spring is

wool hoods, fleece pants, tutus, sparkly shoes without socks

backyard picnics


bare shoulder gardening (with goosebumps)


post-dinner bike rides


chilly morning park play dates


kids sitting on the ground in nothing but jeans, dogs chewing on dry sticks


sewing 150 felt eggs


the beginning of this year’s harvest


tiny lettuce

the end of last year’s harvest

tomatoes, beans and peas

What is spring to you? If you post about it, share your link in the comments!

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all photos taken with a Canon Digital SLR from Vanns.com

54 Responses to spring is

  1. M & G says:

    I found your blog from Enjoying the Small Things, and I love it! Here is Spring in Savannah ->http://savannahsweethearts.blogspot.com/2011/03/spring-and-lynx.html

  2. M & G says:

    I found your blog from Enjoying the Small Things, and I love it! Here is Spring in Savannah ->http://savannahsweethearts.blogspot.com/2011/03/spring-and-lynx.html

  3. M & G says:

    I found your blog from Enjoying the Small Things, and I love it! Here is Spring in Savannah ->http://savannahsweethearts.blogspot.com/2011/03/spring-and-lynx.html

  4. M & G says:

    I found your blog from Enjoying the Small Things, and I love it! Here is Spring in Savannah ->http://savannahsweethearts.blogspot.com/2011/03/spring-and-lynx.html

  5. M & G says:

    I found your blog from Enjoying the Small Things, and I love it! Here is Spring in Savannah ->http://savannahsweethearts.blogspot.com/2011/03/spring-and-lynx.html

  6. Tara says:

    Spring is campfires! I shared about our campfire in Tuesdays post this week. Hopefully, we can loose the hats and coats soon!


  7. Ashley says:

    Spring is:
    - Nebraska thunderstorms, which are unparalleled
    - Daffodils & tulips revealing their loveliness
    - Wearing hoodies with shorts & Chacos
    - Feeling the cool, damp dirt underneath my fingers
    - Flowering trees in bloom
    - Washing coats, gloves, mittens and hats and PUTTING THEM AWAY!

  8. Spring is bithdays and then more birthdays for me and being a little sad that spring in Montana is not the spring I grew up with in Ohio. Oh but Montana summers that’s what I live for all year, long lazy days outside in the sun.

  9. Marti says:

    Spring is lots and lots of yellow pollen, the Master’s, mowing the yard, strong storms (sometimes w/ tornados) and this spring I got a little surprise when my brother came home from deployment :) made my heart happy.


  10. Spring is..
    -Working remotely on the deck with computer, fleece jacket, and bare feet.
    -Purple Hyacinth accenting daffodil blooms
    -Daydreaming instead of working
    -Summer dresses with t-shirts and leggings on underneath.
    -Gardening. Planting seeds. Planning a new perennial bed. Spreading compost. And plotting to apply TONS of mulch.
    -Eating dinner closer to 7pm because we are distracted by the warm afternoons.
    -Spring cleaning including cleaning closets, organizing, & dropping bags off at good will.
    -Afternoons at the beach or going for brisk dingy rides with the dog and kid.

    Nice job on all of those eggs! What a great offering. I”m sure you’re sick of felt by now.

    Happy weekend!

    Jennifer from Annapolis

  11. Amy says:

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  12. Amy says:

    Spring… love how everyones is different!

    I just posted this last night!


    We are really really ready for spring to be here… we still have inches of snow in our yard, not complaining though, its better than the feet we had just a few days ago.

  13. I adore that photo of the girls’ feet!
    Spring to me is pretending it’s warm enough for skirts and sandals, and then finally realizing (around mid-May) that it IS warm enough for skirts and sandals!
    Isn’t amazing what sunshine does for us?

  14. PapillionMom says:


    I will be adding more to my “spring” collection tonight.

  15. Cruiser bikes, patios and white wine!

  16. Spring is…the beginning of bumblebees and bubbles.

  17. Brandi says:

    Spring in North Pole, Alaska is…

    ~Shedding a few layers of clothes to discover you put on a few layers of fat over the winter. :)
    ~Looking for patches of bare ground and running circles in it with my 15 month old son.
    ~Waking up with light trickling through the shades in the morning and going to sleep with the sun still hanging.
    ~Buying camping gear and dreaming of warmer temps.
    ~Family members start buying plane tickets to visit!
    ~Thinking 30F is warm enough to not wear a jacket.


  18. Tiffany says:

    Spring is lots of color around here!

    I love the photo of the girls’ picnic! Your daughters are beautiful, and I love reading your blog!

  19. Yay goosebumps!!

    My spring: Building raised beds while dodging hail and magic lawn formulas.


  20. TRB Holt says:

    Spring is ~
    ~ Hearing all the peepers singing their chorus in my back yard
    ~ One more celebration of Grizzie’s birth…she turned 15 in April
    ~ Watching the rainbow of color with the return of the birds
    ~ Pedicures!
    ~ Awesome lighting shows only available in the Midwest
    ~ Sending Eater goodies in the mail

    HOPPY Spring Burb!


  21. Courtney says:

    - the anticipation communicated by budding trees, bulbs poking through and spring snowstorms.
    - over in a day-long blink; WINTER, spring, SUMMER.
    - cursing the gophers who eat my asparagus.
    - bemoaning my pale, pale legs as I unsheath them from their winter wardrobe.
    - contemplating a rapidly-filling summer calendar, and wondering if we could just ignore everyone and go to the lake.

  22. TRB Holt says:

    ps Eater?…that is Easter goodies…A Freudian slip!

  23. Holly Taylor says:

    Spring still hasn’t truly arrived here yet in Vermont!

    But you are encouraging me to look beyond the mud and dog poo to the postive things that spring brings…

    Early am running
    Evenings on the trampoline
    Maple Sugaring
    Softball season
    Planning summer vacations
    Sliding while also being able to play in the mud while eating sugar on snow!

    Happy Spring!

  24. Minnesotagal says:

    Spring is the smell of thawing dirt, rain boots and mud stains, piles of layered clothes strewn around the house and yard, worms and boxelder bugs and excitement in the air!

    I’ve been blogging about it all month but here’s a highlight:


  25. Ivy says:

    Spring is my lilacs making little purple and green buds all over…

    And I had to say, I love the picture on the Etsy page for your eggs, of the chickens checking them out.

    “There’s something just not right about you guys…”

    Love it. Birds are capable of the most indignant looks.

  26. Tina says:

    Ahhh… spring. :)
    I’ve blogged about it frequently over the past month or so… wishing and hoping it would arrive, and finally ecstatic about it’s slow but sure arrival.

    Boy am I ever glad winter is over… is it just me, or did it seem like an incredibly long one this year?!


  27. Jessie says:

    Spring is:
    A re-awakening
    Morning robins
    Bare arms
    Muddy Sneakers
    Warmer sun
    and sunlight rainbows dancing on our kitchen floor.

  28. ebelknap says:

    Beautiful pics as always. I’m so excited to get my felt eggs that are no doubt in that pile. Yippee!

  29. Melina says:

    Sadly, this was spring in Vermont….


    Read the last line of the post if you want to sum it up…

    Meanwhile, feasting my eyes on your gorgeous photos!

  30. Kate says:

    Spring is….never coming! We just got about 8″ of snow with more coming on the weekend. We’re 600 miles north of you and your green grass, bare shoulders and bare sidewalks are killing me! I am dying for spring to finally arrive. Literally. If it doesn’t come soon, I may just shrivel up and blow away.

  31. Daniele says:

    Oh, I ‘d love to do a post about what spring is :) Spring is my favorite season!

  32. My new spring, being a Midwesterner transplanted to New Orleans, means surviving Mardis Gras and watching everything bloom only as it would in late summer in Nebraska. We have been in shorts and T-shirts already for one month. It is the best time of year here and everyone basks in it: the parks are full of gorgeous flowers, people are in a great mood because they can still leave their windows open some nights. The air will soon become like hot soup and stay that way until October.

  33. FinnyKnits says:

    Yep! I love those things! Actually, a chilly morning trip to the park sounds extra good right now. I could even be convinced to go on the swings.

    Spring has a way of making me ridiculous and happy.

  34. Arika says:

    Spring to me? New beginnings and reviving old things that we love! Read about it here: http://foreveryoungs-arika.blogspot.com/

  35. I love that for a month or so or seasons almost overlap…. your layers are coming off and ours are slowly coming on…. for a little while our children dress and play in almost the same seasonal way :)

  36. Spring is…making short appearances here in the Pacific Northwest.
    It always meant sunny days sipping a beer on the deck after spring skiing when I lived in Colorado.
    Now it means hanging out in my muck boots, jeans and a tank top while watching the kids dig in the mud.
    I wrote a post about early spring in the Pacific Northwest late last month.
    Here’s the link:

  37. Susan S. says:

    Volunteer sweet peas. Crocus and daffodils. Big FAT lilac buds after a particularly cold winter in Puget Sound. Stove-up bumble bees stumbling along the ground because they’re too chilly to fly just yet. I pay special attention to the old-timer gardeners around here, those who learned from their grandmothers. They tell me that it’s time to plant sweet peas when the ground is warm enough that you can bear to sit directly on it. Other lore tells me that it’s time to plant sweet peas when the forsythia blooms. Ruby seated directly on the earth looks like a good indicator to me. Maybe she’ll grow up to be an old-timer gardener herself! Wouldn’t that be great?

    Happy day everybody!

  38. I love the outfit on Margot (I think it’s Margot rather than Ruby) in the first photo. If they made that combo in my size, I’d wear it!

    Ah, spring is my favourite season – so full of things that make me smile.
    I wrote about it here: http://london-heather.blogspot.com/2011/04/fro-yo-is-my-friday-treat.html

  39. Tina says:

    Just added another post to my blog about Spring, inspired by this one. :)


  40. I totally agree with the others from Nebraska…a fabulous Nebraska thunderstorm is totally spring…we heard fabulous booming echoing through the sky yesterday and that signaled the “official” Nebraska start to spring…

    (I have been posting about the arrival of spring for some time: popsicle eating, gardening and dirt working, soccer…)

  41. Caroline says:

    Spring is:
    -flies on the parched manure pile
    -green poking through grey
    -”Killdeer! Killdeer!”
    - water in the ditch
    -Meadowlarks high on the treetops, with a damp, brisk sky at their backs
    - road trips; 79.5 mph non-stop
    - runny noses, sore backs of throats
    - clear, solid, pebbly trails flanked by plump, jade urchins, pink blossom-drops & winter-green plant barnacles
    - hope, excitement & renewal

  42. Jess says:

    I am shamelessly going to steal your felt eggs idea. I have a hard time celebrating easter since I am not religious, but at least I don’t have to purchase petrochemicals in order for my kid to enjoy a good egg hunt! Thanks!

  43. Caroline says:

    From Hugo (5 yrs. old) – Spring is:
    * loving
    * birds singing
    * deer coming out
    * more nature

  44. Christa says:

    Green starting to reappear
    Thinking about spring cleaning
    but putting it off because it’s finally too nice to spend all day inside
    Kids escaping outside without shoes because they think no snow must mean summer
    Spending every night at baseball practices and games
    Or hanging out with the family on a Sunday afternoon
    just enjoying the sun & each other’s company:

  45. i titled this particular post “Happiness Is…” because SPRING makes me happy!! http://cjsmommy06.blogspot.com/2011/04/happiness-is.html
    Im hoping spring is finally here to stay in NJ!!

  46. Elizabeth says:

    Spring! Love your Spring images! Here’s my post on Spring:



  47. Sarah says:

    Spring is my little one falling asleep all by herself!!! I just have to thank you SO much for posting about the Sleep Lady. I had heard of her but it was your post that made me buy her book. I never dreamed my 18 month old DD would fall asleep by herself so fast – the process was EASY and stress-free (no crying) for us. THANK YOU!

  48. Snippets says:

    Over here, spring is;

    - An extra hour of daylight starting to creep in.

    - The smell of Jasmine blooming.

    - Carnivals, festivals and community.

    - Dresses without stockings, and pretty knee length hems.

    - Ridiculously wide brimmed hats.

    - New harvest and baby sprouts that look cute on windowsills.

    - Skateboarding in suburban streets at dusk (and being terrible at it).

  49. jen says:

    spring officially becomes spring when there are lilacs in my yard. but unofficially spring is when my toes see the light of day. and when i can take the dog out in the middle of the night without a coat. and when i hear drips of water around me as i tippitytap into my keyboard.

  50. Kelly says:

    Spring to me (in Orlando, Fl):

    -Hot days, cool nights
    -Decorating the house with ducklings, bunnies, chickens and flowers
    -Ripe tomatoes in my garden
    -Birthdays, and more birthdays!
    -My wedding anniversary
    -Spring cleaning
    -Outdoor homeschooling

  51. Spring is different here. Winter on the island feels like what I used to know as Spring.

    Spring on Maui is a taste of Summer’s midday heat framed with Winter’s morning chill.

    Spring on Maui means a quiet lull in tourist vehicle traffic before the Summer vacation boom.

    Thank you Nici, for the beauty that you share here.


  52. Adriana Iris says:

    spring is sharing the bounty of Gaia with friends far away. TY for the post.