four, yo

Today, I have been here writing and interacting with the intertubes for four years. 
In 2007 I didn’t read blogs and started one after hearing it was free and wouldn’t get lost as easily as my scribbles on the back of old envelopes. It was about gardening, running, making. A space for me to keep track of germination and growth. A while back I had a gardening business called dig this chick and so the name was easy. I like to write and take photos. I started dating Blogger.


Then I was off to grad school in Chicago for two years without my husband (because he had just started his electrician apprenticeship) and I remember considering the possibilities of getting a bit more personal on my blog about all of that. And then, surprisingly, we were pregnant. My life was changing so quickly. I cautiously tip toed into writing more openly about my heart and it felt good. A whole different kind of germination and growth that led to I a whole lot of connection, thought-provokes and inspiration.

Margot Bea’s birthday 12.18.07

Grad school on hold and a Margot in my belly, dig this chick changed into something else entirely. At first I felt like I wanted to honor the initial intention of dig so I started a different blog for bug. In hindsight I think I wanted to prove my autonomy and passions persisted within the context of motherhood. Because long ago, when unsure if I’d have kids or not, my biggest fear about motherhood was swallowed identity. And then, after a year, I understood I am Nici, a mom who gardens, writes, sews, makes, runs. Nothing was swallowed but everything in my life is about me as a mom. It is all dig. Dig.

Ruby Jane’s birthday 11/23/09

This url has chronicled some of the most vulnerable and important moments of my life. I feel really thankful for this space and for you. YOU! Fer real. I learn so much from your experiences, advice, camaraderie, support. Thanks.

SO. A giveaway dontyouknow. And a good one. Remember how my camera broke and then Vann’s gave me the rockstar loaner until I got my paws on my Dreamboat (thank you Vann’s!)? Well, we’re giving that barely-used, totally awesome rockstar loaner away to one of you lucky peeps!

Leave a comment for a chance at it. Tell me something interesting, path-changing that has happened to you in the last four years. For another entry, ‘like’ dig on facebook and leave another comment here telling me you did.


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  1. GoMe1987 says:

    I fell in love with your blog a few months ago! This year has been a life changer for me. My husband was deployed to Afghanistan early October and missed the birth of our second daughter by 2 weeks. This year I have grown so much and now know the true strength I have. Just 5 more months until I get my husband back :)

  2. Auto says:

    4 years ago. I was a totally different person. I wonder about her and what she did with all of her spare time. Life changes so completely after you have kids. Cheers to four years!

  3. jen says:

    first is never good for winning anything … but since i don’t NEED a new camera … i’ll go first … get it out of the way for someone who needs it.
    (and if for some crazy ass reason number one wins it … i’ll donate it to someone who does.)
    path changing in the last four years?
    realizing my passion and determining that i am the only person that can tell me to go for it.

  4. Megan says:

    Congrats and Happy 4th Annviersary!! I love reading your blogg and your girls are so cute. Four years ago I was prego with my 2nd child and was WADDLING.

  5. Crystal says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. jen says:

    side note?
    i was first when i started writing and then i had to rescue a dog’s water dish from a water lovin’ boy. so third it is!
    also … congrats on your four years. i’ve loved “getting to know” you and your family …

  7. booksNyarn says:

    Happy Blogaversary Nici! :)

    Thank you for letting us into your life and givings us laughs, tears and inspiration.

  8. Adriana Iris says:

    I lost my kid brother in December of 2010. He was 32… young very young. I was at times his mother and as a child his chunky self would get picked on a lot… it was easy to pick on him. so I protected him. blogging has been healing, cathartic and beautiful and because of it i’ve met and connected with some amazing women. connected… can you believe after such sorrow to find hope and beauty in life so quickly?! I have and it’s all because of blogging…have a great weekend.

  9. Boo's Mom says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I so enjoy your blog. Please don’t put my name in for a chance on the camera — I have a decent one; let someone else who needs it win.

  10. CC says:

    In the last four years I’ve lived through two miscarriages, miles of tears, stacks of reference books, self-demanded genetic testing and countless hours of Acupuncture and Naturopathic consultation. Now at the end of that journey I’ve got a healthy 13 month old girl, another baby on the way and a powerful understanding of how heartbreaking infertility is and just how much hard work and luck went into my family. I am a successful business owner and world traveler. This path to motherhood is the defining experience of my life.

    Thank you for your lovely blog and such a fantastic giveaway.

  11. Mary A-J :) says:

    Ryko is currently trying to help me type this. I am have had so many life changes which have happened, I graduated college, got married, moved from Minnesota back to my home state of Arizona, got pregnant, had an amazing boy, transitioned from being a stay at home mama to being a working mama, and now have my parents living in our home with us. There has been happy, sad, mind-blowing, discouraging, encouraging, and more. But always there is love to help shelter from any storms and love to help share any joys. So HAPPY you have your dreamboat. I am working towards mine but in the meantime would love to give a wonderful home and many hours of use to that beautiful lumix. :)

  12. Sue says:

    Hi, Great giveaway… In the last 4 years we have introduced biking and kayaking to our routine which is awesome fun.. and we have added chickens to our organic garden… wonderful fun for all the family :)

  13. Michele says:

    I started blogging after my youngest daughter came home from the hospital a year and a half ago. She was born three months premature, and once she was home it just didn’t seem to do her any justice to write her milestones on little slips of paper like I did with her older sister. Her milestones were smaller, yet more momentous. A turn of the head…when she finally unclinched her fist. Now she’s big and walking and standing on the couch. And holy shit, she’s standing on the couch….

  14. Lesley says:

    Four years ago I had two young sons, now I have two young men. I am proud every single day of the people they are growing into, and they continuously shape who I am.

  15. Lady George says:

    Happy Blogaversary!!!

    Four years ago I met the man that’s changed my life completely over a flat tire. Now we’re married, 1,200 miles from where we met, and off on all sorts of adventures that the U.S. Coast Guard sends us.

  16. Staci says:

    day-um!!! Best give away EVER! Perhaps just in time to document my own little love-bug’s arrival in a couple weeks?? Here’s hopin’!
    Been reading along with you for about 2 1/2 of these four years and have much respect, admiration and adoration for you and yours. Thanks for giving us all real stuff to relate to and inspiration through all your adventures. And a sweet window into a place I miss so much!
    Here’s to another 4 years….

  17. April says:

    Yay for your 4-year mark!
    In the last 4 years a lot of has happened including a near-fatal bout with depression and moving to Idaho and starting to build our tiny house. Maybe in 4 more it will be done.

  18. Jenn says:

    Congrats on your blogoversary!! Three and a half years ago, we brought our little girls home after a two year long journey to them. We brought them home to little ole’ Montana from Africa. Our journey as parents dramatically changed from parenting our homegrown children, to growing in love and parenting children that were baked in someone else’s oven, and raised for several years under their loving birth mother’s care. It’s been heart-breaking at times, eye opening, AMAZING always…and we are so thankful to be on this journey.

  19. erin says:

    oh my, what a mere four years can bring! like you, i’ve pushed out two beautiful babes, left my day job and started a small home sewing business. i also gained a sister-in-law (in montana!), a niece, and moved to a new state. and each day i discover more and more about myself as i amble through motherhood. i also discovered the comforting world of blogs and just this past year, discovered dig! i love your blog, thanks for trusting and sharing.

  20. Jaim says:

    Wow, congratulations on the 4 years! What a GREAT giveaway!

    4 years has brought me a house in the middle of the wilderness, a new job as a momma, 2 girls that took a lot of hospital time to kick out, and a life I had never thought possible. 4 years has also taught me that I am blessed and need to never take anything for granted.

    Thanks for sharing, inspiring, and showing us that “WE” can do it too.

  21. Happy blogiversary! I think I’ve been reading since the start :)

    This year will bring the big changes for me…we’re uprooting our life in Denver to move to a smaller town to follow our dreams and start a family.

    Thanks for the wonderfully cute, entertaining and thoughtful nuggets you’ve provided for the past four years. And for the chance to win a sweet camera :)


  22. Becky V says:

    I love your blog and have found it such a great resource for my forays into young motherhood. I have two little ones, 6 months and 2 years, am attempting my first “real” garden this yaer, aspire to cook only good whole food for my family and love keeping our dumplings occupied with fuss free activities. I loved your idea for an art table and made one for our home and have tried a couple of your recipes. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s greatly appreciated!

  23. Tonja Keene says:

    In the past 4 years I moved away from Washington, my home state, to Utah where I have learned to be on my own without family or close friends as a cushion. I met a boy. We fell in love. We got PREGNANT! I was 25 but I felt like a child. I wasn’t prepared. I was scared out of my mind. But life goes on despite fear, and here I am, 26 years old with the most amazing 16 month old daughter. Through blogs like yours I have found strength in motherhood and the ties that bind us all. You inspire me and encourage me with your words and pictures. THANK YOU!

  24. sarah d v says:

    I love your blog and photos as I silently observe. Your comment about losing your identity while being a mother totally hit home. I actually wrote an email about that yesterday. In the last four years, I’ve moved 4 times and become a mother and this year, I’m starting a garden! woo hoo.

  25. Tanya says:

    Happy 4 years to you! Boy, the past 4 years have held a lot of growth for me as well. I applied and was accepted to grad school, completed my MSW, got a dream job at the children’s hospital at our university, experienced the heartache of my parents’ divorce as an adult child, got married, got pregnant, moved home with my spouse and my belly, and am about to welcome our first daughter into the home I grew up in…sometimes even when it doesn’t feel like it, growing up can also mean coming full circle to the place you started. I am so looking forward to the next 4!

    Blogs like yours inspired me to start my own, and I don’t anticipate it will ever have a following like dig, but it’s a wonderful space for me to write, think about my life and those around me, and plan for the next things to come! Thank you :)

  26. Last four years: moved, sent my oldest off to college and next year send my youngest to kindergarten. So I am finding my new path as a still at home mom. Back to work? maybe, maybe not

  27. Jessi says:

    I had a preemie at 23 weeks, 2 days. He’s changed my life.

  28. jaymeefoster says:

    I think I can sum up my love for your blog by telling you this:

    When my google reader shows that I have 30 unread blogs and yours is one of them I always save it for last…savoring it, knowing it will be the best way to walk away from the computer and start my day.

    From one Montanan to another thank you for reminding me that it’s awesome to just be myself and love my daughter as big as the sky.

    You’re awesome Niki. : )

  29. Kristianna says:

    Four years ago — in two weeks from today — my daughter turned 5 and my husband moved on an entirely different path with his career. Simultaneously, to completely throw us for a loop, my beloved youngest child decided to begin growing in me. It’s really only been in the past month or two that I’ve felt like things are back on track, but a different track than I foresaw 4 years ago. Life is confusing and amazing.

    Congrats on 4 years!

  30. Happy 4 years!!! I so enjoy reading your adventures on here :)

    In the past four years I went from free-spirited single girl completely focused on self-wellness, to a married mama of two babes, writing and painting my way to self-wellness in small increments while my kids are busy at play or asleep. Some has changed but some remains the same. I’m so enjoying the mingling of the past and the present Me.

  31. Brandi says:

    Over the last four years I have quit my job to be a stay at home momma and wife. Our little family currently lives in Alaska, my husband is in the Air Force. We have committed ourselves to exploring this great state. We’ve been up here for 5.5 years with 2.5 left and I know that we will never see everything this great state has to offer.
    I have attempted and failed at gardening. I’ll continue to attempt though until I master it!
    I’ve started shopping the farmer’s market. With the midnight sun of Alaska some have great success at produce!!!
    I enjoy cooking scratch made, wholesome meals for my family. Knowing exactly what is in each meal and nourishing the bodies that my meals feed makes me proud and accomplished.
    I have made a conscience choice to shop OUTSIDE of the box stores. There are so many great artists out there and it does my soul good knowing I’m putting a little money into their pockets!
    In the next 4 years I want to have completed my family with having another baby, reclaiming my body by getting fit again, start the exploration of our next duty station, and continue on the path of GROWTH!

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  33. pinkpedicure says:

    Almost 2 years ago our family of 4 moved out of the big city and into a wonderful small town. We haven’t looked back once.

  34. I am in love with your blog and how you just tell it like it is. The past four years have been a whirlwind for me, I got my bachelors, got married, and had a beautiful baby girl. What a great 4 years it’s been :)

  35. I’ve been reading your blog for a little less than ayear now & I must say it is one of my favorites to read over my morning coffee. It always inspires me.

  36. tyler says:

    I’ve never commented on here, but I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. I absolutely love your style and views on life. You rock!

    In November of 2009, when I was 19 weeks pregnant with my first child, my father passed away suddenly at the age of 46. It was heart wrenching to say the least. My life has definitely changed, but one good thing that has happened is I’ve learned to love more openly and honestly, because you never know how long you will get to be here.

  37. Cait says:

    Congrats on a great four years!

    For us my man and I have both finished our undergraduate degrees, played house for a while in the city and then (more recently in the last few months) thrown caution to the wind and moved home to our farm. We started our own blog to keep our city friends updated about our farm adventures but at the same time we’ve enjoyed looking back through the blog at the little details of the last 6 months that we might have forgotten. The things we couldn’t really notice at the time as we ran around getting ready for our animals to arrive!

  38. PunkRockChic says:

    My babies. My son, born two and a half years ago, via emergency c-section and my baby girl, born four months ago, via all-natural vbac. My babies and their births have changed, shaped, molded who I am. I’ve never been so unbelievably fulfilled :)

  39. ValVery says:

    Thanks, Nici, for giving your readers a chance like this; but also giving us a little peek into your family’s life.
    Four years ago, I turned 21 and was pregnant with my 2nd, my daughter. It was, hands down, the happiest year I’ve yet to experience. So far, in my 25th year, this has been the hardest and scariest year, and yet I’m seeing more and more light at the end of the tunnel; part of what got me here was reading Dig this Chick. So thanks.

  40. Beth says:

    Four years ago I was finishing up my second degree, planning my wedding, and working full-time on my career and my five-year plan. Since then I’ve graduated, walked down the aisle, bought a house, opened my home to my newly-single mom, quit my job to mother my 17 month old son…and thrown the five-year plan out the window.

    I’ve only been reading your blog for about 6 months, but I look forward to each new post as a source of creative inspiration and grounding.

  41. Mary-Cate says:

    In the past 4 years I have moved away from my home (WI) to be with my boyfriend (now husband) while he finished grad school (in AL.) It’s been a long 4 years here, but we were married and had our little guy, Zayn, 5 months ago. Now, it’s possible we’re moving halfway across country… and I’m so excited for wherever we go.

    I also discovered your blog over a year ago and fell in love with it. I love you how you keep it real! I have even gone all the way back to read your first post and now I’m caught up (I hope that doesn’t sound creepy.) xx

  42. Jenny says:

    Something that has changed my path in the last 4 years: Well, it was really just a little over 1 year ago. I found Kelle’s blog while on maternity leave with my own little, and then of course, it brought me to yours. I savor everything just a little more now, and have started exploring my camera in a way I didn’t know I could. Life is moving slower, in a good way, and I attribute it all to day I found Kelle.

    Winning an almost new camera? I never win anything, but oh how wonderful that would be!

    -Jenny in Iowa

  43. Jill Carilli says:

    What an awesome give away. I also tiptoed into blogging in 2006 but worried I had nothing to say. Didn’t want the blog to be too personal or too much about my kids. So it sat stagnant. Then I realized my kids are my life, so why not document for them all our days together while I am blessed to be staying home with them. So I changed the name of my blog from Excited for my Thirties to The Adventures of SuperMom, and have never looked back. I love my blog and I keep it soley for friends and family to keep track of our adventures. I have picked up a few extra readers along the way and I am ok with that. :) xo

  44. Daina says:

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I always enjoy hearing about how and why people started blogging. I started my own blog back in August and have really enjoyed getting to know people in the blogging community and opening myself up through my writing. Thanks for always posting and inspiring others to blog!

  45. Aly says:

    Four years ago I began dating my soon to be husband. That decision changed my life for the better. Now we have our sweet baby girl, Beatrice and another on the way. Glad to have found your blog and shared in your journey.

  46. Aly says:

    I liked you on FB :)

  47. Stephanie says:

    The last four years in a comment? This could go on to e one very long comment. I will do my best to sum it up the way I see how the last four years happened.
    If I could describe it in a word: fast. My first born will be four in 6 weeks and I have no idea how that happened. It was just yesterday that we found out we were pregnant.
    Since the moment he was born I feel like life has gone by at warped speed. They tell you not to blink because your children will be grown before you know it and man, it is so very true!
    In these last four years I have learned so much about life, through my son. He has helped me to see and enjoy things in a way I would never have. He has inspired me to do and see things that the me before babies would not have enjoyed or understood.
    As we leave tiddlywinks and head into childhood I will remind myself of how fast it all goes… Just yesterday he was a newborn in my arma and soon he will be four.
    The last four years were the most amazing years of my life so far. I can only imagine how the next four will be… With TWO boys :)

  48. What a cool giveaway, and story too.

    My path-changing event was when my husband set up my very first art show, without asking. He set it up and that was that. I just had to bring my work. He was trying to get me to admit to myself that, yes, I am an artist instead of just, “i like to paint and stuff.” And it worked! I sold 3 pieces that night.

    I owe him a lot for that.

  49. Dana says:

    Happy Anniversary! Love your blog so much! I’m inspired and awed by all you do.
    The past 4 years I’ve been in school…about to graduate
    this spring and begin a whole new chapter in my life.

  50. jenniwaka says:

    Almost exactly four years ago I quit a lecturing job at a university in Nagasaki, married my Japanese hubby and brought him back to the US (or actually came back without him for 8 months until his greencard came through). I have worked a trio of completely unrelated jobs since then and now am a stay-at-home mom with my almost 3-month-old and am so so happy! What a difference 4 years makes!

  51. jennkennedy says:

    My path changer is nestled up to my chest, milk drunk and half asleep right now. My husband and I welcomed our first (surprise) son in January. He is the most incredible thing we didn’t know we were ready for.
    Also, I drool over your photographs and the camera is a thing of beauty.

  52. hayley j says:

    happy 4 years of blogging…i’m so glad i found your blog. the last 4 years for me have been the greatest…high scool graduation, college, moving to germany. and miss ruby shares a birthday with my mama :)

  53. amazing nici: you inspire me! 2 weeks after my peanut was born almost 6 years ago, i started a year-long course of chemo & it’s nasty cousin, radiation, to treat hodgkin’s lymphoma. 2 years and 9 months ago, disease-free and trying to maybe have another, we conceived TWO! yup, we got a BOGO. trying and hard and a blessing all at the same time. i’d love to document all 3 of my lovely nutty kids with that camera!

  54. Maria says:

    Happy 4, Nici! Love your blog. I hope Margot’s little thumb is better.
    I love the Lumix. My sister has one & I love fooling around with it.

  55. - Laura says:

    Gosh, in four years my littles have grown in to beautiful olders…the change is remarkable and reminds me of the first year of momentous and so life changing for ME!

    I started a theater with 5 other strong, beautiful, creative and crazy women!! I found my creativity again in set design and construction. Seeing it onstage, under the lights as a backdrop to another artist story, another’s direction and then the actors…I feel like I have a gallery showing every night! It is good.

    In four years I’ve been finding and connecting with other women around the world who I will likely never meet but have touched my heart forever. Thank you, Nici!!!

  56. Camera entry! I also “Liked” you on Facebook.

  57. Rhonda says:

    In the last 4 years I have become a mom of 2, a full time carreer woman and a wife. I feel whole and complete and I wouldnt change anything for the world! I also became hooked on the blog world and love “meeting” so many incredible and talented woman!
    Happy 4 years to you!!

  58. Rhonda says:

    I also like you on FB as well :)

  59. The biggest life altering moment for me is the birth of my daughter, Norah Lee. She has uprooted who I thought I was and turned me into a soft-hearted mama. She has changed my life completely and I’ll never be the same!

  60. Monica says:

    the past 4 years have been a wonderful blur to me which i hope to make a bit more clearer with a spiffy camera like that! but here are some of my big life changers:

    – becoming a homeowner (2007)
    – marrying my hunk of a man (2009)
    – becoming a momma (2010)
    – becoming a full time momma (2011)

    maybe i should have started a blog during all these events, eh?

    congrats on your anniversary, Nici! hope to read many more..

  61. I like you on FB now – so glad you have a page!

  62. M says:

    4 years, that is wonderful! Congratulations. 4 years ago I was planning my wedding with my sweet husband. Crazy to think about how much has changed in what seems like a short amount of time. Change is so so good. I can’t wait to see where the next 4 take us!

  63. Tara says:

    Wishing you a happy 4 year anniversary! Wish I would have found you sooner, but am so glad I am now here. In four years we have watched our sweet girls go from 3,6, and 8 years old to now 7,10,and 12. They teach me so much everyday!

  64. Honey says:

    Happy Blogaverssary. I’ve enjoyed reading along!

    In the past four years I have created my life. I have learned about cosmic superglue- the magical stuff that sticks me to my love more firmly than I would have ever believed possible. I fell in love with a piece of property, gardened there and dreamed there- and then stood in the burnt-down ruins of my home, and walked away, only to find a more amazing home waiting for me. I might have to walk away from this one too (although, at least it will still be standing!) but I have learned that no matter what life throws at you, even if you don’t duck in time, there is something worthwhile waiting for you when you stand up!

    In a lot of ways, the past four years have been me growing up- learning the value of house and home, realizing I do want a baby on my hip, and so much more.

  65. Monica says:

    by the way, we’re also facebook buddies. can you tell i really want that camera??

  66. Happy 4 years – I’ve really enjoyed your honest blog and pictures. Makes me miss MT so much. Transformation seems to happen to me in huge jumps and slowly and unnoticable. We’re working hard to move back to MT this next year and simplify. Thanks for the inspiration. Doesn’t motherhood transform us so quickly and perfectly?

  67. Happy 4 years – I’ve really enjoyed your honest blog and pictures. Makes me miss MT so much. Transformation seems to happen to me in huge jumps and slowly and unnoticable. We’re working hard to move back to MT this next year and simplify. Thanks for the inspiration. Doesn’t motherhood transform us so quickly and perfectly?

  68. Happy 4 years – I’ve really enjoyed your honest blog and pictures. Makes me miss MT so much. Transformation seems to happen to me in huge jumps and slowly and unnoticable. We’re working hard to move back to MT this next year and simplify. Thanks for the inspiration. Doesn’t motherhood transform us so quickly and perfectly?

  69. Happy 4 years – I’ve really enjoyed your honest blog and pictures. Makes me miss MT so much. Transformation seems to happen to me in huge jumps and slowly and unnoticable. We’re working hard to move back to MT this next year and simplify. Thanks for the inspiration. Doesn’t motherhood transform us so quickly and perfectly?

  70. Happy 4 years – I’ve really enjoyed your honest blog and pictures. Makes me miss MT so much. Transformation seems to happen to me in huge jumps and slowly and unnoticable. We’re working hard to move back to MT this next year and simplify. Thanks for the inspiration. Doesn’t motherhood transform us so quickly and perfectly?

  71. In the past few years, I started grad school to get my PhD in floriculture. I hated the idea of living in an apartment for the subsequent 5 years and not being able to garden. I took a huge leap and bought a foreclosed home (at age 23) soon after starting school. I love my house (a 1920s bungalow) and especially love my 3/4 acre yard! The responsibilities with homeownership are huge, but it’s totally worth it.

  72. Malissa says:

    Four years ago I decided I was going to graduate school. I overcame my fear of taking the GRE and statistics and threw myself headfirst into this endeavor. I was so scared and unsure but I wanted the autonomy and ability to help those I cared for. I was tired and frustrated that my patients I took care of were getting suboptimal care due to budgets and management issues, etc. I now work as a nurse practitioner in an oncology clinic. I am in love with my patients and my job. I am glad I made the leap after thinking about it for 13 years!

  73. Donna says:

    Oh! I have to agree that becoming a mama was truly life changing. our son was a huge surprise and resulted in many adjustments in priorities. I, like you, believed that before I had kids I would continue with all activities I did. I thought I was more than that. However, the birth of our son was the biggest most amazing experience and I have no problem with putting my energy into making him the best human being he can be. We have such a duty to these little guys and I have no regrets. I still work, run, and have a relationship. But I am his mother and I have no regrets. Thanks for sharing your motherhood experience with us!

  74. Mememom says:

    Happy anniversary! Four years can make a huge difference–particularly when you’re counting in kid years. In the past four years, I’ve watched my “baby” leave for college, embraced the empty next while enjoying her visits, started my own business and watched my husband of 32 years prosper as a freelancer! Huge changes. Love your blog, your energy, your insights, your heart.

  75. Tonya says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway! Hmmm, a lot has changed for me in the last 4 years. I have changed a lot….many things that I have always believed to be true, I now question. I will turn 40 at the end of the week, and I think this is causing a minor upheaval in me. Also, I lost(not through death) my best friend of 16 years at the same time that I gave birth to my 8th child. This person, who I thought I knew and loved like a sister, pretty much left half of her family to start a *new* life. I am still reeling from this. The person she is now is not someone I could ever be friends with. Anyway, it has been a rough 2 years. I just want to say that I love your blog, you are an awesome woman and mother : )

  76. The Watzeks' says:

    Four years ago, I had yet to enter motherhood. But, I had met my husband. We would get married months later.
    Now, we have added two children to our family and have moved away due to orders of Uncle Sam (the military). But, we’re together and happy.
    I’ve grown deeply in the past four years. I’ve become a wife and a mother. I’ve moved out of my parents house and moved states away. I’m riding this journey and loving every minute.

    Happy Blog-birthday! I’m happy your blog went in this direction =)

  77. Blair says:

    congratulations on your anniversary:). i love your blog and know what you mean- what a great, lasting place to store memories (better than envelopes!;)) and to meet amazing people from around the world! A year ago I found out i was pregnant, after struggling with infertility. now i have a beautiful, sweet 4-month old boy. and i have the opportunity to show him all of life’s wonders- i feel so blessed:).

    happy anniversary & weekend!


  78. Path changing? Accepting Motherhood. Accepting that any and all accomplishments outside of creating & nurturing this little being that came into my life- that everything else is just icing. She is the cake and ifshe is the only big idea that I ever follow through on, then she will be enough.

  79. Kathleen says:

    Congratulations on 4 years of beautifully written, real life journaling! I feel like in the last four years I have changed the way I observe, participate and reflect on the world through the eyes of my 17 month old. I believe they enter our lives as little re-start buttons to appreciate every day miracles.

  80. Chante says:

    The girl I was four years ago was not yet a mama. That girl didnt know that she wasnt even close to being the person she was meant to become. She didnt know that work and money would soon become so
    unimportant. She didnt know how much love you could actually have for someone else. She didnt know she could love herself too.

    Love love love your blog!

  81. 4 years ago this June, after many years of hard work and preparation, I finally realised my lifelong ambition and opened an animal shelter. It is still going strong and making a difference to the lives of many homeless animals.

    Many people told me I couldn’t do it, but I did and I am proud of everything that we have achieved.

    Now I am 4 weeks away from giving birth to my first baby, and looking forward to one day bringing her in to meet some of the adorable rescue pets that we help!

  82. Zoe says:

    Let’s see. . . in the last four years I have moved to a new town for my husbands job in September 2007, graduated with my second masters degree in December 2007, had my first daughter in January 2008, went back to work in August 2008 after 4 years as a stay-at-home mom, stood by my mother-in-law as she bravely went through treatment for breast cancer, watched proudly as my son started kindergarten, had a miscarriage in 2009 and delivered my second daughter in September 2010. Wow, I didn’t realize how busy I have been in a relatively short time. Bring on the next four years!

  83. Becky says:

    4 yrs seems like a lifetime! 4 yrs ago my life was “perfect”, then it all fell apart and now its back together, better than before. Love that we lived thru it and can look back knowing there was a purpose. Love your blog!

  84. Becky says:

    Definitely liked you on FB!

  85. kristinmt82 says:

    I hope it is ok to enter for my mother, who needs this camera much more than I do. We both have overcome a lot this past year, but ignoring the genetic green eyed monster that is self-doubt was our biggest obstacle. Now, at 50(something) and 28, we are going to college together. I am married with two young boys with big dreams to start a business. She is single and struggling to make it on one income so she decided to finish the nursing degree she gave up when my older brother was born. Through her financial difficulties, she has always remained positive and selfless. She is always the first to offer help, even when she has the least to give. She recently took up photography, and entered herself into a MCP Action Challenge. I know she has great vision, but her camera is bottom line. I know she would never spend that much money on herself, but I think she deserves something spectacular. It’s worth a shot, here we go!

  86. Chante says:

    I “liked” you on Facebook too. Would have “liked” you even if it weren’t for the camera :)

  87. Congratulations! I so enjoy reading your blog and observations about life. In the past 4 years, my kids have gotten older (they turn 6 on Monday), I have watched tons of basketball games (my husband is a varsity boys coach) and I have become more sure of myself as a Mom, wife and as a physical therapist (with the help of reading blogs like yours).

    My little blog humbly has a link to yours so you have been sharing your story with my friends and family also and for that, I say thanks!

  88. Totally like you on facebook also…

  89. Shelly says:

    As a teacher, I wrote a blog about learning, books, AHA moments in my classroom. Then my life took another path…adopting an orphan from Eastern Europe(not allowed to name the country until finalized!)

    I began another blog, sharing my thoughts, discouragements, and miracles that took place in our paperwork process. Our travel date to meet her will be coming this week and our anticipation has never been greater.

    Our family is changed. We see things we never saw. We celebrate more. We live in the moment. Mostly, love and laughter is all around us.

  90. Mary Beth says:

    Well, four years ago, I’d just gotten engaged to my wonderful husband – actually, it was four years ago today! Being able to spend the past four years with my best friend, partner and wonderfully cute husband has definitely been a life-changer for me!

  91. Just under four years ago, my two sweet daughters, Clara and Elena were born. This seems to be a theme of several of your comments this week! Our twist – until just three days before their birth, I didn’t know they existed. I was wandering through the world lamenting how I would not get to be a mother and how I was going to miss one of the largest, life-altering experiences there is. Then, we got the call from our adoption agency that a birth mother had picked us to parent her twins, and that they would be born within the next few days!! We high-tailed it across the width of Montana to go to them, and arrived just as they were born. From our first moments in that nursery on, I was a different person. And I am so happy for it.

  92. KWQR says:

    My biggest path-changing event was a bit more than four years ago… when my first son was born & we learned he has Down Syndrome. Rocked our world to the core… little did we know at the time that it was rocked in all the best ways.

    A bit more than three years ago we welcomed our second little boy to the world. Somehow becoming a mother of two was what it took for me to really embrace motherhood. To be comfortable enough to let that word describe me. I had always said I did not want any kids… my fear of losing myself, my own identity, was a huge part of that proclamation. Funny what a little time & a whole lot of love can change.

    Congrats on four years of blogging… I so enjoy your writing & pictures & a glimpse into your beautiful world.


  93. me says:

    I “like” you on facebook already!!

  94. Karly says:

    I discovered you through Kelle’s blog and have been reading you since she linked. I like you on FB as well. I enjoy the peak into your little slice of heaven. :)

  95. Amanda says:

    I like you on facebook, already. :) How could I not?

  96. Amanda says:

    I had 2 daughters in the last four years, too. Scout is almost 4 and Louise is 8 months. I used to think I knew about what “life changing” meant. Things like meeting my husband, getting my degrees, whatever… they were life changing. But then I had my kids and they really changed everything.

  97. Lisa says:

    The last four years have been amazing in so many ways. Almost three years ago my brother died and I thought that nothing would feel normal again. since then I have made peace with my brothers death, (I still miss him everyday but have given up the guilt of it) then last year we welcomed my first son, Emmett Ryan (Ryan was my brother’s name). Emmett is so much like my brother, all the best parts of him. Even if I don’t have my brother with me any more we have this mini version of him to remind me how much I love him and miss him. Also, Emmett is pretty darn cute.

    Love the blog! I read it every week. Hi to Margot and Ruby

  98. Kathryn says:

    I found your blog via Kelle Hampton’s, and I’ve been an avid reader ever since! I got engaged almost a year ago and am getting married to the love of my life on May 21st! It’s been complete life changing and I cannot wait for everything to come!

  99. Jamie Moyer says:

    Our number 3 boy was born almost 4 years ago. If it’s not life changing living with 4 males I don’t know what is:)

  100. emboogie says:

    I decided to go to school to be a nurse. Helps me to took at people – of all ages – in a totally different way. I love it and couldn’t ever imagine going back.

  101. emboogie says:

    and I already like you on facebook : )

  102. Kristyn says:

    In the last four years, I’ve discovered that I am more courageous, loving, and forgiving than I ever thought possible. And that I will sacrifice anything for the sake of my family.

    Since I’m fortunate enough to have a a Canon DSLR already, if my comment is selected as the winner, I’d like it to go to someone else who could really use it!!

    Happy Blogaversary :)

  103. Wow – a chance to own a camera fiddled with by Dig? How cool!
    The event that has changed me the most in the last four years was my son coming into the world. I quit my job as an engineer, where I could rely on data and scientific truths to get me through the day. I landed squarely on my arse when my baby wouldn’t do what the books said he “should”. So I have had to become more intuitive and flexible. I think. I’m trying. :)

  104. Elizabeth says:

    The birth of my girlies (they are 14 and 16)was definitely a path changing time for me…I have been lucky to stay home with them and I am continually amazed that once you become a mom so much is defined by that. Through what I do with my girlies I am exploring who I am and growing with them!

    The most recent path changing thing for me is my mom’s passing. It was always one of my biggest fears to live in this world without my mom…so it all seems to hinge on the mothering thing…having a mom, being a mom…so thankful for both.

  105. jane says:

    Four years ago? I was wading in the waters of motherhood, just getting my feet wet with a little two month old baby girl to guide me along. Four years later we have two girls, and we continue to grow and change and adapt right along with them. It’s a wonderful adventure! And I hope I win! I’ve been slowly saving for a new camera, and would LOVE to win this one!!!!!

  106. T. Nelson says:

    Love your blog… I stumbled upon it one day, and I have kept stumbling back! :)

    My path-changer is my boyfriend Andrew. 2 years ago I was 36 years old and wondering if I was ever really going to be happy. I’d tried internet dating, blind dating, set-ups and everything. When I finally decided to calm down a little and try to enjoy the path I was on, I found Andrew. He’d been right under my nose all along. Sometimes you have to slow down and smell the roses to really see the opportunities around you.

    Thank you for your blog. I really enjoy it. :)

  107. T. Nelson says:

    P.S. I liked you on Facebook too!

  108. jane says:

    Soooo, I liked you on facebook a while back. Does that count? I’m hoping it does. :)

  109. Jenny says:

    I also like Dig on Facebook!!!

    -Jenny in Iowa

  110. Xtine says:

    I love your blog for so many reasons… yay to annaversaries. The last four years have been the biggest… married, become a mom, started doing art again for real… gone to my dark side and back… I love reading all the other comments because I know no matter what crazy life I am living there are women out there marching parallel with me! You are great Nici, thanks! Oh, I dont need a camera… but I would pass it on if Im the lucky gal

  111. Tatiana says:

    Isn’t it funny how life sometimes has other plans that are not our own. 3 years ago I started my application process for grad school as well, 1 month into it I was pregnant. BIG surprise…like, BIG TIME. Our little girl just turned two last week. So this past September I started my process AGAIN, and BAM! pregnant.

    Talk about path-changing. Our little boy will be here this May. I think I’ll try grad school again when my kids go to school. That may be safer haha.

  112. Tatiana says:

    I also like you on facebook :)

    Tsciancalepore at gmail dot com

  113. Cate says:

    I found your blog when Kelle visited you and posted about it, and have been reading ever since. My husband and I have a 2.5 yr old son, and we live an organic, vegan lifestyle. I relate to your life in a lot of ways and gain inspiration from you, and Kelle, in different and complimentary ways.

    My life has continued to evolve in the last four years just as it has my whole life- all leading to right where I am supposed to be. Of course, having my son was the biggest evolution to date. He has taught me so much about life and myself and summons me to keep growing. Thank you for sharing your world w/ us! Happy Anniversary :))

    Ps. I DO need that camera!!!! I love taking pictures of my son, and have thousands of him. But I miss a lot of amazing shots because my little point-and-shoot is slow! oxo

  114. LynC says:

    My last four years have been almost identical to yours (kid-wise anyway). Suprise I’m pregnant! Bought a house. Had Karson September 07. Got laid off. Suprise pregnant again! Found the perfect part-time job. Had Kamden October 09. Now I’m a part-time stay-at-home-mom. I never would have chosen this path for myself, but it’s absolutely where I want to be now. Now, I’m looking forward to #3.

  115. LynC says:

    I like you on FB!

  116. StellarMom says:

    Four years ago, my husband and I lived in Hawaii. We lived on the Big Island, along the Hamakua coast, which for the greater part of the last century was a thriving sugar cane plantation district. The area is now a living relic of a bygone era- along the only two lane highway are the rusty and broken down sugar mills. These days most of the land is used for mono-ag landscaping plants or cattle grazing.
    We lived in an eighty yr old post-and-pier house, which was raised a full story off the ground. Four years ago, my oldest son had just turned one. While eating cherry tomatoes in the backyard, he threw one into the dirt behind our back stairs. Before long, that tomato turned into a monsterous climbing plant that eventually reached the roof. In hawaii, almost anything and everything grows at an astonishing rate.
    Between then and now, our life’s path has taken a few hairpin turns. In 2008, I became pregnant with our second son, we moved from our paradise home to Colorado to be near my husband’s family after his grandfather passed away, and shortly after moving my then-2 year-old son was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a life threatening genetic disease for which there is currently no cure.
    During the summer of 09 I gave birth to my youngest son, and his big brother cut the cord.
    Life is painfully beautiful, wonderfully crazy and everything in between. I love everything I’ve read on your blog, because you have such a gift for both absorbing and reflecting all that is life. Happy 4th, Nici!!!

  117. Happy 4th anniversary! 4 years ago I finished a PhD and gave birth to my own Ruby Elise… within a month of one another! Love your blog, keep it up!

  118. Both kids have gone off to college and it has been an adjustment to my life and who I am. I realized I had to fill a void, and it was a huge reminder of how much I lived through my children. Always will be a Mom first, but now I have come full circle again with my husband and ready for the next part of my life. I enjoyed every age, every phase and that makes it okay to let go.

  119. Tracie O says:

    Happy Happy 4th Birthday to your blog.
    In the last four years my life has morphed from kids homework, afterschool activities and sports to being an “empty nester”…wow!!Becoming a parent early (19 when my first little was born) has enabled me to do things at 40 that I never thought possible.
    Reconnecting with my husband…finding out who we are without the kiddos has been an adventure in itself!
    Keep on blogging Nici.
    You inspire me with each post!!

  120. Adriana Iris says:

    like on FB 😉
    The birth of my daughter has been life changing as well.

  121. Happy Anniversary, Nici. Four years ago, I realized that I needed to move across the country, to Pennsylvania, for a boy. And, as many times as we are told that’s a bad idea, I knew it wasn’t. So, I started saying good-bye to my Washington, packed up my Hyundai that Fall, and started that chapter. Four years later, I can’t believe how fast it went.

    And, it was a good decision after all. We’re getting married in October, almost four years since the move.

    I love Dig for whatever it is, or will become.

  122. Julia says:


    Congratulations on all of your births! I enjoy this blog more than I probably should, consider it one of my guilty pleasures (only because I take time to “slow read”, start reading the copy before the pictures upload, saunter back, look at the pictures…..and so on).

    Thanks for blogging.

  123. Kristina says:

    Life changer = becoming a Mama to an 8 week premature baby….and then 17 months later doing it again. I know that Mama thing again, but it IS life changing :)

  124. Sara says:

    Happy four years of blogging! Today is my 30th birthday- I am glad to be getting older. Your blog is the first one I’ve gotten really into, I wish it had been around when my daughter was little (she is 10) but it has still helped me to hear your little truths about parenting. Thanks for bringing moms together. Have a great day! (I liked you on fb too :))

  125. Sandi says:

    In the last 4 years, I became a single Mom of 5 little people. It has been the scariest step of the journey so far. This enormous feat has turned me into a more simple,grateful, selfish-less,clear thinking person. I enjoy your blog for it’s great humor and inspiring new ideas. I have learned to better prioritize in the last 4 yrs, to not just stop and smell the roses but to do it without guilt. I am a better person and a better Mom. Can’t wait for the next four.
    Sandi & kids

  126. About me: says:

    Happy Blogday! I love dig this chick as well, and first found out about you via Mamalode a few years back. My biggest path-changer was getting laid off from my job as an art museum curator two years ago. It felt as though part of me died, but a new part of me was born. An even better one. -Amy Pence-Brown, Boise, ID

  127. Jodie says:

    Congrats on four years! Thank you for sharing with us…LOVE your blog! My path seemed to change the most five years ago…most of them unexpected! I gave birth to my first child. I had never experienced such love but boy did I ever underestimate the difficulty of parenthood. Two months later, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and one short month later she passed away. Then, my husband quit his job leaving us without insurance and our baby seemed to be sick every other week. I tried to be supportive, but was carrying a lot of anger. Fortunately, he ended up getting a picture perfect job. Along the way, I kept trying to tell myself that everything happens for a reason. I’m not sure how much I believed it then. But, today I can now see how each “change of path” has led us to where we are today…which happens to be a pretty great spot!

  128. Fay Smith says:

    I similarly started a blog before kids were in the picture. In the past four years, I’ve had three babies and all sorts of thoughts to share on the interwebs. And I really want to start taking pictures with a grown-up camera!

  129. Fay Smith says:

    And now we’re all official on Facebook!

  130. jpoengland says:

    Having two children in the span of 18 months which changed my life in the best possible way – it’s a path I wasn’t sure I wanted to take, but I can’t imagine having traveled any other way.

  131. J Scheppl says:

    My life unexpectedly changed incredibly when we found out we were expecting our second baby when our first was still very tiny. We had a hard time getting pregnant to begin with, so the thought of having a second so fast and unexpectedly was exciting and horrifying at the same time! The biggest change has been becoming a mother, quitting a job I loved to start another (being a stay at home mom) that I love even more and beginning a home childcare business. I never expected how fast my life’s plan would change. But, I’m loving every second of it!

  132. J Scheppl says:

    I already “liked” you on FB! : )

  133. Nicki says:

    Your blog is my fav. Love reading about motherhood from another woman’s perspective. Love how motherhood is something that connects so many women – otherwise so very different – together. Love that many of us can embrace our differences.

    Happy anniversary!!!

  134. Nicki says:

    I already “like” you on FB!

  135. Courtney says:

    Life four years ago was impossibly different. I was… arrogant about the ways in which I’d go set the world on fire. After life changing events like the very public ending of my dad’s career, the ramifications that had on him and our family, meeting a great guy at the wrong time, marrying said great guy, and working on, I look around my tidy little house today and can’t help but shake my head. How did I get here? How did this all turn out so well?

    It’s also interesting to think about four years from now. I’m about to hit the generational shift; both of my grandmothers are on the cusp of dying, and I feel this incredible need to soak up everything I can from them before they go.

    Congratulations on 4 years!

  136. Peeper says:

    “Because long ago, when unsure if I’d have kids or not, my biggest fear about motherhood was swallowed identity.”

    You took the words right out of my mouth. This is the entire reason I blog. When I look back at it I can see my own evolution as I added “mom” to a long list of roles.

  137. stangera says:

    Four years ago I was pregnant with our first child; dreaming and thinking about her consumed my thoughts. :-)

    Found you about a year ago through Kelle. You have such a way with words. You inspire me to be a better mama!

  138. stangera says:

    I “liked” you on FB. Hadn’t even thought to search for you on there before!

  139. Amy says:

    Wow. 4 years! My 4 years? So much… But the biggest event? Got to be creating a soul in my very own belly and then standing by, watching that soul flourish. Now that’s wild…

  140. Jesse says:

    I first read your blog a couple of years ago but didn’t bookmark and so when I found you again through Kelle I was so happy. Funny thing is, I live is MT. Congrats on for years, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful writing with us.

  141. karlee says:

    AMAZING giveaway! I am in the market for a new camera! In the last 4 years I started dating my first boyfriend, got engaged, married, separated 18 months later…oh, and moved 9 times. I have learned SO much about who I am, what I want, and what I stand for.

  142. Jesse says:

    just ‘ liked’ you too, can’t believe I hadn’t already done that

  143. Jessica says:

    Happy Anniversary! Love reading your blog and looking at your pictures.

    In the past four years I have continued to attend college. 10 years ago I graduated high school, 8 years ago I had a son….and finally come May 14th I will be a college graduate!

  144. Jessica says:

    I liked you on facebook

  145. Marti says:

    I freaking love your blog and I can’t believe you typed “Fer Real” my future sister in law says and does that all the time and it cracks me up something awful!

  146. Neysa told me about your blog bringing her to tears. You have helped me to understand parenting, laughter, love, mistakes, and my shared love of plants. I look forward to reading your blog it is a highlight in my week. I I will like you on facebook- only because there is not a love button yet.

  147. Mihaela says:

    My daughter’s birth. When she was almost 10 months old she was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that turned our lives and us at a 360 degrees. I can say that now I’m much more patient, much more present, much more living in the moment, much more appreciative of little things. I am so much more.
    I’m grateful most of the time. I strive to be grateful always.

  148. Mihaela says:

    I’m a FB fan already. Not sure if it counts.

  149. Tisha says:

    going from fun married couple to fun married couple with 2 sons! i cant imagine life without my 2 wild and crazy boys.

    i’ve been a dig fan for some time now. thanks for sharing your life!

  150. C says:

    Four years ago I was living in Zurich, Switzerland, working as an aupair. What a life that was! Three and half years ago I met the love of my life, we bought a house two years ago, and can’t imagin my life any different right now.

  151. Kate says:

    loving your story, miz dig :) my big “4 year” mark is coming one week from today on my wedding day! so instead of running around doing productive things, i’m drinking wine and reading blogs…thanks for the breather! happy weekending!!

  152. C says:

    I already like you on facebook :)
    I forgot to mention my other big change- mountain biking, my love got me into it, and now I’m doing 3 18 mile rides a week.

  153. Congratulations on four years of blogging, and even more so for all of the things experienced and accomplished during that time. I really enjoy reading the things you share.

    I guess my big path-changer was moving into London nearly four years ago, to a flat with people I didn’t know, so that I could be closer to my work…that big step nudged this timid person out of her shell so much. The flat opened up an awesome part of the city to me and I fell in love with London even more; my flatmates became good friends; I met a whole bunch of other wonderful people through the church I attended, including the man who last year became my husband. I think back to how close I was to chickening out and am so glad I made the leap. May not sound like much, but a huge and wonderful thing for me.

    Here’s to the next four years!

  154. Elizabeth says:

    My life changer was having my daughter, Evalyn, she is an amazing kid and she’s full of love and life, even if she only is 17 months old.

  155. Brandi says:

    Happy 4 years. I’m so glad I found your blog.

    In the past four years I have gone back to school. It has not always been easy as I have a 13 & 4 year old at home. A family effort for sure.

  156. So, this post might just be my favorite. Scratch all the other times I’ve said that. I had no idea about Chicago! Oh, you were so close. I loved catching some back-story.

    But this isn’t supposed to be about all of that, right?? You gave us an assignment. Well, my past 12 months have been mind-bendingly path-changing. As in, new Siley, new outlook, new belief about what is really True. We have shucked off things that just don’t matter and wrapped our arms around things that do, and, as it turns out, none of them are “things” at all.

  157. Hilary says:

    In the past 4 years I quit my job to stay home with my new infant (and 2 older children) and then just last year was the big shocker that there was yet another baby on the way for us!! So I’ve been navigating my way around being home full time with 3 and any day now 4 children. It’s the most wonderful job I’ve ever had. I don’t regret my decision at all!!

  158. Jessica says:

    So much has changed in my life in the past four years. I married the most amazing man almost 4 years ago, we welcomed our wonderful son almost 2 years ago and we are currently expecting our 2nd little peanut in September. All of these events have shaped the person I am today, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Life is AMAZING! :)

  159. Jessica says:

    Oh, and I “liked” you on Facebook! :)

  160. Four years. Wow. We dig.

    I am commenting because of you – not because I need the camera – so count me as grateful, but also count me out.

    Dig, thank you for bringing so many of us together. I love your writing. You are deep and rich, bearing your soul. Your talents are endless & ever growing. You roots go deep. Grow baby, grow.

    Four years ago…settled in Annapolis, 2 of us, 1 dog, childless; driven by a career and friends and crafting. Finding a zest for insanely good cooking instead of insanely good baking. Gardening 8 hours at a clip (and getting questions from my neighbors “what DO you do out there for 8 hours?”). Ice skating. A lot. Hopeful for a child.

    Now loving the little voices of an almost 3 year old. Getting a new dog tomorrow. Finishing another hat. Posting a blog. Starting a vegetable garden. Loving. Every. Single. Day. Loving the gift of motherhood and being a woman who loves herself.

    Simply. Thank you for being true.


    Jennifer from Annapolis

  161. steve says:

    Hey, First time reading, I like this post, as i did the same thing a few months ago. We moved into a new place last year and this year i get to plan what we grow…very excite! though haven’t managed to translate that to my blog yet.

  162. Mark says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  163. Laci says:

    I guess this is the perfect lure to make me stop blog stalking, and start putting in my two cents.

    What hasn’t been life changing in the last four years? Graduate college. Check… Lose my mother. Check… Get Married. Check…
    But I think the biggest change is starting next week! I’m quitting my job to pursue a business with my husband (in which I am totally using as an excuse to get a new camera). I’m scared to death, but excited as hell.

  164. Laci says:

    Oh yeah. And now that I actually found what fun it is to follow you on facebook too, count me down for “liking” dig this chick in the land of fb.

  165. Hilary says:

    looking forward to following you on facebook now too!! i “like” dig!!!

  166. Isaac says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  167. sarah says:

    four years! i remember the early days and can’t believe that means it was that long ago when you came out to SF pregnant and we went to the museum. my biggest change was definitely quitting the law firm (so glad!) and becoming a prof. best change ever. my job is so challenging and I’ve still got a lot to learn, but also inspiring and fun and amazing. yay life.

  168. Lynn says:

    My daughter is the most amazing young woman I know and I have come to realize that I am in large part responsible for that! My mother was right – your children will keep you humble. She just didn’t tell me in how many, many ways. I’ve learned just how strong a woman I am.

  169. KWZ says:

    Just 2 years ago I had my world turned on its head. Everything I knew turned out to be a version of the reality. However, because of this I realized my soulmate was with me all along. I haven’t left his side since that day!

  170. Erin says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Let me thank you for inspiring moms, especially Montana moms. :)I wish I could cook and sew like you though.

    It is amazing what my kids have taught me in the last four years! In four years I went from one new born baby to three little kiddos. They continue to show me how to “see” life through different sets of eyes.

    You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

    I have “liked” you on facebook already.

  171. KWZ says:

    And of course Liked on FB – thanks for sharing!

  172. Dr. Anthony says:

    Happy Blogiverary to you, Happy Blogiversary to you, Happy Blogiversary dear Dig this Chick…Happy Blogiversary tooooo YOU!
    Hmmm…let’s see the last four years…I have opened two businesses and had two children (bringing the total to 3). Been a busy but terribly exciting past four years.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there for me to laugh with and learn from.

  173. Dr. Anthony says:

    PS the above post is from Steph, guess I logged in with the business email. sorry about that. 😉

  174. Heather says:

    For me, it was absolutely the birth of my son. I think it wasn’t until he came into our lives that I really started to know myself and feel really comfortable in my skin.

  175. Lucia says:

    I like Dig on FB too!

  176. Heather says:

    I ‘Like’ Dig on Facebook!

  177. Lucia says:

    In the past four years I’ve moved two times and have made great progress towards finding where I want to be in the next four!

  178. Julie says:

    Thanks for brightening up my nights… after my two little ones have gone to bed… reading your stories and getting the feeling like I get to peek inside your life, like being friends with someone I’ll probably never meet. I don’t garden, but you inspire me. Also, that story about Margot’s thumb was every parent’s worst nightmare… hope she’s better soon!

  179. ali says:

    four years ago i was commuting on the chicago el to a job where i overlooked fire escapes and brick walls and ate lunch at my desk while the street folk below broke bottles and yelled un-intelligible curses at each other. one day i decided, “enough.” although i loved my co-workers, friends, and rent-controlled apartment, i gambled that the mountains held something i had been missing. i moved to missoula three years ago with a job and not much else to call my own. it’s been a roller coaster of learning about who i am, what i want, and that my dog has a sweet tooth for sheep on waterworks. in many ways, the life you have built with your family is something of a dream for me. getting to read about the daily happenings of motherhood, staying sane, being creative, and finding beauty in the every day is such a special treat. thanks for letting us in to your life!

  180. I “liked” you on Facebook.

  181. In the last four years…I got married, bought a house, we got custody of my stepson, and I had a preemie born at 29.5 weeks. It’s been busy!

  182. Heather says:

    I love your blog, I “met” you through Kelle Hampton and you really inspire me. This is a huge year of change for me, I have lived afraid to long. I am taking charge of my health, I am going to try and have fun doing things I have been afraid to do like gardening, taking pictures of things I find beautiful and sharing myself with others without shame. Reading your (and Kelle’s) blog really gives me a great push. Thank you for sharing your life.

  183. Heather says:

    I like you on FB :o)

  184. aprilallard says:

    I wonderfully and totally unexpectedly got pregnant on my honeymoon 4 years ago. It was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me and we now have 2 young ones. Not sure why I didn’t know taking myself off the pill could possibly result in a pregnancy!!

  185. Lisa S says:

    Liked you on Facebook, like you here!

  186. Lisa S says:

    4 years ago I was starting my dream job..teaching 4 year olds. It has meant sacraficing finacially but I love it and learn from them everyday.
    Found you a few months ago when enjoying the small things came to visit you and heave been enjoying reading since. happy anniversary!

  187. PDXer To Be says:

    I am in the midst of a ‘life reboot’ starting 2010. Not sure where I will end up just yet but I’m aming for new life adventures like starting over, single motherhood by choice and who knows what else is awaiting me!

    Your blog is so honest & refreshing and your photography is always beautiful! Thanks for sharing your life & family with us readers!

    Mary – aka PDXer To Be!

  188. rebecca says:

    ,,,thank you for your always insightful, often entertaining words and for the photos on your blog that allow perfect strangers a peek in your home, world and personal lives, and for the laughs (to include margot’s quips) the yummy recipes, more laughs, and the honesty you display on the pages of your blog,,,thank you, for the gardening tips, the sewing inspirations (love my az t-shirt) and a glimpse into your world as an artist (as if you didn’t already possess plenty of talents),,,you’re the model of a mother that i would liked to have emulated had i not chosen and followed in the direction that i did,,,it’s easy to “dig” you and your readers are the better because of “dig this chick”,,,congrats on 4 years and thank you for being so generous with your time,,,xo

  189. Eva Marie says:

    My daughter is the game changer of my life. At a whooping 14 months my daughter came into our lives as a wonderful surprise. My life whole heartedly changed and for that I am forever grateful.
    I have this need to connect with women and even more specifically mothers.

  190. lokywoky says:

    In the last four years I have recovered from losing my husband of 25 years, moved across the country, started a business with my lovely daughter, lost that business due to the housing crash, gained a son-in-law, and then a grandson, moved across the country again to be near my aging mother and disabled sis.

    All the while this was going on had four major and three minor surgeries and a bout with serious depression.

    Then I hooked up with “dig this chick” and have had my spirits lifted and been inspired by the love, generosity and creativity that is expressed by the making, the doing, the words, and the love that is here on this blog, in the photos, in the shop and within her family.

    Thanks for allowing me to partake in the awesome that is you.

    PS. I “like” you on FB too!

  191. erin says:

    p.s. i “like” you.

  192. Kelly says:

    In April of 2009 I gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. As if that wasn’t life changing enough, we were surprised to find out that our daughter has Down syndrome. These kids are the best life changers I’ve ever had!!

  193. Kelly says:

    I like you on facebook!

  194. Love your blog! Our lives changed two years ago when I found out I was pregnant with our third. We weren’t planning on having any more children and I wasn’t sure how we were going to swing it financially, but somehow we have and we couldn’t be any happier.

  195. Karisa says:

    Oh my goodness, how did you know that’s what I wanted for my birthday (rapidly approaching on the 1st)??? What a wonderful present that would be!

    My life-changing events were the births of our first daughter in August 2007 and our second daughter in September 2009. My life has really become before and after with regard to motherhood. I could go on and on…

  196. Karisa says:

    I also ‘liked’ you on FB, which I would have done months ago if I had known you were on there!

  197. Jenny says:

    The most interesting/path-changing thing that has happened to me in the last four years, is becoming a mom. I wasn’t ever sure if I would have kids either, but now I can’t imagine life without my little boy. I am so privileged to have a husband that works so hard so that I can stay home and see him grow every day.

  198. Nici:

    I recently started reading your blog (about 3 months ago) and since that time, my husband and I learned that we are expecting our first child. We are elated, but I’m admittedly nervous about what lies ahead. What type of mother will I be? How will this change our lives and our relationship with each other? Reading your blog has me feeling so positive about what’s to come, because you so thoughtfully share your world with husband, daughters, pets and plants. Reading dig makes me excited about the changes in my own world. Thank you for keeping at it for four years. I look forward to reading for four more.

    – EB (indiana)

  199. I looked at this post earlier and thought that there were others who deserve the camera; however, my family and I are on the adventure of a lifetime – we are getting ready to purchase an old farmhouse on a couple acres or more. We’d love a great camera to help document each step.

  200. Nicole says:

    I started following your blog about two years ago and have been inspired about your approach to life. To be honest, I was not sure if I wanted to have children but reading your experiences has been eye opening. I love reading Margot’s expressions and your responses.

    My pathway changed dramatically when I gave up my own business and went to work for corporate america. Your blog reminds me to live for the moments that are given to us and not dwell on the negative.

    Thanks for writing!

  201. Sarah says:

    i welcomed my own bea in november, ella bea. i have been inspired by you and kelle hampton to start taking photographs to document the magic of it all. thank you for sharing with us all!

  202. Kristy says:

    Having my son 16 months ago has forever changed my life.

  203. Tonja Keene says:

    “liked” on Facebook!

  204. Kim says:

    Four years and two kids later! what an amazing and wonderfully difficult beautiful ride. I can’t wait to see what the next four and the four after that and then and then have to offer.

  205. Jenn says:

    Wow, 4 years, that’s great Nici! I have really enjoyed reading your blog, as well as Mama Digs. Thank you for bringing a little bit of Montana into my neck of the woods.

    I have had many path changers over the last four years, but I think the most important one was being able to embrace my life as it is. To notice the beauty of the path I was on and not the one I thought I wanted to be traveling. I have my kiddos to thank for that, they are wonderful tour guides 😉

  206. Sarah Shuman says:

    Something that changed my life…. three weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35 with two littles. I “dig” my life and am by no means ready to give up so I’ve nailed this thing to the wall and now am happily at home recovering, reading blogs like Dig to give me inspiration and perspective.

  207. Liliana says:

    Four years ago I quit my job as a consultant, went down some serious soul/career searching paths, started planning an extended road trip to baja with my hubby, got really close to it all and then BAM, got pregnant with babe #1. So yeah, definitely life altering time for me too!

    I love this post because I can really relate to your words. I often struggle with “who am I” as an individual now that I’m a mama. Especially because I feel like I never resolved my career path journey and never got to fulfill some of my big dreams (yet!). But I just remind myself that I’m only 28 and I still have plenty of time for those dreams. For now, I just enjoy being with my two boys (2.5 and 10 months).

  208. danadarcy says:

    Four years ago I was just an aspiring sign language interpreter heading into graduate school to learn just how to do it. Four years later, I have my masters, two years of experience interpreting, and an indescribable amount of personal and professional growth under my belt. It has been the most challenging and rewarding four years ever!

  209. I like you on Facebook!

  210. Sarah says:

    I like “Dig” on facebook!

  211. Sarah says:

    My life-changer… 17 months ago yesterday I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and life has never been the same!

  212. shaina says:

    21 months ago I had my sweet baby boy.

  213. Christina says:

    I love the newborn pictures… Our son is due in June and they just brought a big smile to my face thinking of what’s to come. The past 4 years have been the most defining of my life. I became a mother almost 3 years ago and from that moment on, everything changed for the better! You have an awesome little space here, I always enjoy what I read and the pictures I see.

  214. Christina says:

    I “like” your Facebook page!

  215. Lee says:

    My path changed four years ago also with the birth of my first daughter… Nothing will ever be the same, but in a good way. I just found your blog recently, but I enjoy your writing!

  216. Lee says:

    Oh and I liked you on Facebook to!

  217. Jennifer says:

    Starting my own blog to document our everyday lives has been my interesting, path changing thing. I started it for our family (since we are a military family living away from everyone) so they could keep up easily with my babies happenings, but it’s done so much for me too. I’ve discovered I really enjoy taking photos and writing. So a new camera can only help that, huh? :)

  218. Louise says:

    Wow, I can dream. Just like I always think I am going to win HGTV’s Dream Home every year!!

    My pathchanging moment(s) were having my son and daughter, now almost 3 and 8mths. They are my best friends and have beautiful hearts. I am a better person because of them :)

  219. Jennifer says:

    liked you on fb!

  220. k says:

    In the last four years, I decided to get out of the Air Force and pursue my passion to be a nurse. I am graduating from the U of Arizona in May! It’s been a lot of stress for our family, but it’s what I needed to do and I know we’ll all be better for it. It’s been a long road, and I can’t believe I’m at the end.

  221. Gramomster says:

    Okay, this is attempt 3. For whatever reason blogger is not liking me tonight.
    I love digthischick! I read it everyday. If there’s not a new post, I read new comments, or go wander through the archives. You’ve inspired me and helped me find my self again.

    My last 4 years have been perhaps the most path-changing ever. When I read your question, I almost collapsed in tears. That took me completely by surprise. I’m just starting to process the changes these last years have caused in me.

    Just about exactly 3 years ago, our daughter completely abdicated on parenting her son. She was very young, but many factors were at work. We found ourselves, in the middle of grad school, the ‘parents’ of our 20-month old grandson. We were both in grad school and teaching. In the years since, we’ve: dealt with our daughter’s ongoing crises, made it through an almost total breakdown of her dad, nearly had our 22 year marriage implode under the load, scrapped grad school (again), and watched as our little surprise nugget has grown from a bald little toddler into a wild and woolly almost-5 year old boy with thick, long, curly brown hair, and a laugh that could bring the gods to their knees.

    As spring has returned to the earth, it seems it has returned to our souls as well. It feels so good to be coming back to life.

    As we sell off all our stuff, move into our old RV and head to the mountains, it would be AWESOME (shameless plug) to have a decent camera to document our transition. My 5 year old Nikon Coolpix could use a replacement. I’m constantly having to dig it out from under Connor’s bed anyway, and then delete the pictures of his butt. Boys… Then he could just HAVE this one, and take as many damn pictures of his butt as he wants! I’ve seen enough of it, personally. LOL

  222. Raina says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! My life changer was four years ago. A few weeks after landing an AMAZING job I found out completely unexpectedly that I was pregnant. After many years put into my post secondary education, I thought I was destined for the power suit and big paychecks. Turns out I am a stay at home mom to two amazing girls. I was worried that my identity would get swallowed up in motherhood but I didn’t let it. The passion and love that I have for my girls has just strengthened my passion and love for my own pursuits as well!!

    Love your blog!!!

  223. Gramomster says:

    you KNOW i like you on FB

  224. Tina S says:

    Having my second child within the past 4 years gave me a new path in a different way than my first. Knowing she is my last, my appreciation and gratitude for whatever stage my kids are in is at its peak (well, most days anyway)! Oh – and I’ve also fallen in love with reading blogs in the past couple years. Who would’ve thought I’d ever “known” someone in Montana! :-)

  225. Tina S says:

    Oh – and I’ve liked you on FB for forever!

  226. KatDale says:

    Congrats! I have been following your blog for over 2 years—when I first started mine!

    Um, four years, crazy stuff happened. Graduated college, got married, moved to Montana, got pregnant, got pregnant when my new baby was 3 months old (damn you mini-pill!) and we moved back to Seattle. Pure craziness. I dont have time for anything with 2 boys 11 months apart!

    I love your blog because you remind me that the craziness calms down and in those beautiful moments, you see peaceful children, best friends, and happiness.

    Congrats again!


  227. KatDale says:

    PS I have always liked you on FB.

  228. Andra says:

    Nothing is more path-changing than this journey of motherhood but some of the things that journey includes have been right up there. Like quitting my job and finding my oh-so-awesome mama group of friends. It’s a different life I lead these days.

    Thank you for living your life so openly for the benefit of the rest of us. After discovering your blog I went back and started at the beginning, with the first dirt-loving words transcribed four years ago. Although you don’t know it, we have spent many moments together through this little blog, many during the wee hours up with my wee one as I zoomed through 4 years of your life in a matter of weeks. We have become friends, like it or not, and I am a better, more thoughtful person for that. And maybe some sort of gardener. Someday. I’m trying, I promise.

  229. Elliott says:

    I actually came to your blog to see where you got your camera. I remembered that they were extending a deal to your readers and my reasons for needing a new camera are two fold: 1. My old Sony A100 sounds like it has croup (thanks to being dropped by my (then) four year old during a “family picture” he took of my dog) and 2. I’m starting a blog. I’ve been paying for the domain since February of last year, but have yet to do anything with it until now.

    Tonight, two of my kids actually do have croup, I have a good glass of wine at hand, and I know I’m going to be up most of the night – vacillating between open windows and steam shower – and there’s no time like the present to get this ball rolling!

    Oh, and the interesting, path-changing thing happened just a few weeks ago when I realized that one day I’ll be ninety and think “you missed out on so much in life because you were afraid”. So, I agreed to my husband applying for a job in Spain and I’ve decided to actually start the blog! The blog is a big deal because I don’t like to be judged and I know I will be. I have a major issue with change and I can’t stand to step out of my comfort zone (aaaand, I hate to fly) so Spain wasn’t too easy of a decision to come by, either.

    BTW, the blog? It’s not the one listed – that was a blogspot test run done when I was delirious with fatigue after having my third baby.

  230. Sarah says:

    I love your blog 😀 Your kids are about the same ages as mine (10/07 and 7/09) and we have a third on the way…so I’ve had a bit of a whirlwind of the past 4 years! Having kids is life-altering on its own, so nothing else seems quite as big as that!

  231. Sarah says:

    I “like”d your FB page!

  232. Jenn says:

    Four years ago, I was divorced after a bad marriage to a man that wasn’t who I thought he was. My daughters were 3 and 1 when I met a wonderful man, the love of my life. Things are drastically different now. And we’ve since added a third daughter to our brood 😉

  233. Jenn says:

    Oh, and I’ve liked you on facebook for over a year now!! =)

  234. Rachel says:

    Dig this check and the amazing woman who is behind it is a total inspiration to me. I am about to embark on starting my own business and a blog is going to be a central part of it.

    Thank you for putting yourself out there for everyone.

  235. HAS says:

    Happy 4 years! I love your blog. I have learned a lot from you and you have inspired me to keep chickens (in the future) and start gardening! Seriously…I’m signing up for Virgin Harvest just as soon as I find out where we are living. Life changing? A husband and two babies in 2.5 years. I love it.
    And, I have started my very own blog this year! That camera would certainly make the blog sweeter. 😉

  236. Nici, I am commenting just to tell you how awesome you are, but you can count me out on the camera–wait, I just checked out the features of that camera and you can count me IN! Holy telephoto!

    I stumbled across your blog in October of 2009, just after my daughter was born, trying to gather more information about my midwife having been banned from CMC a week before I was to have a cesarean (for me–a scary proposition). I barely knew what a blog was (other than hearing about them on NPR), let alone actually follow one. But then I found myself bookmarking yours and returning almost daily. I finally signed up for an e-mail subscription probably two days before Ruby was born. So that was my first Dig post sent to my inbox: you, in labor. Tina didn’t have to call to tell me my 6 week postpartum appointment would be canceled the next day. Then, my husband and I followed Ruby’s saga with baited breath and it was totally weird because we cared as though she were our own family.

    I read a few other blogs now and have one of my own–something I never would have imagined myself doing if it weren’t for yours. I used to be all poo-poo about the social networking scene, but I will happily eat my words now. Blogging has been a truly connecting and grounding experience as I venture through motherhood. Thank you!

    Yours is my go-to blog. In my mind, you have the best of everything: the soul-bearing writing, the raw photography, the simple & healthy cooking, the creative & natural parenting, the gardening inspiration, the honesty, the pure energy that seems to exude from all you do…it all comes out in your blog.

    But, oh, sorry about the crazy long comment. Been meaning to say this for about a year but it never seemed appropriate and now it does. And, OH, I love your blog so much that in my first year of reading, I went back to the beginning of Dig and Bug and caught up on everything I’d missed while being an anti-social networking ass.

    Okay, whew, last four years: growing a baby in my belly and now growing a kid in the world definitely tops the list. Also, I learned, really LEARNED, how to be a high-altitude gardner. That has also been path-changing.

    Thanks for sharing all you do.

  237. Jennifer says:

    Four years ago, I was a reporter. I did not sew. I did not know one word to a Raffi song. I thought my dog could tell an entire story with one glance of her soft, brown eyes.
    Today, I have two whelplings and they define me in ways I could never have anticipated. I quit journalism, which is not nearly as surprising as the fact that I didn’t really care that I quit. I make their clothes — which, as dumb as it sounds, is almost more amazing to me than the fact that I made /them./
    Oh, and I have learned that dogs are companion animals, no matter how many pink tutus they wear.

  238. Rhett says:

    Within the last four years, I got married, had a son, moved from South Carolina to Missoula, and had another son! Definitely path changing!

  239. Rhett says:

    I already “like” you on FB!

  240. Dana says:

    In the last four years, I have gone from one fertility treatment to the next and was finally blessed with my sweet girl Eliana. Also, in the last four years, I have been introduced to the blog world and suddenly feel connected in ways I didn’t know was possible. Thanks for all you share.

  241. Marcia says:

    I am the `other` end of parenting . .the all grown up, grandchildren end – it is amazing !! Although parenting never ends, the everyday stuff does and it is the most beautiful feeling to love and admire your children as adults ! I get a real kick out of just sitting back and listening to them talk, tease and enjoy life – the grandbabies are the most excellent bonus.
    I read your blog each week and `liked` you on fb

  242. Erin says:

    If there ever was a blog post to inspire me to start blogging, this would be it. Thanks so much, I love your writing and the peek into your lovely life!

  243. Lindsay says:

    Happy blog anniversary! I’d love to win that camera! My biggest life change in the past four years happened three years ago when I bought a house and two months later, developed severe food allergies. It was a very difficult year, but life is good and I have a lot to be thankful for! I’m traveling internationally in June (my first flight since developing food allergies), and would love to have a nice camera to take pictures of my vacation!

  244. Sara says:

    Last year my baby went to kindergarten. I now have time to myself durning the day to do hat I want, when I want. I garden, I work out, I go grocery shopping. I even had a ski date in the middle of the day. It’s fantastic. I do it all in peace so i can be crazy with them when they are home. LOVE

  245. j210209 says:

    Happy 4th Blog Birthday!!

    So much has changed for me in 4 years.. I’ve gotten married, fell pregnant, moved to London for 2 years, had a baby, moved back home and now my husband and our now 2 year old are settled and happy.. It’s been a rollercoaster ride!

    (ps I liked on Facebooked!)

  246. Powtera says:

    i like you on fb :)

  247. Powtera says:

    I started a new medication that allowed me to achieve remission and gave me my life back! – life changing for sure!

  248. Melina says:

    Happy blogging birthday Nici!!

    In the past four years, I must say, the most important thing I have done was to start my blog. The Wilder Coast is about 2.5 years old now. It has changed me immensely. It’s been tough, at least one person won’t talk to me because of it, but hundreds more are encouraging of it. It gives me purpose. It gives me a place.

    Wonderful giveaway!!


  249. Gatorale says:

    I “like” you on Facebook, and I “follow” you on Twitter too!

  250. Carol says:

    4 years ago it was just me, my hubby & our chocolate lab just ending a year long ski bum adventure in California. Today the original three are still together but we’ve added to our posse. One more dog & some chickens & most importantly our now 3 year old son. How I’ve grown these years……

  251. Wendy says:

    My life-changing, path-altering moment was the day my twins were born–2/10/09. My daughter wasn’t supposed to survive through birth because she had been (mis)diagnosed with Trisomy 18. 99 long NICU days later, both of my little wonders were home with me, and we haven’t looked back. I had the same concerns about autonomy and motherhood, and I came to the same conclusions as you. All of the parts of our lives can fit together, like a Trivial Pursuit game piece. :-)

  252. Wendy says:

    Oh, and I liked you on FB. :-)

  253. Mindi says:

    Something life changing that has happened to me in the last four years… learning more from teaching my children than I ever learned before and purchasing a home in which we are going to raise them which with all of its great qualities, has a lot of issues as well!
    Happy Blogoversary@!

  254. Rebecca says:

    I know this sounds cliche, but the birth of my daughter almost two years ago rocked my world in ways I never could have imagined. So much more amazing than I dreamed.

  255. Rebecca says:

    I also liked you on Facebook!

  256. Jeanna says:

    A lot has happened in the last 4 years. Of course having my adorable son was the beginning of all that (born 7.26.07). Then a friend told me about your blog, and I immediately connected mainly because your Margot is close in age to my Gavin. Plus I’m really starting to love gardening. I was touched by your passion; for your kids, for your lives, for Montana, for your “hobbies.” It planted a seed in my brain: what if I could do that? Last month I turned 30 and within a week took the plunge and started a blog. I am happier than I’ve been in a long time. I have a fabulous husband, cutie-pie-sassypants little born with another one on the way (due 5.20.11), and a blog that challenges and satisfies me. You inspire me Nici Holt Cline and I so appreciate that. :) Thanks for changing my life!

  257. Amanda says:

    my path was changed by two babies and two horrific bouts of post-partum anxiety followed by two life changing stints with a therapist. the lessons i learned about myself as a result of those experiences have molded me into the woman, mother, friend that i am today. that perfectionist girl who had to be the best at everything…she’s gone. now i live by voltaire’s quote “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”.
    happy 4th anniversary!

  258. In the last 4 fours my life changed completely, wonderfully. When we both turned 40, my husband and I had a heartfelt talk about where our lives were going. We both worked long hours, were tired and stressed at the end of each day and spoke longingly of the grand adventure we wanted to take…one day. I remember looking at him and saying, “What are we waiting for? Let’s do it!” So, we quit our jobs, sold everything and hit the road and now we’re living our Grand Adventure. Amazing where life takes you, isn’t? And it’s those unexpected turns in life, if you’re willing to embrace them, that really bring the wonders of living into brilliant focus (ahem, camera pun intended :)

  259. Kati says:

    A little over 5 years ago, I was divorced with two little boys. I ended up meeting the man of my dreams who took not just me in, but my boys too. We have been married for almost two years and my boys walked me down the aisle.

    My camera is broken so I could so use a cool slightly used one!

  260. lizbonj says:

    My baby girl is due Easter Sunday. The path changing moment is coming so fast. I CANNOT wait!!!

    I need an awesome camera to capture everything..YAHOOO

  261. Coach Jen says:

    I have so enjoyed your down-to-earth, no-nonsense and honest approach to writing. Happy 4th!

    Four years ago I was still pulling myself out of a life changing deep depression.

    It has been the greatest gift in the world, because what has resulted has been the birth of my authentic self.

    In the last four years I have started my own business, supported my husband in quitting a corporate job to be a fly-fishing guide, started our family band and watched my three children change into teen, tween and 8!

    I just celelbrated 2 years of blogging myself…this month in fact. Here’s to the journey. I wish you many more years of success in your work and your life. You truly are a gift!!

  262. Sisters says:

    Two years ago I didn’t get into grad school. I decided to move across the country to pursue my dreams anyways and ended up meeting the man I’m going to marry in 4 months. Funny how things work out even when you don’t think they will!

  263. Karen says:

    I could use a gently used loaner! Spent the last 4 years in Grad school…completely changed my life.

  264. Having my son wasn’t as life-changing as getting through the first raw months of every creature in the house (and quite a number once I was back at work as a vet) needing me, only me, early and often, round the clock. I will admit to annoyance, even anger, but it quickly softened into a Rosie the Riveter “We can DO it!” strength and pride.

  265. The Chaser says:

    I quit my corporate job 1.5 years ago to go back to school for medicine. Best job decision ever!

  266. Melinda says:

    Last Valentine’s day I made the decision to put my dearest and most loving companion to sleep. It was the most emotionally raw moment in my life. Although I had brought life into this world twice with my two children, I also realized I had power to take life away and that sent me into a tailspin. Since then I have been more sincere in loving all of the living things in my life. I get to choose who and what brings meaning into my personhood and I don’t want to waste any opportunity to learn, give, and grow.

  267. Melinda says:

    like you on fb too

  268. I’m a long time facebook liker!

  269. Brittany says:

    This weekend we celebrated the fact that my first baby is turning FOUR. Wow, four. In the past for years I have given birth to two beautiful little people and I have also fallen in love (all over again, as it was a past love that sort of faded away for a bit with lack of access to a darkroom) with photography. The two are very interconnected as the birth of my first was what caused me to plunge into the world of digital photography with my first DSLR.

    In the past four years, my marriage has also grown and bloomed in amazing ways :)

    Thanks for sharing your days here!

  270. Mama Rucci says:

    I decided to wake up happy. Everyday. No matter what. It’s amazing the life change you can receive from an attitude change.

  271. I “liked” you on facebook! I guess if I’d noticed that, I would have done it a long time ago! :) No giveaway necessary!

  272. Well, three years ago, I was driving my son to preschool, when I suffered a panic attack. My heart raced at 190 bpm, and stayed that way for over an hour. I thought I was dying – I had never experienced any kind of anxiety before. Later, in the emergency room, they told me I had “anxiety” and offered me a wide array of pills. Fast forward a year and half, and you can add a huge list of symptoms to the panic. Fatigue, open sores, tremors, hypoglycemia, nausea, loss of equilibrium… to make matter especially worse, my son was a vibrant energetic 5 year old, and my husband believed my entire illness was “in my head” – as a result, he gave very little support, and even withheld affection from me when I became gaunt and sallow from being so sick. I trudged onwards… never taking a pill, never giving up trying to figure out what was going on. I finally convinced a new doctor to run some tests. I thought I had lyme disease – but it turns out I was going through a chronic viral infection. I had gotten mono – way back when I had that first panic attack, and it never went away. The day I got that call, I ran into the woods and sobbed! That call, and that cry was the turning point for me. I was so happy to know that I was not “making it up” and that anxiety wasn’t my new state of being, it was a symptom of a greater disease. I got right to work on this, and it took me years to really start to feel better. Today, I can say that I am mostly recovered, and after much trial, so is my marriage. There are ways that these last few years have changed me – and boy was it uncomfortable. I never thought I’d find myself ill – without support, or even acknowledgement of the illness from both my husband, and the medical community. What I learned is to trust myself, to take great care of myself and to honor what I feel. I healed myself. There was no medicine for this type of disease. I studied, learned, and did what felt right to overcome the battle all on my own. While I still have a few symptoms, and occasionally get a small bout of anxiety – I now use those things as a gauge to tell me that I am straying from my path of wellness. I am so much bette for it all, and actually am closer to being the woman that I’ve always wanted to be. The gifts in life can come in the strangest of packages, you know? Thanks for asking!

  273. having two girls was life changing…but so was marrying the love of my life and putting our roots down-together!

  274. I started reading blogs and discovered thoughtful and creative people around the world.

  275. I decided to go back to school in my mid 20s to get into a career I loved. SO I have been in nursing school, then job hunting for 7 months and while I have now got my dream job I am only able to put money towards the debt I earned over the last 2 years. I have been dreaming of getting a camera! DREAMING…

  276. Joanna says:

    In the past four years we have had a second baby, opened a business, and moved onto an 1890’s Homestead to become caretakers. All of these things happened within the same six month period of time. I was super nervous about all of it, but went ahead and took the leap. Most of it has worked out, some things haven’t, but I’ve learned a ton. Before all of this, I really knew what I didn’t like, but hadn’t really defined what I liked, or what I was passionate about. In the past five years, I have learned what makes my heart flutter with joy. These past four years have set me on a path that I will follow for the rest of my life, I do believe.

  277. Joanna says:

    Also, I “like” you .

  278. Lindsay says:

    So much has happened to me in the past 4 years! I followed the love of my life from Georgia to Texas for his new job, bought a house, got married, popped out a kid, quit my job, and popped out another kid. Wow. I hope the next 4 years are a little calmer!

  279. me says:

    Congratulations on 4 years of blogging! I love reading your blog and can’t wait to try to make that chocolate peanut butter cake!!! watching my girls grow and learn over the last 4 years has been the best part for me!

  280. Julie says:

    I made a big leap and opened my own business two years ago. So far, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

  281. Judybusy says:

    The life-changing event in my life was the death of my father-in-law on October 25th, 2008. My partner was greatly impacted, which resulted in a disrupted school plan. She finally got back on track only to have the program cancelled. She regrouped and applied to nursing school, got accepted, and is now 1/3 done! I know this is all about my partner, but it’s been extremely challenging for both of us.

    We miss her dad every day, and look forward to when we have two full careers in the house!

    Some friends and I are beginning a gardening blog, Compost Cowgirls, and the camera would be fabulous!

  282. natalie says:

    Just one?

    Following a boyfriend to Missoula just because I didn’t have anything better to do. Then breaking up with him, meeting Nathan, inheriting 2 instant daughters, and giving birth to another, which rooted me to this yellow hilled valley forever.

  283. Jennie says:

    I had my son 17 months ago, and quit my job to stay home with him. I’m pregnant with my second, and am so grateful to be able to continue to stay home!!!

  284. Jennie says:

    I “like” you on facebook :)

  285. Bikini By 30 says:

    Over the past four years I have started really getting to know myself, got married, became healthier than I’ve ever been before, became a vegan, planted my first garden and decided I wanted to start planning a family.

  286. Bikini By 30 says:

    …and of course..I’ve liked DIG on Facebook :)

  287. aucoeur says:

    My daughter changed my life, too. I always knew I wanted to be a mother and an involved one, but I had know idea how the experience would spark a passion for the process. Now, I’m a SAHM to an amazing 18 mo. old and a certified lactation counselor trying to raise funds to open a maternity & baby boutique and community center. ( Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would have a career interest in retail or lactation or childbirth education…but Nora just opened my eyes. I hope that if you ask the same question next year, I can say it is a reality!

    Love the blog; congrats on 4 years!

  288. Four years ago I was super duper pregnant with Rose, wondering how it all was going to change when our little cocoon of three became four.

  289. And you know I like Dig on Facebook.
    And in real life.

  290. Rachael says:

    I’m already a fan of yours on facebook :)

    I read a bit of your old “bug” blog after stumbling upon it when I first started reading this one, love it!

    As far as path changing, I would say my decision to choose my university was definitely path changing for me. I was offered scholarship money to attend my second-choice school and no money to attend my first choice school so I thought I would be “smart” and pick number 2. At the last minute, I heeded the advice of my parents and decided to go to my dream school despite the lack of financial assistance and am so happy that I did. I can’t imagine my life anywhere else, I’m in my junior year now and have been dating my boyfriend since freshman year and am just so very happy.

    Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary! :)


  291. Rachael says:

    Oops, I forgot I was supposed to leave a second comment saying I like you on facebook. :) *like*

  292. Romy says:

    My girls have changed my life, of course – Salome Bee (another “B” :) and Olive (one of her middle names is Alice). And Olive turned one yesterday – what a big day, and on the last day of winter.
    ps. Both girls are wearing their heart hoodies you made today. Awful cute.

  293. Beth says:

    The past four years have seen me married to my love, buying our dream house, birthing my beautiful girl and awaiting our second child. Happinesses I never expected for myself.

  294. What an awesome give away! The last year has been life changing in my household! Adding baby number 6 and a cancer diagnosis are the two that rocked this house. Rocked as in made us rock solid! We have learned to value what is important and give up what has no value in the REAL game of life.

  295. Liked you on Facebook! :-)

  296. Seattlemom says:

    Three trips to China. Three beautiful Chinese daughters. Six children total. New city. New job. New gardens. Nothing is the same and yet it feels like nothing has changed. Happy Blog-iversary.

  297. Seattlemom says:

    ** LIKED on FB ***

  298. Carrie says:

    Congrats on the Anniversary!! Four years ago this May I married my wonderful husband. Fifty Acres, golden retriever and gorgeous daughter later EVERYTHING has changed. Thanks for your words that remind me how good I have it. It is the small details lived everyday that make a great life.

  299. danadarcy says:

    Just “liked” you on FB–was surprised I hadn’t done it earlier! Been a fan for awhile.

  300. mlr says:

    thank you for all of your beautiful entries on dig. I have been reading your blog for a while now and am so thankful for the way that it keeps me connected to Montana and the beautiful simplicity of that place. The most path-changing thing that has happened to me recently was four years ago when I married my best friend. It is an adventure every day!

  301. mlr says:

    p.s I liked you on facebook:)

  302. ellie says:

    i met my best friend who has totally changed me. i love her to pieces.
    thanks for the giveaway :)

  303. ellie says:

    already ‘like’ you on facebook!

  304. megsplegs says:

    four years ago, we welcomed our daughter charlotte anne a little early. after a totally normal pregnancy, she decided to make her arrival 4 1/2 weeks early (completely healthy) and has been keeping us on our toes ever since! more recently, my hubby decided to leave his position at a national investment bank and strike out on his own to found a company dedicated to providing unbiased, honest financial advice to the everyday person. it’s been a life-changing move for us to take such a huge leap of faith, especially with 6 kids to provide for, but so empowering and fulfilling for both of us in so many ways…
    anyway, congrats on 4 years of putting yourself out here in the blogosphere! i’m so glad you did!

  305. megsplegs says:

    you are ‘liked’ by me on facebook. :)

  306. Emily says:

    This would be an amazing gift for me! Four years ago I was I had no idea how awesome my life was about to become. I was planning my wedding and dreaming about my future life. Now I’m truly living that dream :)

  307. Emily says:

    and I like you on fb too!

  308. Oooh a big cheers to your bloggy space turning 4! WOW…FOUR!! Awesome!
    When I reflect over the past 4 years, so many life-changing events come to mind, I really can’t focus on just 1. But in a summary; these past 4 years, I’ve become a Mumma, bought a house, sold a house, lost a pregnancy, started a business, started a blog, filled my heart with a whole lotta love & inspiration and now…9 weeks into a healthy pregnancy, i’m filled with so much hope & joy! It’s been a BIG 4 years….but a journey I wouldn’t change for the world!
    Awesome giveaway Nici!
    P.S. Been a FB fan of yours for a while now :)

  309. Valerie says:

    Interesting and pathchanging: My oldest went off to college. (Cue the sad violin music and women quietly weeping). And I became the women you wrote about, searching for my “new/reformed” identity. The possiblilites stretch before me like a freshly tilled garden plot. Maybe his room can become my once dreamed of ART ROOM! Thats the joy of living…we are always changing

  310. Ellie says:

    One of the best things I’ve done in the last four years is leave academe. I was well on the path to becoming yet another Ph.D. in the humanities, with the prospect of research drudgery and endless tenure struggle ahead of me. No joy, no faith in what I did.
    Instead, I embraced, like you, the present of being a mother, and I admitted to myself that what I really cared to do was teach children how to read books and how to love them. I recognized also that becoming a Ph.D. was everyone else’s dream about me, not my own, and I mustered the courage to tell everyone that if they wanted a Ph.D. in literature, they could get one themselves. Not me. I’ve been happy caring for my son and daughter over the past year and a half, and I look forward to going back to teaching next year.
    Your blog helps me keep the voice in my head authentic. And for that I thank you.

  311. Mr. Jayson says:

    I like dig on facebook!

  312. Mr. Jayson says:

    My life changed so much in the last four years! Moved back to Ohio from Florida and added two more kids to the bunch! Love your blog and congrats on the 4 year anniversary!

  313. Kara says:

    Oh gosh. I graduated from college, met & married my husband & am finishing up my third year of full-time AmeriCorps service. It’s been a crazy four years!! So glad you’ve decided to share your life with us :)

  314. I became a mom a few months ago, something I never thought would happen. I’ve been reading your blog since Margot was a baby and, I’ll be honest, your stories were one of the things that made me realize I wanted to be a mother.

  315. bigskydays says:

    I hit “like” on dig this chick facebook becaue I do.

  316. Kate says:

    I love reading your blog! With my first baby on the way and due in June, reading your blog makes me excited, not scared about the whole mama baby journey. Congrats on 4 great years!

  317. Kate says:

    Liked your post on facebook too!

  318. bigskydays says:

    There have been several “interesting, path-changing” moments in my last 4 years. But, most recently and most obviously, has been our recent move to Montana! With this came the start up of my own blog and also becoming a lover of your blog! Although we are not in the same town, it is nice to have you as a Montana connection and inspiration. When you are new at something that simple things like this are so very welcome.

  319. Marissa says:

    I love reading your blog – you inspire me. You see, I am accepted to a nursing program scheduled to start this fall. However, I have a near three year old daughter, and I LOVE staying home with her. I would also love to add to our family soon. I am torn between which path to choose, as you know, they are so very different. This is why I love your blog. I love reading about your choice and seeing the happiness it brings you, I know it would bring me much happiness as well. Its when I read your blog that I feel I have already made my choice. And a good one at that! :)

  320. Marissa says:

    P.S. Happy four years! And I just “liked” dig on facebook.

  321. TRB Holt says:

    I loved this little trip down memory lane!

    “Tell me something interesting, path-changing that has happened to you in the last four years.”…..
    I can sum this up in two words Margot & Ruby.

    Yes I am competing for the camera…why not I am, after all, your #1 fan!


  322. Jackie says:

    I’ve always dreamed of being a stay-at-home-mama. I’ve been doing it for 1 1/2 years and couldn’t be happier with the twist in my life journey! I love my little lady to pieces and hope to give her the blessing of siblings sometime soon!

  323. auntieB says:

    I’m proud to be a follower of your uplifting, inspiring blog… and Margot and Ruby are just about the cutest kids EVER. I check your site daily to get a dose of dig. And always get excited when a new one is up!

  324. kate says:

    Four years ago I started to work at the same place every day! For a substitute teacher, that’s huge! But now I am a sub who stays put. I know the kids at my school and I love them. And, hey, they love me, too, so they are great for me when I’m in their classes! It’s a wonderful thing and I am so grateful for this opportunity!

    Love your blog … I’m also pretty new, maybe 6 months or so. Thank you!!

  325. Jessie says:

    I am a younger mom. 24. I really wasn’t the college type. no. I was the get married out of high school type indeed. I did marry. …To the one I love more than anything else in this world. (How did I get that lucky?) In four years I have celebrated 4 wedding anniversaries, 3 birthdays from my son and 1 birthday from my daughter. In 4 years I have grown up drastically. My life has turned into something more beautiful then I could ever put into words. I had a sad teenagehood. (-Seriously, is that a word?) I was home schooled. but it wasn’t in a positive way. I was all alone. Shut off from everything and everyone. I didn’t have a friend in the world. I’d cry often because I didn’t have a number to call to hear a “hello” at the other end. I’d cry because even if I had, i’d have nothing to talk about. …but really? …none of that matters any more. I met Josh and my life changed. More then most I think. He was my first real friend. He supported me through the many challenges I have had to face with *entering* the world. It’s been a slow moving process. and still. still… it’s tough. But in 4 years… being a wife. being a mom… I’ve learned to be part of the human race. And I am doing good. in 4 years… I’ve learned to talk to more people. make friends. and now? I always have someone to call. and better yet, I have stories to tell. Good ones that often make me happy cry. My life is filled with good things now. and I’m loving it as a mom and a wife.

  326. Michele says:

    Love that you kept your identity and made it more so, by being a mom. I think it’s something we all struggle to keep whole.

  327. Burton says:

    Path-changing? I’d say the birth of our daughter whom we did not know had Down syndrome prenatally. It’s an awesomely crazy journey. :)

  328. Burton says:

    I like you on fb!

  329. Tina says:

    The past for years, my life has been full of learning. Learning to be a wife and a mother has been the most fulfilling, emotional and remarkable experience. I have learned to (in no particular order) listen more, be a good role model, put the needs of others before my own, and understand and embrace our differences. I’ve learned to balance family & household chores along with being the wife my husband deserves. I’ve learned to teach my children to respect people and the earth, and I’ve also discovered how much I can learn from my children. Amazing how in some ways I am their teacher but in many ways they are also mine.

    Now I’m feeling all sentimental. I’m going to go kiss my husband and hug my kids. 😉

  330. Tina says:

    Already “like” you on Facebook. 😉

  331. Sam says:

    I love your blog and your writing. Life changing event for me was becoming a Mom almost 3 years ago! Thanks for sharing your stories and your life with me. You inspire, motivate and encourage me whenever I get a chance to read your blog.

  332. Rekha says:

    happy blog anniversary! four years ago I was in the midst of a medical crisis with my middle son. he could not swallow from birth and food was heading to his lungs. we fed him pumped breastmilk from an eye dropper for two years! now he is 4 1/2 and we marvel at his charming self. He is still a peanut but he is mine. him and his two brothers, of course!

  333. Jill says:

    Four years…yay! A fav blog of mine for sure. Love how you are real, open, and honest. Doesn’t hurt that your kids are so stinkin adorable and Margot is such a funny one! ha! Want to write you more of a “thank you” when I get the time, but for now didn’t want to miss the cut-off for the killer rockstar loaner! My basic cheapo point and shoot camera is currently not working — zoom feature is all screwed up — so would love a new one.

    Anywhoo…path changing info: My 4 year old daughter surprised us at birth with Down syndrome and has been surprising the hell out of us (in a good way) ever since. I also have a 2 year old son who brings an entirely different set of “typical” parenting challenges.

    Thanks for writing and sharing,
    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  334. Four years ago I was a bright eyed young twenties girl. Now I am a late twenties woman and it feels so good to grow up! We moved to a city, got married and now have our beautiful Wren. Dig gives me such inspiration! Here’s to many more successful years!

  335. Jill says:

    Oh, and…for my other entry…I already “like” you on FB!

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  336. Four years ago I dreamed of having a little girl and since have fallen head-over-heels in love with two little boys. Then about a year and a half ago I found two blogs and became inspired to be a better mother to them, for this I need to say thanks.

  337. Anna says:

    I came across your blog after finding you on Kelle Hampton’s. I love following you. You give me so many ideas, inspiration and reassurance as a photographer, wife, mother, creator. Thank you!

  338. Emily says:

    In the last 4 years, I’ve become a mama twice over and have been amazed by the profound connection to both of my beautiful daughters, and how having children changed my perspective on (and appreciation for) all other mamas in the world, most especially my own! Makes your entire life sharpen in focus. Path-changing or path-defining for sure…

  339. cat says:

    Well.. I am kind of shy when it comes to writing. Taking pictures on the other hand I love. I have been wishing for a ” real” camera for a long time. Since my first was born seven years ago. I have been through 3 miscarriages and recently lost my father in July. Sometimes I wish I could take those awesome snaps you take of your girls. Envious really. I think it’s not only the camera but the passion of the beholder. Our newly adopted son has been with us since July. I have some regrets not blogging about that crazy journey. It was just too painful a process to blog or really something I would like to remember. I have that memory stored in my heart. I do enjoy reading your blogs. Your brave and confident soul is something to ponder upon when I have a crazy day. I was happy when you got your dream camera.. and well if the prize comes my way maybe it could be a start to a new horizon of connections among momma’s especially those that really can relate to being a mom, working, loving, caring and wondering everyday ” am I doing this good enough”. With blogs it helps to know we are not alone in this world of mothering and it is ever changing in a ever changing world. May we all live in peace and harmony through connections.

  340. Hilary says:

    Lots of changes in the past 4 years. Added 2 more children to our family, quit my full time job to be a full time mommy, started gardening and becoming much more self sufficient. Also became aquainted with blogging and all the mommy bloggers.

  341. Hi, I don’t have a knock you off your feet type of story.

    Just that in the past four years my life has changed so much and so drastically. After some life changing experiences I have come to realize that I am just trying to be a better me. Getting married after graduating college, moving several times due to my husband in the military, bring a precious baby girl into the world, working through a husband that is not there all the time and a family 1600 miles away has been a challenge for me. Your blog has allowed me to really find purpose in life, accept me for who I am, and work harder every day to live life to the fullest.

  342. liked you on facebook a LONG time ago :-)

  343. Lauren says:

    I too wandered over here from Kelle’s blog…and what a great treasure! I loved reading your digs each week. And Margot’s words bring a smile to my face.

    This past year I’ve realized that I am ready to be a mother. I’ve reached a point that am I comfortable enough with myself that I can give and invest in the growth of a little one!

  344. melinda says:

    2009 was a game changer for me. My daughter, Maia, was born in January. Two months later, while still on leave, I found out that the school I taught (Latin!) at would be closing its doors for good come June. Then, after a series of tests, my girl landed in a fancy Boston hospital for two weeks in July. She’s a champion and rocked it out and continues to charm all of her doctors. When my heart and soul were in little bits all over the ground, it was love that was left when everything else seemed busted. So, I dug in and figured out how to live in a hospital room and followed my girl’s lead as she showed me that she really was going to be okay. Truth: it is still a process. But I choose to make each day’s goal to fill and over flow her love cup. And mine too.

  345. elp-esq. says:

    This year my dad was diagnosed with cancer and my nephew with autism. Its been a tough year for me and many loved one and friends- I have learned the importance of those friends and loved ones and of seeing the glass half full!

  346. Kelly says:

    I have also welcomed two little ones into the world in the past 4 years (9/07 & 8/09)… I can’t imagine anything more life changing!

  347. Kelly says:

    I liked Dig on FB!

  348. J Clark says:

    I love your blog! So deep and so moving. It truly is amazing how much a life can change in four years – I’ve graduated college, gotten into grad. school, found my passion, and become so much more self-aware.

    I am so grateful that you are able to share so much with us!

  349. PapillionMom says:

    Wow. Four years ago we had just made the life-changing decision to move from Southern California city life to the slow paced world of Papillion, Nebraska. On March 5 I told my husband I really wanted to stay home with our young kids and the only way that was possible was to leave the rat race and find a more family friendly environment suitable for our needs. On April 14 we left the city and headed to the country. I now garden, stay home with the kids, run carpool when needed and volunteer around the state as a child passenger safety technician. I love this new life, 4 years later.

  350. In the past four years I was newly married and am the proud Mama to my two littles. Evelyn just turned 2 and Mathias just turned 1! They are my joy. Love your blog.

    Heading over to facebook now. Funny, I just thought the other day I should click that “like” … glad I waited.

  351. Kolleen says:

    I graduated college about 2 years ago (Elementary Education), and decided I had changed my mind about what I wanted to do with my life. Now I am searching and swimming through so many options, and luckily for me, my husband is right by my side with any decisions that I make! Love LOVE LOVE your blog! Rock on!

  352. Kolleen says:

    “Liked” on Facebook! So excited too! I didn’t know you had a Facebook account!!

  353. Alyssa says:

    Happy blog anniversary! My life changer is actually coming up…graduating from college. That one thing has driven me for years and years…and I don’t know what comes after I’ve achieved the goal! I’m looking forward to finding out.

  354. Alyssa says:

    And I liked you on facebook…love your supermoon pic…it was just gorgeous when it rose over Sentinel, wasn’t it?

  355. Beth B. says:

    My life has grown in an incredible new direction in the last four years and I have loved blooming with it. I met my future husband four years ago, and now, instead of living a fairly care free life, I’m a mama and wife. Thank god for the gifts I’ve been given in these roles.

    I so look forward to reading about life through your witty perspective. Your voice is honest and lovely. Cheers to four… If you’re still diggin’ it in four more, I’m sure I will be too.

  356. love says:

    I look forward to reading your blog every week. It’s always so fun to read what your little family unit is cooking up each week. This is the only blog I follow, because even though we don’t know each other, it feels like a friend filling me in on their week :)

  357. I love mommy blogs. Blogs in general please me, however mommy blogs are the ones I truly love. A year ago, I was reading blogs about food and make-up. Four years ago, I had no time for blogs at all. I was playing in the rain, the sun, under stars and even under a couple glasses of cranberry juice with just a splash of vodka. 😉 I’m 24 years young and a new mother of a wonderful baby boy. He was quite the surprise. I was only 23 when I found out I was pregnant. The day before, I was gambling at a casino, drinking and even *gasp* smoking. You can imagine I was not ready to be a mother. Four years prior I was running around Disneyland, waiting to turn 21 so I could start MY wonder years of drinking and dancing. Oh, dancing…almost a thing of the past now. I am barely the motherly type. Nevertheless, giving birth to my son changed everything. In a short time I have learned to cook, clean and take care of a fiance – as if a wife would. I’m still perfecting it. Four years ago, I would have laughed at my present self. Today, I love being a mommy and I absolutely LOVE your blog…even if it did start off with gardening.

    …also, I love your pictures. They remind me of the person I desire to become.

  358. Last four years…married my love, graduated, was given my dream job, laid off from said job, had my beautiful little 18 month old boy, and am expecting our 2nd in August! Currently a stay-at-home mom…never ever thought life would take me here, but am loving every minute (well…most of those minutes anyway. :)

  359. ‘like’ you on Facebook! :)

  360. whitejennam says:

    I met the love of my life, and have to go to grad school without him for two years. It will be grand and hard and soul quenching. I will thrive. :)

  361. mistene says:

    In the last four years my path changing event was finally getting pregnant and having my baby girl Claire. I was completely career driven and could never imagine not working…. now I dread the return in 4 weeks. What a difference 9 months of pregnancy, 11 months with her and a whole lot of love makes.

    I liked you on facebook too! :)

  362. Karen says:

    Wow, 4 years! Congrats. I started following you when Kelley went to visit. Thinking to myself, if Kelley likes you, you must be cool :) and…she was totally right! The last for years have been a whirlwind. My husband losing his job for 9 months and getting a new one, finding out I was pregnant and absolutely loving every minute, planting the garden every summer and being inspired by you to try something new this year. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything!

    Happy Monday!

  363. Anna says:

    Just a little less than four years ago I moved cross-country to NYC to see if I could make it in the city of bright lights. It’s been a wild ride!

  364. Anna says:

    And I “like” you on facebook, too!

  365. J Clark says:

    Liked on Facebook!!

  366. Laura says:

    Thanks for your blog! (and for this giveaway!)
    My life changed,again, for the third time when nearly three years ago we had our third child, a girl, after having two boys!

  367. Keri says:

    4 years ago, I was convincing my university’s Arts and Science curriculum committee to accept American Sign Language as a foreign language so student could take it for credit. People before me had tried for YEARS and failed but somehow, I was able to convince them. Thus began a huge change in our program…enrollment has doubled and we have a great future!

  368. Kristin says:

    I started reading your blog through a link on my sisters blog who got your link from Kelle. Your blog is amazing as are you and your family. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Something life changing for me over the pasts four years? Well I finished grad school, got my first “real” job as a teacher, bought a house,and got married to my high school sweetheart. And that was only the last two years. Amazing how things change and happen so fast, but they are changes that I welcome and appreciate! :)

  369. Audrey says:

    The last four years? Soo much has occurred. I graduated college, got married, we both started grad school and we realized how crazy married life can be. My husband is so sure he wants children (in 3 years!), but to be honest, it scares me to even think about it. Your blog is so inspiring and makes me realize that at some point most women go through that stage. I too am worried I will lose my identity as a mother, but I realize too that I will have a child to share my love of painting, starting seeds, gardening, pottery and so much more. To think of one day hearing the little pitter patter of feet running through the house makes me smile!

  370. Hello from the UK! It may be a bit far to send a camera but I have been meaning to comment for ages. I love your writing and photos, always inspiring me to be more, enjoy more, love more! Thank you Nici xxx

  371. I “like” you!

  372. Britta says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  373. Nell says:

    Four years ago I had a partial molar pregnancy. We weren’t trying, I wasn’t even sure I wanted children…I was ambivalent about the whole idea of motherhood. But that molar rocked my world. It rocked my husband’s world. It brought us to a totally different place of ‘committed to each other and to building a life together’. We got pregnant six months after the molar (the very first cycle we were cleared to try) and now have an almost three year old, who was quickly followed twenty months later by her younger sister. It is divine. Chaotic, but divine. And this is what my life was meant to be.

  374. PJH says:

    In the past four years I have learned that I have the strength and courage to follow a dream that I never thought possible. Thank you for your inspiration on this journey to quit my “day job” and stay home with my daughter and follow my passion to be a writer.

  375. PJH says:

    I not only “like” you here, but I “like” you on FB, too! haha

  376. Britta says:

    4 years: Three states, 4 jobs, 1 child, and 1 house bought.

    Just wanted to say thank you for blogging! I’ve been reading since your “split” days (your garden blog, first). I’ve always appreciated seeing how you embrace your whole of life. It’s a nice reminder whenever I start to feel fragmented.

  377. Callie says:

    Four years ago I was just contemplating law school. Now, I’ve gone (to law school in CHICAGO!) and come back home in NC. Working and sooo very glad I took that very scary and difficult but so worth-it plunge!

    Love your blog and so glad you’re part of the interweb!

  378. Callie says:

    I’m your newest FB fan (I didn’t even realize you had a FB page) (Callie Alley)

  379. Tessa says:

    I had my second baby two years ago. It was the best thing I could have done for my first baby. They are now 6 & 2 and are inseparable.

  380. terry says:

    I have always been a creative person. For several years all my friends and coworkers got hand knit socks for their birthdays. And their babies got blankets. I always felt babies should get something handmade. There is so little of that these days.
    Four years ago I took a new job. Purely for the increase in pay. The job and it’s conditions were very stressful for me. But, within months we were moving across town so my husband could start a business. It was all very traumatic for me.
    I broke down. I lost contact with my friends and my creative spark fizzled. It was bad for a couple of years.
    My job is still stressful and I am sure it will continue to be. My house is much biggest than I need, and my boys have both moved out on their own. Such is life, I guess.
    But I feel my creative juice begining to flow again. I have my own space now and have been hard at work organizing. I found some writing classes at the local college and am planning a blogging comeback.
    In the next four years I will set things right.

  381. In the last four years, I have experienced a similar situation as you, Dig. Four years ago, I unexpectedly discovered I was pregnant (with Margot) a week after we arrived home from our honeymoon. I questioned what motherhood would mean to me, and what kind of parent I would be. Would motherhood swallow my identity; what it would mean for my job, and how would I handle both, would I even want both? The single experience of Margot’s birth empowered me be the mother I never would have imagined myself to be. Two years later, sweet baby Iris was born, and although I still question how to balance work and motherhood, my children continually fostered confidence, conviction and a deeper understanding of just who I am.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences here, we are following the same path and incite from your journey makes mine all the more meaningful.

    For years I have been lusting after a “dreamboat” for myself, but other necessities end up take presence; like a new hot water heater because the old one suddenly flooded the basement, or new brakes on the car, re-wiring our old house, and so on… thus I have had to put my so desired camera upgrade on hold until our financial situation is more stable and that rainy day doesn’t mean we need a new roof. I optimistically hope that our paths run parallel again and I may behold my very own “dreamboat” courtesy of your fantastic give away to end all giveaways (for me at least)! Fingers crossed…

  382. Daniele says:

    Path changing, life changing….Well, I, like you, became a mom for the first time in 2007. I also had a second girl in 2009. I became a stay at home mom in late 2007.
    I love your blog so much because we’re going through the same types of things at the same time with our girls. You’re a gem I tell you, a gem.

  383. Meg O. says:

    I just went back to read your first post a couple of weeks ago…. I love your blog, so thank you for sharing!!

    The past four years have changed me in so many ways, but there is nothing that has changed me more than the birth of my son 15 months ago. I love what you said about identity, because in becoming his mother, he has made me…. well, more me! I would seriously go OVER THE MOON if I won that camera.

  384. Lauren says:

    liked on facebook!

  385. Lauren says:

    Last year I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost my left fallopian tube. I am still trying to come to terms with everything that goes along with it and it has absolutely changed everything about me.

  386. It happens to be all of the little steps along the way that add up to something grand and for ever life changing. Two years ago I began volunteering with a non profit coffee shop in town. Nothing big, just a place I felt a connection with. Little steps along the way left me camping in the Peruvian jungle on a coffee farm for a week. The beauty of their simplified life in the amazon jungle and grand sense of family/community is something that has forever changed me.

  387. Erika says:

    I like you on facebook

  388. Courtney says:

    Currently I have a 20 month old daughter and am growing another as we speak. They will be two years apart and that will certainly change my life. I am a working mom that is going to work until baby number two is born and then I’m going to quit my job and chart my own path to have more time with my littles. Your blog has been a big inspiration for that.

  389. Courtney says:

    liked on facebook

  390. Erika says:

    Thanks for making me stop and think about (and be thankful for) the last four years: Overall they’ve been peaceful despite my near death experience, health problems, and the birth of my now two-year-old daughter (who lights up a room, and leave chaos in her wake). Yes, peaceful.

  391. Julie M says:

    The past 4 years have been full of changes. Our little girl was born 3 years ago with Down Syndrome. I feel blessed to be mom to not only her but her older brother and sister.

  392. Julie M says:

    I ‘like’ you on facebook too!

  393. Lauren says:

    I’m not a mother yet (though I long to be), and I feel like I’ve learned so much about mothering from you already. I love the way you allow, no expect, your girls to be their own person. And, we’re starting a garden this year!! So thanks for inspiring!
    Dreamboat is something else…I think I have a crush!
    XO, L

  394. Maddy's Mom says:

    Three years ago, I finished grad school and took a new job in a different state. My husband quit a high-intensity (and paying) job to follow me. Although the income isn’t what we had grown accustomed to, the hiring package came with an enormous and unexpected “happiness” bonus. Once we’d adjusted to being happy on a regular basis, our four-year bout with infertility ended virtually overnight. I am reduced to tears of gratitude every time I tell this story.

  395. Pathchanging you ask? 4 years ago my husband and I moved from our hometowns to pursue his dreams… we got married and uprooted our lives to come to Boston. It’s changed everything and made me appreciate family all the more. Being away from everyone (although, we’re not that far away – family is in NY) it makes you treasure the time you do have together. It’s made me realize that my dad wasn’t crazy for saying Family First — he meant it.

  396. terry says:

    Like You on Facebook. :)

  397. JoanLindsay says:

    A year ago I was hoping single and in love days away from being engaged (surprise)! Today I find myself married, a new home owner with my sweet husband, and surprisingly expecting our first baby. With all of these “new” labels I am trying to find balance and an understanding of my “new” self and where my life is and where it is heading in this incredible, exciting, sometimes scary and frustrating, but always filled with love, life.

  398. JoanLindsay says:

    I liked/like/love dig.

  399. irishmaji says:

    The most life changing event for me in the past 4 years was the birth of my son, 17 months ago. He’s the best thing that ever happened to us, and we weren’t planning on having children :)

  400. irishmaji says:

    oh and I’ve liked you on facebook! I didn’t know you were there until this post :)

  401. Lindsey says:

    Happy Anniversary, love your blog! I ‘liked’ you on facebook :)

  402. Bennett Abel says:

    4 years ago last month I was visiting New Zealand on my honeymoon with the luv of my life. It is a life changing landscape – very similar to Montana. But the most significant life changing experience in the past 4 years has to be the birth of my son, Bennett. I’m often out of words to describe what he means to me.

  403. Sarah says:

    WOW – 4 years of potential path-changing life events, and I’m supposed to pick just one?! How about “boyfriend-proposal-fiance-wedding-husband-offer-homeowner-painter-housefixer-newjob-healthcrisis-overcome!-lossofdog-heartbroken-surprise!-pregnant-holyemotions-changeyourlife-mommydaddy-sweetbabygirl-heavenonearth”

    It’s hyphenated, so that counts as one, right? :)

    (I’d luuuurve that camera!!)

  404. Bennett Abel says:

    I liked you on facebook! And I’m very picky about my “likes”. yay!

  405. Amy says:

    The best part of your giveaway might just be the amazing comments from all of your awesome readers! Congrats on four years!

    Four years ago, I had one boy with a toe pointed toward preschool and the other just born. Now one is in first grade and the other has a foot in preschool. So different, so the same!

  406. WOW – what a great giveaway for your 4 year anniversary! I fell in love with your blog after I found Kelle Hampton’s and I read both of yours religiously!
    I’ve had many, path-changing, wonderful and heart-breaking events happen in my life over the past 4 years.
    Last year my husband lost his cousin to cancer and it had a profound effect on me because she was two years younger than me, only 29. It was a huge wake up call. She is a constant reminder to me to embrace the day and live life to its fullest.
    Thank you for being so positive and open about your life. You are an ispiration.

  407. MeganMR says:

    What was life changing for me happened about 10 days shy of a year ago when I gave birth to my son. Not only was becoming a mother life changing in itself, but the surprise that came along with it. He was born with a cleft lip and palate. I didn’t even know what a cleft was until the day he was born. It certainly changed my path, but I wouldn’t choose any other path in life, I like this one.

  408. MeganMR says:

    I also liked you on Facebook. I never even realized you had one until I read this blog.

  409. El says:

    I love your blog, it inspires me every single time. To be a better mother, artist, runner, writer, maker, doer…and on an on. Just got my first issue of Mamalode, and handed out the extra copies at work! Howdy from Nashville, Tennessee – thank you for sharing!

  410. 4 years… wow! new jobs, maturing marriage… added baby no. 1 a dog and baby no. 2 a human, both have rocked our world! i am relatively new to your world, but its so fun to glimpse inside the life of another across the country! cheers to another 4 years!!

  411. andralinn says:

    I “like” Dig!

  412. Celina says:

    Last year we had one little preschooler and decided it was time to actually plan on having another baby. It was life changing. Us in our 20s and making decisions to expand our little family? Wow. Our second son is now 7wks old. We’re still getting use to it, but it was never a wrong decision.

  413. irelassred says:

    In the last 4 years I have really settled into who I am.
    I’ve gotten much more comfortable with my body & all it does for me, and have stopped punishing myself.
    I’ve gotten to be friends with myself, you might say! It is amazing how much happier life is since I’ve let me love me!
    I’d love that camera!

  414. . says:

    Life-changing? Well, we got a surprise start to our family – finding out we’d started without planning! Shortly after that first bit of news, we learned our babe had Down Syndrome and a heart condition. We’ve now made it through most of the major medical issues for our monkey… and she even has a 2-year-old sibling! Busy, crazy, lovably chaotic – that’s us! These experiences have taught me that I’m a tough cookie, my husband and I are good partners and and our beautiful kids are amazing (sometimes demanding) kids.

  415. Tammy B says:

    Well Dig, I’ve been reading you for a really long time now. Found you through Kelle I think, two or three years ago? Could that be?! Life changing, huh? Well, there hasn’t been anything in the last four years, until recently. Well, two things. We lost a family member two years ago, at a very young age. Leaving my brother a widow at 36 years old. I think that was life changing for all of us. Helping him through that really hard time, and helping him help his daughter. It’s been tough, but we are strong.

  416. Kelly says:

    This year is definitely going to be a game changer…I can just feel it. PS. love your blog…your family is adorable!

  417. Tammy B says:

    oh, and I already like you on facebook!

  418. First life changing moment in the last four years: finding out our firstborn would be stillborn.
    Second life changing moment in the last four years: welcoming our precious second child, Ranen!

  419. andrea says:

    My lifechanging event just happened this past January 13th. After searching for almost 15 years, I finally found both of my brothers (they are twins), and we are all 3 so much alike it is uncanny. Getting to know them after being separated as children 45 years ago has definately been fulfilling, awesome and lifechanging. Truly a dream for me! And I would love to win this camera to take pictures at our very first reunion meeting!

  420. I found your blog through Margot’s, specifically the entry titled “Margot Bea was a Bee.” I’ve been in love ever since.

    Several years ago while I was in college, I had to sell my dreamboat camera. It was a Nikon D70s, and I loved it dearly. Now I have my own two-week-old, curly babe, and I’m dying for my dreamboat. I often wish I had cameras in my eyes. I see the world through pictures, and my point and shoot just isn’t cutting it.

  421. Congratulations on 4 years! I’ve also recently started a blog, and it’s definitely been a game changer for me. I think it’s so freeing to have my inner voice out there for the world. I’m normally so shy and timid that I feel like I get lost sometimes. Jo In the Kitchen is just me being me, but since it’s on the internet, it feels much bigger.
    I’m so glad you started Dig!