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dig on holiday.

I am on vacation. And, in the true spirit of a holiday, I am taking a wee break from the activities that fill my Missoula days. We have a garden and pet sitter, my etsy shop is on vacation, my sewing machine is on vacation, my phone is on vacation and my computer will take naps (come on. you know I love my computer) So, no blogging the rest of the week as I will be kayaking with my children … Continue reading dig on holiday. →
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dig this sponsor: b. handmade designs

Yay for this month’s sponsor: b. handmade designs! Becky Schreiner has an inspiring business based in Montana’s state capital, Helena. She designs and sews charming, thoughtful, whimsical items that you can’t live without like flattering skirts for women, swimmy squid pinafores, killer diaper changing pads, ruffle clutches…and sister pays attention to details like gorgeous fabric choice, streamlined design and exquisite craftmanship. Really, I really like her stuff. She’s the cat’s pajamas and I am so excited to share her fabulousness … Continue reading dig this sponsor: b. handmade designs →
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hump day nuggets: my favorite sky

As a zany family of four, it is really rare that we get one-on-one time with each other. And, I am finally starting to fully get that I need it. I find it’s easy to cartwheel through bedtime but there’s so much to love when I slow down and trace Margot’s face and sipszsipsz behind her ear and read one more book. It’s easy to nurse Ruby while writing but there’s so much love when I study her knee fat … Continue reading hump day nuggets: my favorite sky →
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Ruby and I flew to California last week where two of my best friends live. We were there to celebrate and hug…pedicures and champagne, childhood friends who are family and endless conversation, sleepless nights with Ruby and really good coffee. Oh and speaking of sleepless nights and good coffee, I got up with Ruby and the sun last Friday, sleepily tossed wee monkey and my wallet in the sling and headed out into the fog and my fog for coffee. … Continue reading confessions →
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hump day nuggets: nearly nugget-free

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last weekI was *this close* to bagging nuggets this week. Oh July is just plain INSANE round here with gobs of coming and going and going. Just this week we drove to Helena for three hours and then drove back with the kids, returning at 1am so that Andy could get up at 5am and leave for his fishing dude party and he got back on … Continue reading hump day nuggets: nearly nugget-free →
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