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New Paintings by Andy Cline

On top of working full time as an electrician apprentice, studying for his journeyman’s license, being an incredibly supportive partner and fabulous papa, Andy prioritizes painting nearly every day. Sometimes he wakes before 5 to get in there. Sometimes he spends full 12 hour Saturdays holed up with his very-few-haired brush. He’s amazing and I am so so proud of him. Oh Deer (Somewhere between Bonner and Seeley Lake on Hwy 200, Montana), oil on board, 13 x 10 inches … Continue reading New Paintings by Andy Cline →
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one very lovable nugget called Ruby Jane

All is very well in our chilly western Montana world. Our life is bursting with new found love because of the very cool girl who exited my body Monday morning. I didn’t realize anything was missing from my life until I met her. Our birth experience at home was amazing and we are spending our time at home staring at each other, thankfully receiving food and hugs from dear friends and swirling around in a new daze of a new … Continue reading one very lovable nugget called Ruby Jane →
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today my life changes forever

I was sewing yesterday afternoon when the labor bracelet my friends made me flew off my wrist. It just snapped and beads pinged and bounced and rolled all over my studio. Several hours later, I went to bed and then decided to go back to Andy to lay spoons on the couch and I said, when do you think this baby is coming? and he said, a week and, a few minutes later, I said, my water just broke. We … Continue reading today my life changes forever →
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hump day nuggets: Don’t cry over spilled milk. In fact, it’s best to laugh.

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and (few) words about the last week :: Still pregnant. And, feeling really great about what appears to be a happy outcome for my midwife at Community Medical Center. It was a bit overwhelming for me to be featured in the newspaper…this whole story is bigger than me and getting where we are took a heck of a lot of a lot of people writing letters and demanding change. But, … Continue reading hump day nuggets: Don’t cry over spilled milk. In fact, it’s best to laugh. →
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I made a really good cake

Andy and I are in a bistro club. There are 14 of us, who like each other a whole lot and get together every so often and swoon over incredible food and wine. We always have a theme and last weekend’s meal was locavore. In November in Montana, that means lots of meat, cheese, root vegetables and squash. And, yo, it was spectacular. I made a plum upside down cake, which I entirely followed an actual recipe for and that … Continue reading I made a really good cake →
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