hump days nuggets: trickle hump

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week

So these days when there are many plans and items spinning into bigger plans and items, I just can’t seem to keep with the hump day nuggets. And that bums me right out because I really adore my nugs.

But! There is always a solution to find time for things that matter. And, my solution is a trickle hump, where nuggets trickle in over a few days. It’s like a humpy progressive dinner. Yeow.

So this selling-a-house business with two small children whose daily agenda includes unpacking, unfolding, unorganizing, undoing their environment is really, amazingly difficult. And funny in that way that isn’t funny at the time but really funny like 45 minutes later. I actually started to write a bit about it tonight and it turned into its own essay so that’ll be available to eyeballs in next Monday’s mama digs.

progressive trickle hump dinner nuggets, 1st edition:

:: We made a tomato pie. A Sure, Delicious Sign of Fall.


:: Our friends have the amazing, awesome (and, at times, really hard) opportunity to caretake a local, historic homestead. The annual fall party/fundraiser was last weekend.


The walk in was easy as pie.

Margot hauled a bag full of pebbles and pine needles she had collected for our hosts. She insisted on carrying (the full 1/2 mile walk) and delivering.

The walk out was also pie-like, yet a bit more adventurous, made easier by my husband’s fancy iphone and a flashlight app.


:: I gave in on having all my fall stuff in my shop at the same time and embraced little-by-little, which feels way more appropriate anyway. An outtake:


:: I’ll be a little nostalgic and woeful when Margot consistently wears her shoes on the right feet.


:: I SO adore her style and, more so, her confidence in it. We were out and about on this day and many, many people said they loved her socks and she just said yeah. She knew it was awesome because it felt good to her. And oh how I wish that hangs on for the rest of her life, or at least through middle school.


:: Been pulling a lot of carrots this week. Ruby is particularly proud.

yes, that carrot is the length of her thigh

happy hump day out there

/trickle hump

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24 Responses to hump days nuggets: trickle hump

  1. Erin O. says:

    “Progressive hump dinner.” I had to re-read that a few times to decide if it sounded dirty. HA!

  2. Elle says:

    I just want to let you know that I adore your writing. It always strike a chord. Keep writing, you are very gifted.

  3. I’m so excited for the upcoming posts of the new house! And I’m also very happy to get my spoonfuls of nuggets!

  4. I like the trickle. Maybe we’ll get more that way.

  5. melody says:

    “progressive hump dinner” made me laugh so hard I almost woke my kids up!
    and Margot is totally rocking those socks.
    I totally agree with you on wanting our children to have that self confidence thoughtout life- especially middle school!
    Also, nuggets are soul medicine for me.
    Love it!

  6. Ellie says:

    Love the idea of “trickle” nuggets, especially since it’s 12.30 am right now and I just finished mine, annoyed to the skies and beyond with Blogger. Trickle sounds so much better at this wee hour. And I love the thigh-long carrot.

  7. rebecca... says:

    ,,,i’m diggin’ bits ‘n pieces, and the “trickle” down affect of “nugs”, it gives me time to savor the words i’ve digested and the anticipation of more words still to come!,,,i’m really, really diggin’ the photo of m&r with BIG smiles on their faces in the MT t’s, could children be any cuter?,,,you don’t have to answer, i already know what you’re thinking, ask a stupid question… (smile),,,as margot accumulates more years, i hope, she continues to celebrate her style and if it includes socks of different races, i say brilliant!,,,

  8. As Margot’s hair grows long, I cannot wait to see how she wants her hair styled. I’m sure she will have some unique combinations, which will be 100% her; especially if she styles it herself. :)

    I too will miss the backwards shoes one day from my own little one. She’s so proud to put on socks and shoes all by herself, there’s no reason or room to correct her.

    Happy dribbling nuggets out there.


  9. Kelle says:

    Yes, I’m going to use the word girth. Good Lord, the girth.

    The dark walk back with flashlight-ap glow. I can feel it. Like I was there.

    And smiling at Margot’s rad confidence.

  10. Meghan says:

    that carrot is bonkers!

  11. Sarah says:

    Go Margot :) I love reading your blog because I have a daughter who’s 2 – so fun to see how they grow up.

  12. Tara says:

    Watching two of my girls walk into school holding hands (2nd and 5th graders). Wish I had my camera! That lovely carrot picture reminded me that we still have to pick our carrots!

  13. Tina says:

    Jealous of your carrots… mine were all stolen by some hungry animal earlier this summer. Dug them up and left gaping holes in the ground, with no other evidence left behind – not even the stems!

    My nugs this week:

  14. Ellie says:

    My new best friend is pacing – I am in love with ‘a little at a time.’ It keeps my brain from shorting out and helps me enjoy all the different hues of my day. Must make some tomato pie; and lovely photos (as always)- thanks for this first taste, as the nuggets progress.

  15. Jenny V says:

    I love the trickle concept…gives me more than one day to look forward to…love those nugget posts! Margot’s fashion forward thinking reminds me so much of our little Sam’s. Just this morning he went off to first grade, rocking the clip on tie/t shirt combo that he frequently pulls out. I hope he never loses that strong sense of self either.

  16. Bikini By 30 says:

    I adore that in the Carrot shot you can see Ruby’s little snack covered grin.

  17. TRB Holt says:

    Burb~ I think the “trickle” idea is brilliant! We readers don’t care how Nugs get there…just that they are there!

    Margot Bea~ I love your sense of style, the ability to carry it off & the confidence in accepting a compliment…I know many grownups that are still trying to master just ONE of these attributes ! AND you are so thoughtful in your gift gathering and giving. Did you know I have a special “Margot” file where I keep all the special things you have given to me? I Love You A Bushel & A Peck!

    Ruby Jane~ I tore my Achilles tendon last week playing tennis. I was just thinking this morning how much I wish your mama, papa, Margot & you lived closer. This recovery would pass much more quickly and be a heck of a lot more fun having you around! You Are My Sunshine!

    I hope to see you all soon…..I Love You All!

    xoxo, Mom/Gram

  18. Daniele says:

    did I miss it in a past post? you’re moving?

  19. Trickle hump: that’s totally my new dance move, a very sexy dance of course.
    Love the outtake photo: the smiliest girls.

  20. Oh, that list picture of Ruby with the carrots is frameable. Well, just like all the rest of your photos. ;)

  21. Christi says:

    I totally understand your home selling issues. Selling a home is very difficult, especially with littles under foot. We just sold our 4th home in 11 years. I wish I had some magic trick that made keeping it show-ready easy, but I don’t. I will send hopes and wishes your way that it sells quickly. :) Love the shoes on the wrong feet, that is my little ones favorite way to wear her shoes.

  22. kate says:

    So … about Margot’s sense of style:

    I, too, have a stylish daughter. When she was Margot’s age, she would, of course, insist on choosing her own clothes. Now, we live in the big city where fashion is “expected”! But, in this family, we have always sought to teach our children the value of a $ and that gently used clothing is the BOMB!

    So, my kid dressed in the BEST outfits! We loved them … (there were, however, a couple days when I wanted to send her off to preschool with a pin saying: Dressed myself today!)

    NOW, my little is a Junior Higher. She STILL dresses herself. She can go into a thrift store and find a perfect outfit. She TRIPLE LOVES a bag of hand-me-downs (good thing, cuz it’s the only way she’d get name brand clothing!!) and she talks about buying prom and wedding dresses at garage sales. I am so proud of her sense of style.

    You will be proud, too, mama when she is still this wonderful soul … even in junior high!!

    All the BEST!!

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