(day after) hump day nuggets: slow and breezy

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week

We were on our Sunday walk last weekend and both girls fell asleep so Andy and I had the luxury of talking without stopping unless we wanted to. So we walked all over Missoula, winding through neighborhoods, for several hours. It was slow and breezy and so nice.
We don’t have much slow and breezy these days. These days we think about dinner at 5:30. These days we garden, skype with grandparents, build forts and make pancakes before 9am on a Saturday. These days our dressers sit empty and lonely and overstuffed laundry baskets lounge in every corner. But, just in case you ever wondered, it is always possible to fit more clothes in a laundry basket.
On our walk, Andy and I talked a bit about how we might rearrange and say no to loosen up our routine a bit. We came up with a few great solutions but, mostly, we realized we are a passionate pair with many needs, both together needs and autonomous needs. And all those needs that feed our souls and cool our fevers are part of us. Like an arm. And neither of us wish to be an amputee. So, we’ll be full and at times freak out. And then we’ll go on a slow walk and hold hands.

:: Ruby Jane is six months old. She tried and loved avocado on her half-year (really?!) day, just like Margot did.


:: On a work day, we spontaneously met papa for a picnic in Greenough Park. Not much better than laying like seals in the sun after sharing a sandwich.


:: Thank goodness papa knows how to toss children through the air, spin them until they are dizzy with giggles and play hide-and-seek for hours. Otherwise, my daughters would miss out on a lot of fun.


:: And the Epic Salad Marathon begins. By this time of year I am so starved for decent vegetables that I cannot imagine growing tired of anything fresh. I know zucchini will prove me wrong. But now. Now, we dine on meaty spinach and peppery arugula like we have scurvy.


:: Oh my little creative, independent soul.


:: Several times a day, I hear silence. Half the time it’s because Margot is playing Magnum PI with the increasingly limited number of items I can call mine and the other half is this:


:: I have incredibly generous, smart, beautiful and inspiring girlfriends. They amaze me. I sincerely have daily reflections on my fortune in friends. And then, a few years ago, this amazing thing happened without any plan at all. A bunch of us had kids. Growing with my friends with our kids growing together is damn beautiful.


:: I think I could cut out a ‘Montana’ blindfolded with one hand. I know I can cut out a ‘Montana’ while holding one or two children and singing oh mister moon.

:: Moments before Margot tried to ‘help Ruby’ get out of her blue chair.

:: Oh and the morning romps. I know when I am older, I will look back on our mornings messing up the bed, laughing, jumping and cuddling with so much fondness. It’s one of my favorites.

Tomorrow we’re off to south central Montana for the long weekend, where beauty, love and family make slow and breezy a pre-requisite.

23 Responses to (day after) hump day nuggets: slow and breezy

  1. Dana says:

    What fun for those 4 little kiddos to grow up together. thanks for sharing your week!

  2. Pam says:

    Yay! So glad that Rubes got the 6-month birthday avocado. That colour green really makes her eyes pop! The pics of Bug in her Morton Salt Girl slicker and upside-down glasses are divine.

  3. sage says:

    oh I am dreaming of slow and breezy… maybe this weekend I will get a bit. xoxo

  4. i love slow and breezy! have a wonderful long weekend. and congrats to you on your flourishing home business! you are amazing … and beautiful, nici!

    happy day …

  5. Coach Jen says:

    beautiful words, and beautiful girls!
    Enjoy your slow and breezy weekend!

  6. Beautiful. The nuggets are my favorite.

    And, what a GOOD DOG!

    Aside: do you do the boys owl sweatshirt in a color that isn’t brown? Would you consider a navy?

  7. Jean says:

    I sure hope Margot dresses like that here whole life. My gosh, she’s a colorful little demon.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you and the fam this weekend.

  8. j.j. says:

    have a great weekend!

  9. Kelle says:

    You should have to pay interest when your nuggets are late. Ha. Perhaps we could work out a deal where for every late nugget, that’s like three extra pictures in your posts.

    Love it, girl. Margot reminds me a little bit of Lainey in that wild, unbridled free spirit thing. And Ruby always reminds me of a baby bird.

    Lovin’ life, baby.

  10. Wesley says:

    I adore the pictures you post of Margot and Alice.

    Have fun in Red Lodge! I’m taking my husband up the Beartooth Pass (his first time) when we head to my hometown (Columbus) in a few weeks! Excited to show him just how beautiful it is up there!

  11. Tisha says:

    Ruby’s eyes in the first picture are amazing!

  12. Conny says:

    Another breath of fresh air. :>) Going on long walks and speaking uninterrupted really does feel like a luxury. Have an easy, breezy long weekend. ~ Conny

  13. cake says:

    i love the morning romp photo, with margot’s blurry, laughing face.

    your spinach looks so wonderful. “meaty” is just the right word for it. spinach is my favorite of the garden greens, but this year, ours was wimpy.

    enjoy your weekend away.

  14. Malissa says:

    Coveting your arugula and spinach. I got a late start..not even a sprout yet. These pics of Margot are great. You can just see her feisty little spirit oozing out. Great nuggets. x M.

  15. TRB Holt says:

    OH my three beauties how I love you so!

    Margot & Ruby~I promise to get back to writing to you with the zeal I had before, right now this damn summer job is cramping my style!

    Have a fun trip this weekend…..

    xoxo, Mom/Gram

    ps….you two cuddling is my new background :)

  16. Wow. I just love your blog. Visiting from Enjoying the Small things today : ) Such a nice post. Such perfect days. Such gorgeous girls. Nothing short of splendid!

  17. RMAinMD says:

    ,,,margot and ruby ADORABLE!,,,triple love the photo of margot giving doggie lots of love and the photo where margot is giggling hysterically while ruby appears to be saying “i’m going to tickle you”,,,
    ,,if i was a betting woman i would bet you could also cut out AZ with your eyes closed,,,can’t wait!,,,rebecca

  18. Dakota says:

    Wow… Ruby’s eyes are gorgeous!

  19. Melissa says:

    the clothes thing makes me laugh. our dressers and laundry baskets are overflowing! beautiful girls.

    and roughhousing w pop is the best. xo

  20. Mama says:

    Um, Margot, you and your lady-clan are amazing. So cute! Lucy would like you to come play, love on our dog and play colorful dress-up.
    Kiss the RL air for us.

  21. Adriana says:

    wow beautiful pictures. what an adorable family you have!

  22. Tricia says:

    Love the sunglasses. I have a little sunglass lover myself. Ditto with the avacado. Love the photos. Nice blog.

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