mama’s day

Whether a mama to kids, dogs, chickens, friend’s children, colleagues….all women mama someone. And we all have mamas.

My day was lovely and actually started the night before with a mothers day eve celebration with hundreds of Missoula women. We shared hugs and admiration over yoga, hot tubbing and facials at a local workout center/spa. More than once I caught myself starring in amazement at the moms that are my friends. These beautiful, strong, brilliant women. I felt lucky. And in between great food and a heart-thumping dance party was the launch of Mamalode magazine which I am proud to be a part of. More on that later.

Yesterday began with sleeping until 8:30 (!), shared lattes with my ma in law, sweet smelling flowers and a lazy breakfast all made by my man, with the chatty assistance of Margot. A phone call with my mama (xo). Then, a long walk with a park stop, shopping for raspberry canes, sage, geraniums and rosemary, a load of dirt, lots of shoveling and planting.

I bought a darling flowering plum to plant atop the jellyfish-like organ that sustained bug two years ago. Joan said it looked like Margot. The plum bush, not the organ. Yes, a placenta has been in a red biohazard bag in my freezer for 17 months. It was time and yesterday was the perfect day. The tiny pink buds are about to burst. It will grow to 10 x 10 feet atop a mound overlooking our water-wise front yard.

I listened to distant giggles from my family as I took an afternoon siesta in my back yard under the coming-and-going sun. A delightful dinner and rhubarb pie. My first garden produce of the season.

My favorite moment? I quietly mentioned something about kisses and Margot toddled across the backyard and planted one right on my lips. And then said thank you. She has new words daily and her new word on mother’s day was thank you.

Cheers to all you mamas out there. Wow. I am continually amazed and inspired.

20 Responses to mama’s day

  1. Sage says:

    Hi Nicci, Happy mother’s day! I had a similar day and it was heaven… just some time outside with my plants makes me a very happy person!

    Love the pics of your front yard, is that donkeytail or myrtle spurge (euphorbia myrsinites)? Seriously… I get reports all the time at work of kids getting serious rashes, swollen eys, etc. from playing in or near the stuff. Not to mention the fact that is a threat to our wildlands, and that it is listed noxious in serveral western states. Now why would a gal like you, want to have that in your yard. Dig it. Get it out, and toss it in the garbage. And wear some protection. Just do it.

  2. Thanks Sage. Happy mama day to you too. Not to worry! No myrtle spurge in my garden.

  3. Kelle says:

    the hat kills me. i love it. she looks like a gardener already. and the rhubarb pie. delish. your mother’s day sounds so peaceful and soul-satisfying. love to hear more about the magazine…saw it on gillian’s blog too. hmmmmm. you missoula women inspire. yay. xoxo

  4. Kelly says:

    Those ones in the pickup truck made me GASP out loud! Like really loud! Love her spunk!!

  5. TRB Holt says:

    Motherhood…what a beautiful club to belong to.

    I love you my sweet daughter AND you my darling Margot Bea. Can’t wait to see you!

    xo, Mom/Gram

  6. lera says:

    Hmmm. Never kept any of my placentas. For my last baby, the cord started to become detached from the placenta while it was still in me right after delivery. I was so happy to have that placenta gone. It had me on bedrest during the pregnancy and other issues during the pregnancy and then was stubborn during delivery. I glanced at it only to give it a dirty look.

  7. Gillian says:

    love you guys in the dirt! love that you were tardy like me to get that biohazard bag outta the freezer.

    happy, lovely days indeed.

  8. Marty says:

    I absolutely adore that bonnet! What a cutie! Greetings from Manhattan, MT. Missoula is a lovely place, but unfortunately I only get to drive through it once in a while.

  9. Katie says:

    Margot seriously has to be the cutest kid ever. I mean that. Happy belated mother’s day to the coolest mom I know (online)!

  10. jen says:

    ah … a happy mama day to you … i FINALLY got in the dirt last night. the girls were covered in peanut butter remnants from dinner and dirt … they spent time digging for worms and we all ended up in the bath scrubbing under our nails. heaven. a perfect day AFTER mother’s day.
    i truly think there is a mother’s day … and the day after should from on be called mama’s day. ’cause there is a bit of a difference to me.

  11. Joan says:

    Sunday WAS a good day. I think if I was around Margot more often I would have to join a health club to be able to keep up with her pace. I swear she is running before her feet hit the ground. She is not a lap sitting kid. Its so funny to hear her say actual words. Shocking really. I do admit that her foreign sounding sentences are my favorite. They will be in Red Lodge soon for some time on the pass. Margot’s first time at my house when she has been on the run. Gramma, fasten your seatbelt. By the way the pie was SOOOO GOOD. XOOX Joan/Gramma

  12. Melissa says:

    happy mama’s day, nici!
    so i really think we are coming to missoula this july to visit the kesslers–woo hoo! avi will enjoy making out with els and margot, if he can catch up with them! xoxo

  13. FinnyKnits says:

    I can’t contain myself with this post – it’s just too much Awesome.

    Margot is such a sweet little peanut high-fiving her papa.

    Your front yard is gorgeous with its new plum.

    Your day sounds perfect – complete with my favorite kind of pie.

    So glad you had a great Mother’s Day. And we won’t talk about the jellyfish.

  14. Ann says:

    What I super cute bonnet. I have done a couple attempts at sewing sun hats for my 6 month old. The first I gave to a 3 year old. Did you make this? do you have a pattern recommendation? I may just attempt something from looking at the photos.

  15. About the bonnet, I bought it from this lady.

    It has so exceeded my expectations. Margot keeps it on, it stays on and is so so protective. Buy one!

  16. Just started reading your blog and wanted to say thanks for the great tip on the bonnet. We leave in the sunniest state on earth and that hat has been a godsend. And congrats on Baby2! My second is about to turn one- two is a wild ride, but SO awesome. Happy belated Mom’s Day.

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