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oil and ocean

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. – Native American proverb I can’t stop thinking about, dwelling on, living with the natural oil that unnaturally bleeds into the ocean and my heart. In this week’s mama digs, I write about Margot’s eyes. Saturated, vibrant oil. And Ruby’s eyes. Vast, surging ocean. Both naturally occurring, both powerful. click here to read oil and ocean. ps Last few days to get that screaming deal on the sauce maker/food mill you can’t live without at Our Happy Homestead. Read more on oil and ocean…
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(day after) hump day nuggets: slow and breezy

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week We were on our Sunday walk last weekend and both girls fell asleep so Andy and I had the luxury of talking without stopping unless we wanted to. So we walked all over Missoula, winding through neighborhoods, for several hours. It was slow and breezy and so nice. We don’t have much slow and breezy these days. These days we think about dinner at 5:30. These days we garden, skype with grandparents, build forts and make pancakes before 9am on a Saturday. These days our dressers sit empty and lonely and overstuffed laundry baskets lounge in every corner. But, just in case you ever wondered, it is always possible to fit more clothes in a laundry basket. On our walk, Andy and I talked a bit about how we might rearrange and say no to loosen up our routine a bit. We came up with a few great solutions but, mostly, we realized we are a passionate pair with many needs, both together needs and autonomous needs. And all those needs that feed our souls and cool our fevers are part of us. Like an arm. And neither of us wish to be an amputee. So, we’ll be full and at times freak out. And then we’ll go on a slow walk and hold hands. nuggets. :: Ruby Jane is six months old. She tried and loved avocado on her half-year (really?!) day, just like Margot did. :: On a work day, we spontaneously met papa for a picnic in Greenough Park. Not much better than laying like seals in the sun after sharing a sandwich. :: Thank goodness papa knows how to toss children through the air, spin them until they are dizzy with giggles and play hide-and-seek for hours. Otherwise, my daughters would miss out on a lot of fun. :: And the Epic Salad Marathon begins. By this time of year I am so starved for decent vegetables that I cannot imagine growing tired of anything fresh. I know zucchini will prove me wrong. But now. Now, we dine on meaty spinach and peppery arugula like we have scurvy. :: Oh my little creative, independent soul. :: Several times a day, I hear silence. Half the time it’s because Margot is playing Magnum PI with the increasingly limited number of items I can call mine and the other half is this: :: I have incredibly generous, smart, beautiful and inspiring girlfriends. They amaze me. I sincerely have daily reflections on my fortune in friends. And then, a few years ago, this amazing thing happened without any plan at all. A bunch of us had kids. Growing with my friends with our kids growing together is damn beautiful. :: I think I could cut out a ‘Montana’ blindfolded with one hand. I know I can cut out a ‘Montana’ while holding one or two children and singing oh mister moon. :: Moments before Margot tried to ‘help Ruby’ get out of her blue chair. :: Oh and the morning romps. I know when I am older, I will look back on our mornings messing up the bed, laughing, jumping and cuddling with so much fondness. It’s one of my favorites. Tomorrow we’re off to south central Montana for the long weekend, where beauty, love and family make slow and breezy a pre-requisite. Read more on (day after) hump day nuggets: slow and breezy…
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the swirl that is my life. in print.

I had a hard day yesterday. Ruby is teething and Margot is grumpy. Maybe Margot is grumpy about Ruby’s teeth or maybe Ruby is getting teeth to more adeptly defend herself to grumps…either way it is an exhausting combination. And by ‘exhausting’ I mean, for the last several days I get a total of about three hours of sleep per night in 20-45 minute chunks of time because my sweet Ruby needs me. And while in a thick fog of oh I am so tired I could sleep right here on the kitchen floor, my sweet Margot needs me. I know it is fleeting but while in it, it’s hard. And while in it yesterday, I got an e mail from our local paper and within a few hours, I was standing in my tiny studio, Ruby on my hip and Margot somersaulting at my feet, with a photographer and reporter. And then this in today’s paper, right under “Woman’s Ear Bitten Off in Alleged Assault”: When I pay attention, life gives me exactly what I need at the right moments. Yesterday, I needed a shot in the arm and that’s what I got. I just had to hop on my blog and say THANKS for your support. I am abundantly grateful for the opportunity to be writing and making while home with my children and I am whole-heartedly appreciative of my community. And, a few businessy items: 1. In response to the emails re: working from home/blogging/sponsorship/marketing handmades/social networking/etc: I am considering putting together a gathering (like a half-day conference kinda thing) where we could all put our brains together to give and receive inspiration and tips to make it work for each of our own unique visions. Does this appeal to anyone? 2. I am hiring a part-time seamstress/seamster. Flexible hours, work from home…email me at if interested. 3. Hump day nuggets will be a day late this week! Read more on the swirl that is my life. in print….
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club dig

So I have found that when women reach their thirties people, in general, are quick to place them in a club. Those who have babies, those who don’t, those who stay home with their kids, those whose kids are in daycare, and so on. When I chose to leave my job with my second born, I was worried what some would think. I was sensitive to colleagues’ raised eyebrows. I was afraid of stereotypes. But now, here I am and I created my own god damn club. A club that cross-pollinates with friends form all those other narrow clubs. Club dig likes feminism. Club dig celebrates every woman’s pursuit of life, as she chooses it. Club dig embraces diversity for it recognizes the profound beauty in differences and enjoys opportunities to learn and grow. Club dig enjoys time spent alone and with others over high quality, lovely tasting beverages (such as coffee, bubbly water, wine and vodka). I had a moment last week where my confidence soared. You know those moments, where it feels as if everyone around you shares your own heart beat? Read about it in todays mama digs, full circle, awe snap. Who’s in your club and what’s it all about? :: :: :: And, the winner of $15 off a bonnet from Urban Baby Bonnets: Danette said…Great post I totally agree on surrendering to the joy of kids when things don’t go as planned. The bonnets are adorable these are my favs: raspberry sugar and vines and goldenrod. So cute. Danette, congrats! Email me at digthischick at gmail dot com. And everyone else can have free shipping by entering the code ‘FREEDIGME’. Colette’s bonnets are the best. You will love your purchase! Read more on club dig…
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not so dandy (or would it be dande?)

As I mentioned, I am pulling dandelions like a mo fo this spring. This is the first time I have ever done this because I have never cared much before…our ‘lawn’ is a tiny plot of grass, dandelions, clover and exists only because sitting on rows of straw between lettuce and squash for a picnic isn’t very comfy. Neither is croquet among calendula. our ‘lawn’ Now that I have two wee ones and am home, I have a more intense need for this 15 x 25′ patch to be lawn. I want to want to sit on the ground in my backyard. for those who inquired: my favorite dandelion digging tool is this study spade with a sharp tip But I suck at growing lawn. I don’t water it enough and certainly don’t water it enough to start seed. I will never ever spray herbicide or pesticide on my plot of earth. With the increasing research proving links to canine cancer, leukemia in children, breast cancer and more, I honestly can’t believe roundup is legal let alone sold by the gallon at costco…read some stats I found here and read more proof here, here, and here). So what’s a anti-chemical girl with an aversion to watering to do? I have a small, manageable area where I let my chickens scratch and poo in the off season. I pull dandelions, add a thin layer of compost and water *just enough*. Once the grass is thick and established, weed seeds son’t be able to germinate and soil microbial diversity will increase vigor of the grass. Plus, in a tidy little full-circle, the chickens LOVE dandelions. It’s getting there! It’s working! I am digging 50 dandelions a day (started out as 25 but I was getting nowhere…). Plenty of healthy backyard romps in our future. And, I really do enjoy a few yellow dudes among all that lawn. Read more on not so dandy (or would it be dande?)…
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