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let the bees and spiders go

I have never whole-heartedly aligned myself with any particular organized faith. But I have faith. The closest thing I feel to a religion is my devotion to karma. It’s a universal cause-and-effect rule. Freedom Bee I think about it all the time. My place in this place is a blip. And, with regards to that, I think of the last line in Mary Oliver’s poem, Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious … Continue reading let the bees and spiders go →
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south central Montana

When we were in college we made the six-hour road trip home to Red Lodge four or five or eight times a year. We went last weekend for the first time since last Memorial Day weekend. The cliches are true: time carries a new set of rules with a kid. It flies. Blink and you may miss out on important milestones. A year? It’s been a year. We stopped off in one of our favorite places, Chico Hot Springs, for … Continue reading south central Montana →
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spring sewing (sowing)

It is hard to be in my basement studio when it the sky is cornflower and carrot seeds are begging to be tucked in. Usually I make stuff at night when the house is asleep but, now, I am also horizontal, missing out on my valuable dig time. So I have come to appreciate 15-30 minute blocks of time before work, after work, on days off. It’s easier. And, on Monday, I brought it outside. I was plowing through some … Continue reading spring sewing (sowing) →
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bran muffins, chicken names etc.

As a pregnant lady with real and urgent cravings, I woke the other morning with a panicked understanding that I needed bran muffins. It wasn’t like mmmmm, bran muffins would be nice, it was more like holy shit, bran muffins must be chewed and swallowed before 10am or I could burst. I hopped on my favorite food inspiration website and wasn’t inspired so I went to one of my favorite food inspiration blogs and found the recipe. This was all before … Continue reading bran muffins, chicken names etc. →
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mama’s day

Whether a mama to kids, dogs, chickens, friend’s children, colleagues….all women mama someone. And we all have mamas. My day was lovely and actually started the night before with a mothers day eve celebration with hundreds of Missoula women. We shared hugs and admiration over yoga, hot tubbing and facials at a local workout center/spa. More than once I caught myself starring in amazement at the moms that are my friends. These beautiful, strong, brilliant women. I felt lucky. And … Continue reading mama’s day →
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