hump day nuggets: bright spots

nuggets: little bit of the season in photos and words

Hard for me to start with anything other than:

The MADE fair is this weekend.


I am so honored to be a part of this awesome, hip, fun event. There, one will surely find:
* Handmade objects that, when purchased, will directly impact Montana families.
* Cheer.
* Santa.
* Me and my stuff, other people and their stuff.
In other businessy news I will take etsy orders until this Friday and then will be closing shop until January! I feel like putting 17 exclamation points after that sentence!! I love my work and I am looking forward to a holiday. I am certain I will have leftover inventory after this weekend (where I will be finally, officially debuting women’s skirts!) and will host a facebook sale next week. 
Also, you and people you know can get 20% off your purchase all day (at my booth).

I spent too much time unsuccessfully designing a cool coupon for you to print out and use. I called it quits and went to bed last night where I had a brilliant idea: your “coupon” is food. Bring two or more non-perishable donations for the Missoula Food Bank to fetch your 20% off deal. They are particularly in need of whole grains and cereal.


:: Ruby really likes tea. Gulps it like thirsty hiker at a stream, not taking appropriate caution for giardia. That metaphor might be a bit much but I have so been that hiker before.

I made this cup when I was 16! 

:: We made gingerbread cookies and, with no men cookie cutters in our home, we cut eggs, pumpkins, cows, snowflakes, cats, trees and chickens.


:: Little bits of crafting and gift making happening all over our home. I love those messes.

bathing suit over dress is where it’s at, don’tyouknow


:: When Alice sweetly cradles sticks in her paws like this, my cheeks ache with love.


:: The snow is slow to come around here this year but every little bright bit is encouraging.


:: Ruby played on a blanket island while I worked yesterday. I sat on that same blanket last night while I wrote my mama digs. It is a whole, random mess of words that do not fit tidily into an essay and yet it all weaves one big, hairy afghan of this mama, today. Speaking of hairy things, that blanket is in the washing machine right this minute. Click to read mama digs: this mama, today.


Happy hump day out there. Wishing you a day filled with pockets of light and love.


:: :: ::

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27 Responses to hump day nuggets: bright spots

  1. Kelly says:

    We had a no man cookie cutter too! Ah, I miss those days. Now I have tweenitude. :) Looks like you’ll be deserving that break!

  2. Tina says:

    Good luck at the Made fair… not that you need it. Wish I could attend but it would be a bit of a drive from Ontario. 😉

    I love you idea of 20% off for bringing two food bank donations. So selfless yet so thoughtful.

    I actually *just* posted my nuggets for the week as well; I shared the link to the murmuration you posted earlier on FB. Amazing.

  3. The Lady says:

    When the sun shine breaks through the clouds and trees I feel alive, soaking it in for all it’s worth. Have fun at the Made fair, sounds awesome!

  4. ctb says:

    what flavor of tea?

    how hot (or cold) does she like it?

    do tell!

  5. Lois Lane says:

    I remember that cup! i wish i owned it. love you!

  6. TRB Holt says:

    I looked for this on the blogger dashboard….not there, found it on facebook.(?)

    Good luck with the Made Fair!!…I wish I could be there to help and purchase some homemade goodies.

    Margot & Ruby~ It won’t be long now, (17 days!), and I will get to see your sweet faces….we are going to have so much fun this Christmas…I wish Alice, Sam & Olive could come too!

    I Love You A Bushel & A Peck & You Are MY Sunshine….

    Love to all, xoxo Mom/Gram

    ps…I miss Alice!

  7. BRH says:

    Laughing over the Alice picture. My son and I love it when our dog holds anything like that with, what we call, “his Pug hands.” Love it!

  8. Kelly says:

    Oh Nici, I would LOVE to see some of your leftovers(if you have any), but I don’t facebook. Any other way to look/purchase? Pretty please(hands folded together, eyes squinted)!!!

    BTW, my girl LOVES the Goldilocks jacket. Hasn’t taken it off. Literally. Slept in last night!! Precious!

  9. ctb says:

    no facebook here either…

  10. Bikini By 30 says:

    This is the kind of “ginger chicken” this vegan can get behind!! :)

  11. OK non-facebookers. I think you can still see my online albums, right? So maybe you can look and then email me if you want to make a purchase or….ideas? I am open. I suppose I could do it on flickr or something.

    ctb, We love love the Traditional Medicinals kid teas. The nighty night and cold care are especially loved. We steep the bags in boiling water in a covered cup and then add a few ice cubes. That’s it! Sometimes I add a bit of cold apple juice to cool it down too.

  12. I’m so excited to see your women’s skirts! I really like your style, and hopefully at least one of those skirts will wind up in my possession :)

  13. ctb says:

    gonna get me some of those teas! nighty night sounds great, especially because my little dude is a crapy sleeper.

    as for facebook. i think us nonmembers can view your ‘wall’??
    whatever that is, or means.

    as for email… i can totally handle that :)

  14. Kelly says:

    I think I can view your wall. Maybe. Not sure. Flickr would be awesome. The thing is, my guess is there are many more “facebookers” than not, so I don’t want you to go to any trouble. :) I am totally interested though.

  15. Kelle says:

    Waiting for photobucket to upload my pics, and it’s crawling so I grabbed a beer and came over here. It feels like I stopped in your house while my food is in the oven, and I like it. Oh, the snow. The bathing suit. The hairy afghan. Swimming right with you…xoxo

    And smiling at Alice clutchig that stick.

  16. Happiness is... says:


    Simply love that mess of thoughts all wrapped up into a loving warm afgan. I appreciate how you sew your words together in a relatable way – the momness that affects all of us. As I said before, you’re a super hero. I struggle to find balance to do it all between my job and family and projects and desired obligations. Especially in the “now” of this month, in the depth of celebration. Thank you for reminding all of us of the gift of space without guilt and to be kind to ourselves.

  17. Brandi says:


    I once would rather chop the nose from my face than be late or miss an obligation, and cleanliness was next to godliness. Since kids, I too, am learning to cancel, miss, and forgive that life happens and its messy! Not all goes as planned. In fact, very rarely does anything go as planned! I’m learning to love the chaos that is now my life.
    Your words always hit home!

  18. Paula says:


    “Now I can feel whatever I need to feel for a bit and then move on through to the place where I understand I am a well-intentioned human, I give other humans space to know I am human.” Nici, it’s like you wrote this just for me today. That’s such a freeing concept: the ability to accept one’s self for all the good intentions and allow others to know that sometimes we miss the mark. I had a reasonably sleepless night last night beating myself up for falling short of the bar I had set for myself. Thanks for helping me regain perspective.

  19. memomuse says:


    Today you are beautiful.
    Light is a powerful tool – thanks for sharing yours.
    “My dog and two cats are curled around me like river rocks.” – groovenator line! I love those little gems you throw into your essays like little pieces of lint (but in your case they could very well be curled and carved into nutcrackers!)

    I am in the same throws of madness (not to the extent of yours, but I am knee deep in thesis territory for my creative writing master’s). My advisor moved the deadline up two weeks. This through me for a loop. Well, when my back is against the wall — I come out fighting.
    I even procrastinated a little to write a blog post called “Fight Stance.”

    Looks like you got your Zen fight stance on — you’ll get it all done — you always do.

    Thanks again for the morning light – I love the soil you dig… it fertilizes my own writing. Now back to thesis editing torture. This bad boy is due in one day…

  20. via

    Oh wow! Wishing you all the best in these last days. What an accomplishment.

  21. Jenn Furber says:


    Dig your ending. Some days, we drop a stitch and other days we knit a row. And, yes, some days are like a piles of yarn. (to continue with the wonderful metaphor…). Maybe it’s this time of year, but I feel so scattered, too.

  22. trbholt says:


    Such beauty in your words my daughter…I love you!

  23. FinnyKnits says:

    Aw, Jada does that with her sticks and apples and toys, too – it makes me “aww!” and cuddle all over her, which she does not love as much as her sticks.

    We’re a complicated pair.

    Happy Made Fair-ing!

  24. Oh my….I LOVE that last pic! Pure magic!! x

  25. Kelly Cach says:

    I love that you still have the mug. I have zero handmade memories from when I was little or as a young girl……long, sad story. Will spare the details. Let’s just say that you seem to have an incredible Mom!

    Love the suit over the dress and the plaid one on Ruby :)

    Much luck at the Made Fair! Would be so fun to be there.


  26. Dara says:

    The picture of Ruby drinking from the giant teacup that gulps up her whole face…LOVE IT. Your girls are adorable.

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