the Greek goddess of Mother Earth) and Ceres (the Roman goddess of growing plants and motherly love)?

    I’m Erin, by the way. I’ve read your blog for several months but haven’t ever commented before. You have a lovely life. Thank you for not taking it for granted.


  6. Jean says:

    I’ve always been fond of Frick and Frack. Fricken Chicken and Wow. Either would be good.

    Is she getting more used to the chickens?

    When’s you first visit to the dr.? I wonder if there will be an extra set of lub dubs in the oven.

  7. ack! Twins freak me the hell out, Jean. Yeah, Margot likes the chicken ok. They peck at her which she doesn’t enjoy but otherwise she remains interested and skeptical.

    Kelle, for some reason Killer coming from you cracks me up. ha!

    Malissa, funny because we have a cat named Olive and Hazel and Ruby were two names we considered for our kid…Pip is adorable.

    Jennifer, peep! cute.

    jen and Erin, thanks so much for the thoughtful goddess names. Hens are sorta goddess-like, I suppose!

    lovin’ the names. bring it.

  8. me says:

    I like Pearl and Eleanor.

  9. Tammy B says:

    I vote for Henrietta. Still thinking…

  10. Malissa says:

    some more..Bea, Fig, Bell, Fin. With five chickens I like the shorter names. Easier it seems.

  11. Josie says:

    we named our chickens after egg dishes… omelet, scrambles and migas. it seems to amuse people. there are plenty of other egg dishes to go around. we use our bathroom as a brooder too. = )

  12. Kelle says:

    Big Mama.
    That’s all I got. Although, if you go with Jen’s Nabia, certainly its counterpart would be Labia, right?
    Can’t. stop. now.

  13. Personally, I love the name, Wow.

    Some others, of the Badassness variety:

    Silly variety:
    -Shark (they swim now!)
    -Extra Crispy

    Cute variety:
    -Finny (I am very vein)

    Congrats on your new fuzzies!

  14. April says:

    new chicks! i am saving my names for my own chickens, which i hope to be getting in the next month or so….

    and you’re so right about free-range chickens. i can’t eat large grade A eggs coming from factory farms. after reading “everything you know is a lie” re: factory farming chickens i became a vegetarian.

  15. Clancy says:

    I like Priscilla.
    Call her Prissy.

  16. Katie says:

    Kelle’s names are crackin me up. I have to vote for Killer or Boozer. and Wow is a must.

  17. TRB Holt says:

    Hmmmm, I will have to think on the names….I’ll get back to you later today. Right now I have to get ready for work….this little fun job is cramping my style to be able to read your blog early :o(. Maybe you need to send me a “blog alert” text!

    I love you tons..xo, Mom

  18. Joan says:

    Evette and DeeDee. DeeDee is what Andy used to say when he wanted his blanket. His DeeDee. I win. Keep them small and cute till I get there next weekend. XOXO J

  19. lera says:

    Sorry, but I can’t help you with any names. I can’t even name (or remember the names of) the ones we have.

    We have an injured chickie (see my blog). Do you have any suggestions? Can she eat anything other than chick starter at 2 weeks? The only fresh fruit I have in the house right now is banana.

  20. Lisa says:

    Yay more chickies! I’m so excited for you and am knee-deep in my own 15 chickies right now.

    Anyway, how about:

    Xena (warrior princess)
    Hillary (no explanation necessary)

    Strong female names! Yay!

    Good luck to you. Also, either of those names would work nicely with “Wow,” I think. Enjoy the babies and hold snot out of them. I have learned that that is how you make extra snuggly chickens that like to be on your laps and shoulder, etc. I didn’t know it until too late for me, but I’m working on it anyway now that they’re bigger.

  21. Lisa says:

    man, I’m bad at typos – “hold THE snot out of them” :)

  22. Philigry says:

    i came by to tell you that you won another give away! mine!
    send me your info. when you get a chance.
    I didn’t realize that you lived in missoula! my sister in law lives there, too! love the chic’s, ours are on the way!

  23. Melissa says:

    I think you should name one of them Ramona, as in Quimby, because she was a “plucky” girl. It’s too hard not to make hen jokes.

    It’s really cool like Margot is growing up this way. The Obamas with their First garden, and your community with urban flocks. Things are changing in a good way!

  24. Patia says:

    Aww, congrats on your new wee chicks. Thank goodness they survived the deluge.

    I vote for Jeannette and Eleanor.

  25. jen says:

    oh great … somebody else noticed the nabia/labia counterparts … so went through my head as soon as i pressed go. (glad i could put a smile on your face kelle!)
    yeah … i vote for not voting for my choices earlier … i was stuck on the surviving the flood part of their lives!
    seems you like the “oldish” names, like me … how about adelle? and cecelia?

  26. Lisa says:

    ooooh… one more name idea –


    As in Petra Nemcova, the cupermodel who was caught in the Asian tsunami a few years back and clung to a tree and lived. Seems appropriate, no?

  27. TRB Holt says:

    Okay, I thought about the names yesterday and came up with a few.

    ~ Jazzy or Jazz
    ~ Sassy or Sass
    ~ Fuzzy
    ~ Henny Penny
    ~ Cluck Cluck
    ~ Burb..after you as in, Dee Dee Burb :)

    I also think Margot is on to something…what’s wrong with “Wow” & “Quack”?!

    Now I will go back and read all the other comments…xo Mom

  28. Anonymous says:

    Cute chicks! I’ve known some wonderful hens named Henrietta and I like other old fashioned names like Harriet and Eleanor.


  29. Tammi Salas says:

    I consulted my son, Grady, and he said we could share a name we’re going to use for one of our chicks. Disco. We only have two other names based on their personalities (yes, you know how different they can be). One is Mama, because she’s a bit bossy and the leader of the pack. One is jumper, because he jumped out of the box on the way home from Toby’s Feed Barn. Disco will have to be used for one of the white silkies, but still can’t tell them apart.

    Enjoy the new chicks.

  30. sarah says:

    how about tofu and tempeh, for what i believe are obvious reasons? :)

  31. TRB Holt says:

    Good morning Burb! I just got up and came right to my laptop….I had a dream last night you named the chicks May and June!

    xo, Mom

  32. Heidi says:

    my four year old, peyton, came up with a couple of names… i had to help a little when the first couple of ideas she came up started with poopy head. ‘poopy head chick-a-locka’, or poopyhead chicken.’ (i don’t know why she wants to make me crazy by continually using that word, if it is a word.

    chicken-like the song, “and chicken was his name-o!”

    chicklet-the name of her own plush
    chicken little!

    love the pic of little bug peering in at the little chicks…how sweet is that. she gets to see/do so many cool things with u!!!

  33. Auto says:

    In my family we name our pets after the Simpsons.

    Maggie and Lisa

    Marge and Edna

    Selma and Patty

    Itchy and Scratchy

  34. Anonymous says:

    Love your blog! How about “mack” and “Tosh”. Or a name after a great wrist watch. Keeps a Montana lickin’ and keeps on peeping! Love your chickens. Paula

  35. cjs says:

    how about….

    carin and kelle.

    now those aren’t just badass names, but badass GIRLS.

  36. cjs says:

    just read all the comments….love ramona. and then you’d HAVE to name the other beezus. please tell me you remember beezus!?

  37. Kelle says:

    oh, i vote for carin’s. yes, badass chicks.

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