humpedy hump hump

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and (few) words about the last week

:: New bedroom. Ah paint. $30 and one day (with the help of my ma in law) and my whole world is transformed. Our room was a coral color that I liked for a hot second but have not liked for more than a year and when the quilt was finished and I became impregnated last spring, the painting of our room moved to the top of my to-do list. I wanted my walls to be the color of sleep. We will be having our baby in this room or perhaps a tub in the kitchen. In seven weeks, give or take. More on my birth plans later.

after. oh.

before. blech.

:: I really want to get Margot a play kitchen for her birthday. This kitchen to be exact. And after Andy and I had a frank discussion about our finances last week, we developed a thrifty budget which doesn’t allow for such purchases. We made a pledge: all gifts this holiday season will to be made by our hands or bartered for or found. And, really now, my man doesn’t have time to make a kitchen so I let it go and moved onto my other plans of handmade dolls and cars and cookies and such. AND THEN. THEN I got an e mail from a potential dig sponsor who gave me links to her company’s site. And after a few email exchanges, they are sending me this KidKraft kitchen, the VERY kitchen I crave, in trade for a few links and a product review. I can’t believe it. Too perfect. I feel so lucky. Thanks universe for giving my girl a super sweet red kitchen this December.

:: Andy’s mom visited last weekend and it was divine.

:: A while back, a dig reader wrote to ask if I’d like her sewing machine. Seriously? An older, metal Pfaff. Really, for the most part, people amaze me with their niceness. Yes please! I replied. Cause you know I sew with an ancient Singer feather weight and while I love love its simplicity and nostalgia (inherited the beauty from my grandma and my mom and I both learned to sew on it), it is limiting. And Jacqui just sent me the machine and it has sat for months waiting for me to figure it out. And on Monday I did. What took me so long? I have a zig zag stitch friends! And an automatic needle threader thingie! woot. THANK YOU Jacqui.

:: Alice is tired of elmo and thought he deserved a resting place in the back yard but her burying skills couldn’t disguise that neon red fur and bright white eyeball.

:: Margot is now speaking sentences which is just totally amazing to me. Hands down, her two favorite songs right now are Feist singing 1234 on sesame street (she calls it chicken four) and twinkle twinkle little star (she calls is tinkle star). At least 18 times a day she says, tinkle star please mama peeeeeeeezzzzze and then I sing and if anyone else in in the room she interrupts me by saying papa star or chelci star or neysa star because she insists everyone sings together. It brings her such overwhelming joy I think sometimes she forgets to breathe. And then she sings and she says tinkle star (really really high) whatcha are (exactly like sarah palin) aaahupahbothe tinkle star (dropping dramatically low). Approximately 18 times a day. And what does this have to do with photos of her helping make pie? Nothing. But they’re cute photos.

:: And, the best for last. Four years of marriage with my man (and 12 years together). I love him more than ever. I love that I knew him when we were awkward teenagers. We met when we were 13. I love that I knew him when everything we owned fit in our 1983 rabbit and then our 1987 cutlass supreme, futon coiled on the roof and we hopped from Missoula to Jackson to Red Lodge following seasons. I love that I knew him through college and after when we were different people but happened to have grown beautifully together. I love his brain and his talent. I love his heart. I love him as a papa. To quote one of my favorite bloggers: I just love him to the moon and back.

Alice was our flower girl, photo by Ici Schemm

photo by Paige Green

34 Responses to humpedy hump hump

  1. paige says:

    And I love how you two look like such freakin babies. Jeez louise, it is amazing how four years can change things.

    And I love that belly. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    And I love that bug’s hair.

    And I love you.

  2. sarah says:

    aw nics this made me cry. maybe it was because i was also listening to a sad warren zevon song at the time, but your wedding pictures. wow, four years ago? and thinking back to you and andy in university commons. how we’ve all changed since then…
    will you put up a video of margot talking? i can’t believe it. and ya, i keep forgetting that you are really really pregnant again.
    love you.

  3. sarah says:

    aw nics this made me cry. maybe it was because i was also listening to a sad warren zevon song at the time, but your wedding pictures. wow, four years ago? and thinking back to you and andy in university commons. how we’ve all changed since then…
    will you put up a video of margot talking? i can’t believe it. and ya, i keep forgetting that you are really really pregnant again.
    love you.

  4. Kelle says:

    i knew the nugs would be here this morning after going to bed late last night. i’ve been waking up so early due to crazy baby kicks, and i so enjoy my early alone time. today, especially…i am always left wanting more on these. your belly is beautiful and i can’t wait to hear of your birth plans…what a beautiful place for her to be born. and her little kitchen? smiling…it is so you and so meant to be and, see look…the universe lined up. what a treat for her to have. so i shall search for some little wooden food for her b-day now. bwah ha ha on elmo. and the paint. you did it. i am so itching to paint ours. the pfaff…that’s all my mom talks about. how she loves her pfaff. feel like i want to comment on everything here…but mostly, happy anniversary my happy friend. i love these new pics of margot and love seeing how things unfold so beautifully for you. because you give. xoxo

  5. TRB Holt says:

    Okay~now I can start my day….I have had my “nugs fix”!

    A beautiful post Burb, love the baby belly, your new bedroom is deluxe, G ma J the best, you and Andy…such a great wedding memory for me…such a complete pair you are, Alice~my sweet, sweet granddogger,(be nice to Elmo!), Jacqui, my friend, what a gift, both her and the Pfaff, WOW! the KidCraft kitchen…just the beginning of what your talents will unfold, AND then there is you Margot! I can’t wait to kiss those sweet flour covered cheeks and hands, soon to be the Julia Child in your kitchen….do I spy you in a dress that your mama wore? I love you a bushel and a peck! See you before you know it.

    xoxo. Mom/Gram

  6. Heather says:

    Oh oh oh, happy anniversary. We are lucky, lucky women to love this being married thing. You and Andy look just lovely in your wedding photos. And Bug, as always – I can practically hear her breathless excitement. The musician in me loves her loving songs.



  7. Jean says:

    haha, this morning I didn’t even wait for the java to be done.

    I can visualize Margot at that red kitchen doing God-knows-what-all there. I only know it will be a riot! Wow, it’s really deluxe.

    I got to hear even more details re the weekend from Joan–appo in the stroller? Another good one. Loved hearing the Twinkle, Twinkle story.

    And again, congrats on your anniversary. We were happy to part of it. It’s a great memory.

  8. Joan says:

    What a fab looking bedroom!! I think you have a perfect place to bring in daughter #2. Margot is going to go crazy over that kitchen. Have the camera ready for the unvailing. As if you need to be reminded to have your camera ready.

    Love the swing pics, the pie making pics, such a serious baker you have on your hands. I bet Alice would like to bake an Elmo pot pie.

    Thanks for loving my son like you do. I love you all, J I love hump day nuggets even if they come on Thursday.

  9. j.j. says:

    all i can say is…happy! that is what i feel when i read your blog, see your pictures, think of you, of you and Andy, of you and Any and Margot and that sweet little babe in your belly. love to you all~

  10. June says:

    What a beautiful life.

  11. Nici says:

    Joan: haha Elmo pot pie!

    Heather: She is really moved by music. Her instruments continue to be her favorite toys. Tambourine, xylophone and, of course, the maraca!

    Sarah: I need to get a video camera…our junky, old digital camera will only shoot 90 secs and it is shitty anyway. Perhaps I’ll start looking for a sponsor for it. Yes, sentences. Margot needs to see you soon!

  12. Sage says:

    Oh love this post! I love it when the universe comes around so nicely. And those pics of her helping you make pie… oh she is growing up so fast. And your belly, you look great. So happy for you and Andy, these are fantastic pics. xo

  13. Melissa says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    The room looks great . . .as do you. Home birth. Do it!

    It’s amazing how similar toddlers can be. Avi does the singing request/crazy sentence jabbering too. I just love it when he asks for the “la la song” and then will say, “again” about 20 times. And “mommy’s turn” even when I say, “Avi’s turn.”

    Your girl is so stinkin cute and so big. Wow. xo

  14. April says:

    Wow, your husband’s paintings are amazing!! I’m a new reader so I didn’t even know he was a painter. All of the comments on the other post asked if he sells them, and surely he must, but where/how?

  15. April: He does sell and has an opening at the Dana Gallery in Missoula in mid-November! I’ll be posting about it as it approaches.

  16. AJH says:

    I love readying your blog…your creativity is challenging (in a good way!) I also wanted to tell you that we have that exact KidKraft kitchen in pink, the princess is getting it for her 3rd birthday on Saturday and I am SOOOOO excited to have her open it! We put it together last Sunday as a couple and had so much fun…enjoy, I would have loved to have it sooner but I saved for almost a year to buy it!

  17. Heather says:

    I am a big dork and had to have a friend who also reads this blog tell me that that linky dink up there is me. *Blush* High five for blog induced girl crushes.



  18. Katie says:

    Way to go on the kitchen!! I have so much faith in the ‘ask and you shall receive’ policy. Always comes through in it’s own way.
    Happy anniversary, too.

  19. FinnyKnits says:

    Oh, the blue is so zzzzzzzzzzz….Sorry, sorry – just nodded off there – it’s very serene. Great bedroom color.

    Congrats on the red kitchen for Margot – I imagine she will love it TONS – and I look forward to your product review 😉

    Give us also a review of that machine – snazzzzzz-ay!

    Elmo buried in the backyard cracked me up. That may explain why we’ve unearthed so many toys in our yard demo. Perhaps as the previous owner’s child tired of his toys, he laid them to rest where our lawn used to live. Rest in Peace, GI Joe and TRex.

    And, of course, congrats on four years. I’ve found that it does get better every year. At least up to five years, which is as far as we’ve gotten so far 😉 Suck up every last second – enjoy.

  20. Katie says:

    I know I say it with each post, but it has been so fun to watch your family grow and change over the last few years. Cheers!

  21. barbaras says:

    Happy Anniversary Nici and Andy. Can’t believe the baby is due so soon! Steve just retired…and once I do to, maybe we’ll plan a trip to Missoula to see you all:)..
    Love, Barbara

  22. jen says:

    happy anniversary …
    what lucky girl(s) to have a mama and papa like you two.
    things really just do work out, don’t they? just when you need them to.
    and a home birth … if i didn’t love my midwife so much … it’s exactly what i would be planning right now too. can’t wait to hear more about it.

  23. Niki,
    I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger award and was asked to pass it along to folks that I admire.. so I am passing it to you. Love reading your blog friend!
    So, when you get a minute stop by Bee House Hives and pick it up.

  24. I have NEVER wanted children. But you make it look delightful. Thanks for the peek into mom-hood. Love yer blog!!!

  25. ellen says:

    Does Andy sell his work, because I want it? I love it. SO thrilled you’re planning a homebirth- we can’t wait to meet the newest Ms. Dig.

  26. Barbara: Yes! Come visit! And congrats to Steve!

    Ellen: Not sure where you reside but Andy has an exhibit in November at the Dana Gallery in Missoula. I am thrilled about a homebirth too!

  27. Ici says:

    I love seeing bits of your life and seeing Sam and Alice looking so content. I remember when you and Andy came in and adopted them, such sweeties. Thanks for making me want to live a more creative life Nici.

  28. Gillian says:

    dang girl, these comment sections are getting fatter and fatter (or is that phatter and phatter?) love that margot’s a singer. she and els should start a club. it’s too much.
    you were a gorgeous bride!
    miss you.

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