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hump day nuggets: glamping

hump day nuggets: little bits of the season in photos and words, about the last week We are two months into our five month small space camp out. Calling it camping is a a little ridiculous seeing that we have electricity, a couch and internet but it feels like camping in that we all move through our tight space like the synchronized jets I remember from the flight show I went to with that boy from my first grade class…mom, … Continue reading hump day nuggets: glamping →
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gradual ride

Yesterday afternoon I sat on our couch to write my mama digs to the soundtrack of four girls (two of them mine) squealing top volume as they careened down the sledding hill. Andy was outside, giving me a bit of space to crank out my column. It was nice to have that space but hard to see that fun out the window. I’d get a few sentences written and then hear Andy say OK! Here you go! And all four … Continue reading gradual ride →
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groovy curtains

Yesterday our valley was wiped clean with snow. There was a snow bunny sculpture in the field behind our house. This morning it rained, punching down that smooth, soft layer into a pocky, slick mess. The once-bunny is a phallic lump, melting by the hour. Now the snow flakes blow sideways and then stop mid-flight to steer the other way like a beautifully choreographed dance. surprise snow storm on a walk home from friends My two cats and dog all … Continue reading groovy curtains →
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tramp magic

The girls and I set out for our daily outside romp, the one where I beam and my kids beam and we take turns exclaiming at the mountains’ beauty, the sun’s brilliance and how lucky we feel to live here. I just don’t ever get over it, the grounding, buzzing beauty of Montana. And our new home is situated so we have the opportunity to spin circles and sing like Maria on the hilltop and have 360 degree postcard-worthy views. … Continue reading tramp magic →
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get away, come home.

I got home just in time for my kids bedtime last night, after two nights and two days away from my kids. The longest since Margot was born. It was awesome. Packing up the car with four friends, listening to The Go Gos top volume, talking talking talking about spouses, kids, work, aging, life goals, insecurities, triumphs. Singing karaoke (the singing!! oh man we were so good) and dancing into the wee hours at a tiny town bar, tarot cards, … Continue reading get away, come home. →
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