spring sewing (sowing)

It is hard to be in my basement studio when it the sky is cornflower and carrot seeds are begging to be tucked in. Usually I make stuff at night when the house is asleep but, now, I am also horizontal, missing out on my valuable dig time. So I have come to appreciate 15-30 minute blocks of time before work, after work, on days off. It’s easier. And, on Monday, I brought it outside.

I was plowing through some sewing projects with Margot protesting at my feet. Outside?, she begged. Well, this mama surely cannot say no to such a reasonable request. So we packed up and headed up and out into the chilly, soon-to-be sunny backyard at 7:30am. As soon as I got all set up, giant, warm rain drops fell like molasses. The impossible kind of drop falling from nothing, not a cloud in the sky. We knew it would pass so we sat in it and waited.

I wrote about Montana onesies a while back and I am happy to report that I have perfected the method so the pulling and inconsistent edge fraying and general wonkiness have improved immensely. Sorry to all my pals who endured substandard gifts for your kids.

They are soon to get even better as I just got an account with a very cool clothing line that I will be using for the base t shirts. Anyway, they’re cute. And, they’ll be for sale in June. And, if one has particular pride in their state as we do here in Montana, I’m happy to do custom orders.

Golly I cannot believe to horrid style endured when pregnant with Margot. Because I didn’t have (and even if I did have wouldn’t part with) $210 for seven jeans, I was stuck with thrift stores and target and, it’s not like there’s anything in the women-with-bump section of either place that I loved or even liked that much. It was survival asking the question, which jeans do I hate least? Plus it is difficult for me to justify spending any cash money on stuff I would wear for a mere few months….

Now that I am gaining momentum and courage behind a sewing machine, I decided it was time to sew some clothes for me. Yikes. Kid’s clothes are easy because they look darling in purt near any shape. But, me with my hips and womanliness, well, I need shape. And things like darts and interfacing and sneaky zippers scare the poop out of me. But I am getting better.

I found a maternity skirt tutorial that I followed and it was a snap. I used a simple skirt pattern from Sew U that is three pieces (one in front, two in back) so when my non-bump state returns I can remove the lovely, comfy, elastic top, insert a few darts, a waist band and zipper up the back seam. The whole thing makes me feel quite clever.

(Oh, and speaking of my pregnancy, we got an official due date last Monday, even though due dates are a total crock. But it’s still worth mentioning: December 18. Margot’s second birthday.)

The other great part about sewing outside are the necessary garden breaks. All the promising green is taking off. Just magic, I swear. Placing teeny earth-toned flecks in the ground and they grow to produce enough food to feed my family. Magic.

Unrelated but oh so exciting. I, for the first time in my life since moving away from home, I will possess a helpful contraption whose purpose is to cut down on swearing and gross, day-old (or two) globules of dried food, and increase sanity and water efficiency. In a week, I will have a dishwasher. Talk about magic.

And, lastly, a little gift for you! So many people loved Margot’s bonnet as much as I do that Colette at Urban Bonnets is offering dig readers a deal: 10% off your purchase in her etsy shop. Just enter DIGTHISCHICK10 at check out. You’ll be charged the full amount and then she’ll credit you back. You’ll love it.

20 Responses to spring sewing (sowing)

  1. Kelly says:

    That’s pretty cool baby’s due date is Bug’s bday! Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s still pretty cool!

    Are you finding out the gender? Can’t imagine how excited you must be!!

    Must. have. bonnet. Thanks for the coupon code! I just can’t decide on a pattern now!


  2. Katie says:

    Loving toddler Margot and her bonnet.

    Good luck finding a good pair of jeans – a woman’s never ending quest in life as it is.

    And I cannot believe this baby is due the same day as Margot’s second birthday! So awesome.

  3. Malissa says:

    Will you be selling some big girl skirts for women with and without bumps in your Etsy shop? I would love to buy one. Your lettuce is already sooo tall! You will be eating some greens soon…good folic acid for the little one. My lettuce seed seemed to blow away or something. I am on round two! 60 mile/hour winds will challenge a garden for sure!

  4. TRB Holt says:

    You are so clever with your skirt and Montana should be proud of what you have done to her image.

    I LOVE the photos of your garden, just beautiful sweetie.

    AND I cannot get enough of you, my sweet granddaughter, in your bonnet!

    xoxo, Mom/Gram

    PS…A DISHWASHER!….yahoo!

  5. love the shed, the skirt, and the dirty dishes in the sink! hello from up north of you here in MT, enjoying your blog..

  6. Ellie says:

    Don’t knock the due date…my daughter came on hers (after I was sure it would all be over two days before…or one day before…nope she held out until THE date!) I love the MT onesies! Will definitely need one for for newbaby…I’m going to get brave and try some toddler skirts…Oh, and there’s a used/consignment maternity store on Orange Street that just opened up – they had lots of jeans when I was there at decent prices – (blah, maternity clothes), your skirts are lovely, tho!

  7. jen says:

    although it’s most likely unlikely … wouldn’t it be crazy to have two kiddos with the same birthday? i’m hoping it works out that way … just so that i can say that i “know” someone who that happened to. (i know i know … it’s not all about me.)
    ah. the dishwasher. so nice.
    i’ve often played with the idea of taking the sewing machine outside too.

  8. Melissa says:

    i gave my friend your coupon code and she already ordered an adorable bonnet with butterflies. we spent a good few minutes ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all of the designs. thank you!

    hooray for the dishwasher, lovely skirts and montana onesies!

    avi has his own montana long-sleeved t (a gift from gillie and els, of course) that is so soft and sweet.

    happy sewing. and sowing.

    i pick up my farmshare produce today, which is as close to gardening as i get but i love to read about yours. xo

  9. j.j. says:

    Hey! How amazingly cool about the due date….I can relate to that one! Sol’s b-day is 3/15 and Poppy’s is 3/14! It is a lot of fun to have an entire two days devoted to celebrating your kid’s(s) big days. Take care! xoxo

  10. FinnyKnits says:

    Love the sewing outside idea. I might have to try that one of these days…

    And I recognize your lettuce. Looks nice :)

  11. paige says:

    I need some new clothes too, even though I’m not pregnant… my clothes are horrible.

    So could you make a line of comfortable yet cute but not too revealing, durable and dirt-proof yet professional and with lots of pockets so I can wear them when I work which includes bending, squatting, crawling on the floor, leaning over and climbing on ladders.

    That would be great, thanks!

    ps: this means I like your new skirts.

  12. paige says:

    pss: what does second birth day mean?

  13. paige says:

    can I erase that last comment… I understand now… she is going to be two… it isn’t her second birthday.

    I just assumed it was lingo in the birthing world… like her due date is her second birthday as opposed to her real birthday… I am going to stop writing now.

  14. Kelle says:

    oh, baby…touche on that cropped flower little pocket on the m-skirt. divinity, you little sewer, you! you chug along toward fabulousness quite well. and once you achieve it, you take that fabulous bar, raise it higher…and chug along again. you do it beautifully. and totally missed that bugs-birthday-due-date thing until i reread this! too cool. her little cherub face sitting at that picnic table? edible she is.

  15. sarah says:

    the pictures of your future food are great. love the skirts, and love paige’s comments.

  16. jean says:

    Gosh, the onesies are adorable. I love that you hauled the sewing machine outside. That idea could even get me sewing.

  17. Philigry says:

    love the cute pocket. and the pictures of the garden are awesome. ours is starting to look a little like that. so exciting.

  18. raindrops on the machine, probably one of the best photos i’ve ever seen.

  19. Very nice post. Ive just forwarded the link to my coworker|.