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hump day nuggets: exotic

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week We have been planning and dreaming about a family vacation, one that isn’t to visit family or friends. Like we go to a place where we don’t know anyone and do whatever we want. Of course we love traveling to see our beloveds but there’s something so unbound and lovely about a trip somewhere we’ve never been, where we don’t know anyone.All of our … Continue reading hump day nuggets: exotic →
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This afternoon I boogied around our home picking up piles of animal hair-crusted socks, forks, crayons and cookie cutters. Despite my efforts to include Margot in my scene she sat, like a yogi, naked and wrapped in a purple quilt. “Mama, what are you doing?” “Cleaning up,” as I breathlessly scraped dried peanut butter and alphabet stickers off the floor. She watched me labor and didn’t move or speak. I added cheerily, “It really takes no time at all to … Continue reading fiery →
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hump day nuggets: thick and sweet like honey

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week We’ve had a great, full week. Our best pals flew in from Colorado for the weekend, we corked a dusty bottle of wine we bought in France six years ago. There was a birthday, egg dying, weeding, snow storms and Ruby’s first haircut given, mercilessly, by her big sister. I feel like my life exists in lists right now. A list of what to … Continue reading hump day nuggets: thick and sweet like honey →
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Margot feeds Alice every day. Most of the time she just does it, sometimes it takes a gentle reminder. Other times, she just flat out refuses. Like when Andy was making pancakes and I was changing Ruby’s diaper and she said, as Alice hovered three inches from her face, pleading for breakfast, “No, I just can’t right now because I am holding my baby.” Margot learned to wink Andy replied, “Come on, help out, homeslice.” Andy’s terms of endearment make … Continue reading homedaddy →
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spring is

wool hoods, fleece pants, tutus, sparkly shoes without socks backyard picnics bare shoulder gardening (with goosebumps) post-dinner bike rides chilly morning park play dates kids sitting on the ground in nothing but jeans, dogs chewing on dry sticks sewing 150 felt eggs the beginning of this year’s harvest tiny lettuce the end of last year’s harvest tomatoes, beans and peas What is spring to you? If you post about it, share your link in the comments! :: :: :: all … Continue reading spring is →
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