hump day nuggets

I am starting a new initiative on dig: every Wednesday I’ll post the past week’s nuggets. Little bits of the season in photos and (few) words. This will be my outlet for the moments of my world that I want to capture, document, share…I am giving myself permission to be random and brief. I used to write really short snippets on occasion and when I moved to essays, I am not sure. Sometime around Margot’s emergence I think. She made my brain think in novels instead of short stories…..anyway, nuggets.

My niece was born last Thursday. There was an epic thunderstorm that night and a rainbow greeting me when I woke the next morning. My love for her has exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait to meet you Aida Louise.

After-work river lounging and dipping and sipping and deep talking with best friends.

Pulling our ever-producing peas last week to let some light shine on other struggling veggies.

Being in the refreshingly chilly river together with bug. The same river my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents swam in with their kids.

I threw my back out in a bad way last weekend. I was incapacitated and knew I needed to move so I breathed through the pain to get on my yoga mat for mild some cat cow. Margot’s interruptions were initially irritating and then charming. Andy was laughing and snapping photos of my falling-apart body and bug’s spry, flexible acrobatics. It did even make me laugh.

Summer evening light.

My girl’s shoulders and neck and wet curls.

Our family shadow.

Rides on her papa’s shoulders and the way she always find security in holding onto his hat.

18 Responses to hump day nuggets

  1. Heather says:

    What a pair of smiles on you two in that river photo! How can one not smile back at the two of you? It can’t be done.

    Hope your back is feeling better soon!



  2. paige says:

    Nuggets are good too.

    I was able to consume your nuggets with my bowl of cereal before I start my day.

    It was a good way to start. And my back is on the verge of joining yours, again, so your poses are inspiring.

  3. mrs chux says:

    I think I missed some big news. Which memeber of the family is in Andy’s left hand? (The top of it does look like the tip of a penis, fyi. Oh man, I’m cracking myself up)

    I’m SO SAD that I’ll miss you and your family on your trip to Coloradie. The weather has been cool and rainy here so I hope you’ll have lots of lush plant life to enjoy up in the hills. xoox, lisa

  4. Marty says:

    The picture of the baby’s neck brings back memories of my mom. She always said that’s where the sugar is!

  5. Yay for nuggets! we missed you last night. have a good trip and let’s plan a play date when you return!

  6. TRB Holt says:

    Sigh…..see you two in 2 hours!!!!

    xoxo. Mom/Gram

  7. Katie says:

    Love the nuggets! Your pics say so much on their own. And so much love & congrats to Neysa and her beautiful little fam. So sweet!

  8. FinnyKnits says:

    Sweet sweet sweet nuggets!

    I will love these posts, I know it, since you take the most ridiculously delicious photos.

    I wish I could dip and sip in that lake. Looks heavenly.

    Hi Margot! You’re cuteness!

  9. Judybusy says:

    My favorite is the family shadow shot. I like the nuggets, too. Summer is too busy for essays!

  10. Sage says:

    Oh wow, what a great mid-week idea! Sometimes, I think fewer words and just pics can bring so much more feeling and emotion, and raw energy. And yours do. I love these pics… of beauty and love, and presence in life. My fav is of margot licking you and you sink into the water… oh how I wish I had a nice cold river or lake to dive into right now. There is nothing like it don’t you think?

  11. Can you comment on two posts in one? Well, I am.

    I feel like I just took a walk around with a friend when reading. I love this blog of yours.
    I got so excited with all the making of things I almost wanted to get out my sewing machine. Almost. I don’t sew.
    I LOVE all that you have made. What a way to reuse a sweater and wow for the pants and shirts..geez!
    Might just look at my sewing machine and then shut the door again. I am finally knitting a sweater for me.. that can count for some form of clothing :)

    Love that your family all the way down the line has been in that river… that is pretty neat, and that baby girl of yours.. what a doll. Look forward to reading more.

  12. Kelle says:

    So now I’ll look forward to Wednesdays. Love the yoga pics…and the family shadow. and I had a good happy pause at that baby’s smooshy lips and thick hair. Xoxo

  13. June says:

    How wonderful that you belong to the river and the river belongs to you. Beautiful post.

  14. Joan says:

    Love it!! Sorry about your back Nici. I hope it is better by now. Margot is turninginto a little girl so fast. Maybe it just seems that way after meeting Aida who is so incredabley small. Have a great time at the wedding and take it easy on your back. Hope to see you when the dust of summer travels begin to to settle a bit. Love you all tons, J

  15. What’s up, just wanted to mention, I loved this post. It was funny. Keep on posting!