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Minnesota Magic

We flew into Minneapolis on Christmas Eve and I imagined Garrison Keillor narrating our approach. The endless horizon imperceptibly, yet regularly, broken by water everywhere, frozen so solid people are comfortable hauling their most fragile belongings over the deep, cold oblivion. In the air, a family of four awaits the embrace of their loved ones. The plane descends slowly at first and then nearly tumbles into the earth as the youngest passenger protests in an otherwise silent aircraft. Her older … Continue reading Minnesota Magic →
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* wink *

I just had lunch with Margot and it felt like the first time we had dined together in over a week, even though we share meals every day. I have been distracted. I told Margot that I didn’t like how busy we’ve been, how often I have told her to hold on or not now lately. I told her I was so excited that was behind us and I looked forward to hanging out with our family. She stared at … Continue reading * wink * →
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I am so tired of having the same answer to how are you? Truth is we are nuts right now. So, that is what I say and then find my brain and mouth taking off in all the details of the craziness. This buying and selling homes business in the midst of birthdays, holidays, company, travel, work has us running, making phone calls, signing documents, waiting for emails, rearranging schedules while gifts languish half-made and party punch bowls patiently wait … Continue reading noticing →
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sticky sweet

I didn’t have energy to do the dishes or put the kitchen floor hazards away so I instead shoved, scooted and piled. It was late and I was making room for more making. Specifically, making something for Margot to share with her class on her birthday circle day. Easy and fun I chanted as I sifted through our pantry. I recalled a conversation I had with my friend earlier in the day. She said, “I have to drive to Lolo to … Continue reading sticky sweet →
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giggling pile

Throughout my days I make notes of things I love: stuff my kids say, a way a person interacted with me, how I feel, things I learn, thoughts, what I aspire to. These items fuel my passions, my work and my life. Also, it is just a compulsion of mine. Writing it down is part of me. I tumble through thoughts into words and hurl the mass into space. I don’t expect anything from it. There is no end, no … Continue reading giggling pile →
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