hump day nuggets: pizza, elmo and pumpkins

:: We made really great pizza inspired by Smitten Kitchen (really, what isn’t inspiring about her kitchen zsa zsa zsu?) but, as with most recipes I ‘follow’ it evolved and then was not much like it at all. But delicious.

Ingredients from the garden: eggplant, tomatoes, parsley, gobs of garlic. And, then a whole can of black olives and relatively small amount of provolone cheese. All on a garlicky olive oil blanketed crust (we don’t make ours anymore now that this better-than-we-could-ever-make-it dough is available for a few bucks). As a general rule, I quadruple garlic in recipes. It is always better that way.

um so my man tosses a mean pizza crust. This comes from years of experience at Bogart’s (he even has a pizza named after him there but he doesn’t even like that pizza. It was a nice thought.) Depalma’s, Jackson Hole, Domino’s and a wife that loves pizza.

:: Margot loves elmo. We had never watched sesame street or anything elmo so I couldn’t figure it out but I swore she was asking for elmo desperately and over and over so I youtubed a video (that we now watch nearly daily) and YES, she was indeed asking for elmo. You know we rarely buy toys because we get handmedowns from pals and bug just enjoys books and outside and drawing and utensils and but seeing her total unwavering affection for this red creature, I yearned to get her a stuffed toy but it turns out elmo isn’t all that affordable or, rather, I jsut cannot bare to spend over $20 on an elmo, and so I settled on making her an elmo. Ohmythisisalongstory. But then THEN I was at goodwill and I thought, let’s just look and there was an elmo with his eyeballs all scratched off and I thought Margot was going to buck straight out of her pants. And, well, now that I know, I would have happily spent $50 on this guy. But he was a mere 50 cents. She kisses him, talks to him on the phone, puts him down for naps, sleeps with him. She’s just never been into loving a thing like this. Yes, she still wears her coat as you will notice in the video below.

yes, that’s a hulk fist in the background. another nugget for another time.

:: My handy veggie carrying pouch. Like a not-so-little kangaroo.

:: Margot’s vocabulary amazes me. And I love her garden knowledge. We walk around and she’s all strawberry, flower, shovel, dirt, chicken, rock, bug, bucket, weed, carrot, etc. And her pumpkins that we visit every day. I transformed a section of my boulevard into some garden space because it really is the best spot on our property for an edible plot. I started small because it is illegal and I wanted to see if anyone would care. So far so good and Margot’s Pumpkins as well as zucchini, chard, cabbage and onions line the path to our front door. Anyway, her pumpkins. MY punkin, she says with pride.

Awe, and then, one year ago:

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  1. Heather says:

    Oh my goodness, I love when posts include Margot and Nici audio. It’s like both of your personalities get a little sharper.

    I saw that hulk fist immediately because I have one in my life (in my professional life, actually, it’s used for beating us faculty into doing things we are bad about doing on time) and now I am dying to hear about your.

    Please keep me posted on your eggplant usage. We are swamped in shiny purple beauties and I am running out of ideas…



  2. Nici, I just LOVE your blog! You are so creative and talented and Margot is adorable. Keep it up! Loving it!

  3. My little potatoes and I just checked on your nuggets and we love you. Now we’ll be going back and watching some of our old flicks. xo

  4. Pam says:

    It’s been a while since I watched “little potato” – holy smacks, what a difference a year makes! Bug is so all “I got it” now that it seems much longer ago that she was such a little peanut.
    Oh, and big ups to Andy for the pizza tossing!

  5. Jean says:

    I loved seeing Little Potato again so much! It strikes me Margot is the very same today only much, much faster!

    Your eggplants are gorgeous. I love their shiny purple selves. We make eggplant pizza, too, only different. We grew our first ones this year, it’s so exciting to be able to grow more kinds of vegetables. We’re going to have watermelons and cantaloupes, too.

    And I never knew Andy could toss pizza dough! hahaha! You guys are so talented. I love you.

  6. Joan says:

    I watched the video of Margot and Alice yesterday. That little hairless head of hers was so round and cute. Love your eggplant. Tell Margot thanks for the call last night. A total random event but I loved it. OXOX J See ya soon

  7. melissa says:

    I’m so relieved to hear of another child who never watched Sesame Street but LOVES Elmo! Owen is watching him right now (library video) and has a secondhand Elmo doll, too. :) And not a whole lot of toys… 😉

  8. liling says:

    i just broke down yesterday and bought sophia an elmo, for some reason she doesn’t want to be left in her room alone with it…”mommy take elmo”. anyway, what’s the deal with that creature? i dvr sesame street for her but she only wants to watch the elmo segments and that’s the only tv she watches, well, aside from bindi the jungle girl, she’s just too cute not to watch every once in awhile. try her on youtube, soph loves the hippo video, “when the hippo moves her hips”, fun to dance with. anyway fellow prego, hope you are feeling good. your garden looks heavenly.

  9. haha on the elmo obsession! We now watch sesame street every once in a while and margot flips her lid when elmo comes on. It is kinda freaky and makes me wonder if there is some wack subliminal message happening…I always forget the library rents dvd. Good idea. I am about to lose it with the elmo and india sing the abcs video. Liling I love that Sophia won’t be in the room alone with elmo. Yes, that cute little monster has some power.

  10. stephy says:

    Ha! I do the gather-vegetables-in-my-rolled-up-shirt/pouch thing too!

    Except I am not preggers, so it’s a lot less cute.

    I love how you let Margot just run around wild and nekkid. Free! So many parents are freaked out about their kids touching anything or getting dirty, but you’re building her up to a healthy un-fear of dirt and bacteria.

    *sigh* Your blog has now made me want to live in Missoula, after I give Austin and Portland a try first :)


  11. Beegirl says:

    Now that’s the way to toss a pizza!! Love your tomato smile!

  12. Melissa says:

    I was hoping you would have some nuggets to brighten my morning! yay!

    Elmo and Sesame Street are very big in our house. Avi even picked out a potty seat that has Elmo, Big Bird, et al, all over it.

    There is an episode about Elmo learning to salsa and I must admit I love when Avi asks, “Elmo salsa?”

    My computer at work is so lame so I am just getting bits of viddy at a time but it’s still darling to hear her voice and yours.

    Love the belly, the garden, the pizza tossing husband. Glad you found Elmo for 50 cent.

    I was just saying this morning that I am convinced the people who write for Elmo do a whole lot of hallucinogenic drugs, but whatever. We feel too guilty about too much as moms.

    I also love that Margot says “again,” I swear, the same way Avi does. Love your blog. xo

  13. Kelle says:

    i now look forward to wednesdays. love your montana pottytraining and how she just kinda hangs out naked. dude…elmo rocks. lainey loves him too and we’re not sesame street watchers. must be instinct…they’re just born knowing who he is or somethin. i remember that potato video! love it. and the pumpkin…love her little voice.

  14. Linda says:

    Nici, I just adore your blog! Ashley does not watch Sesame Street either, but she adores “Melmo”. Funny thing is I was cleaning stuff out of the basement and I found my old Tickle Me Elmo and she just adores it (yes, I was probably 18 when I got it, weird!!). There must be something subliminal about Elmo :)

  15. Marcy says:

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  16. j.j. says:

    Wow, Margot’s hair is getting so long…and not to mention cuter than cute! Love that pizza flippin’, tomato gettin’ and pumpkin checkin’. You guys are great. xoxo

  17. TRB Holt says:

    OH my where do I start…. first off, Margot you are the cutest punkin’ of them all. Everyone needs an Elmo, your mama had her blanket and Raggedy Ann & Uncle Trav loved his Blue Bear, ask your mama how she used to hide it from him and make him cry :(! Were you introduced to Elmo at day care? He is a very handsome BFF!

    I think your long locks are beautiful and love that you feel so comfortable naked in the kitchen….never loose that confidence! AS for you vocab, you come by it naturally! NOW can you say….. G R A M!

    Burb….adore the tomato pouch, you are so resourceful. Wish I was there for one of Andy’s hand–tossed pizzas. The videos are the best, what a difference a year makes. I had to watch My Little Potato 3 times!

    I love you all and miss you tons…xoxo Mom/Gram

    Ps, Margot your gonna’ love reading this as you grow!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Drew’s border town? Am I right? Nice shirt Andy! I love it.

  19. don’t you love it when that elmo song gets stuck in your head? oooh, i think i just stuck it in mine.. da da da da!
    tomatoes in the shirt.. you make me laugh. I love it.

  20. What a wonderful post! The videos are precious! Kids and dogs are the best.

  21. Heidi says:

    awww. look at that belly…i love that belly. my uterus aches. it does:) i’ve heard other people say that…and now, i know that it’s true for one’s uterus to ache…LOL!

    georgeous dawling!

    elmo story is adorable! a little elmo lovin’ was all peyton wanted too at margot’s age. i don’t get it, mayne it’s elmo’s sweet, soft voice.

    margot is getting so big and i am in awe of her garden lingo and interests. a little mini-dig.

    pictures are beautiful and that pizza looks divine. i’m into words like ‘divine, splendid, there-there.’ i’ve been watching old movies. i want to be transported!!!

  22. Katie says:

    As always, your stories bring a smile to my face 😀

  23. June says:

    I think that pizza would be just right in our new wood-fired oven. We’ve got a great dough guy here, but no dough slinger. Wanna come over?

  24. June, New wood fired oven??! Hello, dreamboat. Yes, I want to come over.

  25. Malissa says:

    That is funny your bug likes Elmo. My daughter had a “Tickle Me Elmo”. She was obsessed with that thing. She was around the same age too. I might have to try the peach butter, though I have to admit I am intimidated by the whole canning process.

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