The Great Wall of Better Sleep

We are pretty lucky to live in a small space with access to the internet. I am loving the camaraderie and creativity out there. People who live in 250 square feet and nerd out on space efficiency and then hop online to share their nerdiness with nerdy people like us.

Having wee friends over is funny.

There is much about our space (400 square feet; a bit smaller than a two-car garage) that feels exciting and liberating:

  • We picked exactly what we need and realized we still had space for non-essentials.
  • Our kids have never been more creative with their play, with only a few books, art supplies, puzzles and a bag of scarves.
  • It feels like camping every day.
  • More cuddling, hanging, reading, talking, being together.
There are a few things about our space that are challenging:
  • Cooking! Not much kitchen space.
  • Our home always feels messy. For example, laundry to put away? It’s in the kitchen. Kids make a fort? I can’t walk.
  • It’s like camping every day.
  • The kids don’t really want to sleep because, a few feet away, mom and dad are doing something awesome and interesting (not in that way. GEEZ). 
The last challenge is the biggest. Sleep. No sound barriers, no doors. Often I fall asleep with Ruby at 8, in my clothes. Other times, Andy and I sit on the couch in quiet darkness, whispering, waiting for the deep breaths of our kids, eventually falling asleep on each other. Other times, Margot and Ruby fight it and we read more books and all end up a pile of sleeping tired people in our bed, in the kitchen. We’ve talked a lot about the majority of the world’s people who sleep seven to a room. It keeps it in perspective and let’s us know this difficulty is an adjustment. We are adjusting to this new schtick.
And we built a wall. The Great Wall of Better Sleep.


I had this vision of a wall made from cool old doors but a few things complicated my vision. One, lead paint. Two, how would we reuse those doors? We are only in this small space until June and wanted to create a temporary wall out of material that could be reused.
We visited our local building materials reuse store and sleepily walked around on slick ice, Margot in her gown and veil, until we found some cool rough cut wood. There’s an awesome metaphor in there somewhere. 
Andy screwed the boards right into the bunk bed, staggering them to create more interest and more of a light barrier.


At first the girls were bummed to lose this side of their jungle gym but they quickly (that night) enjoyed the coziness of their private, peaceful space. 
This wall makes us wink.
Notice some cute clothes in these photos? Yes. Those are designed and made right here in Montana by the brilliant CarolLynn Lapotka. I am so pleased to present REcreate Designs as a sponsor!


Ruby with croissant and headband / Ruby in snow with fancy pants

This mama runs a green business with such acute attention to design. All of her products are upcycled, repurposed. She puts a shiny new twist on thrift store scores, makes clothes that people choose over everything else in their closet. I adore my skirt. Ruby is in love with her fancy pants. Margot, the pickiest dresser in our family thinks this skirt (below) and dress (above) are the cat’s pajamas.

REcreate is offering one of you lucky ducks a $50 gift certificate. Visit REcreate Designs site and come back here to leave a comment telling us how you’d spend $50. Extra entry: like REcreate on Facebook and leave a separate comment saying so. And! All you lucky ducks get 10% off your purchase with coupon code ‘digthischick.’ Thanks, REcreate Designs.

OK, I’m off to the other side of this wall to slumber. Sweet dreams out there. 

175 Responses to The Great Wall of Better Sleep

  1. Natalie T. says:

    Oh my garsh! Reversible jumpers please. Yes indeed. (cool wall by the way…)

  2. Lindsay says:

    The tee skirts are adorable! So cute and creative!

  3. Lindsay says:

    (I am also now a fan on FB) :)

  4. Tammi says:

    Fun flags for our little pink art studio! That’s what I would get. I love the last pic of the girls. Too cute.

  5. mumofsix says:

    Just love that wall. Oh to be married to DIY dad not DIY doh! Or be useful in that way myself, of course.
    We’ve had a bit of snow in the uk this week. Not much but enough for my kids to dig out the sledge. I thought of you and your girls all togged out in the right gear as we searched for boots and gloves etc. We just don’t have the right stuff or at least not enough of the right stuff, because it snows so rarely. It’s just not so enjoyable with wet, cold, whingy babes! Thank you for your blog. I’m fairly new to it and so love reading it. Sarah

  6. Oh my…I love your confined, family space. Although it has it’s challenges, the forced togetherness would be lovely!
    Margot’s wink against the wall = too cute! My Miss 4 has started to do thumbs up & squinted dorky wink everytime I get the camera out…haaaa….not cool in my books, but sooo cool in hers, so I snap away :)

  7. Denise says:

    I LOVE the adult skirt and the fancy pants for kids! Too cute!

  8. Denise says:

    Also liked on Facebook.

  9. Smaychel says:

    Oh so easy – the snap-down dress and a snappy headband for my little one :)

    I love what you’ve done with the small space. It’s inspired me to look at our poky little flat in new ways!

  10. Lauren says:

    Love the tee skirts!!

  11. Lauren says:

    Also I liked them on Facebook!

  12. Kelle says:

    that wall is divine, and your itty bitty space makes me smile. yes, a bit like camping. you will remember it forever. xo

  13. Shaams says:

    I liked REcreate on Facebook!

  14. Shaams says:

    Totally love the skirts and the headbands!

  15. Liked REcreate on Facebook. Love your wall!

  16. Kelly says:

    I adore the snap down dresses. So precious.

  17. Kat says:

    Those adult tee skirts are divine! Thanks for introducing us to this inspiring company!…And good luck with the ‘camping’!

  18. Kelly says:

    Also liked on Facebook.

  19. Kristen says:

    Ohhh, Love Margot’s red skirt in the last picture, I would love to see my little one in a similar skirt! :) Thanks for introducing me to REcreate!

  20. Kate says:

    Oh, Natalie needs two pairs of fancy pants!! Those are too cute.

  21. oooh, I’d have to order kid and mama REcreate skirts… so I’d surely spend way more than the $50 gift certificate! Great, soft, functional looking clothes!

  22. Cutie patootie clothes and way to make 400 sf work.

    (we live in 800sf, which alternately seems cramped and then huge).

  23. Heatheroo says:

    I am picking up that Miss Margot just learned how to wink…so cute!! I looove the reversible jumper, adorable and looks comfy for my baby girl…hope I win=) have a good week! H

  24. Heatheroo says:

    Hey there…I like ReCreate Designs page too=)

  25. ctb says:

    oh sleep! cant get much of that around here these days, and we have too.much.square.footage.

  26. Becky V says:

    oh goodness I love the jumpers, fancy pants and skirts…such a cute idea!

  27. Becky V says:

    P.S. I’m a facebook fan now too…and I am SO impressed with you 4 living in such close quarters…I’m sure there are lots of challenges, but you’ll be in your new home soon and what an adventure in the meantime and the memories you’ll making right now will last you and your girls forever!

  28. TRB Holt says:

    Margot has turned into quite the fashion bug and model!

    REcreate Designs has some great stuff, I would most likely use the $50 to add to Margot & Ruby’s wishes! :)


  29. Keely D says:

    Well were so I begin…I love the fancy pants adult ones would be awesome. I also like the reversible jumpers and the womens skirts.

  30. Seelife3d says:

    I would buy any of the 4T Snap-down short sleeve dress or dresses! I would need two considering I have twin girlies =)

    Liking face book page now.

    I have to add how awesome that your reuse materials store is still open. Our closed after 5 or so years =( it was a sad day here.

  31. So many pretty things to choose from! I would have to go with matching tee skirts for my daughter and I – and maybe a headband for her. Too cute!

  32. TRB Holt says:

    ps…just went back to reread & gaze at my granddaughters AGAIN…I love that Ruby is wearing the red jumper that was knit by your grandmother for you and that Margot wore it too. By the way that was given to you on your birthday probably when you were 2…..32 years ago tomorrow!

  33. Love all those adorable clothes! I would get my little man a pair of fancy pants and for my Nugget girl, a tee skirt. Fun!

  34. Seelife3d says:

    after looking more at the dresses and noted that $50 would only buy one, and eh with twin girls that could cause a problem…they are 14 1/2 months going on 13 years! so we would have to rethink our said request and this momma would have to choose a less possible drama item to bring into the home…FUN FLAGS BABY!! I love the idea of putting them around their room….equally of course 😉

  35. irelassred says:

    From reading your mom’s comment, it sounds like today must be your birthday, so happy birthday! I hope you are treated royally by your family & that you feel truly special today.
    Your girls are very, very cute!

  36. Michael says:

    Well, it’s more than 50 bucks, but $50 would get me a long way there:
    -Our Bean just grew out of his fancy pants, so a new pair for him, and
    -a skirt for me!


  37. Michael says:

    I also liked REcreate on Facebook! Thanks, again.

  38. Judybusy says:

    I knew you and your family would make this small space fun and magical! With no kids, I’d opt for a tee skirt–perfect for Minnesota summers. Liked on FB, too.

  39. Dr. Anthony says:

    Pants for our two year old little man and skirts for our 6 and 4 year old little ladies.

  40. Rhett says:

    I love my skirt by ReCreate! I would probably buy another one. It’s great to read about your small-space living. Makes me appreciate our space and inspires me to get organized with our stuff.

  41. Rhett says:

    I already liked them on FB!

  42. sk says:

    oooh, those are awesome!!!! I love the fancy pants.

  43. I would totally get my Margot a dress, and after talking to her at the MADE Fair, hopefully they have 5T now! And if you haven’t found this site yet, check it out: it is all about living in small spaces. They have a kids specific site and “the kitchn” which has great food to-dos!

  44. Facebook friended them, what a great looking website they have!

  45. Caroline says:

    ohhh those are great!!!! Love the snap down dress, the tee skirt, the flags. Great stuff!!

  46. Jesse says:

    I first saw REcreate at the Made Fair and loved all of it. I would love a skirt but my niece would look so so much cuter in one than I would.

  47. Jesse says:

    Liked REcreate on FB also. So, even if I don’t win I’ve got a great place to shop for my niece’s birthday coming up. Thank you!!

  48. Dang! I don’t play on facebook, so only one chance for me!
    Love their stuff, been jonesin for a skirt for ages!
    When my girls were wee ones, we followed their dad around to logging camps, living in tents and were really jacked when we got our own small camper trailer….we did lots of crafts and took lots of long explorations and family was good in a wee space. NOw my eldest daughter is trying to start her own family and they are building their own wee space, a garden shed they will live in while they establish on their 10 rural acres, Livin’ the dream!

  49. Eva Marie says:

    Totally would spend it on the pants for my 2 year old.. the butt is way to cute :) Cant find pants like this anywhere

    loving the little red jumper dress.. thrift?

  50. tricia says:

    I would spend $50 on a reversible jumper for my daughter! SO CUTE!

  51. tricia says:

    I liked Recreate on Facebook. :)

  52. Mama Mel says:

    I love Recreate! I bought a skirt for my sister and she wears it all the time.
    I think if I won the $50 gift certificate, I would get each of my girls a skirt to layer over legwarmers and leggings.

  53. Zoe says:

    Hmm, so hard to choose. I think a snap-down dress for my Ruby and some fancy pants for her little sister, sweet Violet. And maybe a skirt for me. I’m definitely going to check back in with REcreate once my self-imposed no-spend February is over.

  54. Aly says:

    Love the snap down dresses!

  55. Aly says:

    I liked on FB :)

  56. Zoe says:

    ps I now like REcreate on Facebook.

  57. Amanda says:

    Love all the t-shirt skirts. Perfect for the summer!

  58. Amanda says:

    Liked it on FB!

  59. Louise says:

    That violet colored little jumper dress would suit my little Violet down to the ground!

  60. What a great opportunity to temporarily place these rough boards as a wall. The best part – they will be installed somewhere into your new home and will be a constant reminder of your winter/spring spent in close proximity. Seriously, I think you could handle living on a boat after this experience!

    I love the skirts – mama/girl skirts would be fun. And those kid pants are killer – love the tush on them!

    Sending happy thoughts from a warm harbor in Annapolis!


  61. Kelly says:

    Love REcreate, and Margot’s wink…awesome.

  62. Suzi says:

    I would love a jumper for my girl! The flags are totally cool too!
    Way to make this small space work! In years you will have many great stories about when the four of you lived in a 400 square foot house.

  63. Powtera says:

    Love the reversible jumpers – great combos! that would be my choice for sure!

  64. Powtera says:

    I ‘like’ on fb too – great products!~

  65. I don’t even know how I would go about the $50 I would love to have one of the “snappy dresses” but also love those pants. I guess if I got the $50 I would have to make a final choice. Love all her stuff that is for sure.

  66. Also liked them on facebook.

  67. jenniwaka says:

    I think I’d have to get a tee skirt for my little monkey in either pink, purple or green… They’re all so sweet, though!

  68. jenniwaka says:

    Liked them on Facebook, too!

  69. Jessie says:

    -A 0-6 month knotty hat for our little bundle we’re expecting in March.

    -A small tee skirt for my daughter & a matching snappy headband :)

    It’s over $50 by $4… but I think I’d need to buy a little more too! What cute stuff!

    ***I also *liked* them on facebook. Looking forward to following them. :)

  70. Kristin B says:

    Totally would buy skirts for myself. The fancy pants are cute too but currently there are none in a size my kidlets wear.

  71. Kristin B says:

    I liked them on Facebook as well.

  72. mattie smith says:

    Love it!! Awesome clothes, and awesome wall.

  73. Oh wow I love the adult tee skirts.

  74. I liked them on Face book as well.

  75. Bennett Abel says:

    I would get a tee skirt!
    -Amy P.

  76. Bennett Abel says:

    I Liked them on FB!

  77. T-Dubya says:

    OMG!! My mom bought me one of their skirts at the MADE fair!! It’s so so cute and so comfortable!! Everybody always asks me where I got it and I never knew!! Well now I do and I will be sending them their way!! Too cool! I would be stoked to rock another skirt here on Maui where I live now!!

  78. T-Dubya says:

    And I liked them on FB too!! Thanks Dig!! xo

  79. Rachel says:

    Love the fancy pants for my baby girl and the tee skirt for my older girl!

  80. jane says:

    Oh, I would definitely get a snap down dress for my girls, and maybe a headband to match!

  81. jane says:

    I liked them on facebook too!

  82. megan says:

    two snap jumper…. sooooo cute. love it.

  83. megan says:

    liked em on facebook too :)

  84. Valerie says:

    What a great concept! I’d love to buy one of those reversable jumpers
    or a snap-down dress for my niece!

  85. erin says:

    LOVE those skirts!

  86. erin says:

    just liked them:)

  87. Amber says:

    I love those skirts, too. It makes me wish even more that I had a serger…that detail is just what makes it!

    I love that you are living in a tiny space. We’re in 750 sq feet (only three of us). It seemed impossibly small when we moved in, but now seems perfect since we’ve adapted. And yet, we are still having the whole “is it possible to live here with two kids” conversation…which seems downright silly considering that many people live in much smaller spaces with more people.

  88. Christa says:

    You and CarolLynn. . .seems like a pretty perfect partnership! And your girls are perfect models for her stuff!

    I love her ity-bity baby clothes, but I’m also obsessed with all her cool blank books so I’d probably get a variety of sizes and spend it all on myself. :)

  89. Christa says:

    I already follow REcreate!

  90. Ellie says:

    Don’t have time to look at the cool clothes, but just wanted to say, as I’ve said and thought so many millions of times, that your vision inspires and warms me up. Way to make do in 400 square feet. I spent my entire childhood in not a whole lot more in Eastern Europe (but yes, we did have a couple of walls), and I marvel daily at people’s lack of appreciation for space here. You’ll feel regal once you move into your new house.

  91. I just love seeing the familiar bits and pieces of your home all tucked into a tiny space. Somehow, my favorites all made their place in your new place…
    Home sweet home, fo sure. And I LOVE Margot’s dress. Trying to decide which girl to get it for..

  92. OK. I liked REcreate of Facebook, and since I’ve already commented on your fabulous new space, I must say I’d owe money at the end of my $50 gift card. That jersey elf jacket is insanely cute.

  93. Natalie T. says:

    Liked em on facebook! :)

  94. Emily says:

    I’d grab a reversible jumper. So cute and perfect for the coming weather!

  95. Katie says:

    I would love a tee-skirt…such a comfy thing to wear while chasing my two little boys.

  96. Jaim says:

    Ruby looks like she’s getting so big. It’s crazy how fast they get “big” and you could never tell that M cut off her curls. I also love that Margot is rocking the scarf in the last picture. We have those same boots that M is wearing and we LOVE them!

    O.K., I would spend $50 on skirts. I have been drooling over those skirts for over a year…both kid and adult!

  97. Jaim says:

    I like them on Facebook too.

    By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a great day!

  98. Sam says:

    I liked REcreate on Facebook.

  99. Sam says:

    I would get the snap-down dress and a snappy headband for my little girl. Adorable!

  100. Annie says:

    I love how sometimes what is a challenge can also be the source of fun : )

    What a great store. I would get a snap-down short sleeve dress for my daughter for sure. Also a knotty hat and a snappy headband. Fun!

  101. I LOVE her stuff! I have a skirt and I wear it all the time! I would get my daughter Cora a reversible jumper. :)

  102. nibsey says:

    i would get the orange reversible jumper for my little girl.

  103. Kelly Cach says:

    I absolutely LOVE your small space and what you’re doing with it. Is it crazy to say that I want to sabotage our life as we know it, just to have the opportunity to down-size and grow even closer together? Seriously. Sounds like a dream to me :)

  104. Homestead says:

    I have a Recreate t-skirt and I LIVED in it while pregnant and it still looks great. I want another one.

  105. Jennifer says:

    I am so impressed with your small living space – it looks so well organized. Love how you said that you and Andy have to sit and whisper…too funny! Oh, the memories you are creating.
    Love the REcreate stuff -it would be hard to pick one item – but I love the notebooks…

  106. rakal says:

    I would definately grab a tee skirt for myself(my daughter just got one). I would probably add a headband for her. Fingers crossed.

  107. Catherine says:

    What a great opportunity! You know what? Since we are in Costa Rica, I am working hard to get back in shape and lose the extra pounds I still carry around since my last pregnancy (hum… 6 years ago…), so I would spend that $50 just for myself! I would get a tee skirt and a snappy headband!

  108. Yup. We live in just about 650 square feet, but we have walls, and that makes a big difference. Three humans in that space–actually quite a luxury compared to a lot of the world–and plenty for us. But, I hear you. Laundry is often all over the place here, and there’s a lot of cross-use going on. Love it.

  109. Amy says:

    Ummm, I already liked them. Does that still count?

  110. Amy says:

    I would definitely get one of those radical jumpers. I can tell that sucker would fit forever… first a dress, then a shirt! Just have to decide which one of my sweet little peanuts would get it…

  111. .:Heather:. says:

    LOVE your new wall! Hoping it brings peaceful dreams! I love the tee skirts so I think I’d treat myself to one if I won the gift credit! :)

  112. .:Heather:. says:

    I like REcreate on FB!

  113. Angela says:

    love it all! I would buy myself a skirt or the snap down dress for a friend’s daughter…love it!

  114. Angela says:

    facebook fan here!

  115. Abby Nyhof says:

    I would definitely get a custom tee skirt from one of my tees!

  116. Abby Nyhof says:

    I am a fan on facebook :)

  117. MW says:

    Skirts. All skirts. Zillions of them.

  118. Genius. The wall and the Margot skirt.

    Oh, and I would be ALL OVER a tee skirt!

  119. Love, love the tee skirts! I live in skirts in the summer! So carefree. I’ve also liked their page on Facebook!

  120. PammyK says:

    I would get an index book for me and a reversible jumper for my daughter. Cute stuff!

  121. Zurich_Dad says:

    Oh wow– I’d really love to buy my wife one of those tee skirts!

  122. Stephanie says:

    Those index books? Holy love, I’m all over those! Every single design.

  123. Jenny says:

    Oh I would get myself a skirt and a couple for my girls!!! love , love , love their stuff 😀

  124. Stephanie says:

    I also liked them & became a fan on Facebook!

  125. so very fun! my 14 daughter just turned some leggins into a skirt for her 6 year old sister… love these ideas.. .love these plans…
    hugs all around!

  126. W says:

    My kids have tons of beautiful clothes, so since I’m being selfish today and since I just lost 37 lbs, I’d buy myself awesome skirts!

  127. W says:

    And… I just liked them on FB.

  128. Oh my gosh…thanks for introducing me to REcreate Designs. I LOVE it all. But if I had to choose a couple of things right now, definitely a kid tee skirt and snappy headband for my daughter! Amazing stuff.

  129. I would use the $50 on a skirt for me and one for my daughter! Love the clothes on that site and the environmentally friendly philosophy.

  130. And of course I liked REcreate Designs on Facebook!

  131. Holly B says:

    It is so hard to choose! All are lovely, but I think for once I would spoil myself and get a skirt! Mama needs to take care of her needs once in a while 😉

  132. jolie says:

    Very hard to choose…but I really love the reversible jumpers…oh and the snap down dresses too!
    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  133. jolie says:

    I liked REcreate designs on facebook!!!

  134. Betsy says:

    I am torn between a skirt for me or the cute toddler pants for my little lady. Such wonderful items!

  135. Betsy says:

    I liked them on FB too!

  136. Krystal says:

    Those are some seriously adorable clothes! The Weecyle Snap Down Dresses are so cute…like a spin off of Girl Scout outfits 😛 The women’s dresses are groovy too 😀

  137. Krystal says:

    I’ve liked them on Facebook as well 😉
    ~Krystal Dawn

  138. Sue says:

    I like the flags and maybe some tshirts for my kids

  139. Sue says:

    i am also a FB fan

  140. Jayne Barnes says:

    I love their tee skirts! As much as I’d love to get one for my kids, I think I might be selfish and get one for myself! :)

  141. Jayne Barnes says:

    I liked them on FB too!

  142. tablerbunch says:

    Adult tee skirt, please :)

  143. tablerbunch says:

    I’m also a fb fan!

  144. Kate says:

    Oh my gosh, adorable clothing! I would splurge on a bib, hat and fancy pants for my 7 month old baby boy!!! Love your space and all you’re doing with it!

  145. Kim Anderson says:

    I love Recreate…I liked it on fb and I would definitely but a skirt for my 6 year old fashion diva! She would LOVE it…I might also pick up some headbands and fancy pants…its all sooo darn cute! My friend bought me a skirt from them (red sox)!! at the homemade fair for christmas and I cant wait to wear it this spring! Yeah…thanks for doing this contest;)

  146. Love, love all of this…you are amazing! Want so many skirts and stuff for my son!!!!!

  147. kbalke says:

    I adore the fancy pants and snap down dresses!! We have one pair of fancy pants I would love to get more of those and her other great products. Thanks so much!!

  148. sarah says:

    amazing wall! nice work andy! also i like the skirts.

  149. Barbara says:

    the wall is so cool.

    i would get a skirt for my little, a headband for me, and maybe something else? love the concept and products. :)

    barb f.

  150. Christina says:

    It’s a toss up between t-skirts for my girls or one for me!

  151. Brooke says:

    Love the cute girls rainbow skirt and the flag pendents! So fun!


  152. Brooke says:

    I’m also a fan on facebook! Brooklyn De……


  153. Donna says:

    Oh, Im s in love with those elf jackets! I’ve also seen the skirts around town and would love one for myself. I’m pretty sure I’d have to get both!
    I’m a fan on fb as well!

  154. everything is so dang cute! i would have a hard time choosing… maybe a gift for myself??? or something i could use in a photo shoot? SO AWESOME! thanks for turning me on to them!

  155. I have been anxious to buy myself a Tee Skirt…most likely a Griz one!! They are all so stinkin cute and original.

  156. And I’ve “Liked” them on FB too!! :)

  157. Wimmer Girl says:

    LOVE that you have shared your temporary digs. (Ha, no pun intended…) Love ReCreate Designs! Headbands and skirts for me and my girls! (We can wear them as the weather down here in N’awlins heats up soon.)

  158. Holly Hawkes says:

    That is such a wonderful use of space! I would get a headband and a skirt– I always stop by at the homemade fair and farmers markets but the college budget doesn’t allow! Love your work! :)

  159. Holly Hawkes says:

    Oh, and I have already liked you on facebook.

  160. Thanks for the reminder! I had started browsing through Recreate days ago when a certain little 2 month old started licking her lips…and then, you know. SO, I ADORE the fancy pants for my kiddo and would love one of those skirts for myself! GOOD STUFF!!!!!

  161. And of course I’ve “liked” recreate of FB too!

  162. Mama Nic says:

    Oh man….that is a tough one! I love the Tee skirts for me but am also loving the snap down dress for my daughter!!

  163. Jennifer says:

    “like” on facebook!

  164. Mama Nic says:

    I have also “liked” them on FB….they should really have a “love” button, don’t ya think?

  165. Kat says:

    ooo, really liked them on FB too.

  166. amandabryce says:

    Oh my gosh… I’d have to be a bit selfish and get one of those awesome tee skirts for myself. And then a headband, cause.. come on those are adorable!

  167. amandabryce says:

    I’m a fan of REcreate on FB! Yay!

  168. JrdnLB says:

    Loving the I <3 NY tee skirt!!!! Would love to get it!

  169. JrdnLB says:

    Definitely a fan on Facebook, of course!!