Sometimes, too often I think,


I am in a hurry


to accomplish or finish.


But really




I want to be


 in the middle of,
















 People keep tenderly reminding me that our tiny living experience will be a fond memory one day.


As we near the end of our kitchen-bed-living space, I can already declare it’s fond.


For, there’s nothing like a family in an itty, studio apartment for six months to bring about every single feeling existing in one’s person. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for us. We are all are quite good at speaking our needs, letting go of mess and pitching in to make it all work. As much as I cannot wait to get into our home, I admit I’ll miss our cozy, funky, piled-up living and how that PUSHED us out in a way we’d never experienced. My relationships with nature and my family are deeper from this adventure.


ps I forgot to announce the winners of Feeding Thomas (congrats! email me at

jenniwaka said… 
All beautiful photos and nuggets as usual! Despite the pain early on, I didn’t think of breastfeeding as a real struggle, but when my daughter passed the one year mark I started to want to own my own body again. I think it was just a feeling I needed to work through for a while, but a couple months later we’re still breastfeeding as much as ever. This week I have started to earn wet open-mouthed kisses when she switches boobs, so I’m glad I held out! 
Stef said… 
I would love to be in the running for the Feeding Thomas books. I am an accidental breastfeeder. I was in the right place at the right time and ended up unintentionally exclusively breastfeeding my oldest for 8 1/2 months, and she didn’t fully wean til a year. The second time around I got twins, one who was the breastfeeding champion of the world, and one who couldn’t get letdown to save his life. My fourth is 13 months and we have managed to be completely formula free. It’s been a fun and crazy ride.

36 Responses to fond

  1. Kristin B says:

    I got to the picture with Ruby in her ballet outfit with the beautiful mountains in the background and it made me want to burst into song from the Sound of Music. “The hills are alive, with the sound of music….”!

  2. so lovely, girl. thinking of you in your montana wonderland today.

  3. Ali says:

    Dear Nici,

    When I was seven, my parents took our family of seven from suburban Australia to live in inner city Stockholm in a two-room apartment for a year. We got close. And we’ve never been un-close since (and I’m talking 35 years).

    It is amazing what small living can do for 1/ relationships, and 2/ your love of nature (the bigger need to run around outside, more often). And I think the same may work for you, partly because of the small living experience (and partly because of your wonderful approach to love and life).

    Your blog inspires.

    All my best wishes from Switzerland,

  4. Ali,

    I love your story! I’ve heard several others like it. I never imagined I’d feel so thankful for this little apartment. I don’t, however, think I’ll miss the bathroom…


  5. Peggy says:

    I see I’m not alone in loving your new “Sound of Music” views!!!

  6. BRH says:

    So wonderful to read. We’re renovating our kitchen now, and so our house feels a lot smaller. Besides the kitchen, we’ve lost access to our basement and a bathroom. Obviously not as drastic as your situation, but it does require a mental shift, a letting go of a lot, and embracing what was there all along but you sometimes fail to notice: each other! Thanks for this.

  7. Love the photos and the light! I’ll learn to take pictures like that someday. Your blog really makes me miss Montana but it makes me happy at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

  8. erin says:

    Beautiful photos :) My top 3 faves are the one with Alice running, the girls in the stroller and the dandelion field.


  9. Abs says:

    What a beautiful post! I think my favorite pic is the one of Alice running:)

  10. ctb says:

    oh my, i had forgoten how much i adore alice. thanks for that picture! my heart is a flutter. what a way to start the day.

    big smiles for this post sista :)

  11. busanalayali says:

    Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!
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  12. Ali says:


    Yes, understood. Big-enough bathrooms are necessary to maintain sanity over the longer term, especially as your girls grow. However, I’m thinking the thing you’ll love most of all as you move out of small into reasonably-sized is enough room to be hospitable without having to reorganise. That is true luxury in my book. Space for friends to drop in, so you don’t have to actually plan for their visit…. Enough space around the table to drag up another chair, even though the table itself may not be as big as you’d like…

    Space is luxury, but only when we realise the value of it. So many don’t – you always will.

  13. KWQR says:

    Have been loving your stream of beauty on instagram… Alice running is my absolute fave! So excited to see your expanding space but know what you mean about missing your cozy family den. Yet another example of makIng something that could be a big bummer into something beautiful… you are so very good at that!
    Happy mid-week!

  14. Maggie says:

    Love this! Thank you for the reminder to slow down and simmer in the present. You continue to inspire; with your words, photography, and lifestyle.

  15. Kelly Cach says:

    Um, that was, for lack of a better word…..magical.


  16. Zoe says:

    There is a very good chance our family of five will be downsizing from a 3 bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment within the next year once my husband gets a new job, and while we wait to sell our house. When I start to have anxiety over it, I think of your family squeezed into a no bedroom apartment, and I know we’ll be okay (although we won’t have that Big Blue Sky on our doorstep to escape to). I can’t wait to see the new house.

  17. Jess says:

    Beautiful Post! I love the fort and the fabric! Where did you get the fabric?

  18. Ciara says:

    A timely reminder for me to be more mindful and present in the moment. Awe-inspiring photos and words. I love your outlook on life. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I love where verb meets image in this piece. I am so happy for you and how you get to step (literally) into something larger with arms wide and breaths deep.
    Oh, your images of your girls. I could drink them up.

  20. I love where verb meets image in this piece. I am so happy for you and how you get to step (literally) into something larger with arms wide and breaths deep.
    Oh, your images of your girls. I could drink them up.

  21. Well, I love this.

    And I’m itching to hear more about Real Home. Throw me (us) a bone, wouldja??

  22. TRB Holt says:

    So love your grasp of what is truly important…more to come…I love you tons….Mom

  23. Ellie says:

    Oh my, Nici, you’ve really outdone yourself with these photos. I like the new, square-ish format, too. Can’t even pick a favorite.

  24. holy shit. excuse my french. but you really got me close to tears.
    thanks for the reminder. I’m not off the computer and straight to my 4 year old.

  25. I meant I’m NOW off to the computer and straight to my kid. That is a seriously bad typo. ; )

  26. Sian says:

    wow this is such a beautiful post xxx

  27. Hazel says:

    You’ve got it figured Nici.
    Living in my parents backyard in a 2 bedroom flat (complete with brown shag pile carpet) for 4.5 years while we had the hut built, we learnt to be patient, but mostly we learnt to be grateful. Sometimes we couldn’t see the end of that tunnel, but we got there in the end and life at the hut is all the sweeter for it. I can’t wait to see your new home, I’m already in love with your garden plot.

  28. Alma says:

    In love with this post!

  29. gelka says:

    What fantastic pictures – ALL of them. I especially adore the one of Alice – that is so frame worthy.

  30. Monique says:

    Beautiful post. Breath taking photos. Magical memories…especially the one under the dreamy forest fort…the stories that they are sharing…

    Happy adventurous nature days to you…


  31. Jill F says:

    This post makes me want to heave our ridiculous television out the front door and announce to my family “from now on we are watching each other!”

  32. Christi says:

    Loved this post – your sentiments and the photos. I’m a Montanan but I no longer live there. Your photos make me homesick in the best way. So glad to have found your blog! Christi

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