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Cup of Gold

Two girlfriends and I hopped on a last-minute opportunity to stay in a friend of a friend’s condo a few hours north, in Whitefish. I am always amazed at how much stuff it takes to hit the road with kids (seven of them!) and I am always heartened by how enthusiastic kids are when faced with anything new. It really is a wonderful gift to witness life with children, when everything is an exquisite opportunity for excitement and adventure. It’s … Continue reading Cup of Gold →
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Family Participation Board

My kids love jobs. This has been such a fun discovery and consequent tool for me for it always true: When Margot and Ruby have a sense of belonging and importance in whatever it is we have going on, things are smoother and more fun. Giving my kids real, meaningful responsibilities is my silver bullet as a mama, especially as a work from home mama. Measuring and stirring. Yes, it is messier. I get asked about working with my kids quite often. … Continue reading Family Participation Board →
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summer prelude

After a few days of warmth, sun and leaping bulbs, the weather reminded us that it isn’t even spring yet. The last few days have been cold and rainy-snowy. I am so a four-season girl but every year, around this time, I crave bare feet, dirt under my fingernails, fresh food, river dips, photos without puffy coats. In other words, every March I am a little over it. Puffy Coat Photo #679, St. Patrick’s Day Parade Every March we get … Continue reading summer prelude →
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Coconut Sweet Potato Stew

I haven’t posted recipes in a while. Partly because I haven’t been experimenting much with recipes and partly because food isn’t very photogenic in our kitchen. We housesat at our friends’ place last weekend and, holy smokes, I was on fire in that kitchen. Every meal was one I invented and one my family unanimously declared a new favorite. Cooking for my family is so fun. One meal in particular knocked our socks off. It started with oh man, we … Continue reading Coconut Sweet Potato Stew →
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spring nuggets: in like a lamb

Funny how I thought a smaller living space would free up time to do stuff like write, sew, organize, plan. Seems the opposite is true for it is a NEW space and ideas and projects abound. While we aren’t in our home just yet, we can do work on the yard and other small spaces. We’ve built a chicken coop, a new painting studio for Andy and planned planned planned a garden, a fence, a slide off the second story … Continue reading spring nuggets: in like a lamb →
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