new clothes for mama

So I have been sewing all this stuff for my chicken and nothing for my sorry self who is stuck wearing shirts that are becoming increasingly pitted out and inappropriately short for work and too-few skirts that I have to wipe dog and kid snot off of before wearing out.

It was time for this mama to spend some time on some clothes. I always feel better when I am confident in what is on me. Pregnancy amplifies those feelings at least a billion times, probably more like a trillion. No self-respecting girl likes to be reaching in her bra on the corner of Higgins and Pine to adjust the spilling-out boob or yank on a tank that is rising to meet her chin. ahem.

So, back to vetements. I am into tracing patterns from my favorite clothes. It mostly works out. I’d never give them to anyone else because I am bending some major rules and often end up polishing a turd but the fabric is cheap and the time worn is short, so some pieced-together, not-that-pretty-on-the-inside items are just fine by me.

I do pretty well with the skirts and dare say they turn out nicely. This one was supposed to be a beautiful dress I was to wear when I officiate my dear friends’ wedding in a few weeks but, ack, it’s now a skirt. And I have lots of scrap light blue shirting material…

fresh out of the wash, drying on the line

I traced my favorite Michael Stars top and have made a few of these tunics. They are a snap–two pieces and four stitched straight lines. yes. I do wish I has a serger to finish the edges. At least knit doesn’t unravel because there is NO WAY I will ever attempt binding on knit again. Not even if I was promised daily massages for the rest of my life.

favorite shirt on left (photo taken in May) :: my attempt at replication on right

And then took my first stab at tracing pants and wound up with low low riding, unattractive capris. When I say low low I mean, half of my ass crack was exposed. And I look terrible in capris. I added a band of material (let the turd-polishing begin) and then I had enough room up front should I “ever happen to grow a large penis,” said Heather this morning at pilates. So I fixed that real quick too. And the length is more wide leg, long shorts than capri. I like em. The next pair will be better.

And, finally, I have chopped up a few sweaters to make cardigans. Sweaters that are too tight on my even when I am not pregnant. This lady has been doing it with knit shirts and that motivated me. Simple: just snip up the middle and snip off the sleeves to make a 3/4 sleeved cardigan out of a too-tight sweater with a hole on the wrist. Stitch the new edges to stop fraying. Scoop necks are a bit funky because of the drape but I did a little accordion fold thingie and I think it’ll work. Margot likes it too.

Oh, and Margot is going to have a little sister. I had intended to be all one with my uterus and reject technology and not discover the gender early but when the healthy little fig was squirming on that screen and I had the chance, well, I am a woman of opportunity and I said yep so we had a little guessing game and I guessed boy because tiny vulva looks like a penis to me so now I owe Andy a dinner of his choice. It was a fabulously beautiful experience. Much better than bug’s ultrasound. I feel very lucky for all of it…Andy, Margot, little soon-to-make-us-a-family-of-four kid. I love.

Sisters. Very cool. And, since they will be born in the same season, no need for any new clothing. See how thrifty I am? voila.

On left: imagine kid sitting in a glass chair and you are underneath :: On right: little bean is lounging with her fist up by her forehead, babe is in profile, cute little blurry ear on left. Can you see it?

26 Responses to new clothes for mama

  1. Gillian says:

    oh my goodness (as els bells would say), i love it all! the cardigan idea is rad. i am one withe cardigan, though i’d be pretty scared to take scissors to a sweater. maybe you can coach me through the first round. love the prego gear too. makes me want to just get down to business already!
    love you and your insanely creative self.

  2. Katie says:

    Yay! I love how crafty and self-sufficient you are. Congrats on the next baby girl…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nici- you look really great with your little lump of a belly! Very cute clothing as well! And congrats on another little girl! :) Girls rock!
    -Kelley R.

  4. TRB Holt says:

    You are one pretty mama, I think you look terrific! & Your new sewing ditties are great too.

    AND the ultrasound pix blows my mind! THAT’S MY NEW GRANDDAUGHTER!!! GRAM CAMP is growing!! Bug you look so big to me…….I can’t wait to see you both…only 3 more days!!!!!

    xoxo, Mom/Gram

  5. jen says:

    you have me inspired. i’ve been planning on a maternity redo of my favorite pair of regular pants that were in the fix it pile. tomorrow will be the day. i’ll blog it and you can check it out, k?
    and sisters. it really truly is lovely being the mama of girls. congrats. it is so interesting how different and the same they are, though. it’s amazing.

  6. Katie says:

    Yay for a lil’ sis for Margot! So sweet!

  7. Patia says:

    You almost make me want to try sewing again. Almost. Not quite.

    Congrats on Girl #2. I can see the one on the right crystal clear; the left not so much. Those things always look like inkblots to me.

  8. Erin O. says:

    Another little girl bug – how sweet. Got unexpectedly teary at that news. Congrats!

  9. Kelle says:

    so, i’m so very tired and have no energy to check my favorite blogs, but i turned on my computer for a moment…just hoping to see some bold print under “dig” in my reader. and voila. and dig bold print was as promising as it always is. and the pink striped shirt must i say is even better than the original michael stars. you look beautiful, mama you. you are gorgeous pregnant. i’m just dying for my tum to get big enough to pull out my maternity stuff. but, boy do i wish i could sew like you. pics are delcious…very cookie-mag. and bug’s little sis? she is heaven with that blurry little ear of hers. family of four….happy smiling.

  10. Melissa says:

    You are adorable, as is Margot and her little sister.

    I agree that the pink striped shirt is even better than the original! Looks, brains and talent; your girls are so blessed to have you and Andy.

  11. Kelley, Thanks! Is this Kelley R from art school?

    Katie, you with two boys and me with two girls…can’t wait for them to all meet each other.

    jen, I look forward to seeing your crafty ways. The thing with making maternity bottoms is that they’ll almost surely be cuter than anything you can buy and the part that is hardest (the crotch/waist) gets covered by a cleverly placed tunic! aha!

    Patia, sew! It’s fun. I nearly said, it’s sew fun! heh. Ink blots, yes. Totally crazy.

  12. Patia says:

    No, I don’t have the patience for sewing. I’ve decided I’d rather pay someone else who actually enjoys it. But your clothes are adorable.

  13. Sage says:

    Oh good! Another little girl! Having grown up with a brother, and desperately longing for a sister my whole life, I think 2 girls is fantastic! I hope to be so lucky one day. And I am so loving the clothes. I too have been inspired by Angry chicken’s cardigans, so glad to see you made it work as well. I am inspired to make some changes in my wardrobe! I love the penis pants before and after shot… you are hilarious! And so beautiful! It makes me so happy to see you embracing your body and loving your shape. Totally inspiring, when I know how hard it is to not freak out when prego. Makes me want to do the same of my curvy figure. Yes, that is a nice way to say it after 3 years. Anyhow, thanks for keeping it real. Love love

  14. Sage, haha yes embracing the curves. I am definitely packing on the lbs a bit more quickly this time around…And, yes, I am excited about two girls. Funny, I really, honestly had no desire either way (boy or girl). But sisters is pretty neato. I too grew up with a brother and always wanted my parents to have another girl.

    Make some wardrobe changes! It’s liberating to comb through the closet and find stuff you don’t wear and make them new again.

  15. FinnyKnits says:

    Cute rehab on those sweaters. I definitely need to get on this bandwagon since I have some sweaters that haven’t seen the light of day in, oh, years?

    I love your stripety/drapety top. Very flattering and cute. That’s my fave style.


  16. Dana says:

    I LOVE making my own clothes, and often do the same turd-polishing maneuvers after sort-of making patterns from clothes I love. I have to say, I like your tunic even better than the original! And I love the cardigan idea! Loads of too-tight sweaters are about to find new purpose.

    Congrats on the little girl!

  17. Marcy says:

    Love the clothes and the pics. Happy Travels. xoxox

  18. SIsters! So thrilled for you. I have a sister, and my own pair of sisters. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Bug will be an incredible big sis.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Got to give a plug to sisters. It’s definitely awesome to have a sister two years older than me and we’ve been friends our whole lives and now i’m the godmother of her children. I am excited for Margot to have the same opportunity.

  20. Maddie says:

    Wow!! You’re all dresses are just fabulous!! Specially, I love the red one so much!!

  21. lera says:

    Another girl. Lucky you. (My first three boys were all born in December, and it was so nice to have clothes ready and waiting for each season. Actually, it still works out nicely.)


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