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hump day nuggets: pizza, elmo and pumpkins

:: We made really great pizza inspired by Smitten Kitchen (really, what isn’t inspiring about her kitchen zsa zsa zsu?) but, as with most recipes I ‘follow’ it evolved and then was not much like it at all. But delicious. Ingredients from the garden: eggplant, tomatoes, parsley, gobs of garlic. And, then a whole can of black olives and relatively small amount of provolone cheese. All on a garlicky olive oil blanketed crust (we don’t make ours anymore now that … Continue reading hump day nuggets: pizza, elmo and pumpkins →
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sleeplessness=potholder and peach butter

I had an exhausting week last week and haven’t really been able to catch up because sleep escapes me. I don’t even promise an articulate post because this lady is tired. I woke Saturday morning at 4a and after tossing for a bit decided to just rise. It was actually lovely and quiet and coffee and studio all to myself. I made a potholder. It took me like two hours because I was all this log cabin stuff is supposed … Continue reading sleeplessness=potholder and peach butter →
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hump day nuggets: papa’s away

Andy is working up the Blackfoot for a few weeks (two four day chunks really) and boy oh boy, how do single parents do it? I am tired, devouring strawberry sorbet. I mean, sure, I adore my alone time with my girl and animals but whooee I am thankful there is another adult to regularly share in the mammal care in our home. We just read books about fish in the ocean and love with elmo in her big girl … Continue reading hump day nuggets: papa’s away →
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hump day: more than nuggets (steamboat)

See I am already breaking my hump day rule but there is just too much to say about our trip to Steamboat Springs. And it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want. We arrived Thursday into the tiny Hayden airport picked up by the bride herself. Wait, I should mention that the 6am flight out of Missoula was nearly missed. And I have this reputation for missing flights….like, I have missed a couple or maybe a couple more … Continue reading hump day: more than nuggets (steamboat) →
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hump day nuggets: minneapolis and mamalode

Family outing to a Twins game. Popcorn, overpriced beer, the wave. It was grand. Margot loved all the clapping and quickly became an enthusiastic fan. Lots of shared summer meals. Voted the best burger in the universe or something like that. The ‘juicy lucy‘ at the 58 (pronounced five eight) Club which incidentally involves driving in circles for 20 minutes to find. A funny little place with planes flying about 15 feet overhead and very friendly service. We had dinner … Continue reading hump day nuggets: minneapolis and mamalode →
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