hump day nuggets: nearly nugget-free

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week

I was *this close* to bagging nuggets this week. Oh July is just plain INSANE round here with gobs of coming and going and going. Just this week we drove to Helena for three hours and then drove back with the kids, returning at 1am so that Andy could get up at 5am and leave for his fishing dude party and he got back on Sunday and I leave tomorrow to a top secret place that you may never know about…I return Sunday and then we leave again to Helena for one day and then to Minneapolis. Oh for the love of all things holy that is the single most boring opening paragraph I have ever written. Maybe I should have bagged the nuggets.

But the thing is I love looking back at my week, concentrating on nuggets of beauty and truth and real, raw summer. So if I didn’t do nuggets I’d be thinking about missing nuggets.
Anyway, so here I am with Ruby asleep on my lap and it’s 12:37am and these are going to be some rapidly assembled nugs.
tiny, fast nuggets.
:: Helena. We went for an exhibit opening at the museum because Andy had Oh Deer in the show.
Oh my we threw ourselves into the car and then threw ourselves at Helena stopping once so I could feed Ruby.
:: And then Andy was gone and I was home doing it all by myself (seriously. single parents deserve a host of lifetime benefits like reserved parking at every grocery store, socially acceptable happy hour at 2pm and free cupcakes).
The girls and I got out a lot.
Another way to say that is, the girls and I chose to avoid the dust bunnies who were revealing snarling, yellow fangs and sculpting bunny busts out of their ear wax. We instead focused on pretty things outside.
:: I FINALLY CAPTURED THE ROGUE HAIR. I have been trying to photograph this long, course, curly hair that has looked exactly like this since she was born. I love this hair.
:: We picked seven pounds of peas! I blanched and froze several quarts. We love peas round here.
:: Margot’s latest love is collecting piles of random stuff and claiming extreme ownership of the objects, the process of gathering and the composition. Goodness if I need the measuring cup that is in the basket with the tiny horse, orange marker and teething toy…watch out. It’s as if I am removing the keystone from an ancient arch.
So she does this at nap time. She is silent. I have no idea and then I go to check on her and she has back handspringed into Ruby’s crib (it is seriously amazing to watch her get in there) and is laying among her treasures.
:: So very summer: Margot splashed and giggled at Pam’s pool, ate fist fulls of plums and then crashed the instant she was in her car seat, all sun-warmed and exhausted. I remember that feeling.
:: Rubes has taken to sitting at the table with us as if she has been doing it for a lifetime. She enjoys civilized conversation with her hands politely folded. She just calmly hangs through meals and absorbs her family from this new, autonomous perspective.
:: Made my girl a sling. Super easy tutorial and I finally had the perfect reason to use this vintage fabric my mom gave me.
:: Oh my Ruby’s eyes. There’s an ocean of stories I can’t wait to learn.

But I need to get some sleep first. Sweet dreams out there.

17 Responses to hump day nuggets: nearly nugget-free

  1. paige says:

    The most beautiful photo of Margot ever. And The Rubes. I love her sitting at the table with those hands crossed. Even little nuggets are good nuggets.

  2. Beth says:

    I have been thinking of your pounds of peas as I pick from my little row – I want to know how many peas you planted to get so many in return! I love them so much and want to make room for more next year but have no idea how many feet to plant to get a good amount to eat!

  3. Jacqui says:

    Tks for not bagging the nuggets.

  4. jen says:

    finn has one of those hairs too. i refuse to cut it … it’s a hair from when i first had him in my arms. i’m not losing it until i have to.
    and mpls? email/call if you want to have a meet up somewhere!
    we’re flying to new york until tuesday … but we’ll be around next week! and we are always up for an adventure.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
    When Dan is gone multiple nights, coffee hour blurs into beer hour at a non-respectable time, and I barely skirt dying of scurvy due to excessive pastry consumption.

    Your girls, your life, your writing, your photos: beautiful.

  6. Nicki says:

    oh, i’m so glad you posted nuggets today! i feel the same way about this time of year – it can get crazy!

    beautiful photos – the second photo is just amazing.

    welcome in advance to minneapolis! hope our weather improves for your visit. :)

  7. way to keep the nuggeys coming, even when life is crazy busy!!

    ps – does your big girl routinely sleep with her hands above her head? loved that car seat pic! and the collection in the crib pics, too!!

    pps – have fun on your secret mission!

  8. Conny says:

    Even a few nuggets are great!! I chuckled at the Avon Cafe picture, because you are feeding Ruby, you became the Cafe ~ Cafe Nici :)

    Nuggets really do make my week – glad you decided to post them. Cheers ~

  9. TRB Holt says:

    SO glad you did not “bag nuggets”!

    Probably the most beautiful photo of you Margot at age two+….I hope to have this framed and in ready view soon! It won’t be long now…….. (11 days!!) until I get to spend precious days with you….I can’t wait to have ALL of us together! I Love You a Bushel & a Peck!!!

    Little Miss Rubes, what a beauty we are seeing emerge behind those pools of blue eyes and soft strawberry hair….it will be so wonderful to have you all to myself,(early mornings so mama can sleep in). You Are My Sunshine!

    I say this so often to you Burb, and mean it more each time I say it….You are a beautiful daughter and mother….inside & out! Love you so.

    xoxo, Mom/Gram

  10. Dakota says:

    Love the nuggets, as always, and look forward to them every week, so I too am glad that you did not bag them.

    I had to laugh at the picture of Ruby chowing down on the strainer – my munchkin seems to think that everything is there for his tasting pleasure, and the similarity of Ruby’s pose and so many of my son’s is pretty funny.

    And last, a quick question if you have the time – do you shell the peas or do you blanch the whole pod? I’ve got several pounds of peas to put up myself!

  11. Melissa says:

    I love the photos of Margot in Ruby’s crib!

    Don’t even dream of bagging the nugs! xo

  12. shadymama says:

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

    that hair? totally priceless.

    thanks fer not baggin the nuggets – it’s one of my favorite parts of the week.

  13. Jennifer says:

    The shot of Margot is amazing. Light filtering through her hair and a glimpse of her soul though the thick chocolate brown eyes. Wow.

    Hope you enjoy your time away.

  14. Kelle says:

    The rogue hair makes me happy. :o) Oh, they are so beautiful.

  15. Love your blog!

    My baby, Oona and I love all your clothes too!!! Thanks for making Missoula such a cool place to be a momma!!! <3

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