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Last week’s front page of the Missoula Independent reads,

Forget feel-good rallies and one-day recycling efforts. The 40th anniversary of the environmental movement’s biggest celebration calls for more drastic measures.

Honestly I haven’t yet peeled open the pages to read more about that statement, but, on the surface I couldn’t agree more. It’s time to own it, people. And, as one who chose to procreate, I feel especially responsible for being a conscientious, informed and proactive inhabitant of our planet.
Recycling, cloth diapers, reusable grocery bags, compost, soaker hose watering…we’ve done these things for years and there’s always more I can do….What else can I do? is a many-times-a-day question I ask myself. And without dragging you all into the depths of my environmentally-obsessive brain (been that way since I was a kid), I’ll just say it is helpful for me to just always be committed to doing more.
And, this year, my more is growing and harvesting as much food as I can to feed my family through winter, making the switch from sponge to dish cloth, the purchase of a gray water system dishwasher and trying to buy as much as I can directly from makers. And the latter is so fun and rewarding. Need a dog collar, earrings, doll, car trash bag, bonnet or skirt? Your neighbor makes it and it is affordable.
As I chatted about in nuggets and on facebook, my family participated in the Biomimicry Institute’s Great TV Rebellion last week and, although we don’t watch much television, the change was felt in our home and it was good.
The person randomly selected to win Ask the Planet:
Efka said….I can certainly see, why you love your life. :)
Congrats! Email me your address: digthischick at gmail dot com.
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And, I wrote about our tv-free week for this week’s mama digs column:
“Mama, come draw with me?” Margot pleaded at 6:32am.

“Oh,” I yawned, disheveled curls hanging in my eyes.

“Maybe you need coffee first?” she inquired cheerfully.


14 Responses to earth week life

  1. Seriously just went and ordered trash AND tissue holder from Allyson Hill on Etsy. Love them. Thank you for the suggestion!

  2. cake says:

    those are some beautiful photos!

    growing food, and canning and preserving it for the winter are among my favorite things to do. it’s good for the planet, good for our bodies, and just plain fun.

  3. allyson says:

    Hey thanks for the mention! I just got a sale because of you, I love it when customers tell me how they heard of my shop!

  4. jessicav says:

    Nice job on the routine shake-up – I read your mama digs article and credit you with being a fearless mom, giving up the TV time and making art at 6:30am. Crazy and awesome.

  5. Melissa says:

    oh, girlfriend, we are so attached to our pbs time in the morning while we scramble to get out the door . . . but i so agree on the importance of mixing it up, of saying, no tv today and it just works somehow.

    of course, this morning it was mary poppins over oatmeal, and i’m sure i will indulge in sesame street once this little girl is born and i am cracked out in the morning, but i am okay with it.

    and excited about the things i wanna do while i’m on leave to make us a bit more sustainable in our home, too (: thanks for all the inspiration.

  6. Sage says:

    I am right there with you… I just barely started to admit, out loud, that we are regular TV watchers. PBS Kids allows me to get some work in, take a moment to breath, pet my dog, and just enjoy my own thoughts every now and then, sans Annica wanting/ needing me every second. It works for us too, and I for one am relieved to hear you accepting it out loud. Makes me feel like not the worst mother in the world, just another busy mom. Just you wait until Margot can play pbs kids online… oh how easy and addicting that is too….xo

  7. TRB Holt says:

    Sesame Street saved me with you and your brother on many mornings…..

    xoxo, me

  8. Kelle says:

    Funny. I would love for Lainey to watch some t.v. but she won’t. Other than sometimes in the car, she has very little interest in t.v. or movies. I have to bribe her with popcorn and forts just to get her to sit through half an hour of Sound of Music with me! And yet, strangely, she knows every PBS character that exists.

    Yay you on your continued success to practice what you preach. I’ve made some strides this year and am lucky to be married to someone who’s pretty environmentally conscious, but I am conintually inspired by your efforts to leave this planet beautiful for our littles.

    And loving that last photo.

  9. Erin O. says:

    I had to ban the TV (for the kiddo) about two weeks ago. My inquisitive bookworm had turned into a tantruming maniac and I wondered if it had anything to do with her TV time. Turns out a break from the TV did the trick…she’s back to her jolly old self. Only now she trashes my bathroom while I’m in the shower. Oh well. Who needs nice make up anyway. :)

  10. Molly says:

    Nici – we do the same thing… a little Dino Train, perhaps a youtube “#12″ from old school sesame street, etc… I’m so proud of all of you. While we didn’t embrace the whole week, we did embrace at least 3 or 4 days of it, and it was glorious. Plus our carrots and beets got planted, as well as EBs own flower bed that she picked out and planted. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Jen Slayden says:

    Great job! We just turned back ON the TV after a year and a half hiatus. Part of the inspiration was that my two oldest sang on the Ask the Planet recording, and were involved in Amy’s project for two years. Also, we just didn’t want to pay for TV, which we don’t get out here against the mountain unless we have cable or satellite.

    But, we needed to reconnect in part because of our trout fishing guest house, in which we advertise TV…..SO, the first week was OVERINDULGENCE and now we are back to setting limits, using it for pleasure, but not overdoing…..kind of like wine, right?

    It was glorious to explore creativity outside TV, but I agree that it also can be a nice perk. I am a self-admitted reality show (amazing race and survivor) junkie, and I am rather enjoying watching it away from my little Hulu screen and on the big one!!

    Here’s to balancing between the remote control and enjoying the remoteness of our wonderful state!

  12. Joan says:

    I am a firm supporter of Seseame Street. Neysa and Andy learned tons of things from that show while I slept in. Forever grateful. Margot looks so sweet in those pics with all her friends. Looks like tons of fun. Ok I will start to compost.

  13. Molly S. says:

    I am so annoyed with myself! I am totally twitterpated over the whole parenting thing. Andy just came home from lunch and I was telling him about how it was weird to see Natalie after reading her blog and he was like, “why? her post was nice.” And I couldn’t even respond because he’s right and I am a total freak. (here’s the post if you are curious) And, really, I am happy with my parenting and don’t need approval from people I don’t know! I did just start my period so I *hope* that’s part of my insanity. Blech. I hate feeling so not-present….that’s how I felt at MAM.

  14. Anonymous says:

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