hump day nuggets: papa’s away

Andy is working up the Blackfoot for a few weeks (two four day chunks really) and boy oh boy, how do single parents do it? I am tired, devouring strawberry sorbet. I mean, sure, I adore my alone time with my girl and animals but whooee I am thankful there is another adult to regularly share in the mammal care in our home. We just read books about fish in the ocean and love with elmo in her big girl bed and sitting to document some nuggets. I am pretty sure I hear her partying in there. She’s not quite sure about the bed for anything other than jumping and reading upon. But that’s why it’s in there. We want her to have plenty of time to get used to and excited for the transition out of her crib. Yep, loud crash of a book to the floor…off to check…I’m back and all is well. Maybe tonight’s the night of her first slumber? No,wait, I hear her little footed jammie feet coming. She is now standing right next to me holding Alice’s leash…Back again and she is happy to be in her crib for one more night. I think I will eat this entire pint of sorbet. The growing kid in my midsection does flips when I eat sorbet. She’s the length of an english hothouse cucumber, so says a website.


Bug reads books to Alice every single night.

3 1/2 pounds of garlic. It’s firm and hot, the color of a flesh-covered vein. I eat whole cloves with sharp cheddar cheese. I am super happy with the variety I grew, bought from Hood River Garlic.

Annual sale at Selvedge Studio. Of course I showed up with a project in mind and no pattern: a quilt for Margot’s new bed. I spent a few hours hashing a plan and picking out fabrics. It was the perfect Saturday afternoon activity since October bullied August out of her month. It has been cold and rainy, no fires like when I was pregnant with Margot. We didn’t even go to the fair. Oh, AND I scored two yards of this green and white beauty for $2. I’m thinking tablecloth.

We drove up the Blackfoot to stay with Andy on Monday night. Margot adores exploring outside but I didn’t let her go far from me because there have been tons of mountain lions spotted right out the door of our cabin. I told Andy I couldn’t stop ridiculously worrying about a lion chewing on Margot and he said, babe, that wouldn’t happen. Lions quickly grab prey and run away, up a tree and then feast. Thanks honey. You know how to alleviate a mama’s anxieties. Little peanut loves to collect rocks exclaiming, rock! I got it! when she ‘finds’ one.

A wonderful visit from zamma and grandpa.

Tomatoes picked and eaten immediately. Holy hell I swear there isn’t anything more desirable to a taste bud.

I am currently preoccupied with picking a name for our kid and getting Margot’s itty room ready for another human. We inherited a bed from Andy’s grandma and bought a mattress last week. It just needs that quilt…I love thinking about Margot in that bed and little cuc in the crib a whisper away.

Montana potty training.

17 Responses to hump day nuggets: papa’s away

  1. Melissa says:

    That last picture? One of the best, for sure.

    Love the first paragraph of this post. The inner world of pregnant women is so rich. Keep sharing!

    All the best for your partner-less time.


  2. TRB Holt says:

    I love these hump day nuggets!

    Margot, I am so glad you found the perfect listener for your reading!

    I am sure you are exhausted Nici….single parenting is not a fun venture. One of the good things about it is that you appreciated the other have even more when they return.

    I ate the first of my pineapple heirlooms, from my tomatoes, yesterday. Soooooo good and it was big enough for me to feast on the other half today!

    So sweet to know that you Bug soon will be tucked away in the very same bed that belonged to your great Grandma Dolly & that your great Uncle Jim also slumbered there too. A bed full of sweet dreams already!

    I miss you all so much, I do wish we lived closer.

    xoxo, Mom/Gram

    PS….nothing like Montana is the summmer for potty training!!!

  3. Sage says:

    Hello cute cheeks! Love the last pic….wow, so much in common this post. I have been eating awesome golden tomatoes, have some of the same cute green fabric, and often feel my life is one big rolling paragraph like your opening post. One filled with interruptions to no end.. but the good kind. Kiss to you and your sweet life. P.s. My favorite name for a little girl is Winsome…winnie for short. But I warn you, if you use it, when I have a second, and if its’ a girl, that is the name I will be using :)

  4. Jean says:

    It’s cool to see on of the old beds in Margot’s room.

  5. Kelle says:

    My morning is complete. Coffee and hump day nuggs…and bare-ass babe frolickin’ in Montana hills. What more do I need? I’m glad you worried about mountain lions because sometimes I think I’m crazy for worrying that a random alligator is going to abandon their ditch, walk through the suburban streets of our neighborhood unnoticed and attempt to snatch my child. Or I considered googling the weight limit a large hawk could swoop and hold. Because I swear I’ve caught some large circling hawks over my house eyein’ my girl. I’m just sayin. I miss good tomatoes. I was half looking forward to our midwest trip just for produce stands with fresh cukes, corn and matoes. Aw, well. Lovin’ Alice & Margot shots…and little B gets her big girl bed this weekend so, we’ll see. I think she’s so ready…but I’ll miss the family bed.

  6. Joan says:

    How is that Potty training method workin for ya?

    That bed has some history for sure. I think all of Margot’s Albus relations have slept in that bed at least once. Good thing you got a new mattress.

    Margot does love a good rock. Funny what they take a liking to. I miss seeing her face.

    I remember the days when Kevin was gone all week. Neysa, Andy and I whooped it up all week and then whipped the house into shape about an hour before he got home. Guess which part of the week we liked best.

    Margot I’m coming your way in mid September. Can I sleep your big girl bed? We can play QUIETLY with toys till we fall asleep. Mama and papa will never know. XOXO

  7. paige says:

    love her little bottom running in the field. so cute.

  8. clancy says:

    Hope you are feeling well, Nici. Love to see your life snapshots.

  9. FinnyKnits says:

    Tomatoes – beautiful. What variety? I agree that nothing tastes as good as a homegrown tomato fresh from the garden.


    Alice is the sweetest.

    So, I’m growing garlic for the first time this fall/winter/spring – so will probably hit you up for advice. Great resource – I may have to order from them.

  10. Malissa says:

    Oh my! Look at that cute little Montana bum. What a great picture. Makes your heart melt. And the little striped socks, so cute.

  11. We’ve got some of those naky buns running around the land too!

    I love your hump day nuggets.. they make me laugh and think and.. well, hungry.

    Would I be up for a trade.. Yes! Garlic for honey, good idea. I will harvest the rest in late Sept. and will let you know when it is ready.

    Thinking of you and your little cucumber.. cute.

  12. jen says:

    there’s a guy that sings at the farmer’s market that i’ve been selling necklaces at … and he has this song about homegrown tomatoes … not sure if it’s just a made up song of his own … or what? but yum. there is nothing quite like a homegrown tomato.
    and strawberry sorbet. yum. baby must love it!
    i have a recipe for a strawberry basil sorbet … if you are interested … SO GOOD.

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