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hump day nuggets

I am starting a new initiative on dig: every Wednesday I’ll post the past week’s nuggets. Little bits of the season in photos and (few) words. This will be my outlet for the moments of my world that I want to capture, document, share…I am giving myself permission to be random and brief. I used to write really short snippets on occasion and when I moved to essays, I am not sure. Sometime around Margot’s emergence I think. She made … Continue reading hump day nuggets →
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new clothes for mama

So I have been sewing all this stuff for my chicken and nothing for my sorry self who is stuck wearing shirts that are becoming increasingly pitted out and inappropriately short for work and too-few skirts that I have to wipe dog and kid snot off of before wearing out. It was time for this mama to spend some time on some clothes. I always feel better when I am confident in what is on me. Pregnancy amplifies those feelings … Continue reading new clothes for mama →
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First off I have to say wow, y’all, thanks for your thoughtful encouragement and advise on my last post. I read every comment and e mail and it was through your words and a few of my dear friends kicking me in the ass to make a few changes that I am feeling way better. Turns out I needed to talk some things through with some people, let myself feel funky and ultimately let some some stuff go. Geesh that’s … Continue reading upswwwwwwwwiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnng →
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blech (but ultimately yay)

I have felt out of sorts for the last week. Just a general, gnawing anxiety and insecurity that totally blows. And, you know, yes, my hormones are nuts right now but, no, that is not why I am feeling this way. It’s all very annoying and boring to me because these aren’t feelings I often sit with and here I am sitting. sometimes I feel like face-planted raggedy anne I am a closure gal. Chat, work it out, move on. … Continue reading blech (but ultimately yay) →
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Whoo eee. It is a busy summer for our family. All full of good stuff–weddings, pies, swimming, dinner parties, afternoon parties, hikes, scrubbing dirty feet before getting in bed even though the sheets haven’t been changed in a month. Things are prioritized differently in the summer. We pass through our house for sleep and food and to change into and out of work clothes and the rest of the hours are outside. This lady describes her kitchen as a “summer … Continue reading full →
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