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hump day nuggets: recover

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and (few) words about the last week So this last week has been trying. Of my endurance, my patience, my time, my person. Andy’s recovery was difficult but manageable, largely thanks to our friends and his mom’s timely visit. Thank you for all of the well wishes. And then, one week in, on Monday, way too much blood and clot the size of Margot’s fist were in our kitchen sink when I woke. Long story way short, all is well, after a nutty day and some emergency surgery. And, you know, I was sad and scared and overwhelmed by all of it. But, then there was the hour in the dim, sterile recovery room with my beat up, drugged up husband where I just felt so much gratitude. So grateful for my community and this facility that swiftly fixed my man. I held his pale hand, plucked by an IV and I was grateful for our health. Big picture, this is nothing. We have a lot to look forward to. I have been thinking a lot about recovery, how one responds to what the universe lays before them. Recovery is a regularly induced state, really. Whether one is recovering from surgery or recovering from the horse’s ass who cut one off on Orange Street and caused one to spill coffee all over their person. The importance isn’t the action that pushes a person into recovery. The importance, the lesson is in how the person recovers. nuggets. :: My ma in law came over last week and we had great fun amidst all that soup and jello and soup and popsicles and soup. Dressed Margot up in her chicken costume and went to the Halloween party at the Children’s Museum, ambled about the neighborhood, sat around and helped Andy heal. :: Very last harvest. I unearthed the last of the carrots. We, of course, made soup. :: Margot continues to impress us with her sudden toilet training and constant Alice-loving. Elmo panties help greatly (with the diaper-freeness, not the Alice adoring). Recent things she says that are funny: oh tay (ok), excellent (she doesn’t get context yet but it is her longest word and she is pleased with herself when she speaks it), nice! (only when she is thoroughly impressed), good job Margot (after peeing), oh hhhaaaarrrrd (when attempting #2), where’d papa go? whah happened? (whenever Andy isn’t immediately visible). :: In one week, I am at term (37 weeks). Three weeks until my last day at work. Four weeks until the due date. I had my meeting with Dr. Weisul, the CMO at Community, last week (click here to catch up on this story). He brought the Director of Women and Infant Health with him. They were corporate and measured, as I expected. But I felt proud of my approach and presentation of my concerns. They were annoyingly repetitive with the should you need hospital care, we would welcome you with open arms and give you the best care blah blah blah. They wouldn’t go into any details of Jeanne’s ‘pending investigation’ and said it was up to her. I asked what they recommended I do and Dr. Weisul replied, I think y0u should have your baby at Community. So while they were supportive of pregnant women, I ultimately felt they were mostly supportive of pregnant women who choose their services. I left feeling cynical but hopeful because they did say they want a compromise. Jeanne received a letter from Dr. Weisul yesterday saying he would be in touch this week to get together. I told them I was impressed by their patient-centric senior leadership vision statement proudly displayed on the wall outside of their offices. I thanked them for their time. I told them I wouldn’t be patronizing their hospital or affiliated businesses on campus until this rule changed. And, I had an opportunity to prove it on Monday when Andy needed emergency services and we drove to St. Pat’s even though his doc was at Community. I presented them with a moving and powerful stack of letters from Missoula women who represented the broad spectrum of labor and delivery choice–home births, Birth Center births, hospital births, with and without Jeanne, with and with midwives, emergency transfers to the hospital and so on. The thing is this: Women who choose Jeanne Hebl as their practitioner make that choice because they want her steady, gentle, knowing and strong presence from one centimeter of cervical dilation to holding a slippery baby in their arms. To ban her from accompanying patients who need to be transferred to the only labor and delivery hospital in town is unsafe and counter-intuitive to everything we know about creating a trusting and supportive environment for a laboring woman under her care. The next steps, should a compromise not be reached, involve grassroots activism and I’ll keep updates coming. Want to get involved? E mail me at digthischick at gmail dot com. :: I took a bath last night. It was the first 30 minutes completely to myself in over a week. And, it was pure, rejuvenating bliss. My midwife recommended it because I was having some back pain and wild, uncomfortable pressure down, like the kid wanted out all day yesterday. Not yet little nameless bean (not even close to a name decision). See that sharp rise on the right? Baby’s back. Read more on hump day nuggets: recover…
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hump day nuggets: I’m rich

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and (few) words about the last week Well geez. I cannot believe the outpouring of love this week while my man is all dopey, and quite funny, on painkillers…child care, pots of soup, text, phone and facebook love. How did I end up so lucky and isn’t it remarkable that the week I have been dreading is turning out to be one of my most favorite weeks ever. A week where I find peace in the knowledge that I am RICH in everything that really matters to me: friends, family, community. My village. Read more on hump day nuggets: I’m rich…
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hump day nuggets: ebb

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and (few) words about the last week I had hoped for more a slow, lumbering-into-second-kid few months but, yo, Life has a different agenda. We have been really nuts over here and without going into gnarly details a lot has to do with Andy’s bike accident in 8th grade and subsequent 19 years of mouth surgeries that is currently landing us with monthly surgeries to get his pearly whites and all that bone that holds it together in tip top. AND he is having his tonsils out next week. So, it’ll be another few weeks of mayhem and then, *hopefully*, slow and lumbering… So, this lady has been doing a lot of single-parenting and animal care while taking care of my man and, wow, it has rocked my energy level. But, you know, once I let go of diaper covers and books sprinkled throughout the house and the Fact that my sheets just aren’t going to get changed any time soon and that annie’s mac and cheese with fresh tomatoes is just perfect for dinner two nights in a row, or three, it’s all just a blip. Looking back at the last week in photos for hump day nuggets helps me realize all the lovely, important and memorable activity surrounding the running-behind chaos. Oh, and I will have a mamalode piece that further delves into my current mama balance…soon. I am a fan of saying soon lately. Frees up any commitment to an actual time things will be accomplished. I think all mamas of toddlers should embrace soon whenever possible. nuggets (mostly about bug). :: We got an early christmas package from my mom because she is as terrible about waiting for the actual date as I am and I love that. A quilt she made for bug. And it is BEAUTIFUL. Margot thinks it is quite special and says oh blanket! when we go to bed at night. Seriously, mom. So so amazing. :: And, speaking of quilts, chicken will have two because I am making her a quilt as well (lucky girl). In 5-15 minutes chunks of time here and there. I sew in the morning with coffee before work or when I go downstairs to get laundry, sometimes only one or two squares. But it’ll get done this way to and feels so doable. I am loving it so far. And, notice those paintings of Andy’s in our studio? More on that soon too…he has an exhibit opening on November 20 at the Dana Gallery. :: Margot had her first haircut. The baby mullet is a bit more gone than it was before (but still there a little bit). I actually adore baby mullets but Andy isn’t such a fan so he was ready whenever I was. And, a few nights ago, over post-dinner, pre-bed candlelight, I grabbed scissors and cut her little whispy locks. I’m impulsive like that. And her little bob is, well, cute of course. She LOVED getting her hair cut. :: Margot is digging the toilet and we are too. After she has a success, she stands up, lifts her hands to the sky and says looket that! Her cool undies make it even better. Especially when paired with her froggy boots. The froggy boots are the new can’t-ever-take-off accessory to the sweater. She has been wearing this sweater for a year. Daily. No joke. Bug is quite dedicated to her favorite things. Elmo is still a necessity as well. As is this duck bowling pin thing. And, of course, the maraca. :: LOTS of apple pear sauce. Again prepared and canned in small slivers of time. Small batches of five or eight pints prepared one evening and canned the next day. :: I made this door snake to keep winter draft out. It was super easy and I wish I’d done it long ago. Just some scrap fabric (12″ by 4″ more than the width of the door) sewed in a tube and filled with pea gravel or whatever you might have on hand like rice or kitty litter. :: This is what our back seat looks like on every car trip. It always makes me smile. Her little personality. Her intention. :: Margot and Alice. They are such pals. Margot now knows how to be gentle with Alice and Alice has always been the gentlest with Margot, indulging her imagination. Margot often reads to Alice and really enjoys giving her a ‘coat’ (door mat) and yoga mats. Little gifts that Alice pretends to enjoy. It is a good reminder for me to be patient with my dog as she tends to be really underfoot lately. I am sure she anticipates change just as she did as we neared Margot’s entrance into our world. :: Finally, guess what bug is going to be for halloween? Read more on hump day nuggets: ebb…
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and the first….

Snow! A bit early this year and the surprise was a lovely one this morning. Sunflowers hang their heads with heavy snow bonnets. Chickens are cuddling, boots dug out of the closet. Read more on and the first…….
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hump day nuggets: what fall looks like

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and (few) words about the last week Behind my midwife’s office are four trees dripping with fruit. Unsprayed and beautiful. And when I inquired about the plight of the fruit she said, have at it. Oh sweet music to my ears. Read more on hump day nuggets: what fall looks like…
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