Oh this last weekend!


I am going to be a busy sewing sister this week so I am popping in for a few quick things before I head back out into the gloriousness of (almost) summer for the day.


1. It’s the experience I’m after, the quality of my days I am interested in. In this week’s mama digs I wrote about a shared meal I had a few years ago and how a friend’s words nudged me toward betterment. It doesn’t all have to be so epic. Click to read a shared meal.

 2. dig this chick has been sharing shop and studio space with Piper & Paisley for the last several months.

Owner/seamstress Jen and I were acquaintances before and are now dear friends, our five kids running wild around sewing machines, bolts of fabric and shipping supplies while she and I co-parent and co-create. I am moving out of that sweet space next month and, as a last hurrah we are having a sale together!

* 20% off everything in both shops *
through the end of Wednesday, April 25 

Shop online.

Shop at our show room.
We’d love to meet you.
Tuesday, April 24 : noon-7pm
snacks and wine 5-7pm
612 S. Higgins, Missoula, Montana

11 Responses to sunny

  1. Alma says:

    Just stopping by to say that I loved your post “A shared meal”. Congrats on the shared shop too! From a newbie follower in NY.

  2. ctb says:

    your chicks do grow fast! and ruby too :)

  3. Seelife3d says:

    Your shared meal store def. made me stop and think and sigh remember….yes I needed that :)

  4. Beautiful weekend Nici!
    And I love the thought process of the ‘shared meal’. So very true!

  5. Such great memories for the kiddos – hipster, sewer mamas with big smiles running around with bolts of fabric creating amazing, wearable art. Love it. Can’t wait to see your next, new studio space. I bet you’ve filled notebook pages with big ideas.
    Montana in the springtime is really something; love your summery photos. Man, I really miss it.

  6. Delhibound says:

    LOVED the shared meal post. great reminder!

  7. TRB Holt says:

    I have a great visual of 5 kiddos running around 2 busy mamas & humming sewing machines!

  8. Hazel says:

    Nici, your words over at Mama digs are so true. Although I am a planner with lists, and spreadsheets, I still need to just slow down and enjoy today. Some of it is that with our age difference I want to make sure we achieve all that we want at the hut. But also your reminder of just letting perfection go when it comes to entertaining, really it’s about the people, not the table or how clean our hut is, they’re my friends for God’s sake. I look forward to watching your new home and garden evolve rather than happen overnight.

  9. pjholt says:

    Wish I was in Missoula and able to pop in to enjoy the energy and creativity!

  10. Ellie says:

    Read your mamadigs minutes before going out with a friend last night, just as I was debating whether I really wanted to do this–tired, school night, PMS-ing, etc. As usual, your words were both timely and wise, so thank you; ended up having a lovely evening. Beautiful photo of blue sky, too.

  11. You have the 80 degree weather and we are fighting to get out of the 50′s! Crazy spring, but man, I love it. Love those growing chicks – both kin and bird alike.

    Your story this week resonates so with me. Some friends I can completely do the casual thing and then there’s the chef that I’m terrified to have over…just because. And his wife told me last week over cocktails that no one has them over for dinner because everyone is intimidated. Ok, time to suck it up and just have them over. And if I burn everything to crap, we can laugh about it.

    Just ordered my first P&P hat – oh, I’ve wanted one of these for a long time – thanks for the push. :)