progressive trickle hump dinner nuggets, 2nd edition: sisters

trickle hump, 1st edition here

:: Silence from the living room. “What are you doing in there?”

“Nothing really. Just pretending your lipstick is really important medicine we need a lot of.”


:: Andy and I madly cleaned our home one night to show and I said to Margot and Ruby, “I need your help.” They both stared wide-eyed and ready. “Can you two please play right here and not make a mess for 30 minutes?” Margot thought for a sec and Ruby looked to her for the answer. She said, “Well, probably not.”


:: Last night I was gathering ingredients for dinner and I said hmm, Rubes, what else should we have? and she said OH!, raced to the pantry and returned with raisins and noodles. I told her we were having chicken for dinner and thought rice would go well. Kay she said as she ran off. I looked out the window to see she was trying to catch a chicken shouting, chickies! go! dinner!


:: Ruby has little things all to herself that, before preschool, she shared with her sister. Like, grocery shopping. She is over the moon about owning the cart. At checkout, she smiles at the checkout dude and says “ticker pease” and gets to pick her own sticker without competition.

This only-kid celebration is balanced by a achingly sweet love of her sister. She gets a sticker for Margot too and when she wakes from her naps says, “Margot cool! Go!” which actually translates to Margot school but cool is pretty dang true too.


And when we enter Margot’s classroom for closing circle, Margot shrieks for Ruby who shrieks back and runs to sit on her lap where they hug and trace each other’s faces. I want to remember that forever.

It’s the consideration that makes me swoon with mama pride. Ruby has the whole sticker bowl all to herself and wants one for Margot and Margot has school all to herself and wants to include Ruby. The bone-deep love they have for each other. It trumps everything.


Lastly, a little something I nabbed from afar. There is seven whole minutes of it, here is 27 seconds from the last night of summer:

happy day after hump day out there

:: :: ::

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24 Responses to progressive trickle hump dinner nuggets, 2nd edition: sisters

  1. jennymariee says:

    I totally understand the sister thing. I watch my girls do all the same things you described. It’s so amazing to watch.

  2. I love the sweetness of this post. I think as parents we all have moments when we doubt ourselves a little bit. My girls are 22 months and 6 months old and whenever these moments occur, I lean in to my amazing husband and whisper “Look honey, we must be doing something right!” Sister love is phenomenal!

  3. I cannot wait to be a mother someday and hope my kids are as cute and as close as yours! Thanks for sharing…

  4. Marti says:

    Those would be the sweetest nuggets I’ve ever read.

  5. Laura Joy says:

    My twin and my 15 months younger sister and I were like your girls when we were little ones. The sister bond they have now is nothing like it will be in the years to come! It only gets stronger and better. :)

    At 27 years old, I am so excited for my own years to come with my sisters.

    Here’s to many more memories, the good and even the bad. They make us stronger and a bit more wiser. Above all, they pull me and my sisters closer than ever. And your girls will have that.

  6. Tara says:

    So glad my three daughters have each other. Hope they remain close. I blogged about your fried rice today. Loved the recipe:)

  7. Caroline says:

    Yesterday my oldest son acknowledged that he needed my help, as being the sole provider for his frog was not in the frog’s best interest. (Our mountain valley grasshoppers are amazingly FAST and difficult to catch – unlike the grasshoppers at Grammie’s house, who are “so fat and slow, mommy!”) We struck a deal where he would clean the corral for me if I hunted grasshoppers; it deserves mention that the corral is a DREADED chore. After the handshake, his little brother straightened up, eyes welling up with tears: “I’m going to help you, Atticus, because of all those times you helped me do things, and because whenever I hit you, you never hurt me back.” Totally unprompted, intrinsically motivated and absolutely heart-warming, he stepped up to the plate for his brother. I hope this never changes.

  8. And your heart will swell like a wave time and again. The sisterly love is a beautiful treasure.

    And Ruby’s crusty face makes me crack up and think “where’s Alice when you need her?”

    Happy Weekend.


  9. Jaim says:

    I have said in the past that my girls are the same age gap as your but just a little ahead by a year. We were at Shakespeare In The Park a month ago and I took Sigrid to the bathroom and when we were walking back Ella SCREAMED Sig’s name and ran to her. As everyone turned, including the actors(I felt like they turned too:)), they embraced and twirled together. I was so proud that they couldn’t contain that love and really didn’t care if anyone, or everyone, saw and heard them. They used to do the same things as your girls are doing now. Last year when Ella was in preschool, I have a movie of the class going to the nursing home and singing their carols and Sigrid is in the very front, next to Ella, singing right along with the class as if she were a student too. Sigrid still asks for an extra sticker too but now she makes sure if she gets gum she gets an extra piece for her sister.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Zoe says:

    This, this right here is why I wanted more than one child and I’m now starting to see this bond with my girls. I’m so excited to watch them and their big brother grow up together, especially when he does things like buy a book for his big-little sister with his book fair money. Thank you for making my heart grow a little bigger with every sister post.

  11. ~ jessica says:

    I love Margot’s honesty. Can you play right here? Probably not. :D!

    I wish my sister’s and I had the kind of relationship your little ones have. Now that we’re grown and living far apart, the middle sister and I have a closer relationship, but I don’t remember anything like Margot & Ruby when I was young. You & Andy definitely have provided them a loving, safe place and tools to communicate; it shows in the way they love each other.

  12. Melina says:

    My nuggets yesterday: park, salt water, baby, dog, friend.

    Keep telling these sister vignettes, Nici, it makes me think about my sister who just moved away from me. I miss her so much but when I read these little stories I smile and am thankful.


  13. TRB Holt says:

    M & R ~ I am weld up with tears…I am so happy & proud that you two are so close…not only in age but in the love you have for each other.

    I SO remember making Montana mud pies! I spent hours, my mom would save the little tins from chicken-pot-pies, or plastic lids from coffee cans and give them to me so I could mold my master pieces in them! I would decorate them with leaves & flowers; let them dry in the sun, carefully remove them from their molds and “serve” them to Mom…she never stopped saying, “YUM these are so good!”, as she took an imaginary bite!
    I Love You A Bushel & A Peck…You Are My Sunshines!
    xoxo, Gram

  14. Oh my goodness! Is Margot wearing Ruby’s old favorite sweater? What a hand me down of love if it is.
    Love the shopping cart picture. It’s those moments that are so constant we often forget how they change over time.

  15. Kelly says:

    Your photos are all messy and beautiful…just like life. :)

  16. FinnyKnits says:

    Sweetest summer video. Seriously. I swear that twangy bangy type of tune plays in my head all summer long – has all my life.

    The girls enjoying the summer is just the sweetest thing.

  17. BRH says:

    So, so sweet–both the nuggets and the video.

    Argh… You’re making me want to have one more baby, to give my girl a sister. ;)

    Happy weekend!

  18. The Watzeks' says:

    Your girls are so sweet. I have a boy and a girl and have always worried if they would have that “special bond” that same-sex siblings have; and when I look at them, I know they totally have it. And reading your posts made me laugh and my heart thump with happiness.

  19. Lovely post, My sisters are my best friends , it makes me a bit sad for my only child she won’t have that but luckily for her she has cousin love which is pretty cool too.

  20. Annie says:

    My favorite thing about having two children, the sibling love. It is amazing.

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