hump day nuggets: bloom

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week

A sweet dig reader sent a gift of four amaryllis bulbs when Ruby was born. She assigned each bulb the name of a person in my family. I opened each package to plant the bulbs and realized one bulb had come without its growing medium so I planted three in their separate pots and the other sat on our kitchen counter, waiting to dig its roots in and grow. It really bothered me to think of three family members safe and snug in the soil with promise of life while one lingered, languished alone and hopeless. I actually didn’t sleep well thinking of the metaphor.

We had just come home from the hospital.

So the next morning, before my coffee (and that’s sayin’ something) I put on my winter boots and stomped through a snowy backyard to my garage to find some soil, some way to plant that bulb. Ruby needed her home.

I found a large pot and knew the answer. I dug up the other three bulbs and placed them with the fourth together. The three who had food and shelter would naturally share with the fourth. It’s what families do.

I emailed Ann, the gift-giver, and told her the story to which she replied,

I think you can force an amaryllis bulb in gravel and water…Ruby doesn’t need soil.

And she was right. That bulb shot straight up with a flower that week. No leaves. Just a flower. The other three leafed out first. In fact, the other three still haven’t flowered and that bulb is in full bloom with its second flower.

Ruby Jane.

:: A friend made Margot some play dough for her big sister present and it is dreamy. Smooth and pliable, bright and long-lasting. And bug can’t get enough of making dog bones. So we made some for her cousin Charlotte who turned three last week.

It’s super fun to knead dough that looks like the Incredible Hulk’s bread (Ruby on my chest, Margot napping).

And, of course, doubled the batch so we could have some too. For making all those dog bones.

epic play dough

1 cup white flour
1/4 cup salt
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 cup water
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1-2 teaspoons food coloring

Mix flour, salt, and cream of tartar in a pot. Add water, oil and food coloring. Cook over medium heat, constantly stirring. When mixture forms a ball in the pot, turn out and knead on a slightly floured surface. Store in airtight container or plastic bag.

Margot has something she’d like to share:
;;’k,”k]k]k]]jjk]kk[[[[[k]k[[[[==== =yyyyki kkkouy0—y0-0y—0p:?l;.>;/

:: I was in the kitchen while Margot was unloading bricks or riding a hippo or something in our bedroom when suddenly it was silent. So, of course, I went to check and found this.

She had put Ruby’s vibrating chair on our bed, turned it on, found one of Ruby’s pacifiers and fallen asleep.

:: A sweet little trip to Lolo Hot Springs on Valentine’s Day with my valentines.

According to facebook and twitter, it appears I am the only person who enjoys Valentine’s Day. I don’t care if Hallmark invented it. Any excuse for a day full of kissing on the people I love and eating chocolate is fabulous.

And oh my our fearless little water bug.

And sweet Rubes just slept in the warm water.

:: We always love a trip to our friend’s store downtown (same creative friend who made the play dough).

:: Here is me sounding like a moron talking to my kids. But I took this video of Ruby and when I played it back remembered I had a similar movie of Margot. They are looking a little different, no?

:: Ruby doesn’t sleep in her crib yet and so I regularly use it to store clean clothes waiting to be put away. And Ruby adores to lay in the pile and watch me straighten and fold. And she makes straightening and folding way more fun.

:: Margot LOVES to buckle anything that can buckle. Elmo cooperates better than Ruby for all of our daily bucking and unbuckling. (and YES that’s a wee braid! Bug actually likes it, asks for it and doesn’t pull it out.)

:: And equally exciting is my childhood cabbage patch doll, Kelsey Leigh, going poop. Good girl! I am so proud of you!, Margot declares.

:: My little food prep companion.

:: Mama lay with her?, Margot asks. And they just hang out and smile. Well, Ruby alternates between smiling and grimacing as Margot moves all about like a hot potato.

And Ruby’s sweet batik bike shirt was handmade by our dear friends.

:: Really now.

26 Responses to hump day nuggets: bloom

  1. TM_Erin says:

    The story about the blubs gave me chills.

    “Unattended children will be fed to local bears.” HA! Only in Montana…

  2. Caroline says:

    I agree with you on Valentine’s Day…my toddler and I had fun making Valentine’s cards and little crafts. Never quite got around to making heart cookies…maybe next year!

  3. booksNyarn says:

    Children are an amazing garden to grow, aren’t they?

  4. Jean says:

    Adored the video. Loved Margot and vibrating chair.

    Such a great nuggets post today, Nici. Thanks.

  5. Pam says:

    The sister pics, as always, just beautiful. The video of you talking to you two little peanuts, delightful. Bug fast asleep in Ruby’s vibrating chair – priceless…

  6. Ann says:

    OMG. I can’t believe I am in a Dig post. I am totally high with excitement today. I feel like I drank 3 cups of coffee (oh wait, I did).

    I am so happy they are all blooming. I like the idea of planting them together. They look so much better that way.

    I remember in A River Runs Through It, Lolo Hot Springs was where the younger brother would go to gamble and get in trouble.

    Thanks for the amarylis update. I was wondering how they were doing.

  7. Kelle says:

    What is it with people poo-pooing Valentine’s Day? uuugh.
    MY TOTAL FAVE EVER: Margot asleep in the baby chair.
    And we use the crib for storage as well. In fact, I think I want to buy a crib for the kitchen to store dishes, one for the living room for toys, and one for my room for all my crap.
    Kelsey Leigh? Mine was Gwendol Willomina. Nice.
    Wish we had hot springs…and a kickass store like your friend’s. And, the amaryllis? Love. Blooming amaryllis mean something in our home too…it’s my grandma. She always had them in her home every winter and had magic powers with amaryllis…could make them rebloom after they were done. Love yet another connection with you. Holy Long Comment.

  8. Joan says:

    Nici I loved it all. French braid, vibrating chair, dog bone cookie cutter, sisters entertaining us, Valentines day in hot water, Margot being a mommy, Ruby growing FAST….

    I had a hrd time waking up this morning and then I realized it was Hump Day. That got me going. XOXO

  9. Heidi says:

    omgoodness…that video is precious!!! doll in potty…beckham took note of that one, so i had to stop reading and fish out one of his dinos from the toilet:)

    think ruby is looking so much like you!

  10. cake says:

    though i am loathe to use the initialism, the photo of margot in the baby chair made me laugh out loud. fer real.

  11. TRB Holt says:

    Nici, Margot & Ruby ~ Hey my sweet Valentines! How could you not love this holiday?! I did some “digging” & found oh so much information on what it means around world. I liked this one best….In Slovenia , a proverb says that “St Valentine brings the keys of roots,” so on February 14, plants and flowers start to grow. Another proverb says “Valentin – prvi spomladin” (“Valentine – first saint of spring”), as in some places, Saint Valentine marks the beginning of spring. Just curious..did our little Ruby red amaryllis bloom on February 14th !?
    Bug & Ruby, February 14th will always have an added special meaning for me, besides Valentine’s Day…it was the “due date” of your mama…we didn’t make it! Here a few fun memories to share with you while celebrating Valentine’s Day with her. I was a Bluebird/Campfire leader for her for many years, loved this! I had a great time coming up with projects and crafts to make when we met. One of my favorites, it was almost Valentine’s Day. I had all the little Bluebirds bring a photo of them; we cut out a heart, glued it on a frilly paper doily…then pasted the photo in the center. Printed, “I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART” around the photo, finishing by placing a sticky magnet on the back… Voila! The perfect refrigerator magnet Valentine of all! (I still have your mama’s). We too, loved to “play in the dough” & making heart-shaped cookies with sticky pink & white frosting topped with cinnamon red hots were the best! By the time you are able to read this, I will guarantee you both that we will have made them together!

    Now about all that “baby talk”….love it. Funny Burb, I remember saying the exact same things to you….’are you smiling…what are you doing…oh really…and then what are you gonna do’. Nothing like the universal language between a Mother and her Baby!

    M~I love you a Bushel & a Peck!
    R~You are my Sunshine!

    Love to you all!
    xoxo, Mom/Grammy~Gram

    Ps…I French braided your mama’s hair too, just like my mama did mine!
    Pss…Kelsey Leigh was the name Bakka & I had picked out if Uncle Trav would have been a girl!

  12. jen says:

    love love LOVE all of this.
    and those hot springs looks amazing.
    when can i come visit?

  13. Malissa says:

    Ah, love the hump day nuggets. Margot knows the good stuff..binkies and vibrating chairs. You cannot get much better than that. Resourceful she is as well. I like Kelle had a Grandma that loved amaryllis and had a magical way of making them bloom over and over. I love them! Very cool Ruby’s bloomed first and so vibrantly. I try to get one every Christmas for my mantle. I wonder if I planted the bulb outside if it would bloom in the spring again? Anyways, beautiful pictures of your girls. Have a great rest of the week! :) M.

  14. FinnyKnits says:

    Hot springs and fun shopping and naps on a vibrating bed.

    Y’all do fun stuff.


  15. Beegirl says:

    LOVE Margot asleep in the chair. How perfect!

    Been studying that sign.. I LOVE IT!! -20 at night? I’d be running to that 100 degree water too. BTW, bathing suite RENTALS? Really?!?

  16. brandy says:

    Haha! Margot crawling into Ruby’s chair is perfect! I’m still awaiting daughter 2, and Monkey 1 has already taken over the boppy pillow, swaddling blankets, a handmade afghan, and she tries to squeeze the baby hats onto her head before she goes out to play too!
    The potted flower thing is awesome and so symbolic.

  17. Oh Ruby!! She’s just blooming :)

  18. Tisha says:

    i pop over from kelle’s blog every so often. i read ruby’s story a while ago and cried. i love the blurry margot pics, they are so “2”, always moving. love your writing.

    also i was reading some older posts – what kind of stroller is your green one? i’m kind of a baby carrier junkie…

  19. Tisha: the stroller is phil and ted’s sport. It was a gift from my co-workers and I am very in love with it!

    Brandy: we quickly discovered what was ok to share and what wasn’t. Bug doesn’t mind sharing so much stuff but blankets are off limits. Margot is quite clear about that! We’ve seen her roll Ruby right out of a swaddle to get her blanket. So interesting where she feels ownership!

  20. Melissa says:

    margot asleep in the bouncy seat (with stolen bink! ha! avi never took one and now he’ll find old ones around and pop them in for laughs) all bundled up made me call my co-workers over for a look-see (they are all mamas) and a communal crack-up. what a kid!

    i keep saying it but i’ll say it again–such beauty! xoxo

  21. Tisha says:

    so funny,jonah my 2.5 yr old boy wont share his blankets (or as he calls them ni-nites) either.

  22. Camille Dawn says:

    Oh my, fun stuff! Our little guy is roughly the same age as your margot in the video of you conversing with her, and I sound like that all the time with our little Liam… “really, tell me more… no way! Are you serious? Get out! You’re a riot kid!” Ha! I think I need to record, for nostalgia sake – it goes by so fast! Thanks for stopping by – I look forward to keeping up with your blog goodness now too!

  23. Wow. I think we lead parallel lives. My daughter has the same kitty/dot/halloween shirt, same potty, does the same thing with her (my) Cabbage Patch doll (Eleanor Claire), that is how I do laundry too, pile it in the crib and put/fold later… and I have two girls, Margot (2 1/2 yrs) and Iris (6mo.)… and we loved Ruth Bray too.

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