hump day nuggets: like worms under soil

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week

I am always especially pensive this time of year. As the effervescent, boundless, boiling energy of summer is reduced to a meditative simmer and, eventually, the flame is totally gone and we are left marinating in stillness. Not that we are ever especially still as far as motion goes. I more just mean that we are still like worms retreating under a blanket of soil. There’s work but it’s cozy and introspective.


I introspect all up in my shit. How many times can one think about the next half marathon they will run or the perfect paint color of their office? At what frequency can one vacillate between big goals and nothing but the moment? Well, I, for one, embrace all this thought and rejection of thought.

It’s fall.


And I like to think in the fall.


:: I think about how fortunate I am to live here.

Grape harvest at our friends’ vineyard and winery.


:: I think about how I like life’s outtakes as much as it’s final cuts.



:: I think about (obsess about) what I’ll do differently in next year’s garden.


:: I think about what it will taste like to eat squash apple soup with sage in January, what it will feel like to see steamed beets against the gray-white of Missoula winter.


:: I think about my little baby and how she’s big and almost one.


:: I think about my own childhood memories of wearing footed pjs before sunrise in a new place.


:: I think about the differences in my daughters’ personalities.

:: I think about distraction. How sometimes I can’t think because there is a giant, loud goose that requires my attention.

Our family journeyed to Spokane last weekend

:: I think about how grateful I am to work with such inspiring, conscientious businesses through my blog. A big, fat welcome to a new dig sponsor, Feeleez.

Margot love to sort and match the beautifully illustrated cards

We love Feeleez in our home. Feeleez is a toy that encourages Margot to think about feelings, learn vocabulary to articulate her feelings and empathize with the feelings of others. We’ve had Feeleez for a while and we often pull the game or poster out and talk about what we’re feeling or what another might be feeling. Last night I asked Margot if she’d like to find cards that look like what she was feeling. She chose three and said, “I feel a lot of happy.” Now I promise it isn’t always these cards she picks but what a lovely articulation and understanding of her feelings. Seriously, Feeleez rocks. You can buy the game and poster here.

“I feel a lot of happy.”

The entire brilliant system was created by three parents (Natalie, Kris and Nathan). In their own words, “Empathy is the basis for all peaceful interactions. Empathy is the foundation for compassion, which is essential for a well functioning community, whether that is the community of your own home or society at large.” Yep.


***And, this awesome business is giving away two posters and two games! To have a shot at winning a set, visit this page, pick the illustration that most accurately depicts what you are feeling right now and then hop back here and leave a comment about it. Comments will close Sunday night (10/24).***
Thank you, Feeleez!

:: I think about how quickly I can forget how tired I am when I laugh with Ruby.

Don’t be deceived. She wakes before the sun.

:: I think about how fun can happen in the most unlikely places.


:: I think about this smushed love Margot exhibits.

And, because I have been listening to fabulous music while getting all nuggety, here’s a little lyric from MGMT’s Love Always Remains:

no one has to hear
the sound of people laughing at their fear
and the ocean
and sun are always there
to make you happy if you’re feeling scared
of the darkness
love always remains

To the season of thought! Happy Hump Day!

171 Responses to hump day nuggets: like worms under soil

  1. Dorea says:

    I really like the Kelly illustration because that is how I really wish I could feel every single day of my life. However, currently at the moment, I’m feeling pretty zen, like Patrick. Which isn’t so bad either.

  2. Zurich_Dad says:

    I feel like Levi because I am away from my family right now.

  3. Carla Wesley says:

    I feel like Esther because summer is here and I’ve finished sewing my 4 kids Halloween outfits so I can go work in my garden with my littlest one crawling between the strawberries.

  4. Shelly says:

    I feel like Brooke. I flew with the kids by myself this weekend. I am Mommy hear me roar!

  5. JT says:

    I am a total Wes right now because it’s 4 am and I am breastfeeding again!

  6. J Scheppl says:

    I’m feeling like Wes…. my little one has had me up way before the sun, and now he slumbers and I’m the one who can’t sleep…. May be a long day- but your nuggets help!!

  7. Tina says:

    I’m feeling like Kelly because it is Wednesday, and that means we’re almost at the weekend. We have busy plans with friends and their families to go to a nearby pumpkin patch/apple orchard and just let the kids run wild for the day.

  8. Keri says:

    I identify with the Nancy character because I’m feeling overwhelmed with the enormous mountain of work I need to do. =/

    Great giveaway, thanks! =)

  9. Sarah says:

    I’m feeling like Uri. I’m a teacher and a mom and wish I could stay home, but thankful for the great job I do have becasue I love teaching Ancient History to 8th graders. It looks he/she is saying…Let’s do this with a clap!! :)

  10. Julie says:

    Ugh…I’m so Emily right now…an unusual place for me to be. Yesterday I came home sick from school (I’m a teacher) throwing up. I couldn’t keep anything down! Today I’m still home, feeling better, but still run down. My beloved kitty Teak had to have emergency surgery yesterday morning because of a blocked urinary tract and he’s still at the animal hospital in critical condition. I’m also a very hormonal 17 weeks pregnant and overall feel like I need a big hug.
    Instead, I think I’ll take a nap and see if that chases the blues away! :)

  11. Shay says:

    I’m totally feeling like Esther because I just changed jobs, moving from one very negative workplace to a happy, uplifting new one! Now work doesn’t really feel like work!

  12. Evie Woltil says:

    I feel like Emily right now because i have a stomach ache, but I normally feel like Brook (happy and confident).

  13. Kelle says:


    How many times can one think about the next half marathon they will run or the perfect paint color of their office? At what frequency can one vacillate between big goals and nothing but the moment? Well, I, for one, embrace all this thought and rejection of thought.

    I get it. I so get it.

  14. Burns says:

    I feel like Tia – awed by possability into stillness, contemplating, perhaps too deeply, what to do next.

  15. Kelle says:

    Ooops. And Girl, you KNOW I feel like Esther. You know it.

  16. Aly says:

    I’m feeling like Ursula because she looks tired. And I AM TIRED! My baby is an early riser too. Sigh.

  17. Karen says:

    I am feeling a little like Nancy. Things are not going well for my husband and I and we have an 18mo old as well. i think once he is a little older this could really help him express what he is feeling instead of just having a meltdown. And like you, living in NH, things are definately slowing down here as well. The days are getting shorter and hibernation is setting in :)

  18. Jackie says:

    Feeling like Fiona-I love that I get to snuggle with my girl all day every day. It’s what makes me relax and feel “ahhhhh”-calming not stressed-ahhhh, like taking your first sip of your most favorite coffee and you can feel it warm you right down to your soul!

  19. I chose Jenny, b/c to me she looks pouty and I am feeling pouty LOL.
    Yet very greatful for the chance at this opportunity. What a great idea, this is a really neat idea. :) Hope you have a wonderful day !!!

  20. Katie says:

    I feel a little Jenny today, a little mad at the world but not quite ready to move beyond that. These are pretty awesome!

  21. Marti says:

    I feel like Esther because my sweet girl turns 3 tomorrow and we are headed to the mountains this weekend for some family fun!

  22. Rebecca says:

    Feelez look awesome. Right now I am Tia because I have a lot of things I should do, want to do, need to do, and don’t want to do – it makes me tense & my stomach hurt a little.

  23. dfan4 says:

    I feel like Wes but want to be like Kelly.

    I love the picture where Margot is smooching her sister. Now, that is sisterly love.

  24. Annie says:

    I feel like Wes right now because we are trying to update our home to put it on the market so we can buy a smaller home so I can be home with our two children more.

    These are fantastic. Even just doing that exercise myself helped cheer me up because it reminded me I don’t want to feel frustrated. It reminded me to just breathe.

    How fabulous these are! Thanks for sharing them!

  25. Jessica says:

    I am totally Esther! Loving my life! : ) Even when life is not so great, I feel so lucky because of my AMAZING husband and son!!

    Awesome giveaway! And thanks for sharing little nuggets of your life and your beautiful family! : )

  26. Feeling a little like Levi – I think he looks a little shy and introspective. The Feeleez made me thing about making sure to teach my children compassion, am I doing a good job of that, I wonder? Looks like we need Feeleez for real. Where can you buy them?

  27. I am feeling all Ursula when I see your fall pictures….we have no change of seasons down here at the border of Mexico. It’s just summer, summer and a little more summer (with some wind thrown in). I am jealous and not ashamed to admit it. I want fall leaves, I want to see an acorn squash. I’d love to wear a sweater. Ursula, Ursula, Ursula…


  28. Daina says:

    Wow, I love these cards! I am a second grade teacher and they would be perfect for my classroom. After a morning of teaching writer’s workshop with my kids, I am feeling a lot like Lisa. Happy, and a little warm and fuzzy, after sitting with kids and conferencing with them about their stories. And I am kind of matching Lisa’s outfit today too. I found your blog through Kelle’s, and I have really enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing your stories with everyone!

  29. Michelle says:

    I feel like Kelly because we’re soooo close to leaving for our first trip to Disney World. The anticipation is wonderful!

  30. LilMissMagic says:

    I feel like Tia right now, but I’m striving to feel more like Kelly. In fact, I’d pretty much like to feel like Kelly all the time :)

  31. Amy says:

    The Feeleez are great – I too have an almost 1 year old, and am thinking into the future of how best to guide her to be a compassionate and empathetic individual.

    I’m feeling like Tia right now… generally I love where I’m at in life, but the last couple weeks I’ve been feeling pensive and unsure about how my professional self, spousal self, mommy self, and individual self are meshing.

    I love the insight you provide in your blog, the reassurance I find in your words, and the comraderie I feel with you that this is right where my family belongs (I’m a fellow Missoulian).

  32. megsplegs says:

    i’m sooo fiona right now. sittin’ in my jammies at the kitchen table, warm mug of coffee in hand, smiling as i enjoy my weekly serving of nuggets. i’m definitely in my happy place. :)

  33. blair says:

    i feel like Ruthie… having a rather defeated “doh!” kind of moment this morning. feelez are brilliant, even for adults!!!

  34. Jess says:

    I feel like Emily. It has been a tough week, lots of people in pain around me. What a cool game! Reminds me of the Kimochi dolls.

  35. Britta says:

    I feel… Ursula?

    I’m exhausted. So tired. Barely functioning.

    16 months and still waking 3-5 times a night. Mama needs some uninterrupted sleep, please.

  36. I feel a bit like Frida this morning because of some ridiculous extended family drama.
    I think I will go shopping for some cute new Fall shoes, which will undoubtedly make me feel like Fiona.

  37. k says:

    I am a full time nursing student and a momma of two, so most of the time, I feel pretty Wes. Almost done, though!

  38. Amy says:

    Hmmm, Cassandra today… just a touch over caffeinated.

  39. Pam says:

    Triple love as always. First pic looks like an Andy Cline, “I feel a lot of happy” is making me feel the same and of course, “smushed love” is just the best!

  40. I feel like Patrick, calm and happy, thoughtfull. I agree that fall is a time to think. For me I so often reflect in the fall. The smell of the leaves bring on thoughts of life and what has come and gone. Where I have come from and where we are going.

  41. Lifesong... says:

    Today I am a Fiona. I love that name! She looks content, warm and happy. Ahhhhh…

    Loving the shmoshed love!

  42. A few additional notes on Feeleez:

    All you teacher commenters: there is also a Learning Guide available for purchase in the store.

    For all purchases: I added a link for purchase in my post and you can also click on ‘shop’ on their website!

  43. Hillary says:

    Oh how I feel like Easter. I am dancing and singing, and loving life right now. Although I felt like Ursula when I woke up this morning, after only 3 hours of sleep, today was the day I met my newest member of my family and I am on cloud nine.

  44. What a fun new sponsor. I have been looking for something like this as my son and I are going through different emotions and feelings to expand his vocab! I feel like Patrick… kind of mellow and calm. I love that you can download coloring sheets from their website. Definitely going to print off some! Thanks for sharing your life. I love peeking in!

  45. I’m feeling Patrick right now. I’m just sippin’ coffee and getting my day going.

  46. Katie T. says:

    I’m feeling like Lisa, a little off-center due to lack of sleep, adjustment back to work, and just general busyness as a mom of two but at the end of the day, I’m smiling.

  47. Mary A-J :) says:

    This may seem impossible but I feel like Ursula and Esther. Esther is inside partying while Ursula is outside showin’ how tired she is. I know, now I am starting to sound like some wacko. But I am okay with that. It gives you something to laugh about. 😉 I am starting my own garden soon (I live in AZ and now is about the only time to plant.) and the excitement and anticipation are building. :)

  48. Anonymous says:

    I feel like Levi and I don’t know why. I just looked at him and thought, “That’s it!”.

  49. I feel like Brook right now, just happy, in a good place. However I am all over the place with my feelings lately being 6 months pregnant and all.

  50. Mama B says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Mama B says:

    I feel like Kass because I have just had a lot of Starbucks coffee :-)

  52. Like Lisa: goofy grin raised eyebrows, like: really? Another amazing sunny day with gold leaves raining down. Wow.

    And smiles for your post.

  53. Jen Burns says:

    Feeling Like Tia – I’m not sure how Tia is feeling. Looks can be deceiving.

  54. About me: says:

    I feel like Patrick today. I’m content, happy and calm. You are right about fall being a more introspective time; I’m already feeling it here. Time to stay inside my house, harvesting food and photos and sewing projects. Time to change to flannel sheets and fleece ‘jamas and dig out the bucket of scarves. -Idaho Amy

  55. prillydee says:

    Today I feel like Patrick. We are weaning from nursing after 23 great months and for the first few days I felt like Tia (not sure *I* was ready to wean, even though my little one was) but today, I’m not sad, not overly happy, but just at peace with it all. :-)
    This little toy is awesome. I was just discussing w/my husband last night that Empathy is one of the things I want my boy to demonstrate as much as possible. Thanks for all of this. And I mean ALL of it. Your blog rocks my socks.

  56. Wesley says:

    I’m feeling like Patrick. Calm, cool and collected. I have the morning off from work, so I slept in and am now enjoying reading some fabulous blogs while wrapped up in my really soft blanket! :-)

    *I must say, though I’m glad I’m not feeling tired and upset like Wes, I was hoping I could say, “I feel like Wes – because I AM Wes.” 😉

  57. those feeleez…my 5 year old sassy, wonderful little girl could get a lot out of those! beautiful, playful illustrations!

  58. Jenny V says:

    I’m feeling Lisa’s vibe…alive…it’s fall here in the Berkshires as well and fall makes me feel alive. Happy Autumn to you and your family!

    Jenny V

  59. leighann says:

    I’m feeling a little like Wes right now…frazzled. I’ve heard a few people ask me today, “are you okay? You look a little frazzled?”. It’s always something, but reading posts like yours and Kelle’s always grounds me and helps put things into proper perspective. It’s never as bad as it seems in the moment and as long as I have the family and little that I adore…I have it all!

  60. Nicki says:

    I feel like Patrick – in a great place right now and feeling so content.

    Love the nuggets this week!

  61. Meredith says:

    Ruthie….. After 144 hours of call and helping 7 humans into the world and finally truly returning to the bosom of my family and homestead to find a sick partner, a snarfly baby, a stressed-out “my book report is due tomorrow” 11 year old and over-risen sourdough (oops)….this midwife’s first thought was, “seriously?!”. Then, sigh…

  62. Ailene C says:

    I feel like Patrick with some yummy lunch in my belly and reading about fall in Montana!

  63. Madame S says:

    Right now I am all about Lisa. I am 9 weeks pregnant with my second child and despite morning sickness and other 1st trimester discomforts, I am just SO blissed-out happy!! Life is good. I have an adorable 3-year-old son who wraps his Pooh bear in a baby blanket to “put baby to sleep.” I have a husband who is just so incredibly wonderful I can’t begin to describe it. And I will be bringing another little life in this world next spring! Your photo about the different personalities of your two girls especially caught me; I can’t wait to see how my son, Gavin, and this little one interact.

  64. Lea says:

    I’m feeling rather Patrick after a 5am start this morning. A bit tired but quite content in a quiet cosy house where all is right with our little world.

  65. Beth Shee says:

    Right now, I’m feeling like Ursula. It’s been 8 months since my mother’s passing, I’m at work with nothing to do, and found out my little girl just got poked in the eye at school. That’s not always my typical mood, but right now, nonetheless.

  66. I’m feeling like Patrick, actually. I’m happy but not super happy and I could totally take my shoes off and sit on the floor right now, like he is. I feel (almost) content today. :)

  67. Elizabeth says:

    I feel like Patrick…content. And, can’t wait to tell my teacher friends about feeleez!

  68. Jennifer says:

    I feel like somewhere between Fiona and Patrick. Pretty happy, content, a little blissed, calm, yeah.
    I love their blog, too, both Natural Parenting Center and The Feelieez blog. heart!

  69. Shannon says:

    I feel like Quentin because I am having morning sickness with my first pregnancy! This game is just the best and would love to have it.

  70. Elise says:

    I feel like Fiona today. Rainy and dark outside but I’m happy as a clam sitting here inside with my iced coffee. I’m ready to put on my rainboots and go for a walk soon!

  71. Joan says:

    The diaper on darker pink bear is so funny. SOOO funny to me. Some of the pics look like you live in CA. How fun to have Margot picking grapes at the vinyard where you worked and then years later got married. Rubes and her morning schedule, somethings got to give. Your harvest looks great. We got not one squash this year and I really miss it. I bought one from the Gouge and it just lacked taste no matter how much butter I slathered on it. Disappointment. Loved your post once again Nicole. xox

  72. I’m channeling Brooke at the moment. Feeling good, happy, kinda conquer the world feeling. Love it when life is going that way!
    What I also love is the look on Ruby’s face while Margot is schmooshing her little terrified face!! Ha!

  73. Marlene says:

    I feel like Patrick! I have lots of exciting things on the go this minute – stew on the stove, pumpkin bread in the oven, scarf on the needles. But I refuse to be jubilant, because my climate does not allow for grapes (or plums!!!), and so this time of year I am always a tiny bit surly about it. but just a bit.

  74. julieaz says:

    I currently feel like Brooke … happy and content with my life.

    Feeleez is exactly the type of thing I’ve been looking for for my 3 1/2 year old. She started preschool in August and is having some difficulty using her words, rather than her hands, when she wants something. Trying so very hard to teach her to recognize how she herself feels, as well as how others feel. Feeleez is perfect for what I’m trying to accomplish!

  75. Tatiana says:

    Which is the sleepy feeleez? Emily maybe? Cuz I’m 2 months pregnant with baby number 2 and that makes me very “sleepeeze” as Evie would say. =0)

    love your blog btw. (and totally jealous of where you live)

  76. thanks for all your nuggets and putting life back into perspective for me…happy day to you! (ps is there a sick feeleez…’cause that’d be me)

  77. Melissa says:

    Esther, baby! Dancing in my head (and soon to be dancing for real–working on a piece with my mama dancer friend and I can’t wait!). Plus, a cardiology fellow (the first MD to come) came to my “wellness at work” yoga class and then I ran into him in the stairwell and he pretty much jumped into an asana and said he is coming back so yay!

    I totally printed out a bunch of these to bring home to my big feeling boy, Avi.

    Although, I have been trying a new tactic for his screamy toddler moments and it seems to be working . . .but I think he’ll just love these.

    Fall is my favorite season by far!

  78. RMAinMD says:

    ,,,i feel like ruby looks…with her knit cap on, her warm tights, cozy sweater wrapped in her mother’s arms,,,if i had to describe that feeling it would be “autumn bliss”,,,this yummy season is delivering beautifully in the tri-states of md, va, dc and we’re loving every minute!,,,

    ,,,thanks for the nuggests,,,

  79. Probably like Brooke b/c that star on her shirt makes her look like a super hero and well, being a mom is like being a super hero.



  80. Melissa says:

    ps. i just love Patrick.

  81. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog site – and have been enjoying your garden this year along with you. I haven’t done our own, but you are an inspiration!
    I feel like Nancy today – kind of worried about alot of different things about raising my 5 year old son. I would love to win this prize!
    Thank you for all that you share and the beautiful pictures of your daughters!

  82. Kristin says:

    I feel like Fiona — she looks happy and content. Enjoying the fall and family.

  83. mica says:

    I feel like esther right now because I am almost done with work and I have a million sewing ideas I want to begin. I found your blog through kelle hampton’s and I love it! Your family reminds me of my own.

  84. Kate says:

    I feel like Esther because I found out last weekend I’m expecting and due in June! Your blog gives me inspiration to be better, stronger, and stop and smell the roses :)

  85. Tia says:

    I feel like Esther too because there is a “Tia” card and my name is Tia! (Although I’m not feeling like that Tia right this moment!)

    Growing up I never had a “Tia” toothbrush or had a “Tia” pencil case. There were no “Tia” hot chocolate mugs or “Tia” magnets.

    We could never find my name inscribed on anything!

    Now there are super cute games and a poster? Yay!

  86. KWQR says:

    Oh so very Ursula… head cold & not enough sleep puts me at half mast today. Kind of sleep-walking thought my have-to’s. Ugh.

    Love the thought behind this game… have had many long talks with other moms about how to teach empathy. That it is one of the most important things I want to teach my boys but have little idea of how to do it. Other than by example, of course. But it so much deeper than that, isn’t it? My husband often gets annoyed how I like to “defend the world” but really I see it as having a deep well of empathy. Seeing another person’s perspective, whether we agree with it or not, and walking miles in each others shoes helps to make us all better people.
    Or is that just the cold medicine kicking in?

  87. KWQR says:

    oops, that was “sleepwalking THROUGH my have-to’s”… yep, definitely Ursula.

  88. Jodi says:

    feeling like a wes this afternoon. frustrating morning at work. looking forward to my baby girl waking up from her nap so i can love on her!

  89. Minnesotagal says:

    Love, love, love Feeleez!! Today is just one of those Wes days but nine times out of ten I’m a Lisa waiting with joyous open arms for a hug from my little man!

  90. festoramma says:

    i feel lisa, kinda spacey and unaware of the world around her.

  91. TRB Holt says:

    I feel like Esther because great things are happening in my life right now!…I’ll be back :)


  92. My feelings seem to look like Levi – shy to enter.
    I wish our family luck!

  93. Amy says:

    I feel like Brook. A quiet, calm happy on my very own birthday. :)

  94. Julie says:

    I feel like Ruthie right now – somewhat overwhelmed and frustrated with some needless childless drama that is ongoing amoungst a moms online group in the community I’m from.

  95. Kerri says:

    Kelly is my aspirational one, but feeling a bit like good ol’ Nancy right now. As soon as I’ve cleared some big looming, slightly nerve-wracking projects off my plate, Kelly will be my lady. Feeleez looks so awesome…my nephew in Germany (and his mom)would SO love this.

  96. Sarah says:

    What a great game! I feel like Patrick. Happy and Content! Fall is my favorite time of year.

  97. Charity says:

    Thankyou soooo much for sharing this game! I know a young man in my family who sometimes has a hard time expressing how he is feeling. The speech pathologist said this is hard for kids because they have to use expressive language.
    So thankyou, thankyou. I’ll be checking out thier website a little further.
    If I had to pick one of the characters and how I feel it would be Ester. She looks chipper and ready to go, and overall happy.

  98. I am rocking Fiona now and I’m so glad because I love the name Fiona. Serendipitous.

  99. Yuliya says:

    I am feeling zonked like Cassandra!

  100. Bekah says:

    I am feeling a little ‘Emily’ today.

  101. Sam says:

    I feel Like Kelly – dancing and smiling!

  102. Eva Marie says:

    Totally feeling Lisa – I just want to wrap my arms around my little being who is growing before my eyes..

    Loving this set – I work with children with Autism and we work A LOT on feelings and this set looks just wonderful!

  103. Rebecca says:

    I was going to say Ursula, but that’s not true. I think I’m more Patrick right now, I’m totally into reading my google reader and checking out this cool game.

  104. Whitney says:

    I’m feeling Esther right now, because both kids are snug in their beds!

    But in the interest of full disclosure, there’s a little Nancy just beneath the surface because sleep is an issue in our house too.

  105. Melina says:

    I feel like Cassandra because it’s 5:53, my dinner date is late, he’s not even a real date, I’m on my 3rd americano with no food, and my eyes are all crazy.

    I really love your photos because they portray temperature like none others. The warm lobby of a hotel with jammied babies running around, the sharp, frosty air of a Montana autumn. Throw in some colors and textures, and your photos are nearly edible!


  106. EB says:

    I’m feeling very Emily right now. It’s been a long week and I’m only 2 days into my 4 day work/school week. :/
    I’m missing my kid as I haven’t worked more than 3 days a week since he’s been born, 20 months ago, and am now working and going to school basically full time. The weekend is coming, just have to keep my eyes on the prize :)

  107. Louise says:

    I am feeling Fiona. My husband is away on business which is a good excuse to snuggle with the kids in our bed. My 2 year old is sleeping to my far right and looking so content and beautiful it kills me, his 3mth old sister is sleeping to my immediate right all snugglebugged on her side and about 20 minutes ago let out her first real giggle in her sleep. I’m feeling sentimental and in love with the beauty of what it means to be a family.

  108. Mara says:

    At this very moment, I’d say I’m a “Lisa”.

  109. love the feeleez! I’m feelin’ Esther right now, because I just ordered a gift set of feeleez for a friend… now if I win this, I won’t have to buy a set for my Ruby (she’s 4, we love looking at pictures of your Ruby!)

  110. Amie says:

    I’m going to go with Patrick. He looks pretty content and that’s what I’m feeling right this very moment.

    Love your “outtakes”!

  111. “I am always especially pensive this time of year. As the effervescent, boundless, boiling energy of summer is reduced to a meditative simmer and, eventually, the flame is totally gone and we are left marinating in stillness.”

    Nici, this is SO me, my thoughts, my feelings at this time of year. In fact just the other day I was gazing out my back window at the half green, half brown leaves and imagining the landscape a couple of months ago, vibrant and green….and then flashed to how it will soon look, so dead and gray…everything seems still and time seems to slow in such an odd way, the complete opposite of the clock we live by in summer.
    Anyway, geez I never intend on leaving the novels for comments!

    I think I’m feeling like Patrick.

  112. Anonymous says:

    I am Wes! Too much to do and too little time. Carving out a little quiet time tomorrow with my little guy! Love your blog. Love fall!

  113. I clicked on this morning but didn’t have enough time to stay and figure this out. Back now, and feeling like Lisa. What a great way for little ones to express their feelings, thoughts, etc. Obviously, it’s good for grown-ups too.
    Loved the nuggets, as usual. Ruby~oh, she’s getting so big.

  114. Jessica says:

    I feel like Fiona. Glad to be spending a night with my 1 year old, snuggling.

  115. Jenny says:

    I feel like Brook, because I just read Kelle’s blog and then yours and I can’t think of a better way to end a night with two new awesome posts from my favorite bloggers. As the Mom of 3 boys who I want to teach to have empathy and understand their feelings, I am loving Feeleez – thanks!

    -Jenny in Iowa

  116. I’m feeling pretty chill, like the Patrick card. I’d be so excited to get a set of Feeleez! Crossed fingers! And don’t let Elke win again! :)

  117. mommy's stil lup says:

    Hi! I felt like the Lisa sketch, excited and amped even though it is 11:30 and I am still up and have no idea how early my little squiggles will be up in the morning!

  118. Shaams says:

    Whew! I oh so badly want to feel like Kelly and in a way, of course, I do. I have so much to dance around about but at the moment, I feel like Casasndra…just finished painting a house, trying to get organized to move into said house, job interview tomorrow, lists and lists and lists and work 36 hours between Fri, Sat and Sun….my eyes look just about like Cassandra’s do at the moment. It’s all good and soon, very soon, i will be kelly!

  119. Jennifer says:

    I feel like Tia….

    I love Margot’s skirt with the red baroque like scroll print. Love love LOVE IT! :o)

    I want one!

    Awesome game! I wish I had something like that for my daughter when she was little. But, she is pretty good with having empathy for others at age 12.

    I remember a quote that is similar to the feleez quote. Good parenting is when you have empathy for your child. It was along those same lines. So true it is.

    I bought an acorn squash last week and will roast it. Another awesome soup with butternut squash is apple butternut squash soup! Oh soo good! Served with asiago toasted bread.


  120. Kate says:

    I feel like Patrick. He seems content, and so am I.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  121. Janelle says:

    I feel like Esther because my 3yo has not been sleeping well due to a new, natural development of fear. But last night we succeeded and she slept all night in her own bed…YIPEE!

  122. Kay says:

    I feel like Ursula because my son is having a hard time behaving as they say he should in pre-K. I think he is misunderstood and they makes me so very sad.

  123. Kay says:

    Oops! I meant to say “that makes me very sad”.

  124. kate says:

    Feelin’ like Levi! Out of sorts … but things are looking up. Thanks!

  125. Ashley says:

    Feeling a bit like Cassandra today …. it was a crazy day.

  126. Jess says:

    I’m feelin a little Ruthie-ish today. Made a choice in a situation that didn’t end up the way I wanted it to. But what’s life if we don’t take chances right? Waitin’ for a Fiona day soon. :) Love love love your blog.

  127. Rekha says:

    i’m feeling like Lisa right now because my big boys are sick and really wanting their mama right now and I say…come and get it!

    Great blog…so peaceful and reassuring.

  128. Gardenatrix says:


    Here’s to the elusive ‘better garden next year’!

  129. Jennifer says:

    Ah, it’s peaceful and quiet and early in the morning, so I don’t have the energy of an Ester right now. Let’s go with Patrick. Very cool game.

    I feel for you as it relates to your garden and having a sense of being cut off; but I use this time to clean up and plan for next year. And I’ve said it before, next spring I’m ripping out a bed of perennials (ok, I am moving them…ripping sounds so permanent!!) for a veggie garden. It will be a great experience for Alex and me. So this winter…time to read and learn for once about veggies. And thanks for inspiring me.

    Have a great day.

    -Jennifer from Annapolis

  130. Natalie Roberts says:

    I feel like Esther because I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and we’re having a boy! We are over the moon with excitement!

    -Natalie, GA

  131. gamermomma says:

    I am most definately feeling like ESTHER:) Life has given me lots of reasons to be Esther lately.

  132. Stacy Love says:

    I’m feeling Tia-ish because I’m a bit bored at work!

  133. Karen says:

    I feel like Quentin right now. Annoying cold! I’m hoping to feel more like Esther by tomorrow…

  134. jlinde18 says:

    I feel like Patty right now because I have poison oak all over my body..ugh

  135. Amy says:

    I feel like Lisa – whose face looks calm, confident and like she knows something that other’s don’t quite know yet. Her arms are wide open ready to experience it all and take whatever may come her way.

    I work with college students and I think Feeleez might even help them raise their emotional intelligence a few notches :o)

  136. Julie says:

    I am a kindergarten teacher home sick with no voice today, so I am identifying with QUENTIN.

    Thanks for reminding me about Feeleez. I would love to use this with my students. I think it would be especially wonderful to have available in our ‘calming chair’ area–the place in our room where students go voluntarily or by request to recharge themselves. i would love to extend the self-reflection part of this area to include this emotional intelligence piece.


  137. Peeper says:

    Feeleez are great! My mother-in-law does counseling with children and uses these a lot.

    I feel like Lisa. My crazy work week is over and today is the first morning of my “weekend”, my favorite time of the week. A very full three days is stretched out before us and I am ready to take it all in! We kicked the weekend off with a whole morning of hugging and reading to my 16 month-old daughter.

    Three cheers to a better garden next year! My semi-virgin harvest was pretty pathetic. All we managed was some lettuce as it was one of the foggiest, coldest summers on record here in San Francisco. Thank goodness for all the awesome farmers markets!

  138. Emily says:

    Esther had me at “hands in the air”! I want to crank up the music in my heart and dance my tushy off with my favorite kiddos in the whole wide world while they are still little enough to dance with me and not think I am totally crazy…because I am choosing to reject thought right now and dance…

  139. Jessica says:

    I feel like Kelly… Can’t wait for a fun fall weekend with my family! What a neat idea for a game…

  140. Stacy Kaye says:

    I think that today I am feeling a little “SUE.” She looks slightly stressed out, yet not completely overwhelmed. I’m just getting over being very ill, coming back to work, dealing with my adorable son who has turned two and is exhibiting his “independence.” I’m stressed, but not sooo stressed that I can’t see the joy in the things in my life!

    On a side note, I would LOVE the Feeleez for my son. If I don’t win them, I think I’ll buy them for him for Christmas!!

  141. The never ending cold/flu is making me feel like ursula… but the exciting fall activities, sister visit, and rockin’ toddler pull be towards Esther.


  142. Emilie says:

    I feel like Patrick. Not overly excited, not sad…just content.

  143. Jean says:

    I just feel like looking at that photo of Margot giving some smush love to Ruby. 😀

  144. christy says:

    i feel like sue.. so incredibly overwhelmed right now, and pretty much at a breaking point. therefore, i have retreated to a peaceful place. reading my favorite blogs so i can get back to feeling like brook, the superstar. because that is my anthem!

  145. Danette says:

    I feel content like Patrick. It’s been a good day. I love the smush love picture perfectly captured moment between siblings

  146. Christi says:

    I feel like Ruthie – a bit frustrated and tired of trying to sell my house. Sometimes inside I feel like Margi looks. But I really want to be like Esther, Brook or Kelly (who I am, when I am not this crazed house selling lunatic.)

    I am so buying my kids this… no matter what. I love the idea. :) Great idea!!

  147. jieun says:

    I feel like Kass… a lot of things are just crazy right now, and I kind of feel like it’s all spinning around me.

  148. Raina says:

    I am most definitely a little Wes this morning. However, I can smell my morning coffee brewing so in mere moments I will be Kelly, maybe even Esther prancing around my kitchen. Love Ruby’s eyes in the close up of her in the toque…a beautiful blue!!

  149. Jen says:

    I feel like Ursula because I want my husband’s Grandmother to get out of ICU.

  150. Holly Taylor says:

    Feeling a little like Cassandra. Trying hard to be present, while being a million miles away. But Hey…I LOOK present!

    Love your blog.

  151. Bikini By 30 says:

    Oh Cassandra-I’m feelin’ ya today! I feel frazzled and frustrated at work today!

    I’d love to give this game to my nephew who is on the way.

  152. Morgan says:

    I feel like Patrick – because it’s nap time and I have nothing that I HAVE to do – plenty of stuff that I COULD do, but I probably won’t because I’m feeling Patrick (that sounds naughty).

  153. Kolleen says:

    I currently feel like Kelly. My life is so amazing right now! I recently got married to my soul mate, I got to be in my best friends wedding, and I got an awesome deal on a hair cut today! Goooo Life!!

  154. Dana says:

    I feel like Ursla because my sweet Maxie dog is sick :-(
    But…he is going to get better!!

  155. Shauna says:

    I found you through Kelle’s blog…have read you for about 2 months and tell my husband everyday that I think I need to move to Montana. I’m currently feeling just like Quentin. I just ate a HUGE peice of chocolate fudge cake. Then, I went and ate a peice of cake that I put aside for my husband. I wish I hadn’t done that but at the time it was oh so good! I have a daughter (1 of 3) that could benefit from this game. LOVE your blog…thanks for writing!

  156. Feeling “Nancy” at the moment, anxious about a dear friend starting a battle against breast cancer, and big changes in a job I love. But a weekend with my family should bring back more of my “Lisa.” Love, love, love the Feeleez. Wonder if they could teach my (wonderful but repressed) in-laws to talk about emotions :)

  157. Jones Family says:

    Bottom row, 5th from Right – red hair.
    That is my feelez right now. I am just dancing it up. Trying to dance with my obligations – to my boys, my husband, my father who has cancer and my mother who has to help him thru it, my sister who is newly pregnant, my job as a NICU nurse, my home that we are refinancing. And that is is – lots of dancing around to get it done. To be to the place where I want to be – dancing in my kitchen to MJ (michael jackson) with my husband as our 2 boys laugh and dance along.

  158. Jones Family says:

    oops, the one I was referring to with the red hair- Kass. Dancing Kass, that is me.

  159. Gillian says:

    I’m psyched to say that Lisa jumped off the page in her groovy little way, right in my direction! She seems pretty content with the way she’s rolling, with a mellowness I continue to cultvate. Perhaps it’s because I had such a lovely lunch date today! Perspective is everything…

  160. Kelly says:

    Ironically I feel like Kelly because I’m due in two weeks and I’m jumping for joy to meet my lil one!

  161. TRB Holt says:

    I love to scroll through your post and just look at the photos; then go back and read. Your photos alone tell a beautiful story!

    Margot~I do believe fun follows you everywhere you go! I would love to be on the receiving end of some of your smushed love right now! Can you believe your Bacca wore that same reindeer sweater when he was you age?! I Love You A Bushel & A Peck!

    Ruby~I don’t know how it’s possible…you get cuter everyday! Now if you could please wake with the sun instead of before it…You Are My Sunshine!

    Love to all,
    xoxo, Mom/Gram

  162. kyndale says:

    I like Lisa’s illustration. I don’t know, she looks really happy and free.

  163. Amy says:

    Totally Kelly right now… just feel like jumping for no good reason!!

  164. Kristina says:

    I’m feeling a whole lotta Patrick right now! I’m sitting peacefully in my house, looking out the window at the changing leaves and feeling like I could stay here all day with my tea and my toddler (who is napping, which is why I’m peaceful). Love this game.

  165. Kate says:

    Gloomy day, I’m feeling a little like Tia I think. But I’m working on it. I’m about to vacuum the house. That should do the trick. 😉

  166. Carrie says:

    I’m a whole lotta Esther right now. One, because my 12 month old has decided to start sleeping through the night with consistency. Finally. And two, because it’s football Sunday!! LET’S GO PATS!!!! :)

  167. dc says:

    I’m feeling like kelly, just got home from the pumpkin patch, going to plant bulbs, pick apples and rake leaves, Hip hip hurray!!

  168. ESTHER all the way baby! :)
    It’s Spring here in Australia! Christmas is just around the corner….Life is good!
    Nici…loving that last photo of your 2 girls together! Sisterly LOVE!

  169. barbaras says:

    I feel like Esther because I’m retiring a week from Wednesday and I’m jumping for joy!

  170. .:Heather:. says:

    I feel like nancy just thinking of my to do list this week!

  171. Julie says:

    I am so feeling like Nancy right now. Sitting at the computer, procrastinating about all the work I have to get done in the next two days.