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to Red Lodge and back

We returned last night from our (mostly) annual Memorial Day road trip to Red Lodge, a small town in south central Montana where my husband was born and raised and where we met, awkward middle schoolers. It is the perfect road trip for the Memorial holiday, for that memorized stretch of highway that crosses through the sacred Montana landscape holds an important, pensive place in our hearts. I am always amazed at how little we talk on this drive, Andy … Continue reading to Red Lodge and back →
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the fence: zen hen

We had a big, sunny weekend outside (after many weekends outside) that culminated in Andy exhaling as he fell into the grass, “Holy shit the fence is done.” Our fence was a big project that began with months of research and brainstorming and, mostly, standing in our yard staring at the melting snow and then thawing earth while tossing ideas back and forth. We needed a fence for our dog, kids and garden. But! For decades, our property has been … Continue reading the fence: zen hen →
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nuggets: grow

nuggets: bits of the season in photos and words, about the last week I just asked Margot what we’ve been up to lately and she shrugged, sighed and said, “Took off on an airplane to California and then came back to Montana and gardened.” We’ve been outside, our family. Coming together to build a fence, plant seeds and starts, move our bodies with sun on bare skin. This time of year is the most hopeful and saturated. Me: I am … Continue reading nuggets: grow →
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Sometimes, too often I think, I am in a hurry to accomplish or finish. But really REALLY I want to be  in the middle of,  discovering,  noticing,  basking,  loving, growing, wishing,  memorizing.  People keep tenderly reminding me that our tiny living experience will be a fond memory one day. As we near the end of our kitchen-bed-living space, I can already declare it’s fond. For, there’s nothing like a family in an itty, studio apartment for six months to bring about … Continue reading fond →
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my new plot

We have lots of DIYing happening around here and, come 9pm (the usual time I blog), I am so popped I fall into bed. This means I have a lot to share! And need another few hours in the day. And a massage. I’ll begin with the most recent project: my garden plot. Or, rather, MY GARDEN PLOT!!! I woke Mother’s Day to my favorite muffins on my favorite plate with my favorite people. And then Andy surprised me by … Continue reading my new plot →
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