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snot and such

Last week, I played on the couch with Ruby for over an hour. With pillows, tracing faces, counting toes. Andy was in the kitchen, which is like eight feet away. I said, “I feel so alive, so present. Like I am participating in life without distraction for the first time in a few months.” He laughed and said, “Yep.” Last month, we were way busier than we like to be. Part of me wants to list all the drama and … Continue reading snot and such →
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snow days

I had most of this written and ready yo go last night and then I crawled in bed with Ruby at 8pm to sing Oh Mister Moon and now it is the next morning. The last four days have been entirely about snow. An epic storm smoothed out Missoula valley with two feet in two days. Our life has been so cozy and elemental as we focused on the basics: fun, food, friends, rest. Work happened late and early to make … Continue reading snow days →
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home is where you want to be

Many years ago, my friend gave Margot a book called Let’s Go Home. It is one of our favorites and, tonight, it was Ruby’s bedtime choice. I read There are many kinds of houses in the world, from little cottages to big mansions, from farmhouses to bungalows. But no matter the kind of house, it is the living inside that makes it wonderful, what happens to each room that makes it marvelous. It is what the house means to those … Continue reading home is where you want to be →
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now nuggets

nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words, about the last week  First, THANK YOU. When my domain was bought out from under me, I wondered if it meant the end of my contributions here, if I was to look to the next thing. I was open to that, even though I feel like I have more to give to dig. It always seems so cliché when people say I have no words for… but that is how I … Continue reading now nuggets →
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If you believe in kindness you’ll be free.

First, we closed on the sale of our first home yesterday. Second, I spent the last 24 hours doing something I hadn’t expected to be doing. See, my domain was up for renewal and I have it set up to automatically renew but my credit card on file had expired. I received an email notice to update my info in the midst of selling and buying a house. I called and couldn’t remember my pin so I couldn’t pay. Weeks … Continue reading If you believe in kindness you’ll be free. →
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