hump day nuggets: Red Lodge

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week

The girls and I had a great drive across this great state last week. I am often in such a hurry to get there to see my family that I don’t absorb how surreally and serenely gorgeous the trip is. This time was different. No hurry, just a journey.
I could probably drive this very stretch of I-90 blindfolded. It’s all valleys that open and close like deep breathes, some tight and s-shaped, some wide and o-shaped.

Mountains whisper from the north and sing from the south. Mountains moan from the west and beg from the east.
And, always storms are gossiping among the peaks and valleys.

And always the sky and earth kiss.
It was fun and empowering. Every time I do something with my kids that I haven’t done before the act further proves that life with kids isn’t remotely limiting unless you want it to be. Turns out seven hours singing the swimming song and looking for trains is totally doable and so fun.
And, since we arrived at grandma’s house we’ve been:
:: Never tiring of hearing Margot intentionally call this animal poopypotamus.
:: Laying on the floor watching the sisters (and running interference).

:: Playing.

skirt above from our friend Casey and can be found here
:: Bathing in sinks.
:: Making.
:: Baking.

:: Rolling around with relatives.

:: Chewing, chewing on toys.

:: Watching snow fall.

:: And the the sun reemerge.
:: Seeing old friends and their kids.

:: Rolling over.

:: Afternoon martini-ing.
:: Walking around town. My favorite mountain in my whole world is Mount Maurice. It stands strong, but elegant at the south end of town. It holds a spiritual, grounded presence. I always think of it as Red Lodge’s guardian.
:: Running with my aunt in her ‘neighborhood’.
:: Jumping on beds.
:: Daring mama to get mad.

:: Wishing the toddler hair tease would last forever.
:: Jogging for fun.

:: Gazing adoringly.
:: Working but always making time for hugs.

:: Laughing (I couldn’t ask for a more fabulously funny and loving mother-in-law. She’s one of my best friends. Yes, I know how lucky I am.).

:: Romping in my aunt and uncle’s backyard, with Mount Maurice watching over us.

:: Loving.

30 Responses to hump day nuggets: Red Lodge

  1. Ann says:

    I find myself wanting to visit Montana every time I read your blog. The Montana Bureau of Tourism needs to know about dig this chick because it could really get people up there.

    On a running side note, I normally run in black legging because when the urine leaks out with each step it doesn’t make the fabric any darker and thus can’t been seen by others. (Yes I know it’s gross, but that’s my life now.) Anyway it was warm and sunny yesterday so during my lunch break I went to run around a track (I work at a university so we have a track and a gym; it’s fabulous!!) I put on my light blue running shorts because I wanted to get sun on my legs. About 10 minutes into the run it started happening–the drip. I looked down and you could totally see the pee stain on my light blue shorts. I had to start walking b/c I didn’t want people to think I was peeing in my pants which I basically was. It sucked! After work today I am going to a Nike store to buy some black running shorts so I can run outside, get sun, and pee on myself without anyone noticing.

  2. demandablog says:

    Oh my gosh, what a big, huge, beautiful sky! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it in real life. Just gorgeous.

    And I love your girls and their colorful, puffy sweaters and hats. :)

    This post made me happy.

  3. Earth Mama says:

    Okay first…the bath in the sink picture is great I love it, especially with a mug sitting in the other side of the sink…

    nd two, the pic of Ruby wrapped up in the blue and purple bird and floral fabric and lying on it…lookie here:

    I used that same fabric for a skirt for my daughter!!


  4. kis4s says:

    So hopefully after this post your husband understands your laptop purchase! This made my morning. I love MT. Thank you for sharing your family and MT’s beauty.

    When ever I set out on a drive to Missoula or Great Falls to see family I always imagine my non-Montana friends in the car with me and try to imagine the landscape through their eyes as though it is their first time in Montana. Makes the billionth trip new every time.

    You captured priceless moments of your girls in this post.

    Thanks for the morning smiles!


    ps – you did stop to take those pics on the road right? ;o)

  5. sarah says:

    margot’s boots are awesome. and, who names a mountain maurice? seriously! your pictures look like andy’s paintings. are they through the windshield?? if so, clean windshield.

  6. booksNyarn says:

    Besides echoing Alison’s PS on those pics :) – I agree that every time I see those shots I want to drive to Montana and just “be”. Gorgeous, breathtaking moments – and the appreciation you have for them with your girls and family that you share with us – thank you!

  7. Catherine says:

    Oh My God! So much beauty in one post! And so much love too! You truly are a lucky woman, indeed! I wish I would be so brave to tackle a 7 hour drive with my 3 peanuts fighting on the back seat!

  8. Gillian says:

    love those pics! so much fine beauty in this state for me to still explore. also thinking about you and doing the drive sans andy gives me inspiration for my trip to portland this weekend. gracias.

    still have a bag of jammies waiting for little ruby!
    love you!

  9. *Wesley* says:

    Beautiful photos! I dont know how many times I can say it, but your girls are ADORABLE!

    You made me miss Red Lodge!! Might have to make a side trip up there next time I’m in Columbus visiting my parents. LOVE the Beartooths – gorgeous!

    Glad you had such a wonderful time with your family! :-)

  10. Sage says:

    well, looks like you have a new job promoting tourism to MT, since I too want to drop everything, jump in the car, and MOVE…. and when I think of all those dedicated weed warriors…well, I just might do it one day.

    Love love these pics…so much love and beauty.. you are so lucky.


  11. Pam says:

    Just gorgeous.

  12. Paige says:

    beautiful photos xo

  13. Lindsay says:

    So I have never followed a blog before, but I have fallen in love with this one! I love your sweet family, and the way you put it all out there for us see. Keep on doing what you’re doing, sister. You are one super Mama :)
    ~Oh, and my ‘red lips’ is really good, really black mascara.

  14. Kerri says:

    I just recently started reading your blog- I love it! This one especially makes me want to move straight back to Montana. Thanks for sharing your sweet, funny, and full-of-love life! Your girls are just absolute dolls.

  15. Amy says:

    I always read the nuggets with my three year old, he loves all the pictures but is especially enamored of the girls (and Alice). Actually, I think we may need to arrange a marriage; this is what he said a few minutes ago, completely unprovoked and a full half hour or more after we’d finished reading this post:

    “Margot-baby! I like it. He pretty.”

    (We’re still working on the proper use of pronouns.)

  16. Docta Jay says:

    your pics bring tears to my eyes. your girls are so beautiful and i hope to see you all in the near future!

  17. Kelle says:

    Seriously? That’s their backyard? Heavenly backdrop. Kudos on your husband-less adventure and all the fun you are having. Not surprised though. You are so that kind of girl. Ruby’s eyes? Uuughh. And lol on Poopypotomous.

    Can’t wait to read more.
    P.S. can you e-mail me your html? My column situation isn’t pretty.

  18. Malissa says:

    Your Montana pictures always spur me to google jobs in Montana. Idaho is so close to Montana…but sorry, no cigar! I have Montana in my heart. Love your little girlies. They get cuter every second that goes by. Love the pics where they get all wrapped up in each other. Looks like a fun girl’s week! xo M.

  19. When I heard this is what you were up to, JJ too, I so badly wanted to pack up my fam and drive NW. Alas, the car needs new tires and I couldn’t make that happen on a whim.
    So hope we can cross paths there this summer.
    Beautiful pics (as usual)! I adore the one of Ruby in the sink.

  20. Melissa says:

    love the imagery in words and photos this week!

    as always, your shared experience inspires me to have baby two, for which i am grateful because plenty of other times i just feel anxious about it (:

    so true that the limitations are our own making!! xoxo

  21. anne c says:

    1. LOVE the lipstick marks on Margot’s cheek in the ‘teased hair’ photo. My kid won’t let his gramma kiss him anymore if she’s wearing lipstick. : (

    2. LOVE seeing RL all the RL rellies.

    3. Is is me, or has Ruby just grown by leaps and bounds this week?

  22. Still my fav blog :)

    Such great pictures… enjoy your trip!

  23. Logan says:

    You’re a wonderful photographer. I’ve been really enjoying your words and imagery. I found your blog through Mamaloda. Thanks for sharing!

  24. FinnyKnits says:

    ARGH! The photo of Margot in the swing against that landscape! LOVE THAT.

    Also, of course, the puppies romping.

    Looks like a great and awesome trip. And I love hearing that other people have great MiLs – I do, too and it’s a blessing.

  25. Nici,
    Loved your words on earth and sky and mountains. Love how you share your love of Mama-hood. And your pictures are, as usual, amazing: the girl smiles, the looming peaks, the clouds, the gray skies.
    Thank you,

  26. Mama says:

    Maybe it’s my homesickness for Red Lodge, but this might just be my most favorite post. Love the poetic words and the wonderful snapshots. I was so close to packing us in the mini and jumping on I-90. Miss you and Montana. Great job on a great post. Ugh, and those girls – what wonderful sister-friends.

  27. jules says:

    there’s nothing better than those big, big skies. it’s so funny how miniscule the mountains always look in comparison to the open, blue air.

    gossiping. right on.

    here’s our take on the way to billings:

  28. TRB Holt says:

    The week has gotten away from me….I just want to tell you both how lucky you are to be sisters and to be so close in age.

    I have two sisters one is 10 years older than me and the other is six years older. I have some great memories of both. My oldest sister, Lorie, is a wonderful person, great friend and devoted mother. One of my fondest childhood memories with her are being made a “big deal” out of by her friends…when she 19 I was 9. I loved going over to her sorority on the U of M campus in Missoula. She was a Delta Delta Gamma,( I was a Kappa Kappa Gamma, just so you know!) and boy did I think I was “all that” hanging with her and her sorority sisters! I even got to help with their Homecoming float! This was just one of many, many good memories with Lor. As we have gotten older the age gap is no longer….we are great friends & confidantes. My other sister, Lolita, (named after your great- great grandmother Lolita Hauswirth), also is a wonderful mother; I too have fun memories with her….mostly after she was married and moved out of state. I used to spend a few weeks every summer with her and her family….good times had by all!

    Seeing you loving each other in these photos brings such joy to me. I know you are forming a special bond that will never be broken….yes sisters are very very special.

    I love you Bug a Bushel and a Peck….Ruby, You Are My Sunshine!

    xoxo, Grammy~Gram

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