chores and cameras

When Margot was like six weeks old, Andy and I sat cocooned together with her on the couch. I asked him what he was excited for and we had a dreamy conversation about our future kid and all the activities we couldn’t wait to enjoy together. And then he said, “I also can’t wait until she can do chores.” We laughed and then he said, “Seriously though, won’t it be nice?”

nursing Ruby is hardly a chore but it is one of my responsibilities, a task I love

Currently, Margot’s “chores” mostly involve halfway cleaning up her own messes. But as I look around our home, to-do chores in every corner of every room, I get what Andy was saying. Margot now feeds our cats and dog every morning and night. And, somehow, Andy has managed to make her excited about learning to vacuum.

vacuuming is most fun when naked from the waist down

For whatever reason chore has a negative connotation to me. It sounds like a forced activity. I like to think we, as a family, are participating, collaborating for the greater good of our home. Overly flowery? Perhaps but I have unloaded approximately 789,000 dishwashers in my life so maybe that’s why I don’t like chores. It was my chore and I wore it like an albatross. And since it was also my mom’s chore as a child I GET why she promptly passed the baton. It will indeed be lovely when Margot and Ruby can Participate and Collaborate in the unloading of dishes. I do hope to change it up though. Make it fun! Is it possible?

I tasked Margot with gathering photos for last Wednesday’s nuggets. I just left her camera out and she chose what to capture but there were a few times when I really wanted a photo from her perspective, like Ruby taking her first steps, when Margot firmly told me it was not her vision. Fair enough.

I had the vision and no camera to capture it in the way I imagined. I do think of photographing as a way I contribute to and participate in my family. It’s a chore I love.

So, you know my camera is broken, right? Right. I have been channeling every nerve in my universe, believing some sort of magical camera elf would work this all out for me. Big picture (pun!), I know having a camera is small potatoes but I feel got by you all. Anything seems possible as your amazing emails, that made me buzz with appreciation and a few tears, arrived to my inbox. People offering their cameras, offering to contribute to a purchase, brainstorming sponsorship approaches, well-wishing…amazing, gorgeous people you are. Thank you.

My elf is skipping around my home and his name is Vann’s.

Vann’s is my local appliance and electronics store (with an awesome online store, no sales tax and free shipping on most items). They have a great selection and we’ve purchased many items there, including our range, dishwasher and washing machine. Vann’s generously gave me a camera to use (I pick it up today! yay!) and we are working towards my Dreamboat Camera.

I need your help to get to the Dreamboat.

Pretty please take a sec to answer the poll at the upper right of my blog, answering the question:

What is the number one electronics or appliance item you wish you could get a discount on?

And, please leave a comment answering this question:

If you were offered a discount on that item, would you purchase it?

The poll is open until Tuesday, February 22 and the next day, in nuggets, you will learn what sort of lovely offer Vann’s has composed just for YOU. Thank you in advance for your help.

Maybe a sweet little purchase (made sweeter by a deal) would make your chores easier. What was your childhood chore? Do you hate unloading the dishwasher?

to adoring chores,


105 Responses to chores and cameras

  1. Amie says:

    How nice of the store to lend you one! And I like the idea of housework being a family collaberation. My kids have always been expected to pitch-in, so I think they just see it as a way of life.
    Love your nursing photo. Oh, how I miss those days…
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Beth says:

    When I purchase a new lens for my camera I will wait until I find a discount or deal…but a deal alone probably wouldn’t get me to buy until I had decided the time was right (we could budget it in)

  3. Caroline says:

    I LOVE VANNS!! They are a fantastic locally-owned business (that has an online store – no sales tax!) We recently purchased our range & W/D from them and are looking for a dishwasher. I ALWAYS go to Vann’s first, and this reaffirms my commitment to them! Best of luck, Nici!

  4. BLW Squared says:

    First off, this is my first comment ever. I found your blog not long ago after looking for gardening, photo, and recipe blogs (of course yours popped up :), and it has become my FAVORITE blog to read. I am in the process of reading my way back through the entire thing, and you evoke such emotion from your readers; you should be very proud. I have laughed at Margot’s witty comments (my husband says you should publish a book of her sayings, it would sell like hotcakes!), cried while reading Ruby’s story, been enchanted and enthralled at the human spirit and the way you capture it in your blog. Please, keep up the amazing work!

    We just bought our first DSLR camera (a Canon t1i), and I am in love with it. We were able to get a great deal on it along with the kit lens, so we do have one lens to use with it.
    But, with money being tight, money is not there to buy a nicer lens. I am not asking or wanting one of the super-upgrade lenses, just something a little better than the 18-55mm kit lens (I have my heart set on the Tamron 28-75mm). If someone somewhere offered a discount on that lens, I would jump on that like a kid on their bed when mom isn’t looking!

    We don’t have Vann’s around here (Delaware), but I wish we did- we could use a more local business type appliance store instead of the national giants that exist around here.

  5. Caroline says:

    Drat! I just left a comment that I somehow deleted; I hope it doesn’t show up twice! Forgive me if so…

    When I was young, I loved any chore that was outdoors, especially if it was animal-related. My favorite was slopping the pigs; this chore changed my life in a profound way. (If you haven’t had the chance to work with pigs, you may not know that they are kind, affectionate, loyal and have fantastic senses of humor.) Any chore indoors was a waste of time; I especially hated dusting. Ask any child which chores matter and they can tell you. Who wouldn’t say that dusting is anything but STUPID? Feeding pigs, however, is a life experience. Here’s to the pigs!

  6. Tonya says:

    I would love a digital SLR, but unfortunately, it just isn’t in our budget right now : ( One day : D

    As for kids helping out around the house, it is a definite priority at my house! With 10 people living here, we would be on an episode of Hoarders in about a week if everyone wasn’t pitching in! LOL The 5 older children even do their own laundry, which is wonderful. I have a hard enough time keeping up with clothes for 5 people.
    Funny, but my chore was dishwasher too when I was younger, and like you, I hated it!!! I rarely empty it now ; )

  7. Rachael says:

    Hmm, I might purchase a lens new with a discount but it’s tough to say since I prefer to buy my camera gear second hand. I scored my Canon 30D basically brand new from a photographer who used it only as his back up for 300$ (body only) and my 50mm 1.8 lens for 50$, my 18-55mm for $70. Craigslist rules.

  8. I feel a little sad that when I was reading, the first thing that popped into my head was I would love a discount on a washer!! And yes, yes, I would buy one. But what do I love more than doing laundry? Taking pictures – and I am saving up to buy a new lens for my camera ( someday soon I hope!). But since you were writing about chores, my mind went there, and I have to admit I would be very happy to buy a new washing machine. I’ve never had a new one (ours came with the house) and I do kind of love laundry a little!

    Happy for you that you now have a camera – I would also be heartbroken without mine.

  9. Kristine says:

    I voted for the camera lens! My camera is relatively new and it came with the ‘walk around lens’ and I bought the lovely 50mm 1.8….but I would LOVE a zoom. So the lens gets my vote….and yes, especially being that our tax refund is on it’s way to our mailbox…I would totally purchase with a discount.
    I adore the nursing photo.
    Dishes were my childhood chore…but my parents didn’t own a dishwasher. Needless to say, I loathe dishes now and usually persuade my husband to take on that chore in our house ;)
    And if you come up with a way to get the kiddos to enjoy chores, please share. :)

  10. Elisabeth says:

    Well we just got a new washing machine and a new dishwasher…A new dryer is next on the list because ours is OLD and not very energy efficiant but since it still works just fine drying our clothes we’ll keep it! I would LOVE a new camera but since a $500+ camera is definitely NOT in the budget I am hoping for a new lens with some tax return money…We shall see! I am always looking for sales on my dream lens!

  11. Maddy's Mom says:

    I would love to purchase a digital SLR camera and I have been stalking one, looking for that perfectly-sized discount. No matter how many ebay listings, adorama postings, or craig’s list ads I look at, I can’t find one that fits.

    In this regard, it is sort of like finding the elusive perfect Blue Jeans. However, the thrill of the chase is much bigger with the camera than while traipsing through fitting rooms leaving puddles of denim behind…

  12. Lillian says:

    In a normal world, I’d say CAMERA…but I’m actually pretty happy with my camera and two lenses right now. I feel like there’s so much more I still have left to learn with them before I go and start wishing for bigger and better. So that would normally lead me next to a dishwasher, since we don’t have one…but I actually voted for a laptop. Because mine is broken and I’m using our basement dinosaur desktop. I’m thankful to have it and still access internet, etc, but it’s old and slow and there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell I’d be able to actually open and load Lightroom and do any editing! So I’m ready to get my laptop back and sit and watch tv at night editing photos:) Otherwise, if it weren’t for that – dishwasher, baby!!

  13. YAY for camera fairies and local businesses! Vanns is a favorite of mine and I think the only electronics store in town that carries my beloved sony DSLRs. If the deal was sweet, I would love to get a new 50mm f1.7 lens for my camera or a new macbook. A dream…

    As for chores, we have made a fab sticker chart for chores that is mainly for the hubby and I, complete with grown-up ‘prizes’ for a certain number of stickers. We needed to add a little humor and motivation to the whole chores thing. However, soon, we will add the bean to that chart for her own fabulous prizes.

  14. Abs says:

    I’m a mom with a full-time job so I have no aspirations to become a professional photographer but I do think I take pretty good pics with my tiny, old, Canon digital camera…with no zoom or features. Have been tinkering with getting a Digital SLR and would probably buy one if it was discounted to my husband’s standards. (He’s the researcher in our marriage.)

  15. Melina says:

    If I had a BIG discount on a lens, then YES I would buy one. Fish eye me, please!!


  16. Nicki says:

    I would love a new camera lens and would seriously consider a purchase if there was a good discount. :)

    So happy to hear that you will have a camera to use!! I would feel a bit lost without mine, as well.

  17. Susan S. says:

    Every Sunday (chore day) when I was a kid, I had to dust and vacuum the living room and piano room that never got used. I pushed around the same motes of dust and rearranged the pile on the shag carpet over and over and over again. Boredom taught? Useleness of chore-doing ingrained? You bet! These days, I am responsible for the yard work. I love it, partly because I love to garden and partly because nobody else in my family will do it, which means I get to spend a lot of time by myself doing something I love. This is very important for a person who needs solitude and who lives in a small house with 2 other adults and a dog!

    I would probably buy a laptop if I had a good discount on it. I’m trying to scrape together the money and tools to go back to school in the fall, and just got hit with a big dental bill, so it’s looking like the laptop for school will have to be put off indefinitely. A discount might change that. A laptop isn’t just a fancy toy for me; it’s a necessary tool for my student project. I need one.

    Nici, with all the good karma you put out there, a permanent ownership photo-taking implement is bound to come around soon. Meantime, how cool of Vann’s to give you a loaner! Very nice indeed.

    Have a great day everybody!

  18. TRB Holt says:

    Sorry I passed the “unloading the dishwasher baton to you” NO I am not! I still hate this chore and look forward to your visits so you can do it for me while here! :) (I do unload yours for you too).

    There is not much I need…but in exploring Vann’s online store and IF I could get a REALLY great deal AND free shipping to Minnesota, I would get a Wolf Range….ALWAYS have wanted one. On a smaller scale I think the Fagor 10.5″ square cast aluminum grill is awesome!


  19. Amanda says:

    I would get a laptop, although unless it were free I wouldn’t be able to get one even with a hefty discount :(

    Our chores were washing the dishes by hand and loads and loads of laundry. I absolutely hated doing both these things growing up, but suprisingly neither one bothers me now, so I would have to agree with the whole “chore” stigma.

  20. Tammi says:

    I would love to unload an actual dishwasher! I’ve been without one for over four years and it’s on my list of things to get installed this year in our tiny kitchen. I’m researching 18″ model, since space is precious, and looking into ones with a sterilize setting so that I am able to can/preserve my ass off next summer. So, that is what I would buy from Vann’s – if they had such a dream unit.

    Childhood chore that I hated – cleaning the toilet. I still hate it, but do it begrudgingly and with a slight hint of martyrdom (if there is such thing as a slight hint of martyrdom).

    Enjoy your new camera.

  21. Brittany says:

    I voted for lens. I would love to get a second camera body, but more importantly I have my eye on a new lens. I would be very likely to purchase a new lens if I could get a great deal on one!

  22. Jessica says:

    I NEED a new camera lens. Okay, no one really NEEDS a camera lens, but I want a better portrait lens so badly for my Canon XSi. But my options are way too expensive!

    I always hated just cleaning my bedroom.

  23. J Scheppl says:

    I would buy a digital SLR camera- but it most likely won’t happen right now- just not in the budget.

    I too HATE unloading the dishwasher… its just never-ending. UGH. If you do come up with a way to make that more fun- please share! : )

  24. I would get a digital camcorder if I could get a discount on it! :) We have never owned one so we’ve just been using our camera to take video of our daughter. It would be a treat!

    I had lots of childhood chores – being an only child made my list very long! Yes, I hate unloading the dishwasher but I hate unloading the dryer even more. You should see my laundry room right now … three loads of clean laundry are precariously stacked on top of both the washer and dryer!

  25. Kelle says:

    Aw, well now I’m all in love with Vann’s for what they’re doing for you. xo

  26. Abilew-who says:

    Yes I would buy that camera – tax refund baby! And Goodness, what a lovely group of people, those Vann folk. Happy dear weekend!

  27. as much as i would rather have camera goodies or any number of other fun things, i guess i should keep with our current plan for kitchen renovations. all of our appliances are in the too old to be cool, but not old enough to be considered cute and retro era. depending on which item quits first, we will begin the overhaul… not sure if i would jump on a sale just yet, but if it were to coincide with a death, so be it!

  28. Cait says:

    I voted for laptop, although my Macbook is still going after 3.5 years. I could probably be convinced to get a new one in the next year or two though if I saw a good deal on another Apple, although those deals rarely come around!

  29. Minnesotagal says:

    Our Christmas Fairies brought me a new camera and lens this year so I didn’t vote for those – although a few months ago they would have topped the list. So, I voted for range. It’s the only appliance we haven’t yet replaced in our house, as all the others have given up their ghost one by one. I would definitely buy one if it were on sale – although I don’t think it’s practical to have it shipped to MN from MT… What is your dreamboat camera by the way?

  30. I do hate unloading the dishwasher. and I love (except for the pans) washing the dishes. staring out the window as warms sudsy water flows over. but I load and unload the dishwasher to spare water resources. I can’t wait to pass the job on to B.

    I voted for camera LENS! Would love, love, love to have a screaming deal on a 85mm 1.4. but any deals are much appreciated (do they have a kids dig camera option?, ESPECIALLY if it means you are getting a new camera. Great People those Vann’s folks.

    as Benny would say “I neeeeed it!” I know that’s how you feel too.

    Can’t wait to see what transpires. Happy weekend!

  31. Libby says:

    washer/dryer. my dryer is a POS, and if not careful, sometimes it decides not to stop running. Hello fire hazard! Requires setting of alarm clocks so I can be certain it shuts off without burning the house down. Also, Washer is loud, squeaky and I question its cleaning abilities. Alas, no funds for new washer and dryer. So that would be my choice. Followed by new kitchen appliances so they all match, and so I can get rid of the sucky ones(hello crummy dishwasher, why must I wash the dishes BEFORE the dishwasher) It was my chore to unload the dishwasher as a kid too, and I dislike it as much as you! Enjoy your blog and photos…so here is to a new camera for ya!

  32. Stephanie says:

    I would definitely purchase a lens if the discount was reasonable. I’m all about a great discount! My least favorite chore was dusting…I still loathe it to this day!

    Love the nursing pic — priceless chore!

  33. Dana says:

    lens, lens, new lens would be awesome!

  34. Jeanne says:

    Oiy, chores! I loathe them. As I type this my dishwasher is chucked full and begging to be emptied. The chore I look forward to my kids doing however is vacuuming. We just started giving our 2 3/4 year old son so half assed responsibilities with cleaning up his messes. I love how he feels so proud when it is done.

    Discount item…I am in the market for a laptop currently, so I guess I would pick that one.

  35. jen says:

    a desktop monitor.
    boring huh?
    i LOVE my laptop … but i think i really should (or everyone says i should …) have a desktop monitor in order to edit pictures appropriately … though i feel ok about what i’m putting out there … but …
    and would i purchase. maybe … depends on a lot i guess.

  36. Kate says:

    The one big chore I can’t wait to give up is cleaning bathrooms. As the only female in the house with a hubby and 3 young boys, the bathrooms are a mess. The guys have tried to help and clean them, but they just don’t do the best job.
    As for doing dishes, my kids LOVE to do it. They all started as dish rinsers before age three. We have so many pictures of them standing on chairs to help. They’d rinse pots, pans, utensils…anything not sharp or breakable. By 4 1/2, they graduate to helping unload the dishwasher.
    Right now, I’d buy a new washer if I could find a good discount. When we moved here to Australia, we went to a second hand appliance store and bought a used washer. Oh, how I wish we hadn’t picked the one we did.

  37. quinster says:

    I think about it and I dont think I really hated one chore the most.. They kinda annoyed me but I understood at a young age that you just do it and get it done with and especially if you have the best mama and she really could use the help =D but the one chore i always wanted to do was laundry!!! But she never let me! haha
    Beautiful family =D

    And for the question: Heck yes I would purchase it!! I need me a good camera with a good deal =(

  38. Lois Lane says:

    If you were offered a discount on that item, would you purchase it?
    If i could get a Macbook for a steal, I would purchase one. Maybe not this month, but next month. Those are never on sale and I’ve been wanting one for a long time.

    Can’t remember what I was required to do as a child. Honestly I can’t. I know that to this day, I still kind of like vacuuming. And folding clothes in my bed when it’s raining outside. Remember, wine makes any chore fun!

  39. Melinda says:

    As a kid I hated dusting. My mom was a stickler for detail and made me dust the baseboards (probably because we only did it a few times a year and being in the military and moving every few years I doubt they got dusted otherwise). Now, I hate putting laundry away because by the time I finally get it folded, it’s 3 days after I washed it and there’s another 4 loads to do. It’s a thankless job that is only enjoyable when my kids decide to help by practicing their jumpshots by throwing socks into their sock drawers.

  40. sarah says:

    I am loving the universe on your (and my!) behalf Nici :). What an amazing thing mutual-gratification is.

    I clicked laptop, because beloved my beloved MacBook is just starting to do some funky things after years of hard use. I’d love me a new one.

    Would I purchase with a discount? If the shipping to Australia wasn’t completely extortionate, I would seriously consider it…. Depends on the discount I guess ;)

    Go VANNS!

  41. Ariel says:

    So happy you’re getting to borrow a camera! Love love love seeing all the photos you take!

    I answered laptop in the survey. Right now our computer has a virus and is really slow and annoying. It is a painful process just for me to get some photos uploaded to it and a little blog post posted. I REALLY want a mac, but they are sooooooooo expensive! If I were offered a deal on one from a reputable person/company, I would hop on it girl!

  42. hayley j says:

    i hated unloading the damn dishes! i even used “but dad, i have homework!” as an excuse. which didn’t work. what kid wants to do homework that badly?!

  43. Erika says:

    We’ve needed a new dishwasher for probably a year. I am the only one in the that can complete the “chore” of unloading the dishwasher because I’m the only one anal enough to make sure every dish is actually clean. So yep I would indeed buy a dishwasher with a discount – that would probably be just the motivation I need.

  44. nikaloski says:

    We invite the kiddos (Bea and Lauris) to help with all sorts of stuff I have to do anyway, like cook (great garlic peelers!) and vaccum (they hold down the edges of the rug and turn it on and off)…it slows us all down, but instead of seeing them as an obstacle, I find that they are teaching me about what they need to learn. -Brandon

  45. Lisa says:

    I voted for laptop because my husband needs a new one. So, I guess if there was a discount involved we’d definitely think about it! :)

    Still hate unloading the diswasher. When I look at it and see the “clean” light lit up I just cringe!

  46. The HoJo's says:

    If the discount was big enough I would definately buy the laptop, mine is a site of historical interest by now, although it is a shame Vanns don’t have a store in Western Australia so I could visit these lovely guys myself!

    Very impressed that they let you borrow one :)


  47. Elke says:

    i mama, i want, ipad


  48. Gramomster says:

    So awesome of Vann’s to loan you a camera, help you out with supah sweet dealage!!! yay!!!

    I didn’t have chores as a kid… my grandmother was convinced there was nothing I could do well enough to actually do to her satisfaction. This did not serve me well moving into adulthood. I remember the moment it hit me; “Whaddya mean I have to BUY shampoo and toilet paper!?!?! And I have to clean the TOILET?!?!?!”
    When I was about 12, though, my grandpa gave the lawnmowing to me. That was awesome! I’d get all hayfevery, so on mowing weeks, it meant I got a whole Saturday to hang out in my room after a bath after the mowing, painting my nails, or reading, or listening to music while ‘recovering’. Yeah, okay, I played them, but I loved those Saturdays!!!

    We didn’t have a dishwasher when I was a kid, and I haven’t had one for the bulk of my adult life.
    My mother used to tell my I needed a dishwasher. My answer was always, ‘I have one! About 6’3″, long hair, glasses… I think you’ve met him.” LOL
    Now I actually do have one. Totally hate unloading the thing, and it usually doesn’t get done until my counter and sinks disappear under piles demanding to go IN. Ack.

    I clicked digital camera. We actually haven’t had a good camera in almost 20 years. After double kid breakage, we just never found the will to get a good one again. Little Canon point-and-shoot takes care of our business, but damn! I’d love a nice camera again!!!

    Now, if we owned/were staying in this house/could convert it to gas (and c’mon! there’s a hard-line gas grill outside 5 feet north of my stove inside, but the stove is electric?!) I’d SO go for a gas range!!! I. Hate. Cooking. On. Electric. Fingers crossed for the next house…

  49. jenni says:

    I too would love a digital camera and a discount could be that motivation to get one that i have been needing. I no longer live in Missoula but when i did i loved Vann’s and the family run business mentality was always a reason to return.
    I love that Andy said he couldn’t wait for the girls to be big enough to do chores my husband Andy has said that he would love to have enough kids to set up the pins at our own in home dream bowling alley. I promptly told him that we would not be having that many children maybe one really quick one would do the trick. cheers!

  50. I would TOTALLY love a gas range. Next month we are going to start looking for our dream house on a handful of acres. I want to make sure that home has an amazing gas range for all of our baking, canning and cooking needs.

  51. MandD says:

    I voted for the camera lens. And since I rarely see them go on sale and am in the market for one before my newborn gets here in the next several weeks, I would buy one with a good discount.

    Strangely enough I didn’t have any childhood chores. I didn’t even make my own bed. My mom had a rare take on chores and thought that doing well in school was our one and only job and that that is what we should spend time focusing on. So she and my dad did the rest. I have plenty of chores now though!

    Also, I would give almost anything to unload a dishwasher because that would mean we have a dishwasher to unload! Unfortunately we rent a small apartment without one so my husband and I spend a lot of time washing dishes.

  52. - Laura says:

    Chores. I don’t like that word either. My kids are 16 and 12 and they don’t like it either! Lately I’ve been trying to come up with a better word…something that conveys that we are all doing a little so that nobody (me) has to do it all. The benefits of doing the work are positive and I love a word that is positive, too. I’m liking Participate. :)

    I picked the camera lens and yes if the discount was good enough on one that I wanted I would buy it! I’ve had my Canon Rebel for 4 years and am still using d*#n lens that came with it!! LOL!!!! I actually bought a great little point and shoot for myself for Christmas because I’m not getting the pics I want from the Canon anymore and it’s driving me nuts. The new little camera takes great pics and has the advantage of being pocketable….which is nice sometimes to not have the bigger camera swinging from my neck!!

    I sure hope you get your dream camera soon!!!! But I must say that your stand-in photographer is quite talented, too!! :)

  53. - Laura says:

    Oh!! I forgot about chores as a kid…..didn’t have any. Yes, you read that right and it ruined my life!!!! My mom was of the I’ll-just-do-it-myself school of thought and either didn’t have the patience to teach us or have the job done imperfectly.

    I am here to say that it is a very bad thing to not give your kids jobs around the house!!! My sister and I have both paid the price through the years……:(

  54. I voted “lens” on behalf of my honey. Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Honey!


    I hope you get your big Lug.

    And my most hated chore now is cleaning the toilet. Makes me gag.

  55. Erin O. says:

    Chores. Are you kidding? I am an only child…I got to do all of them! :)

    I am so glad you have access to a camera, not that Margot didn’t do a great job!

    I’m saving for a camera, so I can’t buy one right away, but Vann’s will definitely be on my “to shop” list now that I know how cool they are.

  56. Jennifer says:

    Margot you are my kind of girl! Naked Vaccuuming! I have done that! :o)

    Excited for you Nici and your new camera you will soon have!

    I personally love Nikon. Their chip is better, though uses more engergy, but performance wise it is great. Go for a full frame if you can. NASA uses Nikon.

  57. Putting the knitting down for this…

    Childhood chores: Making the bed, help Mom weed/garden (cut lawn when older too), taking all the random crap from everyone upstairs. Never hated any of the chores, but dreaded the $.05 charge per day if the bed was not made; and I also hated digging through the trash to pull out the items that I failed to put away.

    What would I like? A range with an induction top & a convection oven. If the discount is good enough, I will cave. I have been doing my research for months now and letting the current oven get nasty, nasty, nasty from overuse.

    Happy Weekend!!

    Jennifer from Annapolis

  58. Jennifer says:

    Forgot to mention what I would get…. A LENS!

    My chores growing up was the yard, because I LOVE doing it. I had to wash my dad’s clothes, balance his check book monthly. He also left me in charge of buying his clothes. Yes, my parents were married, so either he was preparing me for life/husband/or because I have good taste, that is why I did all of that. He was very generous in my allowance, $20 a week in the 1980′s and he bought me a car. Can’t complain! :o)

    Now, my almost 13 year old empties the dishwasher, only I can load it because neither my husband nor her can get so much in there.

    My husband loves to vaccuum, not sure why…. Bought him a Dyson to do that. It really sucks! :o)

  59. Meredith says:

    I need a discounted stackable washer and dryer ASAP. If I could get a great discount on this, I would definitely buy it right away.

  60. Brandi says:

    I would most certainly buy a laptop as both of our “vintage” eight-year-old macs bit the dust within the same month! Best of luck in your endeavors to acquire your dream camera!

  61. Oh yeah. You totally got the camera girl. I can feel it.

    Chores: At my mom’s: cooking once a week and dishes. I loved to cook, hated the dishes. At my dad’s: mowing the 2 acre field, which I LOVED because I felt like a badass on the riding mower.

    I want a new lens, and if I was offered a sweet deal, I would likely take it.

  62. Molly says:

    I have a young son whose brain often works faster than his fingers. He creates amazing worlds and stories in his imagination but can’t get them on paper fast enough to preserve them. We are hoping that a digital camcorder will give him an outlet – to record his stories, and eventually to make movies out of them. We’d love a discount on a good digital camcorder for his birthday!

  63. Talitha says:

    Hmmm… would I actually purchase a camera if given a discount? I don’t know. I just need a little P&S with pic quality good enough for the blog. (No pictures?? BAD blogger!!) BUT, I’m kinda broke too. Could I get something for $100? $150? $200? Makes a big difference. If it was a good enough discount (too good to refuse) I probably would splurge and just buy myself a dang camera already!

  64. Lisa says:

    I would buy a laptop. I have an iPad that I love but its lack of love for Flash frustrates me on a way too regular basis.

  65. I had to laugh at Erika’s comment above because, like her, if I don’t unload the dishwasher I find suspiciously crusty dishes in the cupboard…

    I had quite a few chores as a kid and the one I hated most was folding socks. When my husband and I got together I refused point blank to mess with socks and he still finds a pile of them next to his neatly folded shirts and jeans. After 7 years together it still confuses him!

    Also, cleaning the bathroom, but who likes to do that? On the flip side, I actually don’t mind doing dishes by hand. On cold days it’s a nice way to warm up.

    Ahhh electronics… Yay for Vanns!

    I had lusted after a Canon Rebel after using one for an internship years ago, and finally this Christmas the family got together and gave me one! I’d love a new lens for it… but I actually voted for laptop as it would be nice to have the portability factor again! But, like so many other posters, a new laptop is so not in the budget and would have to be a major steal for me to seriously consider it.

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures again!

  66. Burns says:

    HI Nici – Likemany readers, i would also like a camera first but if a great discount was offred on an apple ipad I would buy one for my mom, who is an amazing mother and grandmother.

  67. KWQR says:

    Oh how I loathe unloading the dishwasher… always have… used to try to trade the job with my brothers & sister… would rather do anything else! I try to stay focused on being grateful for having a machine!
    Have started a few chores with my two little guys – their jobs are to put their dishes in the sink (working up to loading in dishwasher), to pick up toys before bed and to put their clothes in the hamper. Have high hopes that someday I can convince them that unloading the dishwasher is FUN and pass that one along to the next generation.
    Would love to get a camcorder for my family… we love all of the photos I take, but having some home movies would be grand. Unfortunately “grand” is not exactly in the budget right now.
    Happy weekend!

  68. Maggie says:

    I wish I could purchase a dishwasher! But our tiny newlywed apartment barely has room for our cats and us… next time!

    Thanks for sharing so much about your life, Nici! Your girls look like they are high on life and I tell my husband all the time as soon as we move and get any land, I’m planting a garden and buying chicks. You’re an inspiration!

  69. Britta says:

    Washer – front loader.

    I would love a discount on it, but I’m waiting to buy until I have all of the cash to pay in full. Or the current old one breaks. So I wouldn’t purchase just yet!

    I hated cleaning the toilet as a kid. Now? All chores are okay I guess.

  70. Lola says:

    You deserve it!
    Go Vanns!
    Margot’s pictures were awesome but we also need yours.
    Dig this chick can’t be without a camera. :)

  71. jane says:

    I think I would have to say a new DSLR camera, if given a great discount! I have been drooling over cameras for the past year or so, but it’s not in our budget right now, so if there was a great deal, it might be a possibility!

  72. Maybe it was all the trash cans I took to the street and back for quarters, or the potatoes I peeled and tended to in our dry locker, but the word chore makes me cringe. Even today, I don’t like either job. My girls go to Montessori, where everything is called work (painting work, letter work, chair washing work), and there’s a push to work well and happily. We often have conversations about the work we do in our home to make it run smoothly. Betty does dusting work, Lucy does the animal feeding work. They both do many more. It works. I think the secret is mixing it up, keeping it fresh.
    We need a water efficient dishwasher. If the discount on an energy star, island-friendly one was good, we’d order it.

  73. Sarah says:

    While I would love to see a discount on HE washer/drier, I probably couldn’t purchase them right now. I might purchase a camera lens for the right discount. My childhood chore was watering the plants and I was quite neglectful! sorry mom and all the green things I left thirsty.

  74. Sarah says:

    PS. I love the nursing photo, too. Molly turns 1 next week, and while i’m going to quit pumping I don’t plan on quitting to nurse until we are both ready so I like seeing you went past a year as well. I hope it is a natural process for both of us and we quit when we are both ready.

  75. Claire says:

    voted digital camera…depends on the discount and the camera I guess. I really want a DSLR, but would need a pretty good discount to swing it at this point.

  76. This is my first time to comment on your blog, although I have been reading for probably about 6 months. My least favorite chore was handwashing dishes. My parents insisted that anything plastic be handwashed and it was my job to do it at least twice a day and dry them and put them away. I hated it! I didn’t understand why we couldn’t just use the damn dishwasher. I have two little girls….Molly is almost 6 and Leah is 18months. Molly already has some responsibilities, but she loves helping out.
    I would love a new stove. We moved into our home almost 2 years ago and the stove is just old. The oven runs hot and the cooktop is crooked. Its just frustrating to cook on/in.
    Megan~Oviedo, FL

  77. Holly Taylor says:

    I read this post quickly this weekend but didn’t get around to doing the question/comment. I just read your mama digs from this week and had to run right back here and vote and comment because you are a rock star! For keeping your cool, for being smart in a time of blood boiling, and for taking action in the first place.
    I voted for range. I would not be able to purchase right now even with a discount, but in the future I would. I hate my range and would love a six burner gas range. I loved your previous range porn!

  78. Jennifer says:

    How great of Vann’s! If I were offered a discount, it would depend, but probably. I am DYING for a dSLR. and it is just not in the budget right now.

  79. honestly, i have everything I need. that’s not to say everything i have is in good running condition. my dryer squeals and my refrigerator is put together with duct tape! :)

  80. Amber says:

    I would love a new lens, but honestly – even at a discount I wouldn’t be buying it. We just have too much ahead of lenses in the purchasing queue. Boo.

  81. That is very cool of the store to help you out! We are about to buy a dishwasher anyway so if there was a great deal I would consider buying from them!

  82. Colleen says:

    I agree. Vacuuming without pants is the way to go.

  83. Christa says:

    Depends on the amount of the discount…but my camera is nearing it’s end I’m afraid, so that’s in the future anyway. I love it, but I’ve had it for many years and it was a hand-me-down from Dad to begin with.

    Big washer & dryer purchases are in the future soon too. I got the ones I have at Vanns about 9 years ago, and I do at least 2-3 loads a day. When I realized how many miles I’d put on the poor things a few months ago I felt less bad that they’re on their last legs, too.

  84. Nicole says:

    I would really love a new camera….

  85. soilmama says:

    Sadly I would not be able to purchase my top pick (lens) right now even with a discount, but I’m so happy for you that your community is helping you get a new camera!!! My Canon is broken too, so I feel your pain! Can’t wait to see what you shoot first. :)

  86. Jaim says:

    I voted for the camera and yes, if I got a discount on a Nikon D3000 you bet your bippy that I would buy it up in a heart beat, well as many beats as it takes to save the money anyway. Vann’s is great and so are your pictures.

    I hate chores and my least favorite would have to be hand washing dishes and my favorite…well the benefits of actually being able to see what all that hard-work got me, like a clean kitchen or empty laundry baskets.

    Can’t wait to her what your dreamboat camera will be!

  87. Earth Mama says:

    I vote camera lense. My camera euiptment got stolen last year and I was so sad and know exactly how you feel! I would love to purchase a new lense, but unless the discount was mighty hefty I prob wouldn’t be able to do it right now, but someday soon I’d hope.

    My least fav chore is scrubbing showers, so I, um, don’t. My husband has that job. And mopping doesn’t get me very far either, but with four kids and a dog, and three cats…it most likely goes unnoticed anyhow.


  88. I would love a shiny new front-load washer and dryer …

  89. I totally admire you for keeping your cool when getting your little one’s camera back.

    I really hope you get your dreamboat camera!

  90. I totally admire you for keeping your cool when getting your little one’s camera back.

    I really hope you get your dreamboat camera!

  91. I totally admire you for keeping your cool when getting your little one’s camera back.

    I really hope you get your dreamboat camera!

  92. I totally admire you for keeping your cool when getting your little one’s camera back.

    I really hope you get your dreamboat camera!

  93. I totally admire you for keeping your cool when getting your little one’s camera back.

    I really hope you get your dreamboat camera!

  94. Daniele says:

    can’t remember if I commented…I’d love a new camera

  95. Jesse says:

    My least favorite chore has got to be putting away laundry. I now only do my own, the big kids put the little kids’ clothes away now. I would love to say that if offered a discount I would buy a new appliance but right now it wouldn’t be possible. Hubs needs to get back to work first.

  96. Rhett says:

    I would love a new camera! The discount would have to be pretty good though for me to buy one now. Budget’s tight.

  97. megsplegs says:

    deal i most crave? new camera lens. suckiest chore: dusting. hands down. unloading the dishwasher was my chore growing up too, but now i have 6 little minions to do it for me. my hubby & i had an identical conversation to yours & andys when our 1st was born~too funny! :)

  98. I have been pining for a DLSR and if I were offered a deep discount, you can bet I would buy it, baby!

  99. REBECCA says:

    I have been eyeing a DLSR as well. So my vote is for a coupon for a new camera. I would love to support Vann’s, and if I were to get said coupon I would definitely buy it from Vann’s!

  100. allison says:

    it would have to be a pretty good discount. i could really use a new dishwasher as ours is VERY old. we have a broken dish every few weeks… we’ve accommodated by hand-washing our dishes but it sure would be nice to have a new dishwasher but alas, i live in new york and would feel pretty silly having one shipped here. so, while i would LOVE a discount on a dishwasher, I’m afraid it’s just not in the cards anytime soon. :(

  101. Amy says:

    Yes, if I was offered a discount, I will usually buy it. I almost always use the saying “well at this price, I can’t afford not to buy it” which is of course, ridiculous. But sometimes it just needs to be justified, no matter how ridiculous.

  102. I would purchase a sony e reader–I have been reading the reviews for them various places-and your store vanns has a good price-if they offered any kind of discount it would save me quite a bit versus taking my 3 boys to town-since they always have to get something when we take a shopping trip into the “city” LOL!

  103. BobbysMommy says:

    It’s actually relatively easy for me to answer this question. I have been taking pictures of my sweet 10 month old with a Kodak easy share camera (the $90 I drool over the pictures that all the other blogging mamas post wishing that I could do my baby boy justice with a “real” camera. Sadly, that’ll probably never be in the cards for me. Glad that you got a new camera though! I enjoy every picture you post! :)

  104. Lauren says:

    I vote camera lens! I have wanted a new one forever but they are expensive. A discount would be awesome and then I think I would buy it.

  105. homepage says:

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