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Margot just ran inside and said, “Mom, I love you thirty pound inches. No, I mean thirty EIGHTY pound inches!” And then she peeled back out the door.


Since the my last post, Ruby’s illness persisted another day and then, just as suddenly as it arrived, it left. Thankfully, the rest of our family didn’t get sick (she had the norovirus) and thankfully, Ruby is well. Honestly, I think I have an award-winning immune system because, without getting unnecessarily detailed, I had many intimate experiences with Ruby’s puke this week.


Ruby’s frame is slighter but her spunk is back. I find myself loving, studying her everyday sounds, even the whines. She didn’t make a peep for nearly two days. I also feel really vulnerable and open in a way that is kind of uncomfortable, but mostly interesting. Other than when Ruby was in the hospital, neither of my children have ever been this sick. On Monday, as I held my weak, hot daughter in Dr. Hoover’s office, I found my thoughts drifting to the dark place I existed in the pediatric ICU over two years ago. The space between health and illness or injury is thin. And life is so fragile, so fast.


The space just this side of a medical hiccup, small or big, is so vibrant. And while being rattled, exhausted and worried isn’t a place I like to be, I do like the perspective it grants me when health returns.


I decided to take a few days off of work after Ruby was well. I had shelved work for the days she was sick and chose to shelve it a few more to enjoy health.


Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. 
– Buddha

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

with love,

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  1. Oh, my eyes are damp. So beautifully written. Beautiful pictures too. Glad Ruby is well again.

  2. Jenny V says:

    So happy to hear that Ruby is feeling better! Our little Sam had the rotovirus last year that earned him an overnight in the hospital and I’ve never felt so helpless. I welcomed back all of his bounce and noise too. Three cheers for healthy happy kids!

    Have a great weekend!
    Jenny V

  3. jen says:

    I wish there was a like button … because my words eel so little in comparison. love.

  4. Edwin Meijer says:

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  5. So happy everyone is feeling better, have a very happy and healthy weekend!

  6. Holy moly, that picture of Ruby in her jammies…that girl is gorgeous!

  7. Melissa says:

    such a beautiful post, Nici. so glad to hear your girl is on the mend. good for you for taking health days off, too!!

  8. Ashley Smith says:

    Beautiful pictures! especially the last one!

  9. Jenn says:

    So happy Ruby is well and that you were able to get some extra healthy time together.

    Love the last picture.

    Excellent quote.

  10. KWQR says:

    So glad Ruby is feeling better! Loved the pix on IG of you & Margot on your date. Beautiful girls & beautiful you!
    Happy weekend.

  11. Katie says:

    I adore the last two photos. Glad your Rhubarb is well again. xo

  12. Ah, the space in between…so glad you took days off for *health* too!

  13. Ellie says:

    Nici, so glad that Ruby is back in health. I’ll admit to checking the blog a few times this past week to see whether she had improved. Love the picture of dry grass and her little body in one corner; so artful. Here’s to health. (The norovirus slammed the SF bay area hard a month or two ago…three of the four of us had it, and it sucked!)

  14. I love this post Nici. So true! The perspective that ill-health brings usually reminds me why we get sick, why we value good health & why life throws us obstacles.
    So glad to hear that Ruby is back with that gorgeous spark in her eyes!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. ctb says:

    cheers to a healthy family, and good job taking time off to enjoy health!

    oh, i could just lay down with those two on that rug and sleep all day. he he.

  16. Norovirus sucks – got it from my friend’s kid at her first birthday. Kir’s daughter spent 3 days in the hospital as a result. And I learned that I cannot push myself through anything. Damning. Exhausting. Cellularly draining. And I get that thin space between health and illness. Was there a year ago with my girl and a dog bite and a ensuing life-threatening infection. Infections possibly affecting the eyes and brain. Ugh.

    SOOOOO glad she has her spunk back. I love that IG shot of her under the sheets. She’s blooming and growing and catching up to Margot.

    Thought of you today while in the garden. A quirky balance of creating activities for a 3 year old while trying to manage my own expectations and my desire to reach a zen like balance that occurs when my fingers hit the dirt. No Zen and more space altered than completed. But we found dozens of worms and have blue skies for tomorrow.

    Happy Weekend!


  17. Dee says:

    Beautiful post with such beautiful photos.
    Your words ring so true with me about the very fine line between health and sickness.
    So glad that lil Ruby is healthy again and that you are feeling grateful and healthy.

  18. Susan S says:

    Nici, your children are like dandelions. They’re strong, resilient, thriving in any environment, growing bigger, sunnier and more beautiful everytime you turn around. And it makes me happy just to look at them. There is goodness in the world.

  19. Sarah says:

    Having just recovered from a two week bout of giardia myself, I am wallowing in health again. I was just so greatful I could take the blow of the dreadful parasite – not the kids. Ruby is a little girl now!!!

  20. Melina says:

    I’m so glad Rubes is back. Love the photos of the girls as they grow older and bolder…..I remember, just yesterday, reading about your baby girls and enjoying the beautiful photos. Now you have just little girls, not really babies at all! So vibrant and colorful, and those smiles!

    To health indeed.

    Much love

  21. 29Junkie says:

    Thanks again for a great read. You need to upon graduation or other milestone present your girls with these tales bundled in a book to keep in their hopechests. Their babes will cherich the stories, pics, recipes and such….to pass down from generation to generation… personal “Looking Glass”. What a beautiful gift you are giving them.

  22. April says:

    A beautifully-written post every mom can relate to. So glad she’s healthy again!! Love the foot photo & the Buddha quote. Happy week!

  23. Britta says:

    So sorry to hear Ruby was sick and am glad to hear she is better.

    I LOVE that you took time off to enjoy the healthy just as you did the sick. I’m going to adopt this for my girls.

  24. So I just read all about you in Kelle Hampton’s new book. And I had to know who this amazing friend of hers was. And I love your blog! I can see why she traveled so far to meet you:)

  25. ~ jessica says:

    So glad all are well again!

  26. HAS says:

    Beautiful. Your girls are so beautiful! So happy to hear that Ruby is well. You are so smart to take the sick days & the health days.

  27. TRB Holt says:

    I love you….SO much!

  28. Luisa says:

    That was beautiful a very touching post.
    Also had to comment on that quilt love it.

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