nuggets: sewing, sewing

nuggets: bits of the season in photos and words about the last week

First up! Thank you for your amazing bucket list comments. It was so fun to read your goals and dreams. The randomly selected camera winner: long-time reader, Kelly Cach! Congrats, mama (no you don’t need a blog!).
Kelly Cach said…Bummer. I guess you have to have a blog to enter. But I “liked” them on Facebook anyway :) And funny, but one of my bucket list items was, “start a blog and document my beautiful, blessed life.” I love these kinds of prompts, though. Thanks for asking :) Kelly

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I hadn’t planned to go the whole week without writing here, but that’s how it goes sometimes.


I am busy stitching up holiday orders as well as planning my own gifts, busy taking it easy and then catching up from that easy-taking. This is a jam-packed, full time of year for me, no doubt about it. And in the moments when I wish it was slower, I remember how much I love my jobs. How appreciative I am for all these holiday orders, how honored I am to make things that people will give to others with love, how much I love contributing to my blog and mamalode and interacting with you. How much I cherish being home with my kids. I love my jobs. Thanks, sincerely.

Specifically, right now, I am sewing my designs as well as special, custom things like Boba Fett, treasure maps, Goldilocks, fairies and rainbow butterflies, I am stocking and restocking my shops, readying for a November 26 sale (and Santa!) at Walking Stick Toys and the MADE fair on December 11. I am sewing more than ever before, working with two talented, awesome employees. I regularly look up and am amazed with how much this has all grown in three years. Again, thank you.

nuggets (and then back to sewing!).

:: Winter just plopped right down and isn’t going anywhere (right it is a full on blizzard with sideways snow). I didn’t even get around to pulling all my carrots or parsnips. They’ll be waiting for me in the spring.

spontaneous alley snow angel 

:: Remember Susan the Snowoman? She’s on her side and headless from a few warmer days. Every time Ruby sees her she says “Wook mama. O-man? Bummer.”

The first mama-driven weakling snowman

Then papa stepped in

:: The girls and I made sushi for a friend who isn’t well. Sushi making is kindof the perfect kid-in-the-kitchen food: they can nibble on all the ingredients, it is fun to press rice in a row and stack thinly cut food and they can help with the rolling and sealing.


We made ours with tofu, avocado and carrot.


:: With the darkness and chill, everyone is rediscovering puzzels, games, books and toys that have been trumped by dirt, rivers and trails for the last several months.


:: Missoula has a public graffiti wall (permission given by the person who erected the wall that borders a public path) that I think is awesome. Andy and I have always been fascinated by graffiti. In fact, he has long-dreamed of making a fence out of old railroad car chunks.


:: During one of my wild, no-food-in-house, random-ingredient cooking states, I made a really delicious meal.

Quinoa with Tofu, Mushrooms and Apples


pine nuts
olive oil
garlic, minced
mushrooms, chopped
tofu, cubed
apples, chopped
dry basil

Prepare quinoa. Lightly cook pine nuts in a skillet until barely brown (cast iron works best). Remove from pan immediately so they stop cooking. In a large skillet, over med-high, heat olive oil. Add tofu and garlic and cook for a few minutes until tofu browns. Throw in the rest and cook for five minutes. Toss with quinoa.

:: The girls went downstairs. “Margot? Ruby? What are you doing down there?” Breathless, broken response from Margot, “Oh nothing!”


:: I volunteered to take class photos for Margot’s school. Eighty kids preschool-kindergarten. I think I lost five pounds.


:: I love hiking and running in the summer and I love hiking and running in the winter. Distant wind and audible snowflakes.

Our good friends | loving the portability of my new phone for photos  

:: A date, just Ruby and me.


:: A few dig things you might consider for your gift-giving:

An oversized 2012 calendar with my photos (only 10 left!)

Prints of my photos


Stuff I make (use coupon code ‘digholiday’ and get free shipping)

:: The journey to Margot’s school two mornings a week is always: meandering, funny, exciting.


:: We made a happy birthday banner for our pal and hung it in her office while she was in a meeting. I am really loving this daily give thing.

Margot’s coat knit for me by my grandmother

:: “Who is going to be two?” 
“ME! Wooby!”

happy nearly-weekend out there.

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all photos taken with a Canon Digital SLR from

25 Responses to nuggets: sewing, sewing

  1. From now until the end of the year seems to go by in a flash, so it is great when you can stop. And breathe. And share it with us!

  2. Melina says:

    Nici I’m so proud to follow your career. You’re “blowing up!” as we Seattle hipsters like to say.

    And Oh my, keep posting those cozy snow photos and I might spontaneously drive out and visit.

    For reals!

  3. Tina says:

    Sounds like you’ve been keeping very busy – working and with your girls! I seriously can’t believe Ruby is going to be 2 soon… wow!!!

  4. TRB Holt says:

    I love all these photos…back to read!

  5. Zoe says:

    “Wooby!” I die!

    Your gals are divine and you make living through snowy winters sound like so much fun!

    Happy sewing and Happy Thanksgiving from a fan (and friend) in Tennessee.

  6. Kelly says:

    Your business really has grown, at least as long as I’ve know you. You inspire me to get my arse in gear. :)

  7. Kelle says:

    I left a nice comment but, pooptastic, it didn’t go through.
    Said something about my memcache value being “null for FormRestoration.”

    The main points of it went something like:

    *love that Kelly Cach won! She is a dear friend.
    *your capture of winter is breathtaking
    *the dig shop growth is awesome.


  8. KWQR says:

    Oh how I love seeing the winter snow… I miss wooly thick socks, boots & spontaneous snow angels. Rain angels just don’t quite cut it!
    So glad to hear your work is plentiful… though it just occurred to me I should probably have placed a custom order weeks ago… hoppin’ on over to etsy right now.
    Happy weekending!

  9. Amy says:

    Your spare room bed frame… I would kill for something like that! Love.
    So excited to see what the new year brings for dig!

  10. Amy: My parents scored that bed frame with the first home they purchased, when I was born. It was in the basement, all rusty, and they fixed it up. I love it too!

  11. Oh, and, Melina, that guest room is ready. 😉

  12. Kelly Cach says:

    Gosh, I kinda feel a little bit famous seeing my name in print… other than from my own comment 😉

    I am still so incredibly thankful! Pinch me–it doesn’t seem real. I promise to do you proud with my new camera!

    And can you believe I’d never tried sushi until last weekend? We cheated though….Costco.

    “I think I lost five pounds.” Hahaha….made me laugh a good one!

    Margot’s knit coat! What a treasured keepsake that will be!

    Many heartfelt blessings your way,

  13. Jaim says:

    I love the fact that the girls are going crazy and Alice is just chillin’, but probably wouldn’t want to be anywhere except right there.

    We had a blizzard on Monday that dropped two feet so we are getting into feeling festive too and the giving of the season really is what it’s all about. Connections and interactions…

    Good luck with all the craziness that is holiday selling.


  14. Louise says:

    Wooby!!!! So cute!

  15. gelka says:

    Happy almost birthday Wooby! Pictures of you just make me SMILE.

    And I love how Alice looks ex-HAUSTED by the jumping on the bed. So hard to be a constant babysitter, no?

  16. “Wooby!” That is the best.
    When Rose was born and Col was 2 years old, he would settle in next to her and say “Hi Wose Waven!”

  17. Lisa says:

    “Full on blizzard and snowing sideways”?!?! I am sooo jealous! I would love that right now!
    Great post and beautful pics!
    Thanks for sharing your bit of winter with us.

  18. “Me. Wooby.” Look at that little rock star.

    Remember a few months ago you realized this was the first time you haven’t been pregnant/bearing children/nursing for years. Well, your business is special person that you’re growing and developing. May your stretch marks relate to inventory and jobs to complete. Good luck this holiday season and here’s wishing you continued success.


  19. Liz says:

    Your site is always fun and inspiring to read. My good buddy Claire from Butte got me hooked on it when she lived in Juneau. One day when I’m a momma I hope to bring as much enthusiasm and intentionality to motherhood as you do.

    I have a not so very important question but I simply must know…who makes your boots? They look like the perfect thing for a frigid Alaskan November.

    Cheers, Liz

  20. rebecca... says:

    ,,,oh “wooby” you’re so adorable and so is your big sister margot!,,,”breathless, broken response from margot, ‘oh nothing!’ (smile),,,love the snow, wishing for it to fall in DC, soon!,,,

  21. ctb says:

    Love that snow! We are all holding our breathe here, rising each morning with anticipation. Snow is all around us on the mountains, just waiting for it to touch down at our house :)

    And Congrats to Kelly Cash!!
    Lucky Lady :)

  22. pretty life of yours. :)

  23. Annie says:

    So busy and so much fun.

  24. The Blitz says:

    I just ordered some beautiful prints to brighten up my boring office. Love your snow pics! It’s 60 in Los Angeles and we’re all complaining about the cold. Love your blog and your girls and your craftiness! Happy Thanksgiving.

  25. Mary says:

    Margot and Ruby are so darling! I was just thinking how fabulous Margot’s coat is and then I saw that it was yours, made with love. How cool :) I miss the snowy state of Wisconsin during winter…