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my life in snow

It’s snowy here and when the snow flies so do emotions, ski wax and goggles. Ski season has arrived and with it comes many hours spent bundling and unbundling bodies. Also, most notably, with it comes our annual conversations about the reasonability of cyber-stalking storms and wishing we could teleport to Utah for the weekend. Ah, skiing. It’s a huge part of our lives. I love it and my man loves it more. I wrote about a personal subject in … Continue reading my life in snow →
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hump day nuggets: thankful

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week This hump day falls on the one day between Ruby’s first birthday and Thanksgiving. And, really, I have just two nuggets today. The second nug, however, is a big ol’ nug. :: Nugget #1: Everyone seems to have opinions about social media, myself included. I think that in a world that feels bigger and scarier than it did when I was a kid, my … Continue reading hump day nuggets: thankful →
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making art with my kids

When Margot was born, there were certain things I couldn’t wait for. I mean I loved the whole wee baby thing but I daydreamed about her toddling around the garden with me and I couldn’t wait to witness her uninhibited self-expression. I love it: Margot visits her art table regularly throughout the day. We lose that. I am not sure when but, eventually, we become self-conscious about making art. We start to compare our abilities to others, we decide we … Continue reading making art with my kids →
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hump day nuggets: soup, no soup

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last weekFrom the moment fall begins exhaling deep-hued leaves, we eat soup more than we don’t. Before I can even think about what to have for dinner I have chopped an onion and tossed it into hot olive oil at the bottom of a pot. I love soup in all it’s wonderful brothy, stewy, chunky, smooth variations. Trouble is I am married to a man who … Continue reading hump day nuggets: soup, no soup →
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nine to five

It’s been nearly a year since I left my job at our local museum to be home with my girls and stitch together writing and sewing to create income. I was nervous for the change, totally unsure. Also, really excited and pretty damn sure. Sometimes I feel like my generation is plagued with too many good choices. I don’t mean to sound spoiled. It’s just that all these choices and ways to experience success makes many of my friends feel … Continue reading nine to five →
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