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I am super excited to be contributing to mamalode, a magazine and website for the whole mother. As in women who seek a whole life and holy moly, the whole mother (in case you didn’t pick up on that clever double entendre.) It’s quite different from the cheesy parenting zines out there. No how-tos. No judgement. Elke Govertsen, the creator who appropriately calls herself the magazine’s curator, says we don’t lean left or right, just on each other. I am … Continue reading mamalode →
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ahsoup and cookies

On father’s day and summer solstice eve, while Andy was out whooping it up at our pal’s bachelor party, I made soup with bug and Alice. And so I call it ahsoup because Margot has this charming habit of adding ah in front of single syllable words. It wasn’t just any soup but soup made from an item one would certainly otherwise toss to the chickens or compost. Radish greens. It pains me to toss the greens of radish and … Continue reading ahsoup and cookies →
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what one and a half looks like

One and a half years ago, at this moment, my trembling body was supported by a sleigh bed covered beet red sheets. I was pushing and crying. And, at 10:06, I willed bug to take her first sip of air. Yep. Margot Bea is one and a half. This morning, watching her gram sing I Love You a Bushel and Peck on my phone that I left in the spring storm we got last night. Oops. For some reason this … Continue reading what one and a half looks like →
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awe damnit spinach

It’s been a long time since I dorked out about my garden on dig. And nothing can bring out my inner dork like a sick vegetable that needs mending. And, this morning, I woke at 5:30, made coffee and crept to my computer to write just as Margot decided to wake…BUT the grandmas and one grandpa are in town so, as I type, two ladies I love in jammies are blowing bubbles and scrambling an egg in the kitchen with … Continue reading awe damnit spinach →
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In love with Alice

Life with a kid changes life with a dog. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t imagine loving a kid as much as I loved Alice. She is my running companion, snuggle partner, best pal. She teaches me important lessons. She is always happy to have me, no matter what state I am in. She rises at 5am to run if I desire and lays spoons with me when she’d rather be barking at the alley. My girl. Alice. Of the … Continue reading In love with Alice →
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