You are already naked.

Today, I bring you a sponsored post, presented by Just Ask with Today’s Mama. Until now, I have declined sponsored post inquiries. So, why did I say yes to the one? Three reasons: A) I like the sponsors’ missions and this campaign B) They gave me a fun, paid assignment C) I have the awesome job of awarding one of YOU with a new dslr camera! TRUE. Read on.

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Since Steve Jobs died, his 2005 Stanford commencement address has been flying around the internet. I love that speech. I love one sentiment in particular:

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

What a wonderful gift, our life span. I was talking about this with a friend (the same friend I hugged on a mountain last week) and she said, “Seriously, we could live for 200 years like a tortoise or 15 years like a dog but we have THIS life span that allows us to accomplish so very much over the course of many decades; our lives, however, are still short enough and fragile enough that we can’t take a single moment for granted.”

You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

Just Ask has tasked us to develop and share our bucket lists. What do we hope to accomplish and achieve during this fragile, important life? They have developed a test—the BRACAnalysis test—that empowers us with information about our risk for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Just Ask wants us to live a long, full life, one where we have the opportunity to cross items off our lists.

OK, a few things I’d like to do, see and experience before I kick the bucket (it was so fun to create this list!).

1. Get my hands on a camper van, pile my family in it and head south for a many month adventure through Central and South America.

2. Cook every recipe I inherited from my grandma’s recipe box with my kids.

3. Relearn French (I was pretty proficient at one time!)

4. Write a book.

5. See my children graduate from the college of their choice without a pile of debt.

6. Go behind the vault door of the San Francisco institution to view the work of my Great Grandfather Cornelius Philip (a medical entomologist, he founded the cure for the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever).

7. Travel to India.

8. Suck it up and harvest my own meat (or suck it up and go back to being vegetarian)

9. Volunteer with my family for a social justice organization in a third world country.

10. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

11. Retire on the early side, live frugally, travel, make art and recreate with my husband for many years.

12. Take an artisan bread making class.

13. Ride a horse running at full gallop.

14. Witness James Turrell’s Roden Crater.

15. Make a quilt for each of my daughters (I started Margot’s two years ago!).

Your turn.

Share your list on and have a shot at winning a pretty awesome trip. The grand prizes are: a family vacation to Universal Orlando Resort, a Las Olas Surf Camp Safari and Ski Lessons and stay at Park City Mountain Resort. This contest closes on Saturday, November 12. All the deets over at

And! Thanks to the sponsor, one reader will WIN a Canon Rebel XS Camera! Simply leave me a comment sharing an item from your bucket list. For another entry, like Just Ask on Facebook, come back and leave another comment letting me know you did. Winner will be randomly selected November 15.

EDITED TO ADD: **Many are having trouble leaving comments! Please double check to be sure your comment posts. Copy it before you post. You may have to try twice. Sorry for the pain, not sure what is up.**

OK, chickens. I’ll end with a Wayne Gretzky quote that I love:

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Thanks, Just Ask! I’ll be back with nuggets in a day or two. xo

small print (to be read really fast in a low voice): This is a sponsored giveaway. Just Ask offers a breast and ovarian cancer screening and is encouraging people to share 15 things the want to enjoy in my lifetime as a reminder to be aware of their health.

562 Responses to You are already naked.

  1. Lois Lane says:

    Write a TV episode that makes it to TV…

  2. Meghan says:

    Ride in a convertible while it’s snowing… sounds way more romantic than it probably is!

  3. My (long) bucket list includes taking my kids on an overseas adventure… Once they’re old enough to appreciate it!

  4. colette says:

    be a labor and delivery nurse

  5. Ingrid says:

    travel to a third world country and hand out the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child

  6. ~ jessica says:

    Two items: start my own business (you inspire me, Nicci!) and live on an ashram in India.

    I would like to propose – to the public at large – that we stop calling these “bucket” lists. My husband says that sounds too depressing, so we have begun calling ours “dream” lists. Much more positive. Namaste.

  7. Melina says:

    I think you know mine! Write a book, write a book, write a book.

    (Also, write for a TV show, live in NYC and write for Saturday Night Live.)

    We’re all going to die, we’re all already naked, come on, why the heck not!!! I LOVED THIS!

  8. Sandra says:

    I would love to sing some of the great music of Bach, Vivaldi, Verdi, or some other amazing composer in an old, beautiful, grand European Cathedral. I missed my chance to do this once and would love the chance to do it again!

  9. Sammie says:

    I have an extensive bucket list, but one of the things I MUST do is…

    Explore Italy. I want to go and just…go. No plan, no map, no agenda. I want to go all ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ on the place.

    I also want that camera. I’ve been drooling over DSLR’s for close to two years now. I’ve been saving up, but inevitably a dentist visit sneaks up, or a car repair, or a family emergency of sorts. Photography is my artistic outlet. I love it.

  10. Becky V says:

    Live in a different country…my husband is completing his PhD and we’re been discussing doing his post doc abroad…it scares the living daylights out of me, but I know we’d never regret doing it.

  11. Sammie says:

    I’m a fan of ‘Just Ask’ on Facebook. :)

  12. Sandra says:

    I now like Just Ask on Facebook! Thanks for this post, for introducing me to Just Ask, and for the great Steve Jobs quote! :)

  13. Dana Jack says:

    I would like to run a marathon!

  14. Such a beautiful cause, especially to someone who has a mother with breast cancer and a grandmother that will be seeing her fate soon with ovarian cancer.
    As a reminder of my health, I encourage myself to be proactive with fitness and always remain optimistic.

    P.S. I’m looking forward to nuggets tomorrow! 😉

  15. JoanLindsay says:

    Teach my daughter to water ski.

  16. Tai says:

    I’m not sure if this is really a ‘bucket list’ type item, but I’d love to see a cure for cancer in my lifetime. So, in the meantime, I’ll keep fundraising like crazy to support cancer research.

  17. Dana Jack says:

    I am a fan of Just Ask on Facebook!

  18. go on safari and see a giraffe

  19. shaina says:

    run a marathon!

  20. Becky V says:

    I liked Just Ask!

  21. Lee says:

    Someday I will go to Italy… See Tuscany, the Pantheon, and ride a gondola in Venice. Sigh. Someday.

  22. Lee says:

    Ooh, and regarding your #12… Check out a book called Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. It is amazing!

  23. I love your list and how it embodies the way you live out each day — with a whimsical touch of love and adventure. Rocky Mtn Fever? Crazy.
    Thanks for this spark of inspiration. I’ll be thinking of my list for the rest of the day. Topping the list today is for Olive to meet her only living great grandma. I think a northern California road trip is in order…

  24. marcus says:

    Have a photo published on the cover or a national (or international) magazine.

  25. I’m a fan of Just Ask on FB. 😀

  26. Heather says:

    Love this!

    most of my bucket list items are pretty simple but a big one is to spend a month in Ireland with my hubs and kids. No rushing to see everying but to have the time to live it.

  27. Ani says:

    I want to learn how to cook amazing Italian food. My great grandma was from Italy, and I need to get her recipes from my grandma, before they get lost!

  28. Heather says:

    Facebook fan of Just ask!

  29. Lauren says:

    I would love to travel to Europe!

  30. Go on a bike tour in Holland….would love to connect with my Dutchy roots!

  31. Maggie says:

    Go to culinary arts school! Then, open a bakery and see people smile every day when they bite into my yummies.

  32. Lacy says:

    Go without a grocery store for a year.

  33. Lauren says:

    I liked Just ask on Facebook!

  34. Lacy says:

    Just liked them on facebook :) Thanks for telling us about this awesome organization!

  35. Pack up my family and travel the country in an RV, after our trip pick our favorite spot and move there permenantly

  36. Molly says:

    Walk my daughter down the isle with her father.

  37. Zoe says:

    * Become a grandmother (my kids are 7, 3 and 13 months so I’ll have to wait a while on that one)
    * Become a master baker (I’m trying a new recipe every week)
    * Spend Christmas in a cabin in the snow
    * Be able to afford an annual trip back to London to see my family
    * Take a road trip across the US
    * Eat pizza in Rome, savor a croissant in Paris, and enjoy tapas in Barcelona
    * Ride an elephant

  38. Mememom says:

    Great list! Canal boat trip down the Rhine with stops at EVERY castle.

  39. Jessie says:

    To get up on the stage and sing with my guitar.

    My childhood dream was to become a musician but my low self esteem and shyness held me back from ever performing.

    Now, for my bucket list… I don’t ever want to be a professional musician or anything even close. I just want to prove to myself that I can get up there and sing my heart out and share one of the songs I have written after all these years. That I can do it.

  40. I want to travel to Bhutan someday!

  41. rebecca... says:

    ,,,walk the 3,889.5 miles of “actual wall” of the Great Wall of China,,,

  42. nuthin says:

    ~~I will get my lavender farm open and create a place where people will enjoy each other and have special moments~~

  43. Zoe says:

    Just liked Just Ask on Facebook. My MIL is a breast cancer survivor so I strongly support Just Ask’s mission.

  44. GraceesMommy says:

    I had a bucket list once. And I am happy to say that much of it has been checked was to experience being a mom (ovarian tumors made it almost impossible)..but then we adopted Gracee 9 years ago..not sure if it is a bucket list item but it was my biggest desire.

    I guess all that is really left on the list is to take the RV across country with my girl on her 16th birthday..just she and me and our cameras. Visit everyone we know from the east coast right out to the west coast and see all the beauty on the way. lovely…eh?

  45. recreate the east coast roadtrip i took with my family when i was a kid with my little family…

  46. mandijo says:

    Deliver a baby (someone else’s, but my own too–but not my own by myself!). and i like just ask on facebook.

    my other bucket list item is to own (and proficiently operate) a fancy camera to take pics like yours nici…

  47. Larissa says:

    just liked them!

  48. Larissa says:

    Drive a camper across all of the U.S.

  49. Jennifer says:

    I want to someday live in the country where I can have gardens and animals, which allow me to live a self-sufficient life.

  50. Jennifer says:

    I just liked “Just Ask”…so awesome! Too much cancer in my family (AND in everyone’s families).

  51. Own and wear a wardrobe that is both flattering and practical- someday I aspire to actually be stylish!

  52. cedar says:

    play the fiddle like its on fire

  53. k says:

    raise sheep, and learn to spin wool, weave, & felt!

  54. Peggy says:

    -Take an Amtrak trip with my daughters (to be checked off in the next couple of weeks–off to Maine we go!!)

    -Find a place to really call home, where I can surround myself with like-minded people and not melt in the 100 degree sun for half the Georgia year.

    -Take my daughters to Paris.

    -See this magical wonderland called “Missoula.”

    ***Learn to play guitar…or at least the one song that my dad has played for me my whole life…so I can play it with him.***

    P.S. – That photo of you is GORGEOUS.

  55. Devon says:

    Visit every national park in the US.

  56. Take a 6 month-1 year adventure with my boys in some beach community. Surf. Learn. Play Yatzee. Have one SIMPLE year in the sand.

  57. Mica says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I are in a funny spot right now where we know we need change. He isn’t doing the work he wants to do, yet we are scared to take the plunge since money is tight to begin with. These words were very much appreciated!

    Prepare my boys for a successful life by providing them a strong education and lots of important life experiences.

  58. irishmaji says:

    Renting a camper, taking a month off and seeing the country with my hubby and son!!!

  59. irishmaji says:

    and I liked them on facebook!!

  60. Rachael says:

    Item on my bucket list is to roam around in Amsterdam with nothing but my boyfriend, my backpack, and some good beer.

  61. Rachael says:

    Also I liked the facebook page! :)

  62. Jessica says:

    I would love to travel throughout Europe with my hubby and kids…experiencing different cultures would be amazing!

  63. MissH says:

    Go back to school :)

  64. danielle.k says:

    To carry on my sweet momma’s memory by being as awesome as she was…I hope my kids love me as much as I still love her :) Can it be that general?? lol

  65. MissH says:

    And I added Just Ask on facebook

  66. Jessica says:

    I liked Just Ask on Facebook…thank you for drawing attention to a wonderful and oh so important mission!

  67. Such a small thing, but learn to knit! It’s been on my list FOREVER!

  68. Daniele says:

    Meet/visit my family in Argentina!

  69. jadedlovely says:

    One item on my bucket list is to visit Machu Picchu – something about that place has always intrigued me, especially because getting there always seemed to be a challenge. Hopefully someday I will see it!

  70. nedrow3 says:

    Go up in a hot air balloon!

  71. Alyssa says:

    There’s lots of items on my list but one of the big ones is that I would love to learn how to fly a plane!

  72. jadedlovely says:

    I also liked Just Ask on Facebook! What a great organization –

  73. Judybusy says:

    I want to move to a different city; I never thought I’d end up living in my home state! Portland, OR is currently the contender. It’s scary, because I’m 46, will be48 when we can move, so I am afraid of not being able to recreate the great circle of friends I have now.

  74. I’d like to visit every major league baseball stadium. This is technically from my husband’s bucket list but I would love to do this with him and our three boys.

  75. Ride in a hot air balloon.

  76. Just liked Just Ask on Facebook!

  77. Lisa says:

    I want to bike across the country with my family. In 2019 when my son is 15.

  78. Live long enough to help my children live through heartbreak and experience true love!

  79. Lisa says:

    Oh, and I “liked” Just Ask…

  80. Jessie says:

    I also just liked them on facebook. <3

  81. Lovely Love says:

    Learn how to play the Violin and Cello :)

  82. Meredith says:

    Spend time in France mastering cheese and wine making; then spend every single day eating said cheese, drinking said wine, accompanied by fresh morsels from the garden

  83. Lovely Love says:

    liked just ask on Facebook!

  84. I also Liked “Just Ask” on Facebook!

  85. Already a fan of Just Ask on Facebook!

  86. Jen says:

    I want to learn to swim without holding my nose! At this rate, my children will be teaching me instead of vice versa!

  87. I’ve always wanted to go to England, my dad was born there and I would like to see all the family sights. I would also want to go to the really touristy spots too. In fact, I was just thinking I would cross that street like the Beatles did! Oh, and I’d go to perfect my British accent! Chip chip Cheerio!

  88. Clanton Clan says:

    Love this post! Such a great motivator to explore how I want to live each day! One of my bucket list items:

    Renew my wedding vows…on the beaches of Hawaii…with all our babes by our side. I want each of my children to see the love ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ have for one another.

  89. seashell says:

    I love your list. One on mine is to visit India as well, and live in an Ashram.
    Another on my list is to take my husband to see the Grand Canyon, at sunrise. I had the honor of witnessing the sun rise over the mountains, and it was a beautiful experience.

  90. Clanton Clan says:

    Just ‘Liked’ Just Ask on FB!

  91. Raise my kids to be free spirited lovers of life (that’s all). :)

  92. Liliana says:

    I am in love with your list. Will you be my friend? :-) seriously, you inspire!!!

    I did #1 on your list with my fam when I was 8, 9, and 12 every winter. Then when I was 13 we just up and moved to Central America for three years. Sooooo amazing for me and my sis. This is also #1 on my bucket list to do with my boys and husband one day.
    (I liked it on FB too).

  93. Aunt Kiki says:

    -Hang glide on the northern California coast
    -Hot air ballon ride over fields of barley
    -Zip line through tropical forests of Costa Rica
    . . . I see a theme here; quite funny for someone who is kinda-sorta afraid of heights.

  94. Write the biography of my mentor/idol.

  95. mrsmthdst says:

    Road trip to the Grand Canyon with my family is a high item on the list.

  96. mrsmthdst says:

    Liked just Ask on FB

  97. Lindsay says:

    At the top of my list is to get my PhD in Geography and inspire someone to love it as much as I do!

  98. Also liked “Just Ask”. Thanks for all you do!

  99. Bikini By 30 says:

    This is freaky. I literally have my bucket list pulled up at this moment looking over it and adding some things.

    It’s hard to choose one, but I will go with:

    #32 Go White Water Rafting

  100. Donna says:

    I want to grow old enough to see my grandkids (a long time since my second baby is still in the womb). I would love to take my family to Africa and visit the national parks of Gabon for a month. Spend family time, family time, family time! This is so different than 3 years ago before I had a family!

  101. I “liked” just ask on Facebook

  102. Sarah says:

    Live in South America!

  103. Julie L. says:

    Lay with my love in a deserted field on a winter’s night and watch the snow fall softly from the sky.

  104. bigskydays says:

    Great list! For me:
    Grow a plentiful, fruitful vegetable garden!
    I think I can do it one of these summers….

  105. I want to open sort of a half-way home for needy children and their mothers. Where the mothers have access to resources to help them become better mothers and get back on their feet. And a place where children can get the loving care they need.

  106. Marlene says:

    Well! Grow a prune plum tree, because I love those golden fleshed purple jewels. This of course means moving a large distance, or finding just the right microclimate spot.

  107. KatDale says:

    Tough to choose but #7 finally finish that cloth diaper board book I have been working on.

  108. Marlene says:

    And, FB liking done! So fun.

  109. Someday I’ll make it out of the United States! I’ve never even been to Canada, but someday I want to go to Europe.

  110. Just “liked” Just Ask on Facebook.

    Would SO LOVE to win that camera!! I’ve been secretly wishing for a camera!

  111. Rhonda says:

    To be a surrogate Mom!!

  112. Emily says:

    and I like them on FB. Thx :)

  113. KatDale says:

    Just liked on Facebook.


  114. Annie says:

    I’ve always wanted to win a prize that I don’t need so that I can give it to someone who really does need or want it. Like I want to give a gift that I didn’t have to pay for to someone that I don’t really even know. As I write this, not sure exactly why this is on my list, but I think it has something to do with wanting to feel like Granny Gotrocks or something egotistical like that. Maybe I’ll get my chance if I win the camera because I don’t need one!!

  115. hana.k says:

    I want to live in a different country for at least a month.

  116. KAE says:

    start up my own restaurant. :)

  117. KAE says:

    Just “liked” Just Ask on Facebook. :)

  118. Be a Gram! My Grandmother says it is the best thing in the entire world and now my mother has echoed her sentiment. No greater joy than to see your little girl with her little girl. And I have 2!

  119. thejennytree says:

    Number one on my bucketlist?

    Become a momma some day. And shower that little ray of sunshine with all the love they can handle.

  120. Aly says:

    I want to live in Europe in a quaint little village.

  121. Courtney says:

    Learn how to make my own cheese :)

  122. Liane says:

    I just ‘liked’ them on Facebook :)

    The top item on my bucket list? To live in a town that I love. A place where I feel like I’m accepted just for being me and where my me & my family can settle down and grow together. xx

  123. sarah says:

    going to india is on mine too, and i’m doing it! leave on nov. 30. can’t wait. want me to get anything for you while i’m there?

  124. Maggie says:

    Have a normal pap smear this year and bid farewell to cervical cancer.

  125. Have beautiful babies and encourage them to be whatever in the world they want to be. I simply cannot wait to be a mom.

  126. Also, I liked Just Ask.

    Thank you! 😉

  127. Walking and Scuba tour of greece with my husband.

  128. I love this! I’ve written about my bucket list in a post on my own blog, but I call it an “Anything List” because the thought of looking at this big list of “I can do anything” and then choosing the “something that will make me happy right now” feels way more promising and fulfilling than compiling a list of things I want to accomplish before I, well, die.

    At the top of mine:
    -live in a cottage in the mountains
    -climb a bridge
    -buy a big ugly van, paint it beautiful colors, and drive it to the pacific

  129. Jamie says:

    So so so many things to do… including learn and remind myself every day not to waste this life…just one off the bucket list would be being financially able to move to europe (austria) for about a month every year)…and have my own cabin in the woods somewhere to write – “a place of my own”… love the “you’re already naked” quote

  130. Cloud9er says:

    I want to someday capture the beauty of the natural world on my farm in photographs and images I make from ink, oil pastels and paints and use these images to write and illustrate a cool book for little kids.

  131. emboogie says:

    – Take an exotic trip to someplace far away and out of my comfort zone with my best friend – just the two of us. No phones, no internet, just enjoy each other and experience a new place together (and take lots of photos while im there!) – Em : )

  132. Holly says:

    *open my own bistro that serves all locally grown food in a delightful and cozy atmosphere
    *show my kids the vastness of the ocean
    *buy an RV and travel the continent
    *see all 7 wonders of the world!
    *set foot on every continent, including Antarctica
    *move to a small town where I feel comfortable letting my kids out of my sight!

  133. Cloud9er says:

    I liked JustAsk on facebook!

  134. Xtine says:

    I can help you with Number 13!

  135. SIZE SIX says:

    I want to grow my own food *including meat* and spend most of my days working the land.

  136. Emily says:

    Get fluent in American Sign Language :-) I would love a Canon Rebel woohoo!

  137. Learn to play the guitar well.

    What a fun contest idea. Thanks.

  138. Jasmine says:

    Learn to play the ukulele.

  139. T. Nelson says:

    I want to ride in a hot air balloon!!!

  140. Julie M says:

    Run a marathon, also take a trip across the US with my husband

  141. Gramomster says:

    Hike into a remote natural hotspring with my hubby in snow.

    Sounds freaking awesome!

    Travel somewhere outside the US that is not Toronto. Australia maybe, or visit our friends in Costa Rica.

  142. Gramomster says:

    Also, liked on facebook!

  143. Travel with my family for longer than a week in an RV!

  144. Kathya says:

    I’m a fan of ‘Just Ask’ on Facebook. :)

  145. J Clark says:

    See a Shakespeare play in the Globe Theatre!

  146. Julie M says:

    I now like ‘just ask’ on Facebook.

  147. J Clark says:

    Also, I just liked JustAsk on facebook!

  148. Kathya says:

    ***Have a family trip to Bolivia (my home country)with all of my 7 children i hope to have (3 so far) and my hubby. <3

  149. GoMe1987 says:

    How Awesome!! One thing on my bucket list is to write a book for kids!

  150. GoMe1987 says:

    Just “liked” Just Ask! on facebook :)

  151. Teresa says:

    Take my 2 girls to see all my family in Ireland!

  152. KWQR says:

    LOVE this so…“You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart” Words to live by indeed.

    My list is all over the place… but my biggest dream is to find a way to use my passion for photography & writing as a way to make a living. Learning to keep my sourdough starter alive is high up there too… :-) !

    And how much do I love that one of the prizes is a trip with Las Olas Surf Safaris?!? Right now I am sitting in what used to be their stateside offices… the warehouse where we live was their headquarters for many years. Small world coolness.

  153. Bree says:

    travel in an rv across america with my husband and kids

  154. Kim Anderson says:

    I share your desire to write a book…one about my yearly family trips with my sister’s families to my mom’s beach house. HOWEVER…I cannot figure out how to write it without offending my dear mother’s sensitivity to my wide and varied love of using “curse” words. “oh Kimberly! I wish you wouldn’t curse so much” Damn conscience.

  155. ctb says:

    Master grain-free baking :)

  156. ctb says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. Kelly Cach says:

    Bummer. I guess you have to have a blog to enter. But I “liked” them on Facebook anyway :)

    And funny, but one of my bucket list items was, “start a blog and document my beautiful, blessed life.”

    I love these kinds of prompts, though. Thanks for asking :)


  158. Kelly Cach says:

    And your self (?) portrait on this post is GORGEOUS!

  159. Louise says:

    Swear of my life the top of my bucket list is ‘save for a fancy camera and most importantly, learn how to use it!’ I spend my days taking pictures of my kids with my point and shoot camera (see my blog!!!) I am currently learning to choose my own settings and trying hard to stay away from the automatic setting. I love capturing my kid’s childhoods and I feel now is the time to move on to the next step with it and really get creative.

  160. Danielle says:

    Visit the pyramids in Egypt! They fascinate me.

  161. marcip says:

    own and run my very own hobby farm :)

  162. Kate says:

    What a great post! My bucket list: Travel to Europe with my family and visit where both my husband and my ancestors came from. Learn to sew. Have a garden we are able to eat from that is sustainable, sell one of our cars and carpool/drive to work together, complete an iron-man triathlon, teach my son about the importance of faith, family, education and following his heart!

  163. Danielle says:

    I liked Just Ask on Facebook!

  164. TRB Holt says:

    OH MY! This is a great assignment, ONE that I am up to! I will submit before the deadline….
    :) are so beautiful

  165. Kim Anderson says:

    Just became a fan f Just Ask…thanks for doing this Nici!

  166. anne says:

    I was feeling all weepy over turning 30 in a few days, wondering where the time had gone and mad at myself for not being more “accomplished” at this point in my life…and then I read this and realized that I’ve already checked the 2 most important (to me) things off my list: marry most amazing man on the planet and have babies with him. Everything else (more babies, start a non-profit, renovate house) is just icing at this point. So thanks for the wake-up call! Oh, and I would love a new camera to document my next, best yet, decade with!

  167. Bucket List: Hike the Appalachian Trail

  168. Wendy says:

    Go back to Japan and visit as many shrines and Buddhist temples as I possibly can. I have lived an amazing life since my visit there but have yet to feel the sense of inner peace.

  169. I love this post.
    My bucket list includes:
    1. Start a photography business
    2. Travel to some place new
    3. See New York City
    4. Meet a famous artist
    5. Learn a different language
    6. Backpack in Europe
    7. Get married and start a family
    8. Go sky-diving
    9. Write a book

    and so much more.

  170. I want to walk the 5 villages in the Cinque Terre. That is top spot on my bucket list.


    j.sweeps550 at yahoo dot com

  171. I “liked” Just ask on Facebook!!


    j.sweeps550 at yahoo dot come

  172. aransdell says:

    I want to take my mom on a adventure trip to place like Spain or Brazil – show her what she wasn’t able to see when she was my age :)

  173. Tatiana says:

    I liked them on facebook

  174. Tatiana says:

    Spend a year (or any significant amount of time really) with my family in a small country cottage in England <3

  175. -Be a published author.
    -Travel back to South Korea with my boys. (Ruby can come, too.) :)
    -Spend at least a year wit my family in a 3rd World Country.

  176. Sell everything and move to Europe to work and live until retirement. Go from town to town every few years just making enough for a a very simple life.

    We will come home when our kids start having babies:) So excited for the Grandma gig.

  177. 1. Take a sewing class
    2. Take the Master Gardener course
    3. Find a job that I love AND am good at
    And if I’m really dreaming big, own and operate a small farm that can provide for my family.

  178. Also liked on Facebook

  179. Erica says:

    Travel with no purpose with my husband!

  180. Erica says:

    I just liked “Today’s Mama” on facebook!

  181. jordava says:

    Climb the Great Wall of China with my two kids, knit a scarf, and kiss my husband on all seven continents (I’ve covered four so far!) are a few from my “list”.

  182. Susan:) says:

    My number one dream is to travel all over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales!

  183. One of the items on my bucket list is to own a horse again someday and to start horseback riding again…it’s been too long and I wish I never stopped!

  184. One of the items on my bucket list is to own a horse again someday and to start horseback riding again…it’s been too long and I wish I never stopped!

  185. nibsey says:

    travel to New York city

  186. Christine says:

    I want to compile a bunch of stories about my parents, grandparents, etc from when they were growing up so that I don’t forget and so that I can share them with my kids and keep the memories alive.

  187. Andrea says:

    Here goes: Go on a medical mission trip somewhere- perhaps Haiti or somewhere in Africa.

  188. Whitney says:

    I want to travel to all 50 states with my hubby and our future kids!

  189. Whitney says:

    I liked Just Ask on facebook :)

  190. Christine says:

    I “liked” Just Ask on FB.

  191. jane says:

    Oh, this is tough. Definitely #1 is to go back to school and finish my degree. I would love to teach someday. Also, to learn to speak Dutch. My grandfathers did it, and I would love to honor my heritage by learning a language that was so natural to our family at one time!

  192. bigskydays says:

    just liked just ask on facebook!
    this was really fun!

  193. jane says:

    I also liked Just Ask on facebook!

  194. M says:

    My bucket list is extensive, but three of the items are:
    1. Write my memoirs and have them published (I’m twenty so it will be a while)
    2. Find a meaningful way to enrich the lives of strangers
    3. Be a movie extra

  195. I want to take a trip around the world. And then come home and start a family.

  196. Just Ask has been liked by me on facebook! Great cause, great post!

  197. Tara Jeles says:

    Love that you used a quote from Gretzky, I live in his hometown (see his dad all the time at the mall).
    One item from my bucket list is to take the train from British Columbia all the way across Canada to the East side and end up in Nova Scotia.
    I would love to show my family our country, all of it.

  198. Hope says:

    a couple items from my bucket list:

    1. Take a grand trip around Europe.
    2. Ride an elephant.
    3. Go to a circus.
    4. Ride a hot air balloon.

  199. Hope says:

    I also liked “Just Ask” on Facebook! :)

  200. Lauren says:

    I “liked” Just Ask on Facebook!

  201. Lauren says:

    Number one on my bucket list: have a baby and experience life through a child’s eyes.

  202. Dara says:

    2 things: I want to wear a Bebe dress and feel DAMN GOOD. I want to visit Montana. Never thought I’d want to, but this blog has changed my perspective on natural beauty :)

  203. Kate says:

    The next thing I want to do in the coming future is have another sweet baby (I have one already). The reason this is so high on my list is because yes, everyone told me that the time goes fast and to enjoy the baby days while they last, but I didn’t believe them and now my sweet girl is on the brink of being two years old and I long for the smell of her newborn skin and her milk drunk smiles. Haha, maybe I’ve got just a touch of baby fever!
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  204. kancell24 says:

    take a trip to Italy with my husband and daughter

  205. kancell24 says:

    I liked Just Ask on Facebook.

  206. Dara says:

    I also liked Just Ask on facebook! Great cause!

  207. Michael says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  208. Michael says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  209. Michael says:

    Take a master gardening class and re-capture one of my childhood love of gardening.

    My bucket list is at Onlies Havin’ Onlies. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  210. caroline says:

    Be in the studio audience for a taping of SNL.

  211. Meaghan says:

    I want to run a marathon.

    I trained for and began one in April of this year but the race got shut down due to heat and i was diverted to the half.

  212. It sounds simple and easy, but with two young kids and one on the way it’s an out of reach goal at least this year, but I want to take my family to the upper and lower peninsulas in Michigan in the fall to see the gorgeous leaves and eat fresh donuts and drink cider & pick apples at an apple orchard!

  213. Jill says:

    I want to go back to college and finish my bachelor’s degree. I want my sons to be at my graduation and be proud of me for finishing what I started.

  214. April says:

    I want to become conversationally fluent in Spanish and French (since they’re so similar and I already know some French, well, just enough to fake it).

  215. JMS says:

    I want to spend time just driving across the country. A month with no plans and no final destination, so I can explore and discover.

  216. Amber says:

    It was fun reading your list, especially because we have some things in common! I too was once proficient at speaking French and want to get back into it. I keep telling myself I need to just start speaking it to my daughter, but so far that hasn’t happened. And India and book writing are also on the top of my lists. I think this has to be a great exercise and one I will definitely be doing soon.

  217. Amber says:

    Also “liked”! :)

  218. slingsomeink says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  219. slingsomeink says:

    finish and publish my novel

  220. Brandi says:

    I liked Just Ask!

  221. Brandi says:

    Visit EVERY National Park in the US with my kids… no time constraints, just want to do it! 😉

  222. Jaim says:

    See my girls be happy…truly happy and publish a short story. What a great idea and that camera is a beauty. I’ll be back again.:)

  223. Jaim says:

    I just liked “Just Ask” on facebook and crossed my fingers.

  224. stephanie says:

    Wow! Love this org and love this opportunity to win!

    Currently on my bucket list (since our first baby is due to arrive in a month!!!!): I want to keep up with documenting our kids lives- I want our munchkins to turn 18 and to have a beautiful record of the fun, memories, and growth we’ve done individually and as a family over their years. What this will look like, I have NO idea; maybe a yearly photo book like Kelle does? Any suggestions on how to do this while not letting the documenting take over being in the moment with my loves?

  225. stephanie says:

    Like them on Facebook!! Did I mention I would L-O-V-E this camera?! AMAZING!

  226. MT Goddess says:

    Live in south america for a several month stint, surfing, exploring and learning spanish!

  227. MT Goddess says:

    Just “liked” on fb and will definately spread the word. Great msg

  228. PapillionMom says:

    I’d love to see the Northern Lights in person.

    And “Just Ask” has been liked by me on FB.

  229. Go on a family cycle tour trip through France

  230. kis4s says:

    just liked “Just Ask” on FB. Ovarian & breast cancer are so near & dear to my family’s heart – My mom is a survivor of both because of early testing & treatment.

  231. kis4s says:

    #1 on my bucket list – travel through Europe with a a eurail pass & a back pack with my girls. My goal is to do it by 2019 the summer my youngest graduates highschool & my oldest is 22

  232. Kate says:

    my bucket list is includes making it to 6 of 7 continents! i’ve gotten to 4 so i’m well on my way :) can’t wait for the right time to get those last two!

  233. ... says:

    Be happy. Truly, truly happy- every day single day continuously for a long, long while.

  234. Travel across the country in an RV with my family.

  235. Emily says:

    Great post. Steve Jobs’ speech really resonated with me, too. A few items on my bucket list: grow a garden (even a small one) with my daughters; travel to Ireland with my husband and daughters, sister and her family, and my parents; learn a foreign language!

  236. Chicken says:

    Go on a cross-country skiing adventure through remote beauty with my love and a big thermos of hot chocolate.

  237. Karen says:

    One of the things on my bucket list is to travel to Europe for an extended time and see all the different countries and their cultures.

  238. danielle says:

    I also would love to relearn French then spend some time in Paris! Sigh…

  239. Sarah Marie says:

    Found a non-profit Athletics/Recreation center with my sports-doctor-husband and football-coach-dad that focuses on underserved communities and their at-risk youth population.

  240. Sarah Marie says:

    Oh! And I’d like to have been able to “like” Just Ask on Facebook, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing so after doing some quick research into Myriad Genetics. (Specifically regarding the company’s attempt to “patent” important diagnostic tests as well as specific gene sequencing.) Sorry!

  241. erinasmommy says:

    A random sampling from my list: hike muchu picchu, surf, sew something elaborate, have chickens and plan my daughter’s wedding.

  242. Michelle says:

    I would love to travel more with my family, now that my children are older and more appreciative of the opportunity. And old enough to have memories that will last a lifetime!

  243. Michelle says:

    I also liked Just Ask! about Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC)! Thanks!

  244. To travel overseas, doesn’t matter where, and teach children who wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn otherwise. I think it would be the greatest thing I could do!

  245. To travel overseas, doesn’t matter where, and teach children who wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn otherwise. I think it would be the greatest thing I could do!

  246. To travel overseas, doesn’t matter where, and teach children who wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn otherwise. I think it would be the greatest thing I could do!

  247. To travel overseas, doesn’t matter where, and teach children who wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn otherwise. I think it would be the greatest thing I could do!

  248. To travel overseas, doesn’t matter where, and teach children who wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn otherwise. I think it would be the greatest thing I could do!

  249. Bucket List: To spend a long weekend with the women in my family at

  250. Just “liked” Just Ask on FB!!!

  251. Liza says:

    Write a book!

  252. Julie says:

    I’m not Italian and have never been to Italy, but on my list…

    Eat a bowl of pasta cooked by an Italian grandmother while in Italy!

    Hope to win!!


  253. Nicole says:

    Top of my bucket list are:
    1. Trek Machu Picchu
    2. Discover the Mayan Civilization in Chichen Itza
    3. Visit the Cotton Castle
    4. Hike in Bryce Canyon
    5. See the Aurora Borealis

    The rest of my extensive bucket list is on – it’s a great place to share tips and ideas with other people! =)

  254. Chante says:

    I loved reading this today. Your list is great.
    Like others said, I too will be thinking about my list the rest of the day. The one thing that pops in my head immediately is to visit Greece with my family. Of coarse when the kids are old enough to appreciate it.

  255. Mary Thomas says:

    I did Hump Day Nuggets today! Wanted to send you a link. They aren’t very romantic, but still, the bloglove is there!
    Hope you’re having a good hump day!

  256. Rhett says:

    I want to visit Yellowstone & Yosemite National Parks with my family.

  257. I want to eat lobster in Maine…

  258. Claire says:

    Travel cross country with my family to visit many of the amazing national and state parks our country has to offer.

  259. Claire says:

    liked Just Ask! on facebook too.

  260. Hilary says:

    #1 on the bucket list:
    Take my kids on a vacation out west, camp in Yellowstone and Yosimite.

  261. ctb says:

    Hi Dig, no facebook for this old fashioned mama, but did check out JustAsk at Today’s mama!!

    What a great cause, thanks for keeping me, and all the other mama’s, informed and educated :)

  262. Kim says:

    Take a couple months to travel around the coutry visiting relatives and interesting locales with my husband and two young girls!

  263. Jenn M says:

    I would love to learn how to sew :)

  264. kim says:

    Bring my little man(Cooper age 7)on a trip overseas to see one of the 7 wonders of the world. I also would love for him to experience a different culture and see how other children live.

  265. Kim says:

    Liked JustAsk on Facebook!

  266. Laci says:

    What a great blog post!!

    I want to take the time to write down my mother’s life story (and even my own) for my future children. After beating breast cancer three years ago and dying of colon cancer two years ago, I want to be able to preserve her memory knowing that my future children will never meet their grandmother.

  267. Laci says:

    Like JustAsk on Facebook. As someone who is predisposted to breast and colon cancer, this organization is very near and dear to my heart!

  268. Sage says:

    And again trying… what is it today with leaving a comment? So, bucket list: Start a community garden! This has sort of made it to the toppish of the list lately. Thanks for this Nici. xo

  269. Kelly says:

    This was such a fun thing to do.
    I want to raise chickens! How do you like that?

  270. Kelly says:

    I liked Just Ask on Facebook! (and I really do like it) :)

  271. Meadowlark says:

    Absolutely: live completely off-grid and be mostly food independent!

  272. MeganMR says:

    One thing from my bucket list is to watch my son grow up to be a confident, independent and empathetic young man despite of his scars from being born with clefts.

  273. lorri says:

    Someday I want to do a half iron man. Interestingly I have absolutely no desire to do a full iron man. It just sounds ridiculous, BUT after finishing the half there is a decent chance that I might find myself unstoppable. We’ll see.

  274. whitejennam says:

    I want to live on a beach/in the mountains in Europe with my (future)and have beautiful babies.

  275. whitejennam says:

    LIKED HBOC. COOL cause!

  276. E says:

    Go to Venice

  277. Hilary says:

    just ask has been liked by me….now, PICK ME!!!!

  278. Lady George says:

    “liked” Just Ask on Facebook!

  279. Love your list so much!

    This is a tough one.

    Own our own house & paint the walls anything but white.
    Take my children sailing on Lake Huron.
    Breed Irish Setters.
    Take a trip to the mountains.
    Have a published novel (or five).
    Encourage my children’s dharmas every day of their lives. And witness them live out their dharmas as adults, contributing meaningful to society.
    Start meditating daily again.
    Laugh every day.
    Homeschool my children for a few years (work with Beldoe to create the IL platform for K-12).
    And never stop learning.

    Also liked on FB. : )

  280. Kate J says:

    Just live to enjoy my children’s children, to the third & fourth generation…

  281. Jesse says:

    Take a real family vacation with my family before my oldest graduates high school in four years. Somewhere out of state for more than just a weekend.

  282. Jesse says:

    I liked Just Ask on facebook!

  283. Ashley says:

    My bucket list now includes teaching my baby girl to love and to love to learn.
    I’d also like to learn to play piano. :)

  284. Ashley says:

    I like Just Ask on FB!

  285. I “liked” Just Ask on facebook. Great cause and thanks for the give-away; golly gee, I would LOVE to win!

  286. I would like to raft the Grand Canyon with my 2 kiddos, husband and friends on a private trip. My husband and I shared this experience together pre-kids, now I would like to share it with them!

  287. I liked Just Ask…and I like Just Ask. Thanks!

  288. none says:

    make every day count…

  289. Jenna Kellam says:

    Nici, I’ve read your blog many times. I love gardening and creating things and I hope to one day be a mother like you. I am thrilled about the contest. One item on my bucket list:

    1. Start a charity. I have an idea and I’ve always wanted to see it grow.

  290. Jenna Kellam says:

    …and I liked Just Ask on facebook and now I’m researching being tested. I had never heard of this. Thanks.

  291. Oh, what would I really like to do… Have a pajama/stay in bed day with my children/hubby!

  292. LiviMama says:

    Really enjoy your writing and your photos:)
    On my list, is to explore the Mediteranean Coast, especially the island if Corsica. So beautiful!

  293. Ms Toni says:

    And, I just liked Just Ask on FB!

  294. Wow, that is quite a list. I don’t have a “bucket list,” but a couple of my “I’ve always wanted to do that” items include; 1.) Visit Washington, DC in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, 2.) Float a multiple-night river trip (a la, the Salmon River or Grand Canyon) with my daughters, camping out on sandy beaches under the stars, 3.) Pass my exams and get my architectural license!

  295. Stephanie says:

    Someday, somehow, visit all the National Parks.

  296. Stephanie says:

    Also liked “Just Ask” on Facebook! :)

  297. Kelsie says:

    Jump a train and take my children on a once in a lifetime trip.

  298. MeganMR says:

    I “liked” Just Ask too!

  299. GraceesMommy says:

    oh yeah…I liked Just Ask on fb!

  300. Jeanna says:

    Aside from the obvious “go to Europe, especially France” which I’ve been wanting to do for DECADES, I’ve actually already achieved something on my bucket list: become a stay-at-home-Mom to my two boys. 😀 LOVING IT!! A recent, secret, addition to the list is opening a cafe.

  301. Abs says:

    Trying to give you something that hasn’t been posted yet. Hmmmm…from my list, I’ll pitch in:

    7. Sing on stage somewhere.

  302. .:Heather:. says:

    Great post! I want to drive across the US in a motorhome with my hubby & 2 girls.

  303. .:Heather:. says:

    I liked Just Ask on FB

  304. Melissa says:

    To grow and can my own food. To kiss my husband under la Tour Eiffel. To write a cookbook.

  305. Tai says:

    I liked Just Ask on FB:)

  306. Kelsie says:

    Liked Just Ask!!

  307. Theresa says:

    Go with my husband to a third or fourth world country.

  308. Theresa says:

    I ‘liked’ it on facebook too… =)

  309. Amanda says:

    Go on a real honeymoon!

  310. El says:

    I want to walk into an airport, pick an available destination, buy a last minute ticket one-way and GO.

  311. Kristianna says:

    Take a cake decorating class or two. :)

  312. El says:

    I liked Just Ask on Facebook!

  313. Kristianna says:

    …and liked ’em on FB. :)

  314. karlee says:

    Watch my friend, Manes, who I met in Haiti graduate from college! My family is currently sponsoring his schooling:)

  315. karlee says:

    I liked JustAsk on facebook!

  316. Ginny says:

    Have something I made be featured in a magazine or on a website :)


  317. I love how “the list”, just like life, is always evolving.

    -Get a culinary degree. (This has been on my list since college, but I’ll take overall degree instead of an emphasis in fine baking.)

    -Visit New Zealand with my daughter and husband and good friends who are from the country.

    -Get a motorcycle license.

    -RV in a retro airstream across the country.

    -Learn to play Guitar

    -Learn to crochet.

    -Feed my desire to constantly learn and grow as a person, a human being, a mother, a wife, a friend, and as a family.

  318. Jenny V says:

    15- I want to see my first born baby girl who I placed for adoption, when I was 16.

  319. I would like to pack up and live in Mexico. Immerse myself, learn the language, and do something meaningful that makes a difference.

  320. “liked” just ask on facebook! P.S. great photo of you!

  321. I liked BRCA on Facebook.

  322. Write and illustrate a children’s book, dedicated to my Peanut Butter. Oh, and, actually get it published!

  323. I liked just ask on facebook!

  324. elizabeth says:

    My wish is to go to Italy (anywhere there) and Paris!!

  325. Shaams says:

    #1 on my bucket list right now….to see two pink lines telling us that we will be parents. I want go be a mommy.

  326. L-ANN says:

    So many items on my bucket list. Here are a few . . .

    (1) Serenade someone singing along with a guitar/ukulele that I’m playing

    (2) Redo a piece of furniture and have it turn out GREAT

    (3) Sleep on the beach

    (4) Meet, fall in love, and marry the man of my dreams

    (5) See the Northern lights

    (6) Learn all of the constellations so that I’ll feel at home as long as I can see some stars

  327. just “liked” on FB.

  328. Unknown says:

    I just completed my “30 before 30” list (I’ve got a little less than 2 years to finish that one) and number 30 is (no joke) “30. Get a DSLR camera–30th b-day gift to myself?–and start using it. A lot.”

  329. Unknown says:

    (I also “liked” Just Ask) So, another bucket list item is “get really into cheese.” Study the cheese making process, make my own, learn the subtle differences between cheeses and how they become different.

  330. Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  331. I just completed my “30 before 30” list (I’ve got a little less than 2 years to finish that one) and number 30 is (no joke) “30. Get a DSLR camera–30th b-day gift to myself?–and start using it. A lot.”

  332. Kathleen says:

    Learn to Irish Step dance!

  333. Meg says:

    Be a mom…. Move back to mozambique…. And finish my masters degree are just a few of the things on my list right now!

  334. Meg says:

    I liked just ask on fb.

  335. emory says:

    Just “liked” JustAsk on FB.

    1. Also, I would love to walk on the the northern beaches of Oregon as well the southern beaches of the Keys in Florida;
    2. Watch my children grow and become parents some day
    3. Create a wellness and aquatic center in my small town in the mountains

  336. mlr says:

    Live off of locally grown produce, meet, and grains for an entire year. (and if it is feasible, continue the habit indefinitely:)

  337. mlr says:

    I liked “Just ask” on facebook:) Thanks Nici!

  338. TRB Holt says:

    I purposely did not read any of the comments so I could put my soulful list out there!

    ~Move back to Montana
    ~Watch my grandchildren graduate from high school &college, dance at their weddings, (if they choose to wed), be the best Gram & great Gram possible
    ~Celebrate with my son as he accomplishes his goals in life
    ~Mother daughter trip to Italy
    ~Travel to Africa with my husband
    ~Not be afraid to ride my bike in traffic
    ~Take my grandchildren on special trips to wonderful places
    ~Not be such a “pack rat”
    ~Run again
    ~Get a puppy in the spring of 2012
    ~Become a baby rocker
    ~Road trip next summer, just me and my dogs to Montana
    ~Take our kids & theirs on a cruise
    ~Plant garlic
    ~Grow old gracefully, surrounded by loved ones

    Okay…now back to read all the comments!

  339. Callie says:

    Ooh. Such a fun task.

    One of mine is definitely to (re)learn spanish. (I used to be quite good in it, but several years of non-usage has led my spanish fluency to dwindle)

    Also, I’d like to see pucon in chile. I had the chance when I was in college and studying abroad and I passed it up (I was exhausted at the time and just needed a weekend of non-travel). I’ve regretted it ever since.


  340. Laura says:

    Hi Nici Love this idea.
    I want to travel to Italy, Publish my writing, Have a photography art show of my own, become a mother, learn how to sail, learn to cook, have a big bash party for no reason other to dance with the people I love… H

  341. Erika says:

    Bucket list includes: finish (and publish) a novel and hang glide.

  342. Islandmom says:

    Go back to Africa with my children.

  343. Jess says:

    I have an ongoing list, titled “Life goals” that I keep in my memo section of my phone!
    They include: see a moose, make a beautiful water painting, spend an afternoon with my grandma to learn how to make the best chicken noodle soup, learn how to play the guitar, do a chin up, do some type of -athalon, and order a scotch “neat” in Scotland and enjoy it!
    Some are silly, some are going to be challenging- but using it as a list in progress helps me stay focused :)

  344. Jess says:

    I “liked” just ask on fb!

  345. GUEST says:

    Live in a house with just radiant and passive heat.

  346. Wendy says:

    My list includes learning to can like my mom and aunts: Jams, jellies, beets, tomatoes, asparagus. And getting their italian sausage receipe down pact!

  347. Chante says:

    I liked Just Ask on FB :)

  348. If I could be granted the power to make all people w disabilities included with EVERYONE… bucket list would be complete. In the mean time, I do what I can for my 4 y/o and only hope I can help him to have an amazing life!!! xoxo

  349. Unknown says:

    i’d like to spend a year in montana!

  350. Love your bucket list!

    My list would have to include starting a charity to support girls’ education in Namibia – and involving my three girls in this effort (at 1, 5 and 6 they are a bit young, but in a few years …)

  351. cindi says:

    i liked just ask on facebook. take my children to Baldock, england to search our roots!

  352. Holly says:

    I liked Just Ask!

  353. Noelani P says:

    Host a ridiculously long dinner party centered around a showing of the 6-hour Italian movie Best of Youth with multiple courses of Italian-inspired food and drink (featuring all locally sourced ingredients!) spaced out over the course the film.

  354. Noelani P says:

    And I liked Just Ask on FB! :)

  355. jessica says:

    i “liked” just ask on facebook!

  356. Jennie says:

    I want to learn to play the harp! I bought a little Celtic harp but got pregnant and distracted before I learned much…

  357. Jennie says:

    I liked JustAsk on facebook.

  358. Valerie says:

    Owning my own house is a big item on my bucket list!

  359. erin says:

    1. become a doula
    2. see the northern lights in person
    3. ride in a hotair balloon

  360. Laura W. says:

    Go to Costa Rica!!

  361. Laura W. says:

    I liked Just Ask on facebook!

  362. Lauren T. says:

    #1 is to be a mama. #2 is to live closer to my sisters-1,000 miles away is just not good

  363. Elise says:

    To raise confident, compassionate, creative, independent daughters…

    To be called an artist…..

  364. Elise says:

    i like just ask..
    did a survey last night…very informative

    save the ta-tas and the hoo-haas!!

  365. Jen says:

    I want to own land so that my daughter can grow up with horses, just like I did.

  366. Kara says:

    Raft the Grand Canyon!

  367. Jessica says:

    I want to be a foster parent. Everyone deserves a happy home.

  368. What a great prize!

    From my bucket list:

    5. Move someplace open where I can be at peace and feel safe letting my daughter, my dog and my cats run around, but not too far away from cool people and lots of fun things to do. I’ve also recently decided that I’d like to raise alpacas, because it sounds like fun, and they are super adorable.

  369. I also liked Just Ask on fb! Thanks for the chance!!

  370. Carla Wesley says:

    Get my vertical gardens (made from old packing pallets) project for people living in informal settlements in South Africa some backing and feed the people living on the edge of my society.
    Does that make any sense? I am a doer but a terrible writer…

  371. Wendy says:

    I “liked” Just Ask” on Facebook. :-)

  372. Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  373. KatieKakes47 says:

    I want to travel to Poland to explore my heritage and see where my grandparents grew up.

  374. Babygirl says:

    Here’s my #1

    1. I want to be a mom…not something I’m rushing into, I’m still enjoying being a newlywed! But I look forward to the day that T and I bring a child or two :) into this world. I think there is nothing in the world as wonderful as a child. I hope that God blesses us one day with this gift…

  375. Babygirl says:

    I also like Just Ask on Facebook!

  376. Kelly says:

    Speak fluent Spanish.

  377. Mary ♥ says:

    I would love to visit Karachi, Pakistan someday to visit my husband’s family and learn more about their culture and learn Urdu!

  378. Mary ♥ says:

    I also liked JustAskHBOC on Facebook!

  379. me says:

    I would love to travel cross country with my family. I just need to wait until my kids can sit in the car for more then 10 minutes without complaining!!

  380. me says:

    I like just ask! On FB

  381. katiekrav says:

    On my bucket list… to trace my family ancestry back to the roots and visit the countries and towns where my lineage originated from. Based on what I have learned from basic searches and family stories, it will be a grand European tour!

  382. katiekrav says:

    Also liked Just Ask on facebook!

  383. Keri says:

    What a great giveaway! An item from my bucket list posted on my blog:

    I want to visit KeriKeri, New Zealand because it’s my name times two! 😉

  384. Keri says:

    Liked “Just Ask” on Facebook!

  385. Kara says:

    Just liked “Just Ask.” What a great organization!

  386. hannahstud says:

    1. Trek to Everest Base Camp.
    2. Bike the Arizona Trail.
    3. Visit Alaska.
    4. Learn to cook.
    5. Own an DSLR and learn how to use it.

    Love the blog!

  387. Holly says:

    Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro has been on my bucket list since the summer of 1996. I hope to accomplish it in the next 12 months if the stars align…

  388. Holly says:

    I also like Just Ask on FB

  389. hannahstud says:

    Just liked “Just Ask”. I also want to see all 50 states in the US.

  390. Kate Stots says:

    Take my 3 girls to Paris…they are slightly obsessed with France!

  391. Katie says:

    This is kind of silly… but I have always wanted to hold a baby chimpanzee.

  392. Emily says:

    Finishing my hypnobirthing practitioner training is top of my list right now. Loved your list, and loved one of the comments above about ‘learning to keep my starter dough alive’ – thinking about a rather murky jar in my fridge I may need to steal that one too!

  393. JAS says:

    #3 off my list:

    Build a wooden boat. Stick a motor on it. Cruise!

  394. Sasha says:

    Go back to school for my Masters or Family Nurse Practitioner.

  395. Shannon says:

    I want to start a family of my own that was as great as the family I was able to grow up with

  396. Michele says:

    Go to Spain with my husband. I went once about ten years ago and had one of the most romantic dinners ever. Too bad it was with one of my best friends :)

  397. I just happened to hop over today, Nici, and I am so glad I did!

    I love the “naked” concept. Yes, indeed, life is too short.

    I laugh, too. One of “dares” more than a list, is to run the Bay to Breakers naked…like so many other people do…but being confident in my 40 something body and free as a bird!

    On the more serious side, to someday live on a river and have my own recording studio.

  398. Dawn says:

    Show my kids the Xian Tombs and walk the Great Wall of China with them.

  399. nickelg says:

    I want to be known for the inner person I am. Not the job I have, the career I seek or the things I do. Family and friends are what matter, everything else is just stuff.

  400. nickelg says:

    I also liked “just ask’!

  401. DBramble says:

    Backpacking used to be such an important part of my life. Now with three little ones under three, it seems like a distant memory. I so look forward to completing the unfinished sections of the Pacific Crest Trail with my husband and kiddos.

  402. This comment has been removed by the author.

  403. Randi says:

    Learn the Art of Henna/Mehndi tattooing….in Morocco or India so I have a really /mysterious/romantic story to tell later…..

  404. I Just liked JUST ASK.

    An important cause.

  405. Unknown says:

    Live in another country for a year or two.
    Cut my hair really short again…oh, wait, just did that last night!
    Make art for a living.
    Have another bambino.
    Maybe be a foster parent.
    Manifest my dreams into reality forever!

  406. I have a bucket list, some things are big, some just little. One thing that I have wanted for a long time, and features on the top of my bucket list is:
    Get a DSLR camera and learn photography. I love taking photos of the beautiful things all around us, and one day I will tick this off my bucket list!

  407. Have also liked Just Ask! on FB for a second entry!

  408. Unknown says:

    Going over to Just Ask to like it!

    Why am I showing up as Unknown? This is your friend Melissa. W.!!

  409. Julie says:

    Traveling to a country where I don’t know the language is tops on my bucket list. WOn’t be too hard to find someplace to go seeing as 2 years of HS spanish probably won’t qualify as “knowing the language”.

  410. Julie says:

    also liked just ask on facebook

  411. I have a heap of things I want to do in my lifetime…

    1. Visit all the continents: only Antartica, Africa and Asia left!
    2. go to all the provinces and territories in Canada
    3. Run a 10km race…

    :) Can’t wait to do these things…

  412. Just Ask has been liked by me on Facebook!! :) thanks for sharing….

  413. cjc says:

    sweet pic! your hair rocks.

    run a marathon!

  414. Kim W. says:

    Oh gosh, where to start! Probably with the most immediate bucket list goal: take the 9-year-old husky on a cross-country adventure in the Airstream while I still can. I *will* make this happen next summer/fall, and you’ll be seeing my photo spam all over Facebook!

  415. cjc says:

    I liked the page!

  416. Kim W. says:

    …and because another bucket list item is to get a DSLR and take some classes through the RMSP, I’m a proud new Facebook fan of Just Ask :)

  417. mistene says:

    take my husband on a trip to Europe – sans kids…… Just us. Nice and romantic.

  418. Denise says:

    My biggest deal on my bucket list is to simply quit my job, so I can stop pleasing others and start pleasing myself. I want to train under a midwife. That is my goal, that is my passion. Teaching 4th graders pays the bills, but I want to help women have the birth of their choice.
    Second, I want to have an art opening of my own. I want to find that thing that evokes so much creativity in me that I can’t stop creating, so I can have a solo show.

  419. Cate says:

    I haven’t written my bucket list yet, but for sure one of the things I have wanted to do for a long time is take a looooonnnng trip to Kauai, Hawaii. Now I would want to bring my son and meet my sister and nieces there (they are living in China). I would also like to be more organized with my pictures and videos of my son and blog.

  420. Cate says:

    Just liked “JUST ASK” :))

  421. Stacie says:

    Such an inspiring list! A few things on my bucket list are learn how to sew from my mother-in-law, create a garden at our new house that thrives and feeds my family, sky-dive, become a stay-at-home mom and take a cruise with my husband as we never did get our honeymoon

  422. Stacie says:

    I also liked Just Ask on facebook!

  423. What a fun blog post
    1. Teach my children to love nature as much as my husband and I do.
    2. Learn to play the guitar.
    3. Visit all the National Parks

  424. Just “liked” Just ask on Facebook.

  425. Sisters says:

    #1 on my bucket list is to have a family. I’m enjoying the time alone just my husband and I right now, but I constantly look forward to the day that we’ll have a little one running around. I can’t wait to see the world anew through their eyes and to share my love and joy for life with them.

  426. Katycu says:

    Bring my husband to Southeast Asia. Oh and be daring enough to keep up with him on the food.

  427. Katycu says:

    Go to Southeast Asia and try to keep up with my husband on the foodie front. He is fearless, I will try to be.

  428. Katycu says:

    I like Just Ask on Facebook.

  429. Kristin B says:

    I liked Just Ask on fb.

  430. Kristin B says:

    I want to go on a medical mission trip.

  431. Kate says:

    My bucket list-

    1. Run 3 miles without stopping or slowing.

    2. Get a Master’s degree.

    3. Have a savings account. With money in it!

  432. Since having kids my bucket list has changed a bit.

    1. After having baby #2 in May get back in shape and compete in my first Tri.
    2. Visit all the National Parks
    3. Teach my children to love nature as much as my husband and I do.

  433. Ooo, and I liked them on Face Book.

  434. PapillionMom says:

    Bucket item #6:

    Travel to the North Pole and take pictures of the Northern Lights. I’ve practiced on my husband’s DSLR and am ready for one of my own (hey…Santa Claus…)

    The rest of my bucket list:

  435. PapillionMom says:

    Also “liked” Just Ask on FB :0)

  436. Anita says:

    watch my boys love life and meet a lovely wife!
    watch my explore Italy and China
    go to a soccer World cup!
    Give my dad peace by going bringing him home to Denmark… his ashes will be near his mother.
    Get in the shape of my life before 50!
    Write a book about my family immigrating to America
    Learn to speak Spanish
    Learn to cook!
    Learn to take amazing photo’s
    Go back to Russia with my adopted son to see and explore his place of birth
    See Moscow this time not burdened with schedule of adoption
    Go on a honeymoon with my husband… it’s been 17 years!
    Make sure my boys are educated and happy at the same time without the burden that may be bestowed upon them… the debt we are putting in our children’s laps.
    Ski the alps
    Hike up a wonderful mountain without my knees hurting
    Travel to Tibet
    Meet the Dali Lahma
    Meet the Royal family of Denmark
    Learn my native language of Danish
    Live in Denmark and entire summer!
    Eat danish food and licorice everyday!
    Be in a musical
    Go to the Oscar with my friend Pai!
    Visit Portand and my dear friend Pai!
    See my two loves from high school one last time
    Live on a farm with no worries of finances
    Wow! I have a ton to live for. Most of all I just want my two boys and my family to live a healthy long life.

  437. jenniwaka says:

    Truly declutter and simplify.
    Really learn photography.
    Travel the world with my husband and daughter.

  438. jenniwaka says:

    I liked Just Ask, thanks!

  439. Maggie says:

    I would really like to teach something

  440. Jess B says:

    This is top secret info…*dance in a burlesque show* Shhhhhhh.

  441. Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  442. The bucket list is large… here are a few from it….
    1) Travelling back to Thailand this time with my family and hooking up with my Thai massage teacher after all these years and meeting his family.
    2) Travelling to Honduras to visit our old friend and his family.
    3) Making it to the homeland (Canada) twice a year keeping Toques and Zed alive..good for my soul.

  443. whitneybeth says:

    I liked Just Ask.

    And I love reading your blog and articles on Mamalode!!

  444. whitneybeth says:

    I would love to live on a farm someday.

  445. holy wow! 449 comments and counting!

    Here’s my bucket list:

    Bucket list November 12, 2011
    1. Be present for each of my son’s major milestones
    2. Make every meal completely from scratch for a week.
    3. Visit every state in the US, even if just an airport.
    4. Swim in the pacific ocean + plus another TBD
    5. Live with a horse – share property.. not a house 
    6. Run a race start to finish.
    7. Be at as many births as possible.
    8. Pursue photography
    9. Learn something brand new I haven’t even ever considered.
    10. Have edible goodness growing in my garden year round.
    11. Travel to Czech
    12. Be my own best advocate
    13. Teach my son to be his own best advocate
    14. Raise another litter of service dog pups
    15. Join an adult team sport


  446. And, I’m a fan of Just Ask!

  447. one more bucket list item –
    find new homes for everything that i don’t love, use or absolutely need.


  448. Anna says:

    I want to practice yoga in India…and perhaps document it with my new Canon Rebel? :)

  449. Anna says:

    And I liked Just Ask on Facebook!

  450. Spend one night in my Great-great-great grandfather’s house that he built in 1830 (see it here:

  451. Amanda says:

    start taking ballet again…in my 30’s.

  452. Holly B says:

    An amazing contest! After going to art school and getting my BFA, I soon after fulfilled my dream of becoming a momma! Although it immediately appeared to be far from fairytale, in an instant I became a single momma to a very sick daughter with down syndrome. Nine challenging years have passed and Emily is one of the most incredible blessings…sure perspectives have changed and the bucket list too, but some things never change….dreams!
    A few from my long bucket list include:
    1) To make art again
    2) To be truly at peace with the possibility that Emily may never eat orally.
    3)Take a real family vacation beyond travelling to Children’s Hospital
    4)Learn to knit
    Never stop dreaming!

  453. Kerri says:

    Perform in a play on a stage in front of an audience. I have no acting experience whatsoever, but would love to do this some day. Travel to Thailand and Vietnam. Adore this idea and all the inspiring posts here! Going to go work on creating the rest of my list now… :)

  454. Kolleen says:

    Somethings on my bucket list:
    Become a great Mother, a wonderful ice skater, a painter, and a seamstress!

  455. Kolleen says:

    I liked “Just Ask” on Facebook!

  456. tina says:

    own a house with a yard for a vegetable garden and chicken coop (can’t do it in our condo). have my little family live in another country for awhile. perform music again. and find my life’s calling 😉

  457. Elisa says:

    Travel to Spain and use the Spanish I learned in high school and college :)

  458. Elisa says:

    Liked Just Ask on FB!

  459. erin says:

    i’d love to live and teach with my husband and children in a foreign country for a year. in the meantime, learn how to find and treasure the exotic in every day.

  460. erin says:

    and i liked Just Ask:)

  461. Melissa says:

    Oh no, it didn’t take my first comment!

    I want to kiss my husband under the Eiffel Tower. I want to write and publish a cookbook. And I want to grow and preserve my own food. You’re my inspiration for that last one!

  462. Emily says:

    weird that my original comment didn’t post but the one where i liked JA on fb did… hmmm

    Anyhoo, highlights from my bucket list:
    move to Mexico
    write a novel
    start a band

  463. Keri says:

    My comment didn’t get posted the other day so I’m posting it again:

    One item on my bucket list is to visit KeriKeri, New Zealand. It’s my name times two! 😉

  464. Keri says:

    I liked “Just Ask” on Facebook!

    P.S. I saw someone’s bucket list item above was to become fluent in American Sign Language (my native language)…very cool to see that!

  465. Jeanne says:

    My bucket list…well an excerpt.

    Become a labor and delivery nurse
    Create art everyday for no reason at all
    Take my family to my favorite national parks to hike.

  466. Start my own Etsy shop. I always seem to have an excuse for not making it happen!
    Love your blog. Love this post. Thanks for making me think about this :)

  467. Robyn says:

    I’d like to be in the audience for a live taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

  468. Chrysi says:

    I want to drive to and visit every state in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii (ok, maybe no driving to Hawaii).

  469. Chrysi says:

    Liked Just Ask on Facebook… Great cause!

  470. Sam says:

    I liked Just Ask on Facebook.

  471. Sam says:

    I would like to add to our family by adopting. …And cooking every recipe in my “Recipes to Try” binder would be bonus!

  472. Katie M says:

    I’d like to sail around the world.

  473. Crazy mommy says:

    I didn’t see my comment ,hopefully I didn’t miss it. I would love to take my family to Europe and visit castles!!!

  474. Dana says:

    Finish something… I would love to do that.

  475. Rhett says:

    I want to go to a many National Parks as possible, starting with Yellowstone.

  476. Nicky C. K. says:

    Drive cross country with my family. In a RV. Which I would name Harvey. Just for the trip of course.


  477. Kolleen says:

    I’m not sure if my comment was deleted so here it is again! :). My bucket list includes: becoming a wonderful mother, become a painter, go to Hawaii again, and become a seamstress!

  478. erin says:

    1. Become a Doula
    2. See the Northern Lights in person with my husband and son
    3. Visit the Redwood forest

  479. erin says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  480. jennymariee says:

    I want to go back and get my teaching degree.
    I want to get debt free.and stay that way
    I want to travel, with my kids
    I’m quite sure there should be more on my list but I’ve been so focused on raising my little ones, I tend to only see the present or the immediate future.

  481. Ms Toni says:

    I think my comment from last week disappeared so…..I would like to learn to ice climb!!!!!!

  482. Ms Toni says:

    And I “liked” just ask on fb!!!!

  483. Jessica says:

    One thing on my bucket list is to have a garden, just have to get a house with a yard!

  484. Jessica says:

    I have also “liked” Just Ask on Facebook.

  485. Libby says:

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. I hate that shit has to happen to make us realize these things…

    On my list…

    (1) Make a living on my own time doing what I love.
    (2) Use my lawyer skills to help someone who is truly in need.
    (3) Raise my daughter to be smart, kind, and fearless.

  486. Jennifer says:

    Of the many things I have yet to do one “local” thing is climb all of the “fourteeners” in Colorado with my boys (when they are old enough – they are 2 and 4 :)

  487. Marti says:

    1. Go to Italy
    2. Go to the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa (I will cry)
    3. Raise my daughter to be more confident than I was as a child
    4. Renew my vows with my hubs on a beach surrounded by the people that really matter.
    5. Find a job that I really love and dominate it.

  488. Wendy says:

    Learn to can fruits/veggies from my mom and aunts, and learn their homemade italian sausage recepie too.

  489. Tina says:

    Huh. Certainly glad you mentioned in your latest post that people are having issues getting their comments to show up… I never even realized that mine didn’t! So thanks for that!

    My bucket list would take hours to write because there are tons of things on it… but a few:

    1. Ride a hot air balloon
    2. Go whale watching
    3. Partake in a missions trip to a 3rd world country
    4. Skydive in Hawaii
    5. Volunteer long-term for a charitable organization
    6. Visit every continent of the world

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  490. Callie says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  491. Abs says:

    Saw your note today that some of the comments didn’t show up so trying again as I didn’t see mine from last week.

    One item on my list is to see a show at the Grand Ole Opry! And to take my Cecilia to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

  492. Misty says:

    On my bucket list:
    1. Raise my daughter to be a generous, compassionate soul.
    2. Open a cupcake shack. Not a bakery, just a cupcake store.

  493. ADY says:

    Finally become fluent in Spanish!

  494. Apparently my deleted too!! Have an absolute no interruption pajama day with hubby and daughter :)

  495. This comment has been removed by the author.

  496. This comment has been removed by the author.

  497. erica says:

    Travel to Germany with my husband.

  498. erica says:

    i like Just Ask on Facebook.

  499. Become completely self-employed so I can stay home with my daughter & future children! :)

  500. I liked “Just Ask!” on Facebook. :)

  501. Sammie says:

    I like ‘Just Ask’ on Facebook. :)

  502. MN Madrecita says:

    To learn how to knit, crochet and sew like a pro!

  503. MN Madrecita says:

    I just ‘liked’ the Just Ask FB page.

  504. Jenny says:

    I’d like to write a book.

  505. Carrie says:

    Raise Bees in the Ozarks!

  506. melody says:

    I want to open up my own shop where children can come and make art and local artist can sell their creations. Also want to rescue a manatee. Totally.

  507. Mihaela says:

    I want to do a car trip around Europe.

  508. Mihaela says:

    I liked Just Ask on FB.

  509. DeRae says:

    Someday, I would love to learn to swim. Everyone thinks it’s crazy I don’t already!

  510. The Lady says:

    See the Grand Canyon with my family all for the first time together.

  511. tina says:

    i just ‘liked’ Just Ask on facebook. thanks!

  512. Top on my bucket list is to become a more patient mama. Second is to more consistently live in the moment. Third is to take more pictures – I get so busy living in the moment, I forget to document it!

  513. Stephanie says:

    To learn a “skill” that reminds me of my grandmother…quilting, knitting, by the time I have grandchildren!

  514. melody says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  515. I just “Liked” Just Ask on facebook! I’m extra thankful for my mom who just got a clean bill of health after surviving breast cancer last year.

  516. Sarah Z says:

    This exercise makes me grateful for all of the incredible experiences I have already had in life!! Losing both of my parents too soon drove home the point that life is too short – don’t take it for granted! Okay – so one major undertaking on my bucket list is to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Since I have a 13 month old baby, it will be awhile until this practical, but I won’t put it off too long!

  517. melody says:

    I like just ask on Facebook! And that pic of you is just gorgeous nici. Seriously.

  518. melody says:

    I want to open up my own shop where children can come and make art and local artist can sell their creations. Also want to rescue a manatee. Totally.

  519. Sarah Jean says:

    Thanks for extending…

    Bucket List: Live overseas for one year with the boys and my husband.

  520. JKF says:

    International/Natural Disaster medical volunteer work when my kids are out of high school (I’ve got about 16 years to wait!)

  521. Montana Mama says:

    Become a post-partum doula and a childbirth educator!

  522. top billing on my bucket list … to get pregnant in the near future adding another blessing to our family. we have a 6-year-old son from my previous relationship, but i would love to have a baby with my wife … to experience pregnancy and the journey of raising a child with the woman that i love

  523. top billing on my bucket list … to get pregnant in the near future adding another blessing to our family. we have a 6-year-old son from my previous relationship, but i would love to have a baby with my wife … to experience pregnancy and the journey of raising a child with the woman that i love

  524. top billing on my bucket list … to get pregnant in the near future adding another blessing to our family. we have a 6-year-old son from my previous relationship, but i would love to have a baby with my wife … to experience pregnancy and the journey of raising a child with the woman that i love

  525. top billing on my bucket list … to get pregnant in the near future adding another blessing to our family. we have a 6-year-old son from my previous relationship, but i would love to have a baby with my wife … to experience pregnancy and the journey of raising a child with the woman that i love

  526. top billing on my bucket list … to get pregnant in the near future adding another blessing to our family. we have a 6-year-old son from my previous relationship, but i would love to have a baby with my wife … to experience pregnancy and the journey of raising a child with the woman that i love

  527. Montana Mama says:

    Liked Just Ask on FB!

  528. ktimothy says:

    1)To swim in all the Sea’s,
    2)to pass by the END of the world ONCE again so I can look back and laugh AGAIN.
    3)Make beautiful children.
    4)Raise beautiful children.
    5)Live in the tropics.
    6)Learn how to surf
    7)Let go of grudges
    8) Make the world more beautiful (The children’s book the Lupin lady always reminds me of this)

  529. lorri says:

    I’d like to do a half iron man someday. Doing a full iron man seems crazy, but I can’t guarantee that after doing a half I won’t feel unstoppable.

  530. Mrs. Bin says:

    Skydiving is right up there at the top of my list.

  531. I want to live to see my children travel the world & come back and tell me all their favorite experiences….of course if they want to take me with…I could always bring this awesome camera. xoxo

  532. April says:

    Okay, re-entering. On my to-do-before-I-die list: become conversationally fluent in French and Spanish.

  533. TrailingMira says:

    Would love to be included in the draw :) My bucket list includes learning out how to sew a really great quilt :)

  534. Cherilyn says:

    1. Start my own business that connects people with their desires and each other.

    2. Own my own property, debt-free.

    3. Live overseas for 6 months or more.

  535. Hilary says:

    buy an rv and take the whole family on a road trip out west.

  536. SummerShine says:

    I would love to be able to take my kids to Ngarium, Uganda to help the people there in someway or another. I think it would be the ultimate life lesson about love, giving,being thankful, and knowing how very fortunate we are.

  537. Lexie says:

    I want to learn to weld! And then use that skill to make beautiful things.

  538. SummerShine says:

    I liked Just Ask on FB.

  539. Tracie O says:

    I want to walk into a store, grab clothes off the rack, take them into the dressing room, try them on and not HATE what i see. I am working on it…one day at a time baby!!

  540. Lexie says:

    I “liked” Just Ask on Facebook. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  541. Alyssa says:

    I inherited my grandmother’s piano. Sitting next to her on the piano bench playing is one of my only great memories of her. I’ve moved the durn thing twice, but I still need to get it tuned. SO, I would love to learn to play the piano (really, even just plunk out one tune!) to honor my grandmother’s memory.

  542. Alyssa says:

    I also liked Just Ask on Facebook.

  543. Travel around the US in a camper or RV and introduce my children to all the many family members that they have not met.

  544. I would travel the US with a camper or in RV visiting family members and old friends, introducing the boys to everyone important to me.

  545. Mary says:

    I want to be brave and visit Karachi, Pakistan to visit my husband’s family (although he grew up in the UAE.) I would also like to learn a little bit of Urdu and have my wee little son learn it too.

  546. I would travel the US in a camper or RV visiting family and old friends and introducing my boys to everyone important to me.

  547. Mary says:

    I also liked Just Ask on Facebook.

  548. Staci says:

    to live in an old farmhouse in northern new hampshire. the kind where the barn is attached to the house.

  549. megsplegs says:

    i have a loooong bucket list, but 2 faves are: start my own cooking/baking business and singing backup for a live band.

  550. CC says:

    Take my family to live in France for at least a year, giving my husband that time to just be with me and our girls.

  551. CC says:

    I liked Just Ask on Facebook! Great cause!

  552. Daniegirl says:

    I want to be free. If I can accomplish that before I die I will be happy. :)