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thankful nuggets

nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words So many fabulous things swimming around my head today. A good place to be, a bad place to write from. Unless, of course, I do nuggets. I know Thanksgiving blog posts were like so five minutes ago but that’s cool with me. I still wear boot cut jeans too. This minute, a few things I feel thankful for: :: Kids who, when faced with very little snow at Ruby’s sledding … Continue reading thankful nuggets →
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stuff I love happening all at once

We have a big week around here: family to and fro, a birthday to celebrate, Thanksgiving. new charming haircuts, same charming faces Also, we tore into a wall in our kitchen to fix up some last things and ready for the new owners of our home, their home. So, things are happily bananas what with the construction zone, holiday and birthday gift making, visitor and party prep, work, trying to pry the patio furniture and sandbox toys out of ice … Continue reading stuff I love happening all at once →
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nuggets: sewing, sewing

nuggets: bits of the season in photos and words about the last week First up! Thank you for your amazing bucket list comments. It was so fun to read your goals and dreams. The randomly selected camera winner: long-time reader, Kelly Cach! Congrats, mama (no you don’t need a blog!).Kelly Cach said…Bummer. I guess you have to have a blog to enter. But I “liked” them on Facebook anyway And funny, but one of my bucket list items was, “start … Continue reading nuggets: sewing, sewing →
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bleeping wreathes!

I made a few wreathes. And, for some reason, I want to talk gangsta and swears about these pricks. I texted my holiday craft-lovin’ friend a photo of one finished project accompanied by some colorful, excited language that I keep typing and then deleting so as to not offend your delicate eyeballs. I think it is funny. Especially in the context of a holiday craft that symbolizes friendship and the circle of life. Like the decorative gourd essay. Word, bitches. OK, … Continue reading bleeping wreathes! →
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nuggets: hibernate

nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week I can dork out on well-organized spreadsheet just as much as rolling dryer lint balls. In school, my grades in calculus were comparable to my grades in literature. I’ve never fully aligned myself with my right or left brain; I am constantly playing hopscotch between the two. The party lines are blurred. Similarly, I am equal parts social butterfly and homebody. Recently at a fund raising training … Continue reading nuggets: hibernate →
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