nuggets: hibernate

nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words about the last week

I can dork out on well-organized spreadsheet just as much as rolling dryer lint balls. In school, my grades in calculus were comparable to my grades in literature. I’ve never fully aligned myself with my right or left brain; I am constantly playing hopscotch between the two. The party lines are blurred.

Similarly, I am equal parts social butterfly and homebody. Recently at a fund raising training for an organization I volunteer for, the facilitator asked the group to line up at the end of the room, creating a spectrum of outgoingness. “Stand on this end if you walk into a party and know most people and could talk to anyone. Stand on this end if you walk into a party and find a corner.” I was certainly on the know most people/talk to anyone side but the thing is sometimes I just don’t go to the party because I want to turn my phone off and make a pie in my leg warmers. 
I tend to lean toward creative endeavors (and I am beginning to believe my husband when he sweetly suggests that while I *could* do them, I might never prioritize my books and need to hire a bookkeeper). Almost always, I pick making something. But the introvert-extrovert isn’t as predictable. It’s seasonal, it’s random. 
Right now, I am inclined to spoon my home. In fact, right now, it is 5am and I am under a hot pink, orange and green afghan with my purring 20-pound cat tucked against my body. Last night, I slid under our heavy winter blankets with my daughters and a stack of books as 8pm with no intention of getting back up. My husband is already gone, left with a friend to fish. And I am leaning into hibernation with coffee and cat. 
:: In our home, a sure sign of fall and more time inside is dance parties. They happen at least once a day when one of us will declare dance party! followed by a stampede to the living room and hardcore move-busting for one song.

A new favorite Pandora station in our home: Kidz Bop Kids

:: Our friend outgrew his shopping cart and handed it down to my girls. While it definitely doesn’t come out of the car when both kids are with me (hello mayhem!), the little cart is the perfect accessory when on a mama-one kid shopping date. Like, to the grocery or fabric store.


:: Leaves are nearing the end of their brilliance, about to tuck in for the year. Still, they remain pretty awesome.


And fun to make trails in the morning frosting, as Margot calls it.


:: This is the greeting my assistant, Sarahjess, gets when she comes to work.


:: I made a calendar! It is for sale here.

Also, through December 15, use coupon code ‘holiday’ to get free shipping on 
your entire order from my etsy shop

:: We have things in out home that mom allows and dad doesn’t and things dad allows and mom doesn’t. Do you have those? One that I permit and makes dad bananas: kids on chairs, stools and counters when in the kitchen. Sure it makes for additional obstacles and can turn a quick recipe into an hour affair, but I love it.

:: We tend to make more time to see art during the cool months.
Missoula is so lucky to see this giant exhibit of Ansel Adams photographs. Free admission. Go.

The girls ponder human condition.

:: We went to a thrift store last week and Margot fell in love with this totally creepy looking baby doll so he came home with us. His name is Boto.


:: Our rolling pin broke so we made sugar cookies with my kids’ play rolling pin. It was funny and worked swell.


:: Ruby, suddenly, seems so big to me. As we approach her second birthday and her second anniversary of survival, I am so thankful for this healthy, thriving sweet potato.


happy Friday out there

:: :: ::

Congrats to the randomly selected winner of a Blue Q shopping spree: Rachael said…Ooh, if I had $60 at Blue Q I’d definitely get the Marshall shoulder tote, some soaps, and the Cameras pencil case. Such a cool shop, I’d never heard of them before!

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33 Responses to nuggets: hibernate

  1. PapillionMom says:

    As always, Nici…love the nuggets. Ruby is getting so big, she’s such a cutie though and seems to adore her big sister!

    Have a good weekend :-)

  2. Tammi says:

    Thanks for the nuggets, Nici. You have nudged me into a weekly writing assignment and I love capturing the week this way. Thank you!

  3. C says:

    Thanks for pointing my towards Blue Q, I placed an order Monday, it arrived yesterday! And I love it all :)
    What are Rubys orange shoes? I love them!

  4. Ansel Adams is my favorite. I missed the show here in Michigan. We showed up about 7 minutes before it closed and I was bummed the whole rest of the night. I saw the Ansel at 100 exhibit several years ago in Portland, OR and it made me cry. Love him!

  5. Just ripped the garden a part this week. Sad, but true. Time to tuck the soil under a bed of leaves and for us to retreat too. Shift.

    I love how the small rolling pin gets the job done. And Ruby’s pigs. She’s a strong girl and I’m sure that you celebrate her every day.

    Happy Hibernation. Party on.


    P.S. Which Etsy shop makes those billowing tutus? I think it was a former sponsor, and I know Alex would go bananas.

  6. ctb says:

    Go Alice… shake your bootie :)

  7. I do! says:

    I loved seeing this first picture! If anyone wants a great treat, find Nici’s post on 7/7/10 and check the living room booty shakin’ shot! So sweet that we have been treated to watching these beauties grow, and it is so cool to see two shots of these three wonder women more than a year apart. Simple things. Big Smiles.

  8. ~ M ~ says:

    I am so envious of Margot rockin’ her pink cowgirl boots!

  9. Louise says:

    Before I even got to that part I was going to comment on how big Ruby looks, she has jumped from baby to little girl in one post. Maybe its the bunches in her hair? I don’t recognize her on the picture sitting on the kitchen counter, sooo big! Love your kids taking in art, I don’t have the guts for that yet! Have a great weekend.

  10. Tina says:

    Ruby IS suddenly so big. It’s unreal! She (as well as Margot!) seems to have changed so much over the past short while. Ruby is no longer baby, but toddler… and Margot is no longer toddler, but little girl. And they are both extraordinarily sweet and beautiful.

    We also love Kidz Bop Kids! I love that I can enjoy some relatively decent songs that my kids will also like. It’s a win-win!

  11. Danielle says:

    I laughed out loud when I saw your picture of you using the mini rolling pin. That’s hysterical! On another note, I wonder what Margot will do when she outgrows her pink cowgirl boots. Love them!

  12. Kelly Cach says:

    Oh, your girls! So edibley cute!
    Also, my friend once used her girls’ play spatula for MONTHS when hers broke….hahaha! Love your rolling pin. Can’t wait until I get to this stage :)

  13. Laura says:

    I just love popping in to your blog and drinking in the images of your girls in their outfits, your words, your thoughts, your heart. Beautiful, as always.

    LOVE the girls’ outfits. Seriously.

  14. Kelly says:

    The Ansel Adams exhibit looks cool! I love that I didn’t have to click a single one of your back links, because I already knew the story. :)

  15. April says:

    I love the homey post … and already added Kidz Bop to our Pandora account … the littles are gonna love it … thanks!!

  16. Christine says:

    Love Ruby’s outfit at the exhibit. Did you make that?

  17. Alie says:

    Love this post!! The girls are getting so grown-up, and seeing the fields of leaves is refreshing:). Happy weekend!

  18. TRB Holt says:

    Just stumbled onto this….love a Friday nite DIG! Will be back tomorrow!!!


  19. Love the intro to these nuggets. I too fluctuate wildly between needing to *get out* and wanting to stay home, make stuff and dig around in my half-frozen garden.

  20. rebecca... says:

    ,,,margot *rocks* pink cowboy boots like no other!,,,i can only imagine that little carriage serving up some *tug ‘n war* now and again,,,(smile),,,love, ansel adams, the mini rolling pin and that your daughters enjoy art!,,,

  21. When I was a kid, they used to have shopping carts for kids in the grocery store. Why, why, why did they stop doing that? Now my kids have to “help” push mine, blindly.

  22. Carrie Grant says:

    that picture of the girls on the counter slays me! so precious.

  23. Keri says:

    yes, lucky you, to see the ansel adams exhibit! he’s my fave photographer and our 3rd boy, 7 weeks old, is named after him (Ansel). ;)

  24. Catie JLo says:

    Haha my younger sister and I shared a doll exactly like Boto, but named Sarababy…small, beady little eyes and oblong head. It was one of our favorites

  25. ctb: I simply adore your affection for my pooch. Indeed, Alice is pretty awesome.

  26. Oh and those orange shoes! I get so many questions about them. I bought them when Margot was little, they were hers. The brand is Livie and Luca, one of my favorites.

  27. Shannan says:

    I don’t know how I found your blog (probably through a canning website) but I’ve been reading for a few months now and I just wanted to let you know that you’ve inspired me to get me to get my little kids out more. Although I’m out all the time, I often wait until their naptime so I can be uninterrupted and more focused. But I realized that I’m stealing from them valuable outdoor time. I can still get my stuff done (like gardening and yard work) – it’s just done at a slower pace and it’s making memories. thank you so much for your blog!

  28. TRB Holt says:

    For some reason this post made me cry…I think it’s because the girls look so much bigger and older. I know it has to happen but I am not ready…I really do need to see them more that I do. #16 on my bucket list “visit you every 3 months”

    xoxo, Mom

  29. jen says:

    we’re totally entering hibernation mode too around here.
    lots of baking. warm blankets scattered through the house. game night. every night. dancing in the living room. 2 books per kid at night instead of 1.
    and earlier nights. off i go to my warm covers. good night.

  30. Oh my goodness… that’s my husband talking on the phone behind Ruby pushing her little cart! (Too adorable, btw. I have food & kids on the brain as I’m currently in the process of building a play kitchen.)

    Am loving hearing/seeing your fall stories…

  31. Daniele says:

    yes we totally have those “I let the kids but he/she doesn’t” things. A few months ago a friend and I totally spent over an hour listing them and cracking up. And even though we are very much alike in parenting styles we learned we were very different in our “dont’s”. It was great.

  32. creativechimera: wait, really?! I read your sentence a few times thinking it wasn’t literal. Hilarious. Missoula is a small town!

  33. Annie says:

    Your girls are amazing and adorable. We love dance parties too! Thanks for mentioning the pandora station.